<Storyteller> The weather today is actually fairly mild and it’s an unusually clear day, no rain either. There are a lot of people just hanging around campus, and a lot of Halloween decorating going on. Fliers are put up everywhere about some concert coming Halloween night as well.

Asher saw the fliers but he didn’t see why he’d want to go. He liked to listen to music and hang out with people but not in large crowds like that. Maybe he’d go if one of his friends wanted to, but not likely. He mentally shrugged.

Kara looks up, blinking. She’d had a lot on her mind the past few days, but she’d never been so absorbed in thought that she’d wound up in another section of town entirely. By the rampant abundance of cheap housing and backpack-wearing tweens, This must be the local campus. She chew the corner of her lip for a moment in frustration, then recalled something about the campus earlier that week. After a brief moment of rummaging through her handbag, she procures a small, well-worn pamphlet and opens it up.

Asher sighed as his friends kept talking to him and stood up. “I need to go study guys, I’ll see you tomorrow,” he said and went to go find someplace quiet. Durring the day the haunted tour spots were pretty abandoned and quiet… He decided to go try to study at one of the buildings since it had some desks he could study at.

<Storyteller> All of the haunted tour areas are pretty quiet during the day, and certainly far less creepy. Just normal buildings, some of them still in use.

Kara quickly finds a few suitable locations on the campus grounds, picks the closest, stuffs the pamphlet back into her purse, and heads there. She gets close to the building itself, before stopping at the unexpected sight of a familiar face. It takes her a moment to recall his name, but once she does, she calls out “Hey, Asher!” before considering that he might not particularly appreciate having his name shouted by a borderline stranger in the middle of a university campus.

Asher looked up from Physics, his last subject of homework today, when his name was called. He smiled friendily and waved, putting the textbook away. He could always do it before bed if nothing else fairly easily. He was best at Physics. “Hey, Kara, right? Didn’t expect to see you here,” he admitted, packing up his backpack and put it on. “What’re you up to?” he asked curiously.

“I didn’t expect to be here either!” Kara says, grinning as she approaches. “I might’ve wandered a bit on accident.” She admits, sheepishly.

Asher chuckled. “Must be nice to just wander. I always seem to have someplace I need to go. Class, the library, home, the gorcery store,” he admired. “You wander around New Orleanes often as of late?”

“A bit.”  Kara mutters, rubbing the back of her neck. “I work most nights, so I like to warm up in the evenings with a bit of jogging. Sightseeing comes with the territory.”

“Ah, yeah, my sister likes to go jogging on chilly nights but refuses when its humid,” Asher chuckled. “What is it that you do anyhow?”

“Mostly forensics work.” Kara shrugs. “A bit of CSU keeping when the regular guys are overworked.”

“Forensics, so you work with the law, then? You sure you should be sneaking into old abandoned houses, then, in that case?” he teased. “Teasing, just don’t have me arrested for technically breaking into that place.”

<Storyteller> A gaggle of students walk past the pair of them, chatting up about some frat party coming up and how they are going to be playing some harsh pranks this year. Last year someone even died.

Kara frowns at the mention of someone dying as part of a holiday prank. “It seems like if I should be turning in people around here, you wouldn’t make the top ten list,” she mutters, glancing after the students as they pass before turning back to Asher. “And I might work with the boys in blue, but I’m just a consultant.”

Asher made a face at the mention of a frat party. Ugh, fraternities. Its like the jocks from high school gathered together with the slackers and made a house together on campus. “Yeah, it seems to me that this is a pretty spooky town already on Halloween even without people pranking one another,” Asher rolled his eyes. He nodded as Kara explained that she was a consultant. “Makes sense. So what’re you doing for Halloween?” he asked, curious.

“I don’t know.” Kara shrugs. “The precinct’s throwing a small party. I might head there for the evening.” She looks thoughtful for a moment. “Of course, it’s customary in my family to dress up as witches for Hallow’s Eve. I’ll need to dig up my old cloak.”

Asher chuckled. “Witches? Why witches specifically?” he asked, a bit curious. He hadn’t heard of that before. He’d heard of people going as the same thing every year but not an entire family all dressing up as the same thing.

Kara chuckles slightly before answering. “My family’s always been a bit obsessed with the paranormal. It’s just a fun little tradition that lets us poke a bit of fun at that. I doubt I’d have been so keen to go into forensics if I hadn’t spent so much time as a little girl playing at alchemy.”

“I suppose I can understand to some degree. Alchemy, though, huh? I was the annoying kid asking their parents why the sky was blue and how a flower ate,” he admitted.

“Nothing wrong with that. Curiosity’s good.”

“No, but it put me at odds with my Grandmother when I asked her questions about her religion. We never did get along. Probably thought I was asking all these questions because of the book I read,” he shrugged. “So is there anything you were looking for on campus while you were wandering? This is a bit of an odd place on camps to end up, after all.”

“Well,” Kara blushes slightly. “I…I might have decided to stop by some of the haunted locations on the university’s grounds…”

Asher blinked in surprise but smiled. “Yeah, those kinds of things are fun. I’ll admit, I’ve gone on the tour. it was kind of neat, but nothing too terrifying, just the usual lore behind any college campus,” he shrugged. “But you just wanted to see the places themselves, huh? They’re pretty quiet, actually, which is why I come to them occasionally to study,” he explained.

Kara chuckles. “That’s almost exactly what I did when I was still in college.”

“Study in the haunted areas? Yeah,” Asher chuckled. “But no one’s ever here so there’s usually never a chance that your study spot’ll get taken. My friends swear something’s going to happen one day but superstitions’ll do that to you I guess,” Asher shrugged.

“Speaking of hauntings and superstitions, do you have any big plans for Hallow’s Eve?”

“Not really, I may dress up but mostly just staying inside. Sis’ll have plenty of work to do, though, I’m sure. There’s usually trouble of some sort on Halloween.”

“Oh?” Kara raises an eyebrow. “What kind of trouble?”

“Oh, you know, a prank going wrong, that sort of thing. She works as a first responder in the ambulence, so she’s usually pretty busy,” Asher shrugged.

“Ah.” Kara nods once in understanding. “That’s a rough gig. I’d wager it beats riding in the corner’s van, though.”

“Yeah, she seems used to it and she says she feels antsy if she’s not helping people. She’s too used to medical gigs, I guess,” Asher shrugged.

“Well, that’s good. Sometimes it seems we don’t have enough people like that.” Kara shifts her balance a bit before continuing. “What about you? What are you studying?”

Asher nodded in agreement as Kara said they needed more like that. “Yeah, she’s a bit rough around the edges, though,” he admitted. “Physics, I took a class in highschool and it just kind of clicked. What did you study?”

“Forensics and Medicine, though I only got my masters in Forensics.”

“Makes sense, consitering your job, I suppose I should’ve seen that,” Asher grinned. “So when does your shift start, anyway? You mentioned that you work at night.”

“I’ve actually got the night off.” Kara shrugs. “Crime may never sleep, but we all need a break now and again.” Kara adds, grinning lightly. “I’m just waiting for the detectives to get back to me on one of the cases I’m helping out with.”

“Ah, seems like it can be a bit nerve wracking , waiting for results like that all the time,” Asher sympethized.

“Detectives work on their own time, and expect results before they ask for them. You get used to it.”

“I suppose so,” Asher smiled. “So were you interested in seeing the other haunted spots? A few are pretty obscure areas that can be hard to find if you’re looking on your own, I can show you around if you’d like,” he offered.

“Really?” Kara can’t help but smile enthusiastically. “I’d appreciate it, Asher. But I don’t want to interrupt your studies or anything.”

“Nah, it’s fine, I just have physics homework left, I can finish that easily,” Asher reassured. “C’mon, there’s another one not too far,” he said, exiting the building to go show Kara the rest of the attractions.

“Thank you, Asher. Like I said; I really appreciate it.” Kara takes a moment to check and see if all her possessions are in place before following.

“No problem,” Asher replied, guiding her to several places including a building where several people had hung themselves or jumped from, where the first headmaster was burried, a bunch of places like that. “And I think that’s it,” he finished, stopping in front of the place they started at. “Kind of interesting, I guess, but I don’t know why people are so scared by the tour,” he admitted.

“I don’t either. Especially since most cases of ‘hauntings’ are caused by acoustics.  Still, I found your tour to be entertaining, and educational. Looks like I can scratch another place off the list.”

“Yeah, most of the history is right though so the tour’s good for that,” Asher commented and chuckled as his tour was called entertaining and educational. “Why thank you, glad I could help. You checking out New Orleanes haunted tours?” he asked.

“Not necessarily tours, but at least the haunted sights. Gives me something to think about on my jogs, you know? Other than work, that is.”

“Makes sense,” Asher shrugged. “Well, I think I’m going to head home, my classes are done for today so I usually stick around afterwards in case I have questions,” he explained. “You heading anywhere in particular, or are you just gonna wander some more?” he teased a little.

“Probably keep jogging. I’ve got some stuff to think though.” Kara frowns slightly, before brightening back up. “Anyway, thanks for today, Asher.”

“Yup, see you some other time,” Asher waved and headed for home.

Kara waves as well, and after a few moments watching Asher go, heads off as well.