[CoraAnn] is in the shower and she has been in there for a good long while. It’s been a rough week for her though, nightmares and even visions at night have kept her indoors, not willing to leave the apartment except for one hunting trip and then she came back shaking and didn’t talk for a few hours. A distinct “What the fucking hell now?”, can be heard even through the bathroom door.

Esmond knocked again before speaking through it. “It’s just me, can you hurry up? I don’t like to keep her waiting.” He shouted, trying to make sure she can hear him over the rushing of the water and afterward checked his watch, which Roxy had set to pinpoint accuracy but he didn’t want to risk Lynn’s being faster or slower.

[CoraAnn] made a sound, but it was hard to tell exactly what she said before there is a sound of the shower curtain being moved about though the water is not turned off. “Mother fucker! What did she do? What the fuck is this?”

The ventrue felt a little guilty as he knew exactly who “she” was but it was the best idea at the time, especially after a bomb had caved in a small part of the warehouse. “Are you alright!? I don’t need to come in do I!?” he shouted louder so she could hear him. He would have felt mad at Sascha but the woman had repaired his arm and fed him after the fight at the roadside.

[CoraAnn] “I’m bleeding!”, she yells from inside the shower and there is the sound of water turning off. She throws open the door wearing a purple towel covering most of her… but she is right. There is a small trail of blood across the floor dripping slowly from her wrists and feet.

Esmond just stopped asking and entered and was thankful that she was wearing a towel. “Oh god, you didn’t do that to yourself did you?” he inquired, leaning a little back out of the doorway. The bleeding was knew and he knew enough that female vampires didn’t menstruate.

[CoraAnn] rolled her eyes and wiped her wrists with the towel a few times, each time it seemed to just come right up out of the skin with no visable wound. “We cannot say anything to Lynn. They’ll take me apart.”

“Don’t make me worry and I won’t have to” Esmond replied simply, a brow raising as if to non-verbally ask if he had to. Turning her in wasn’t high on his list ut he wasn’t going to let something happen to Cora just because he had made an odd friend. “You’ll have to bandage it and wear a coat if it keeps up though, no guarantee she won’t smell it.” He lectured, now leaning against the doorframe loosely.

[CoraAnn] half turns, eyes moving toward the blood on the floor. “She gave me fucking stigmata or something and you aren’t worried?”, she says and then starts to grab her clothes up off the counter. The blood stops dripping from her almost all at once, but she doesn’t seem to feel much better.

“Oh I’m worried a little bit but not enough to throw us both under the bus just yet.” Esmond excused, looking away as she was probably about to get dressed. “Do we have the story straight on what happened after the bomb for you and how we got back to safety?” He asked, concentrating on staring at the same square of carpet and resist the lingering temptation to look.

[CoraAnn] grumbles just a little bit as she finishes drying off and wiping away stray blood and puts her clothes on. “I doubt she will ask, and I am not about to lie of asked directly, not to her anyway. We can just not say anything and hope for the best… other people saw us there, like Zane. Though I can play up Samson hitting me pretty hard.”

“That may make us the braver of the two but you’re right, if she doesn’t ask, don’t tell” Esmond mumbled the last part while he death glared the floor. “I still feel like I’m going to get chewed out for letting that setite get away.” this shame was shadowing the pride of actually having taken a vampire on one on one and won, with a little inadvertent help from Cora’s shotgun.

[CoraAnn] sighs and puts a hand on Esmond’s shoulder, now fully dressed. “That shit happens, you were seriously fucked up by that snake. And Lynn’s rule is always leave them worse off… and I’d say you did that.”

Esmond nodded and jingled his keys in front of their faces. “I wasn’t going to let you get that close and take them again.” He stated, stepping back toward the door. “Do you have to grab anything or can we just get going?” he asked, quirking his head while still walking.

[CoraAnn] nods, pausing only to put on her boots before following him out the door. “Alright then, lets get this over with.”, she says and heads for the car.

Esmond unlocked it with the central locking and slumped into the drivers seat, pushing the keys into the ignition and turning them to turn on the engine, he waited for Cora to get on and quickly drove to Lynn’s new hideout. “I’m sorry by the way, for leaving the bike on the side of the road.” the ventrue spoke to break the silence between the two,

[CoraAnn] puts her seatbelt on and shrugs a bit under her leather jacket. “Not the first one I have had to abandon. It happens. I’ll get a new one if we don’t find it… probably after our trip overseas.”

“I hope she takes that well, I feel a little more accomplished after ashing that scaly shit. I’ll cover the cost if you need me to, I was never a big spender as a mortal so I’ve got a fair bit hanging in my bank, not to mention what gets pressed into my pocket when I help the local boys in blue.” The drive was relaxing mainly because Esmond was relaxed, he’d accomplished himself in his first mission as an Archon and it made him feel a little bit more at peace with his new way of life.

[CoraAnn] chuckles briefly at that before turning her attention out the window, watching the sights pass by. “That’s why we have a fund for that. But thanks anyway.”, she says and folds her arms across her middle. “I just wonder why she waited so long to have us come see her?”

The young ventrue pulled into the ornate house and switched off the car before responding. “She’s hopefully busy with getting rid of Bishop” he mused, knocking the fake wood on his dashboard. Stepping out into the cool night air once again and straightening up his suit.

[CoraAnn] tilts her head at that, then got out of the car herself and made her way up the steps to the door, letting Esmond take the lead on this one. “After you.”

Esmond knocked gently on the door and waited, checking his jacket was buttoned up correctly again and that Cora was behind him. “Let’s just hope she’s home…. I didn’t see the ghouls waiting for us.” The ventrue looked around again to make sure that he was right and sighed a little bit as he saw they were gone. Maybe they were inside with Lynn?

<Shotgun> opens up the door after some mild grumbling can be heard inside from the other side. “I can open a goddamn door myself.”, she says and then looks at the two. “Get you asses to the… I don’t even know what to call it, the livingroom. Go there.”

<CoraAnn> frowns a bit, looking at Esmond and then edging in the direction that Lynn pointed to without a word.

Esmond looks back to Cora before entering, moving his way through to the loungeroom and sitting on the closest couch. Looking around at the ornate furnishings of the place.

<Shotgun> walks into the room behind them and closes the set of double doors there, where she remains standing while they find a seat. “So… what happened at the party?”

<CoraAnn> looks at Esmond and then back to Lynn, letting him take the lead on this one.

Esmond sighed a little before lighting a cigarette, the burning tobacco stick somehow helping him to concentrate. “Well, the party was actually going according to plan apart from two Brujah, or at least that the clan I’m assuming. Started staring each other down, me and Cora managed to keep the peace, her with feminine wiles and I by being foundout by the other one called Zane.” He took another drag and ashed habitually before continuing. “When we were seperated there was an explosion and I only managed to just get clear in time before returning to search for Cora, I found her under a pile of rubble and then met up with a local coterie after getting her to safety. The locals were set to square off against two setites who had kidnapped a mortal from the party, I assisted alone and managed to destroy one before another fled into the nearby swamp. The now dead one however managed to get me in a bad way and a local Nosferatu helped me get myself back together afterward. Long story short, a lot of death, a mortal now mixed up in this and the locals managed to save the day as I assume the explosion,  the setites were responsible for.” It was long winded but it was concise where it needed to be and he looked to Lynn hoping she had soaked all of that up.

<Shotgun> doesn’t move, but when she looks up, she looks very upset. There is a cracking sound behind her, and a doorknob clatters to the floor, the metal completely crushed. “Patrick and I managed to kill the last one last night… though that wasn’t the only thing we found looking for it. Zane said he saw you all working with and then leave with a redhead that several others have seen at various times over the last thirty years or so. She got away from me after turning into a monster and going into the forest where it gets all strange. I did manage to make sure she left with less than she arrived, as in body parts. Though it took me until tonight to heal what she also did to me. I told you I didn’t want you to try and kill her, not end up in bed with her.”

<CoraAnn> looks between the two of them and kind of sits with her mouth agape, unsure of exactly what to do in this instance. She starts to say something, then stops herself as she looks at the mangled doorknob.

Esmonds posture curled a little bit as she started to scold him. He had at least tried to cover her involvement. “Working would be an over-statement. If anything she’s just been hanging in the background and I’ve been keeping my wits about me anytime she’s near. If not for her telling us to run at the party both I and Zane would be dead.” He stopped to pause and look at the doorknob praying that it wouldn’t be his skull next. “In the moment, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, although let’s keep it light on the friend part”.” Esmond explained, hoping that she wouldn’t stake him for the sun when he was done.

<Shotgun> takes a long, controlled breath. “The whole enemy of my enemy thing is bullshit. You like fables, I’ll give you one. Wolf kills man, and wolf kills horse. So one day horse goes to man and says wolf is both our enemy, and so I will help you. You use my legs to run fast and I gain your tools as defense. And so man rides on horse and together, they kill wolf. Afterward, horse goes to leave but man ties him up, saddles him, and keeps him. When horse asks why, man replies… now that I have you, why would I ever let you go?”

<CoraAnn> keeps her expression fairly blank, though a slight hint of confusion manages to sneak across her features.

Lynn’s lesson cuts deep, he knew that he did owe the redhead quite a lot of favors. “Shit, boss you’re right. What do you want me to do? Keep an eye on her? I won’t be able to destroy her if you couldn’t. ” the ventrue explained, leaning forward a little more forward out of his chair while watching Lynn.

<Shotgun> shakes her head and starts to walk across in front of them, pacing back and forth like a big cat. “I don’t think it will be back. I have warned Zane to keep an eye out too. It is probably a scout for the Sabbat, picking targets for them to come in and hit at Halloween. If I thought it would come back I would have you lure it into the open but I am told those things can read minds so little good that would do.”

<CoraAnn> looks between them again, and sinks slowly back into her seat. She frowns, and keeps her head down like a scolded child.

“That would make sense.” Esmond didn’t want to blabber more than he had to, he had really screwed the pooch in being selective. “In any case, I think I’m ready to go to London and take my vows. Staring death in the face these past few nights and coming out on top has really assured me I’m ready to be an Archon. I mean if you don’t want to take me after this I understand but I only did what I thought was right for the Camarilla” It was grovelling, he had done what was right for him.

<Shotgun> almost smiled. “Not quite so formal as all that. But it will wait until after Halloween. The local Sabbat are up to something, and they’ll take advantage of the time of year to break the Masq so we will be busy.”, she says as she looks between the two of them. “You’ll continue living together, Cora will handle the local Anarchs… but I want you, Esmond, to start talking to some of the other Ventrue in the city. Give me a more complete picture of Bishop.”

<CoraAnn> looks up for a moment and just nods in agreement to that.

The ventrue nods and puts out his cigarette in the same bit of pottery as last time. “I can do that, that’s something I can definitely do, Lynn.” The ventrue nodded along wqith his words to reassure her. “I can play board hookie for a little bit, I just don’t think I’ll be able to keep Cora coming along.” He turned to her and shrugged. “I’m sorry Cora, you must understand you’re a little more unconventiuonal as our clan goes.” he apologized, he wouldn’t lie to himself, he was thankful to get the goss on Bishop.

<CoraAnn> swallows a growl as she looks at Esmond, then looks away. “Yeah, I can see where you fit right in with them.”, she quips.

<Shotgun> looks at Cora, frowning a bit and then inclining her head toward the door in a dismissive motion. “Go on, and you two don’t fight. Seriously.”, she says before turning her attention back to Esmond.

<CoraAnn> gets up and makes her way to the double doors, lifting her heavy boot and giving it a solid shove since the doorknob is broken. “Yes ma’am.”

Esmonds smiles a little and nods while following Cora. “I’m sure she could kick my ass anyway.” he joked while leaving, buttoning his coat back up and reaching for his keys while they walked out to the car. “Well, you may as well have been a pile of sweat.” Esmond teased, not wanting to go into specific details till they were on their way back in the car.

<CoraAnn> stops at the car door and takes a deep breath, it taking everything in her power not to rip the car’s door handle off in her frustration to get inside.

He was going to tell her to take it easy but decided it probably wasn’t for the best as he hopped in and shut the car door and started the engine to pull out of the drive. “I was only joking about the not fitting in thing. I’d rather you be somewhere around incase they get suspiscious..” He eyed her over for a second. “Unless you’re angry for another reason entirely, are you feeling alright?”

<CoraAnn> looked at him, and looked him over, unsure of whether he was serious or not for a moment before putting on her seatbelt and sighing. “I should probably just go home. I don’t feel alight… I haven’t felt alright since that night. Not just the woman either… Something… Samson knocked me down before the bomb went off, then… that fucker tried to drain me. I couldn’t get him off me. I don’t know if it was the bomb that actually set him off or what but… and then the nightmares were not helping.”

Esmond pulled out onto the road and headed for the haven, trying to drive smoother since Cora wasn’t feeling the best. “He wasn’t trying to… Diablerize you was he?” Esmond’s tone was somber ontop of the quiet engine sounds of the car as it accelerated. “As for the redhead, I don’t think she would do anything to you. hopefully out of respect for me.” The ventrue didn’t like making excuses but she had put his arm back together.

<CoraAnn> shakes her head a little bit. “I don’t think so… I think he got carried away but it was scary as fuck… he is like four times my size and three times my strength. If that chunk of cement hadn’t nailed him, I would have frenzied right there were all those people were.”, she says quietly, looking out the window at the scenery passing by. “And she was fine… I remember her bringing someone to me, three someones in fact before she figured out I couldn’t do it and I wouldn’t tell her… so she tried to pick me up and at that point i couldn’t take it anymore and I bit her… and she just let me. Then she next thing i know she is like, humming or something and I feel really weird… like totally just chill weird.”

The young ventrue listened and coughed while making a turn before speaking. “I’m glad she got you out of there while I went back into the fight. I probably would have gotten it wrong too, I have no idea what your restriction is.” he hit the signal as they turned into their street, someone honking behind him for his distracted driving.

<CoraAnn> waits until they get into the garage for the complex and then unbuckles her seatbelt. “Hair color… something visably unnatural.”, she says finally, with a slight tug at her own bangs before she gets out of the car.

He nodded but kept the car running. Leaning out the window to talk to her. “I’m gonna go get a bite to eat, you just find somewhere to lie down and recover.” Esmond half shouts, placing another cigarette in his mouth. “Been a wild ride, Cora. Just rest you deserve it.” He continued before putting the car in reverse and exiting the garage.