<Storyteller> The asylum is expansive and oddly quiet, though considering half the packs in the city were wiped out in an all out war with the Setites, it is not that odd. There are a few here and there, some Revenants, some ghouls… all of which stay out of your way when you come down the halls.  The Watchers have one of the main buildings, but your pack has one of the smaller outlying buildings… partly for privacy, and it’s proximity to the old chapel that Sascha tends to spend her time in.

<Sascha> comes into the main room of their building from outside, shaking a bit of rain off her shoulders. She rubs her arm a little self-consciously and gives the place a long look over, blue eyes scanning every nook and cranny. “Anybody else home?”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° entered the main room from another hall and nodded respectfully. “Yes, I am here.”

<Sascha> nods a little and drops down onto the couch in the entry, usually used for waiting guests. “Good. How goes the snake hunting?”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “It is going accordingly.” (He’d fill in info if he had any) “I am waiting to hear more news and will be going out myself more as well.”

<Sascha> tilts her head a bit and smirks. “I see. Well, good luck. The last one that fled to New Orleans is dead… so I am back here for a while, possibly until the new ones come up. I get to be gravewatcher.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “If you wish, I can be on standby here as well for that.” It wasn’t one of the better duties, though some people seemed to get a kick out of it.

<Sascha> nods a bit at that. “Might be advisable. You are faster than me if more than one comes up at once. I prefer not to screw up and get eaten my first time getting to do it.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° smirks. “Yeah, that would really put a damper on a few of our laid out plans.”

<Sascha> chuckles and lounges a bit on the couch, stretching out. “Oh, look, he does have a sense of humor.”, she says with a slight roll of her eyes. “So you are set on joining up with the new guys the Archbishop is putting together?”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “It seems that is what is wanted of me and if they are actually good, I see no reason why not to. If they suck, then it’s debatable.”

<Sascha> chuckles at that a bit. “If it gets that bad, eat a couple of the weaker ones and I’m sure the rest will straighten right up.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “Excellent advice.” He chuckles softly.

<Sascha> gets up from the couch and grumbles a little, rubbing her arm again as she does. “So I am guessing everything else is in order? Weapons cleaned and stored, all that little crap done already?”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “The weapons are done. I was bored and don’t always trust the help. Anything else is up for debate.” He looked around to see if there actually was something that the ghoulie ghouls weren’t taking care of already because they were scared.

<Sascha> nods her head a little bit at that, glancing around herself. “Yeah, I figured. You remind me so much of an old friend of mine sometimes it’s scary. So predictable.”, she chuckles a bit and then walks past him for a moment to take a look up the stairs to the second floor. “You haven’t seen Atanya tonight?”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° frowned slightly at ‘predictable’ but maybe he was rather being so. He’d have to work on that, but only where it actually mattered. “No, I have not.” He shook his head and went up to the second floor.

<Atanya> is up in the ritual room on the second floor, organizing the ritual supplies. She looks up as Talwar reaches the open doorway. “Yes?”, she asks.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° would nod his head respectfully to her. “I believe Sascha is looking for you, Atanya. She is here now.”

<Atanya> nods her head and heads out and down the stairs to meet with Sascha. “So you finally dragged yourself back? Or what is left of you? Zaluut told me about the arm. That was reckless.”, her voice is almost motherly, and very upset at the moment.

<Sascha> “I didn’t go looking for that Archon on purpose, she just happened to be hunting the same snake.”, she says as she takes a partial step back, a faint growl eminating over the course of her reply.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° would glance around at the ritual room with some curiosity and then head down the stairs again and lean against a wall, observing the two he had been working with for a little while and the debate about bumping into an archon and losing an arm. It was interesting at least.

<Atanya> leans forward and her forked tongue flicks out very close to Sascha, after a couple of clicks she leans back and it retracts, disappearing. “You still smell like them too. How close did you get to that other one?”

<Sascha> grumbles as she makes her way back over toward the couch again. “Not too close. I am not getting cuddly with him, but he is useful… and oddly honorable, despite having a flawed viewpoint.”