[Storyteller] Amazingly clear out.  There is a light breeze carrying a hint of cool with it.

Arthur walks through the city of New Orleans. Eyes looking around everywhere, he turns and walks through a small park, a shortcut to reach his destination: The Old Granduer House in the deserted part of town.

Roxy skipped down, happily enjoying the weather and the lack of ventrue in her area. Sure stalker friend was a thing but she never really saw him so that was fine, he didn’t hold her back like that smurf did. She was going off to find a nice old building nobody cared about anymore and pick it apart for gears for her new pieces. She hummed as she skipped, wearing her doll skirt and corset, since it had been freshly cleaned after that rave incident.

Arthur finally reaches the block of The Old Grandeur House. Fortunately, the stories of the area being haunted scare away most of the vagrants from the area who steer clear of the block. The Old Grandeur House is a small theater but very much in the old style. Ornate gold-colored paintings is slowly peeling off the swirling trim lining the entrance. Small burned and broken incandescent bulbs line the old sign which is missing letters. The doors are locked and old rusted chains hang limply from the door. Arthur walks over and pulls the door open walking inside…

Roxy was already inside, pulling some stuff apart, she looked over hearing somebody enter and she duct down in the shadows, watching the man carefully.

Arthur walks into the small theater with about fifty seats. He pulls out his phone to use for lighting and begins to head back into the back of the theater, apparently with a mission of some form. A small movement as if the air knocks a piece of wood off a chair and he begins running after what appears to be nothing,”Zoralth get back here!”

Roxy blinks and slowly sits up watching the man chase nothingness. She looked mildly concerned but stayed hidden slowly following him carefully.

Arthur runs towards the back of the stage and calls out “Zoralth get back here!” Then suddenly lights begin to turn on in the theater. Some of them are burned out, others are flickering but suprisingly many of them are functional. He reaches down for a moment and seems to pet the air itself then turns around quickly,”Oh my! I’m so sorry, I didn’t see you there! I didn’t mean to intrude…”

Roxy gasped as she was caught following and stepped back. “Sorry! I mean, like, I thought you were playing some sort of game or something and I got curious.” she said with blunt honesty, a high tone in her voice, and she moved with exaggerated movements as if she were a theatre person herself at some point.

Arthur looks over her clothes which are now visible in the light. He himself is wearing a white shirt with celtic knots and symbols of gold and green upon it,”Your clothes are wonderful! I feel as though I have seen you somewhere before? Where have I seen you before?” He then tilt his ear to the left for a moment as if listening to someone,”The blogger you say…?”

Roxy giggled and flowed her little doll skirt around a bit and bounced. “Roxy Gear!” she said putting a gloved finger to he cheek like she were posing for a photo. “Are you a fan of mine?” she asked, tilting her head and giving him bug dinner plate eyes.

“Yes! Your textile skills are fantastic and your blogs are fascinating. Such Art!” He makes a grand sweeping motion and steps onto the stage. “She has halls and she has castles, and the resonant Steam-eagles, follow far on the directing of her floating dove-like hand, with a thunderous vapour trailing, underneath starry vigils, so to mark upon the blasted heaven, the measure of her land.”

He completes his monologue with a flourish of his wrist and a bow.

Roxy almost physically brightened and clapped while she bounced there, was she able to blush she’d be a strawberry. “I don’t know half of what you said but it sounded beautiful! You’re definitely my new favorite person. What should I call you?” she climbed up on stage and grinned at him.

He bows again,”My name is Arthur Maison and that was a quote from the work Elizabeth Barrett. It would appear that you like me, are of a different world Roxy. Yet we are so necessary here in this dreadful place, for we must elevate the dull and dreary and return it to ye splendor of old. The days when wonder and beauty abounded, romance, love, tales of fairies and elves. We must stand against the tides of stagnation, boredom and bring to light creativity and inspiration once again! We are the light of this dark world my dear, let us dispel it of its shadows!”

Arthur holds his arms high in the air when he finishes speaking staring at the top of theater.

Roxy blinked and stepped back but joined in his pose. “I have no money!” she cheered. “So no, not really I would but I was actually taking this place apart for parts which is more helpful to me than this building.” she admitted.

Arthur smiles,”My dear we need not money, just our imaginations… this is not the only building in the area which we may use for parts. Is it not wonderful how much of it has weathered through the ravages of the storm? I was thinking, what do you think about the idea of creating a little wonder in this place? I’ve a vision, of little people with little houses for them. Imagine steampunk faeries. Would that not be delightful? Leave some little homes in the area suggesting that some moved in for them?” He smiles wide,”That is all the world needs, a little mystery and a little wonder again.”

Roxy sighs. “Look, I’m a crazy bitch, but I’m not going to play pretend with some guy. I like you, but I have some problems, that I should probably get back to.” she didn’t want to be around fleshies, the last one disapeared out of nowhere, not that she was complaining, she could use the space, but she also had that stalker stabby ghost following her, and who knows what it would do to a fleshy. “I think I’m going to leave, now, but you’re cute.” she giggled.

Arthur blushes,”Well thank you. I hope you do well on your quest to find the parts you need. Myself I believe I shall take this place and turn it into my little base of operations. If you ever wish to find me, I’ll be here. After all the stage calls me. I hope to see the fruits of your labors upon your blog soon, it was wonderful meeting you.” Arthur walks back stage and comes back out with a hammer, some tools and some scraps of wood.

Roxy gave  kirtsy before leaving, she wouldn’t come back, as much as she wanted to ply with him, it was too dangerous for him and even possibly herself.

Arthur bows and waves goodbye to his friend before carrying on crafting a small tiny home. He hums the whole time as he works, a beautiful and old melody…