[Kenneth] had brought the inhaler back to the chantry, setting it on a sterile surface in the lab as he donned every precautionary piece of safety equipment he could find. Starting with goggles and face mask, and ending with gloves, lab coat, and even a pair of rain boots he had found in a closet somewhere. He then hung up a few plain white sheets as a makeshift, and not very effective, quarantine zone before returning to the inhaler, picking it up and taking a closer look at the outer casing.

[Storyteller] Outer casing it all normal, it looks like an over the counter type of inhaler but made to be a single dose.

Nodding as if this is what he expected, Kenneth carefully began prying apart the container at the seams, attempting to pull it apart in order to access whatever residue may be remaining.

[Kenneth] taking off the plastic casing, he then takes a small pair of forceps and gently forces the metering cylinder in the open position, allowing the canister to very slowly depressurize as he holds it facing away from him self, aimed specifically into a large sealable bag.

[Storyteller] It despressurizes, not spraying anything visable into the bag but it is sealed and tucked away regardless.

[Kenneth] breathes a sigh of relief before beginning to pry off the cap opposite the valve using a pair of pliers and a vice grip.

[Storyteller] He gets it all apart, there does seem to be some sort of fine powder inside the container.

Kenneth carefully taps a portion of the powder out onto a microscope slide, placing it under the microscope and examining it closely.

[Storyteller] It is definately a product of kindred vitae, but in a very unusual state. Dormant somehow in this form.

[Kenneth] portioned out another tiny bit of the powder onto another slide, coupled with a drop of water. Allowing the powder a moment to absorb the water, he then swapped out the dormant slide and the current wet slide.

[Storyteller] Once exposed to water, the vitae seems to liven up again and it seems to move a little bit on it’s own accord under the miscroscope.

[Kenneth] took what little remaining powder there was, including some from his original dry slide, he took a small pin used for securing flesh in dissections and pricked his finger, allowing a single drop of blood to the slide before once again resuming examination.

[Storyteller] It seems dormant at first but then it starts to act like a virus… infecting the other blood and turning jet black.

[Kenneth] looks extremely concerned for a moment, immediately noting down his findings before sealing the ‘infected’ vitae in a biowaste disposal bag. He stepped away from his research for a moment of thought before stripping off his protective gear, sanitizing his hands and any other now exposed skin, and leaving the room to search for Kitt.

[Kitt Bishop] is yawning and coming out of one of the rooms when she spots Kenneth, and gives him a quizzical look. “Why are you looking at me… and you smell like disinfectant. What did you do?”

[Kenneth] still looks thoughtful, and slightly concerned. “I’ve been doing research on the illness of the man from the other night, and I need a control sample of human blood in order to ensure that my current findings are correct. It would be a miniscule amount, and you’re currently the only person I can be 100% hasn’t been infected I can get a sample from quickly.” HE said, tapping his toe thoughtfully as he spoke.

[Kitt Bishop] tilts her head and then points toward the labs. “What about all the stuff preserved in there? Isn’t that what it’s for?”

Kenneth stopped all movement for a moment before facepalming softly and shaking his head with a slightly strained smile. “Of course, you’re right. My apologies, I’m so caught up in my research that I didn’t even stop to think that we had some preserved and on hand.” He said, turning to go and laughing softly at his own foolishness.

[Kitt Bishop] just nods and slowly steps back into her room, closing and then latching the door from the inside.

[Kenneth] returns to the lab, still shaking his head and cursing himself softly. Retrieving a sample of human blood, he reapplied his safety equipment before returning to work. Taking a single drop to one of the final tiny slides of powder, he returned once again to his examination.

[Storyteller] The powder comes in contact with the human blood and the cells inside of it attach to the blood cells and stay there, latched on like a parasite.

[Kenneth] nods slowly, looking to the prick in his finger before sliding the sample out from the microscope, adding one more drop of his blood, and quickly returning to the examination.

[Storyteller] The blood in the dish reacts with the fresh kindred vitae, absorbing it, making it multiply but not turning it black.

[Kenneth] once again nods before grabbing the final slide and adding his blood to it, allowing it to turn black before adding a drop of human blood to it before returning to the microscope for a final look.

[Storyteller] When the black blood is added to human blood, the slide cracks due to the violence of the reaction.

[Kenneth] bags tehe slide in a bio waste bag, and then adds several more around that just to be safe. Bagging up the rest of the slides, as well as the inhaler itself, hr wrapped it all in a singular larger bag before heading down to the basement. Upon arriving, he politely knocked on the door and waited for the gargoyle.

Petri slowly stood up from the corner and came over, he was in the process of making stuff but it looked like a jumbled mess of cables and nothing else. He looked down at Kenneth as he opened the door and tilted his head in question since he wouldn’t instantly be hated just for being him.

[Kenneth] glanced at the jumble in the corner curiously before speaking, “Just be sure Isabo never finds that.” He said, before holding up the bag for Petri to see. “This contains the aftermath of my research on the drug that caused that man the other day to decompose so quickly and dangerously. I would like for you to dispose of it quickly and preferably using fire, please.”

Petri blinked, his eyelids foggy but translucent. He took the bag and nodded and just stared at the bag for a moment but headed up passed Kenneth to dispose of the drug, not needing to say anything, nor did he want to, he just wanted it out of his face and done.

Kenneth stpped out of his way with a smile and a nod, “Thank you, Petri. You are of great assistance.” He said to the passing Gargoyle. Returning to the lab, he cleaned and sanitized the room after his research before taking time to compile and edit the notes he had taken.

Petri took it to the back yard and started lighting it on fire same as last time

[Storyteller] This does not burn like the body… it does make a dark green flame that is small but it does produce a lot of billowing black smoke that drifts up and away from the Chantry.

Petri watched and wrote it down as a result and went back he looked for Kenneth but he was not around so he left back to the basement like the stone dweller he was.