[Storyteller] This tiny park looks really like it is just a single, lonely bench with a basketball court and two trees on either side of it. It is a sad sight, hardly as big as a standard back yard.

[Storyteller] It’s misting and a little foggy, making the warm air feel sticky more than cool.

Eun-ji looked at the weather, didn’t seem to too bad but he had left his rabbit at home this time as he worked on the foliage he simply decided to cean up, taking a picture of the before and planned on taking one after a week of him working on it. Maybe give it some flowers.

Kara quietly walks the streets, a map pulled up on her phone in one hand and a worn brochure in the other. Every so often she glances up at a particular building, giving it an appraising glance, then shakes her head and moves on.

Callum rode his bike through town, on his way back to the dorms at the end of a casual bike ride. He rode past a small, dilapidated park, and did a double take after seeing someone very familiar. “Eun-Ji?” He called out, dismounting his bike and walking it in Eun’s direction.

Eun looked over and smiled fondly at the familiar face. “Hey Callum.” he said. “It’s been a while.” he pointed out. “How are you?” he asked as he looked up at some other person who was looking at building here but looked back at Callum.

Asher was sitting on a bench on the side of the court. He had his backpack beside him on the bench and was reading a book for class. He didn’t like reading in the library, things were quiet there and he’d be able to hear their voices better. So instead he read in places outside, with some kind of road nearby preferably with traffic. He was still trying to find a good spot to study at since he was still a fairly new transfer. He looked up to see two people talking. He mentally shrugged and went back to his reading.

The young woman glances at her phone once more, then curses as it looses it’s connection yet again. Slightly put out, she crosses into the park and approaches the man at the bench. “Excuse me, would you mind if I sat here as well?” She asks somewhat tentatively.

Callum stopped, kicking down the stand on his bike and leaving it standing nearby. “Yeah, I’ve been pretty busy studying, my evening class has a pretty grumpy professor, so I’ve been working hard to stay on her good side… What have you been up to?”

Asher looked up and smiled friendily. “Sure,” he agreed, scooting over for her. “Another dreary day in New Orleanes, huh?” he said, starting a converstaion.

Eun shrugged. “It’s been okay, all this rain helps but makes me all muddy so I’m sorry you never see me in anything actually nice.” he explained and looked over seeing the girl go to the male on the bench. “I was here to quietly work on the park since that’s my job given to me, but seems that’ll have to wait if I want to trim around there.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t know.” Kara smiles as she takes a seat on the other side of the bench. “My work mostly keeps me up nights. The fog seems…coastal? Sorry. I’m new-ish in town.”

Callum nodded, glancing at the others in the park curiously, “Don’t worry about it. So far you’ve seen me in school and workout clothes, neither of which are exactly nice outfits either.” Looking back to Eun, he nodded again. “I can understand not wanting to work around people. Why are you working on this park though?”

A young man with long blonde hair and green-gold eyes strides with grandiose movements into the park, eyes darting every which way. He wears a long white jacket lined with gold thread around the edges and the symbol of a dragon on either shoulder. He looks around the park and spots the group of people seated upon the park bench and walks over and bows grandly,”Greetings ladies and gentleman, how are you this… lovely afternoon?” He says with a grin. “My name is Arthur.” His smile is seemingly perfect and it’s almost as if the sun lighting upon his face like a stagelight as he lifts his chin upward facing the heavens.

“Um…hello?” Kara says, somewhat quizically. “It’s, er…nice, I suppose.”

Eun-ji looked over and raised an eyebrow at the strange man but said nothing since he was over by the bench and not by the sad forgotten bushes and other foliage.

Callum looks over from his conversation with the muscular Korean with confusion. “Ah, it’s a nice afternoon.” He said, sniffing slightly and rubbing softly at his nose.

“Ah, yeah, I’ve lived here a couple of weeks now but it seems normal as far as I can tell,” Asher chuckled. “I’m Asher by the way,” he introduced. Asher blinked as a a guy walked into the park, introducing himself in a very… grand and announcer-like manner in his opinion. “Ah, good, I suppose,” he replied, a bit taken aback by this character.

Eun-ji had short soft fluffy white hair with purple tips, but it was clear he was some sort of foreign student. He was lean and dressed in a dirty shirt and eans which were cakes with mud at the knees at one point and messily wiped off, he had a set of gardening tools in his belt. “It is nice.” he commented back. “Nicer than it has been in a while. at least it doesn’t seem to be raining on us, again, hm?” he chuckled. His voice was very quiet making him very hard to hear but it was natural to him rather than a secretive thing.

Arthur holds out a hand to Asher for him to shake,”A pleasure to meet you indeed! It is indeed better today than normal for the city.”

Asher shook the Aurther’s hand since it was there and nodded. “Yeah, pretty decent weather,” he agreed.

<Storyteller> there was an old woman rushing down the way she saw the people she was crying, tears streaming down her old wrinkling face. “Help, help, please!” she called as she got closer.

Kara leaps up at the call for help, one hand reaching into her purse as she rushes towards the woman. “What’s wrong?”

Arthur rushes towards her,”Oh no someone in distress! My comrades we must render aid!”

Callum lokos concerned, grabbing his bike and making his way over towards the other group in the park. He stood slightly off to the side, listening carefully as he rubbed at his nose.

Asher stood up as the woman seemed in distress and Arthur seemed to react as someone in a movie would… He walked closer to the woman to see what was wrong.

<Storyteller> scrunches up her face a bit at Arthur unsure if he was taking her seriously. “My Grandson ran off into the big mansion way own the road, I can’t get the door opened, he must have locked it!” she cried, hiding her fragile face inside her equally fragile hands, her hair gray with white wisps bouncing in the wind so often, frizzed from the stress and fog.

Eun-ji walked over, concerned, and smiled worriedly. “Don’t worry, we’ll go get him, right guys?” he asked looking at everyone that had come to help this old woman?

“It’s okay, just calm down. Let me call the police.” Kara tries to placate the woman as she pulls out her phone.

Callum sniffed, still looking quite concerned, but nods. “I…. I can see what I can do to help.” He looks down the street and sighs, it was back the way he had just come from.

Arthur immediately begins running down the road,”A quest!”

Asher looked up as the asian walked over and said they’d help. “He could get arrested for trespassing… Let’s see if we can get him out safely without that sort of involvement,” Asher suggusted, agreeing with the other two on how they should help the woman out.

“Ah. Alright, you have a point. I’ll just send a text to one of my friends on the force.” Kara types out a hurried message.

Eun-ji looked up as the strange loud man already took off. “Hold on, it might not be safe!” he called and jogged after him. “We should all go together just in case, if something else happens we can call the police.” he tried reasoning.

<Storyteller> The woman smiled and wipes the tears from her face. “Oh thank you, you really are angels in disguise.” she said and followed them down the street.

Callum hopped on his bike, chasing after the man who had just sprinted down the street. “Hold on! At least wait for the rest of us!” He shouted after him.

Asher blinked as Arthur ran off yelling about a quest. “At least don’t enter the house until we get there!” he shouted after the odd person running ahead. He nodded in agreement as the asian suggusted they all go together and suggust they call the police if something else happened. He shook his head as it seemed they were running after the quest man and started running after him as well towards the mansion.

Kara keeps pace with the woman, one hand remaining tucked inside her purse as she walks. “If the door’s locked, he’ll have to wait for us anyway.”

Arthur stops for breath,”I’ll… just… wait… for… you… guys… to catch… up…”

<Storyteller> theer was an old abandoned mansion onthe hill, been tagged with spray paint and signs, often times people go in there, some safe some not, but the place was falling apart as the overgrown yard was taking over the outside. It was dark, and probably had no electricity.

Eun-ji sighed, and pulled out a small flashlight from his key ring. “Who wants to go first?”

“Oh, hey. I was looking for this place.” Kara exclaims as the group approaches, then blushes slightly, then clears her throat.

Asher was a bit out of breath but not too bad. “You were looking for this place? Why?” Asher asked, surprised. Why would anyone want to seek out a place like this…? He was also waiting to see if anyone else wanted to go first… but if he had to he’d go first.

Callum caught up to the man, breathing slightly harder after chasing him down the street. “Sounds like a good idea. My name is Callum, by the way.” He said between breaths.

“I…might be touring haunted sites in the city.” Kara’s blush slightly intensifies. “I’ll…I can go first.”

Haunted? Asher looked at the house with a skeptic eye but he mentally shrugged. Better than studying. More fun, anyway. “Ah, right, my name’s Asher, nice to meet everyone,” he chuckled, introducing himself to those who didn’t already know them.


Eun-ji smiled. “Nice to meet you, I’m Eun-ji.” he introduced with a respectful bow.

“Arthur here” he says with a bow,”Ghosts you say?”

<Storyteller> the house almost groans as the wind pushes on it from the side.

Callum frowned slightly at the mention of ghosts, “Haunted? I hope it’s not too bad at least.” He said, not the biggest fan of spirits trapped in the mortal realm.

Kara steps forward and tries the door.

<Storyteller> the door is locked but weak someone could definitely crack this open but that might damage the door as well, there is a few broken windows to the side someone seems to try and board up but the teens often take them out to get in from there.

Eun hummed in thought. “Any ideas how we get inside?” he looked around at everyone.

“Aside from the obvious?”

Asher nodded as everyone introduced themselves.  He tried not to snort as some people believed the whole haunted stuff. “So he just went through the door… anyone have bobby pins on them?” he asked, examining the door’s lock.

Arthur starts wandering around and looking in the air and near the bushes and whistling while saying something very quietly

Callum nodded and looked at the door, “I would rather not kick down the door, if this place really is haunted. I don’t think ghosts would like that much.”

Eun-ji blinked. “You know how to pick a lock?” he asked genuinely curious.

“One sec.” Kara reaches into her handbag. Any looking can see the clear form of a small handgun inside it as she rummages. After a few moments, she produces a pair of bobby pins. “Will these do?”  She holds them out to Asher.

“Ah, yeah, shitty locks, anyway. When I stayed at my grandma’s she’d try to hide my science books because I wasn’t religious enough and tried to get me to read the bible instead,” Asher explained with a small grin. “Yeah, thanks,” he said, taking them and started fiddling with them. “I’ll try to make sure they’re mostly strait when I’m done,” he promised and knelt in front of the door to try and pick the lock.

Arthur stomps and walks back towards the door to watch the group.

<Storyteller> the lock looks old and rusted, it seemed to grab the pin the first time but luckily it didn’t get stuck and was given a second try and that seemed to clean the lock out and with a satisfying ‘click’ it slowly creaked open into a dark old room that smelled of a musky mold and some sort of feral animal den.

“Ha, was worried I broke it for a second there,” Asher chuckled, straitening out the pins and handed them back to Kara. “Thanks.”

“Don’t sweat it.” Kara takes the pins back and tosses them into her purse before stepping forward. “Hello?” Kara calls into the house as the door swings open. “Is anyone in there?” She steps cautiously up the doorstep.

<Storyteller> there was no response, it was very quiet. Until *BOMPH BOMPH BOMGH* was heard up above but it didn’t sound like it was a small boy.

Callum leaned in from his side of the door, taking a look into the room and muttering to himself “smells like somethings been living in here…”

Kara pulls out her phone and sends another quick text message.

Eun-ji got in front, grabbing half a board, small but he wielded it carefully. “We don’t know who or what could be in here, be on guard.”

Arthur focuses his eyes,”Perhaps I shall peer behind the curtain to see the Wizard then.”

Kara places her phone in her bag and withdraws a small handgun. “Naturally.”

Who or what…? Asher wasn’t sure he liked that idea, nor did he like the ‘booming’ like sounds, but he followed everyone inside. He looked to Arthur as he said something about a wizard… “Pretty sure there’s no wizard of oz here, though a disembodied head would be a mildly interesting projecter image I guess,” he shrugged.

Kara steps into the house proper, calling out “hello?” once again. Her firearm remains next to her hip, pointed at the floor.

<Storyteller> in the dark there seems to be a nest of just… things. random things, something moving inside of it.

Callum steps into the room shortly behind the other two, closing his eyes and seeming to focus for a moment before opening them again. “Hey, let me walk in front too, I can see pretty well in the dark.” He says with a sniffle, taking a look around the room.

<Storyteller> callum seems to see something hiding a deep gray thing, bundled up and furry, chewing on something.

“What is that?” Kara asks him, raising her pistol slightly.

Eun looked back at Kara. “Woah sh–” he cursed something in Korean and jumping bak. “Put that away, when I said be on guard I did not mean shoot whatever moves!”

“How the hell can you guys see anything? All I see is your faces. This house makes some weird noises, though…” Asher makes a face. He looked over to see as Kara had a freakin’ pistol in her purse! What the hell?

“Relax.” Kara rolls her eyes. “The safety’s on.”

Eun-ji relaxed a bit but still didn’t like the fact the girl just waves the pistol around.

Callum stops dead in his tracks and whispers to the others, “There’s something alive back there, I’m not 100% sure what though. One of you be ready to knock it out, I’m really good with animals so I’ll see if I can keep it calm.” He said, before reaching out with his mind to the animal.

Asher made a face as somehow Callum figured out something was alive and decided that he’d try to calm it down. Jeez, these people were bizzare between quest man, woman with the pistol in her purse and this guy who could not only see but was somehow going to calm down whatever it was… “Just don’t let it bite your face off,” Asher said, feeling quite confused by this group. The only semi-normal one seemed to be Eun-ji. Was that how you said it? Hopefully.

<Storyteller> suddenly popping out of the random pile of things, a raccoon! It hissed and ran off to the side away from the large group but it didn’t attack Callum in fact it seemed to ignore his presence.

“Alright. Upstairs it is.” Kara shrugs as the raccoon runs off.

Callum jumped slightly and breathed a sigh of relief. “I was just worried it might be something bigger… I didn’t want anyone to get hurt if there was something I could do…”

“A nice sentiment.” Kara eyes the creature on the other side of the room. “It looks really friendly.”

<Storyteller> for Arthur, his thoughts start feeling drowned, “No Daddy!” a little girl cries. “Come on mommy, we have to go.” her cries fade, bubbling sounds fly around, screaming, crying, creaking beds. “Let her go!” an older woman cries out in his ears. “You can’t leave like this.” the feeings of hands on his legs, clawing and trying to keep him in place. it felt wet everywhere, like was was walking in a pool, it tasted like salt, the air itself was like an ocean but he could breathe just fine, until there was a feeling of hands on his throat then it ends suddenly finding himself back in the livingroom again with a raccoon hissing at everyone and rushing off to the kitchen.

Asher chuckled as the animal turned out to be a racoon. “Well thank you for worrying,” he said. “So do we want to try upstairs…? Make our way from the top to the bottom?” he asked.

<Storyteller> the stairs looked safe, they creaked and bent under the weight of feet but nothing would break. *BOMPH BOMPH BMPH BOMPH* again.

“Alright. Nothing ventured…” Kara starts cautiously up the stairs.

Callum looks thoughtful for a moment before coming to a realization, “Whatever is up there sounds like wings slamming against something. Nothing too big I don’t think…” He trailed slightly behind Kara as she made her way up the stairs. “At least I think so…. the sound is pretty much identical.”

Looking back to Asher he smiled softly. “I mean, I don’t like seeing people OR animals get hurt, really.”

Eun-ji took the back mainly watching behind them but looked worried about Arthur. “You alright, Arthur?” he asked, reaching out to try and pull him out of whatever he seemed distracted by.

Arthur appears disoriented and confused “That’s not right… why isn’t it working? I did just as father told me to…”

Asher chuckled. “Glad to hear, some vet majors I know can be real asses to people,” he admittted, following Kara up the stairs. He paused as he thought he saw some shadows moving weirdly… but decided it was probably just a tree’s shadow from inside the room or something. So he ignored it and followed Kara up the stairs.

Eun-ji smiled worriedly. “Come on, we should catch up with the others.” he said.

<Storyteller> *BOMPH…. BOMPH… bomph… Tink* it was definitely coming from the door with the odd shadows.

Arthur nods,”Yes… I guess. I seem to be fine, maybe its nothing after all huh?” Arthur laughs hysterically,”It’s fine guys it must just be animals, yes that’s it! Cute little critters! Nothing Scary at all!”

“Ah… guys, am I going crazy, or is that door weird…?” he asked, pointing towards the door with the weird shadows. Ah… maybe they should’ve just sent the police in. Not that he thought something was wrong, but that thumping was weird.

Eun-ji backed up slowly. “o-okay, man.” he just went to catch the others. “What about a door being weird?”

“It’s just a trick of light or something. Come on.” Kara steps closer to the door and reaches for the handle with her free hand.

Callum looks at the door, sniffing once again, “I’m sure it’s just a bird or something that’s trapped in there… Still be careful though, if it’s big and mad it could really do some damage…”

<Storyteller> *BANG!* right against the door out of nowhere, *flap flap flap… bomph tink*

“Alright. Stand back.” Kara takes a step back and to the side. She points her weapon towards the doorway, and with the other prepares to reach for the door and open it quickly. “Ready?”

Asher jumped as the door was banged against. “Ah… It sounds pretty pissed off,” he said, a bit nervous based on how much noise it was making.

<Storyteller> suddenly some child screams from downstairs, lie real down stairs, almost faint but the old place was so emptied it echoed. “Nana!”

Arthur immediately turns around and runs downstairs fulls speed,”I will rescue thee!”

Callum, stuck above most of the others at the top of the stairs, looks over the railing at Arthur. “Be careful!” He shouts, shaking his head and frowning with concern.

“Whoah, whoa, whoa, man, don’t run off on your own!” Asher yells, following Arthur downstairs.

<Storyteller> Arthor can hear the squeaking of a bed, and choking sounds coming from one of the bedrooms. Then after a moment something grabs his wrist, a little girl, maybe 14 with a handprint around her neck. “Where are you going, daddy?” she asked but it faded as soon as he blinked, gone.

Eun-ji rushed downstairs after the madman and tries to hurry down and pause to listen again

Arthur continues to run towards the bedroom and tries to knock the door down, he will not allow the child to perish.

Kara cautiously moves back towards, then down the stairs, keeping an eye on the door with the mysterious creature behind it.

“Guys, I think the kid’s deeper in the house,” Asher said, making sure everyone heard him before heading towards the source of the crying.

Callum glanced around at the others, confused. He was about to speak up that it sounded like it was upstairs before he noticed that everyone else was heading downstairs. Blushing slightly he began to follow, deciding to keep the mistake to himself.

<Storyteller> there was a string of rooms connected to another corridor, and there was the kitchen off to the side.

“Lead on, then.” Kara gestures to Asher. “I’m right behind you.”

Arthur runs at the nearest door and attempts to kick it with no avail,”I cannot get it to open! A thousand curses upon your splintery form! May the termites devour your very core you flat piece of rotwood!”

“Have you tried the handle?”

<Storyteller> the crying gets quieter.

Arthur pauses and then tries to open the door quickly with the handle

Callum is now at the back of the pack near Eun-ji, now that things were out of his element. “Ah, I hope that bird upstairs is okay… But we need to find that kid first.”

Asher looks a bit worried about splitting up, but it was just for a few seconds, so he follows the voice deeper down the hallway. It sounded like the kid was moving for some reason… Was he running away from them?

<Storyteller> the door opens with a slow crea, an old moldy bed, been torn up a bit, stained with lord knows what and an old soggy carpet, nothing else though.

“Kid, it’s alright. Your Nana’s just outside! We’re here to help.” Kara calls out.

Arthur turns and runs out of the room following behind, “Don’t give up! We’re here for you!”

<Storyteller> the crying gets faintr and fainter, it cannot be in the direction.

Shit. Asher pauses and winces as evidently Arthur realized the kid wasn’t in the room he was trying to break in and shouts about how the kid shouldn’t give up. God, he was loud. He stopped and tried the kitchen instead, to see if the crying got any louder.

<Storyteller> it is definitely louder near the kitchen but still faint, Kara however had stepped on a strange lump from under a carpet.

Kara, puzzled, reaches for a tear in the carpet and pulls it up, trying to find what almost tripped her.

<Storyteller> Those were relatively new staples that popped up when the rug was pulled. There was a door hatch underneath the rug with a broken handle that would not go completely inside its cubby hole, allowing one to find it more easily. The crying got quiet but there was movement heard inside.

“Guys?” Kara calls out. “I found something. A hatch in the floor.”

Callum looked very concerned, but stayed back. He was a future vet and excellent with animals, but the physical stuff here was a little bit beyond him.

Asher looks around for the source of the crying when Kara says she found something so he goes to see what she found. “Well that’s a weird place for a hatch…” he said softly, testing the hatch to see if he could open it.

<Storyteller> The hatch definitely could be opened, but there was more movement down there and it was almost pitch black.

“Anybody got a light?”

“I have that part, does anybody see anything to make a torch or lantern with?”

“Or, you know, a flash light?”

Callum walked up to the others, taking a look over their shoulders and through the hatch. He shook his head at the question, but tried his best to see into the hatch. “I don’t but I really can see really well in the dark.” He said, sniffing nervously as he put his abilities a little further out than he is usually comfortable with.

Asher looks at Arthur weirdly as he asked for something he could make a torch or lanturn with. “Phone light,” he says, turning that on and shined it down into the hole.

“Thanks.” Kara nods at Asher as he activates his phone light. “Well, shall we?”

<Storyteller> there was cobwebs, and cobwebs and dust and echoed crying, he was defeinitely down here. “nana?” he called out. “I can’t see.”

“Hello?” Kara calls down. “Are you okay?”

Asher sighed in relief as he heard a kid call out ‘nana’. “I guess I’ll go first,” he said, going down with his phone light. He shines his light around the room to see if he could see the kid anywhere.

“Gotcha covered.”

Callum piped up from behind as the light was turned on. “Careful, I think there might be glass on the floor, can’t really be sure from up here though.”

<Storyteller> the moment Asher went forward he could feel something tickling his eyebrow… then his cheek, down his neck.

“Yeah, I don’t see much,” Asher agreed, shining his light around. “Hey kid, your nana’s worried, let’s get out of here, alright?” he suggusted and stepped forward only for a really freaky feeling to tickle his face. “Hey, kid! Uh… kind of forgot your name, but you can come out, not gonna hurt ya,” he tried to reassure, while also trying to ignore how creepy this was. Why did the kid go here of all places?

<Storyteller> Arthur found a sad sight, the little girl playing tea party by herself in the basement with her dollies, she hummed, nothing but lovely music filled the room, it was soft and light, piano music that sounded like it was coming from upstairs. The piano suddenly stops and the little girl gasped while there was the sound of glass shattering and something wet ran down the stairs like a stream of water flooding.

“Who knows.” Kara shrugs. “Let’s just get him out of here. Don’t want to visit the coroner for another kid’s file.”

<Storyteller> the kid looked scared and his leg was hurt, bleeding and scraped, he must have found some weak wood or fell in here from somewhere. “I can’t… I can’t walk.” he cried. “It hurts!” the tickling on Asher’s neck got worse and stopped there for a minute, then it seemed to crawl down his back.

Arthur danced slowly to the music while it played, and looked forlorn when it stopped.”Young lady, where did you go? Let’s be friends.”

<Storyteller> Arthur dound himself talking to nothingness, gone, like a faded memory springing up but left just as quickly as it came.

“Do you see him?

“Him? I saw her. Young and with a handprint on her neck.”

Asher was relieved as he found the kid. He ignored the tickling again, rolling his shoulders as it felt weird… definately unnerving. “Yeah, his leg’s hurt though. It’s too dark to treat it properly in here, I’m going to try to carry him out,” Asher informed and walked over by the kid. “It’s alright, we’re going to take you to your nana and get you some help,” he reassured, kneeling beside the kid and did his best to gently pick him up without hurting him. Hopefully the kid’s leg wasn’t bleeding too badly.

“Bring him up. I’ll see if I can find something clean to dress it with.”

Callum moved over towards Kara and nodded, “I’m a veterinary studentm so I know a decent amount about this type of thing. I can see about helping get him well enough to at least get out safely.”

<Storyteller> the boy clung to Asher, not too heavy he was still pretty young. “I want Nana…” he mumbled with tears caking his cheeks. He looked over and screamed looking at something on Asher’s back, he was wiggling trying to get away.

“Hold him still, please.” Kara reaches in her purse for some band-aids. “Your Nana sent us to find you, kid. We’ll get you to her as soon as I take care of your leg.” She turns to Callum “Can you call 911, and then get his Nana?”

Asher held the kid away as he suddenly started wiggling. “Hold on, hold on, the ladder’s right here,” Asher reassured, walking to the ladder, trying not to drop the kid. God, he hoped that was a bat or something on his back and it just had a creepy face. He got to the ladder and had a dilema. His phone was under his chin as he held the kid with his other hands, so he could still kinda see. “Can one of you help me here? Kinda have a lack of hands here,” he called up.

Arthur walks over to the hatch and pulls out his own phone and turns on the light,”Here, let me illuminate thy path.”

Callum stands up and nods, pulling out his phone and describing the situation to the emergency responder before stepping outside. “He’s alright, ma’am, he may need a few stitches in his leg though, looked like he had a nasty fall.”

“I don’t have any sutures, but I can at least clean the wounds and help stop the bleeding.”

“Alright, hang on…” Asher winced for a moment as he let his phone drop and had to hold the kid hold to climb the ladder. He got to the top and carefully set the kid down. God, he hoped that wound didn’t get worse from that. “There, hang on, gotta retrieve phone…” he mumbled, letting Kara handle the kid’s injury and went to go get his phone. Once he picked up his phone, he wiggled his shoulders again to try to get whatever was on his back to fly off or something.

<Storyteller> The boy was doing his best to get away from Asher, and happily went to the lady and weirdly dressed man.

<Storyteller> The old womans eyes shot wide as Callum told her this and she went to barrel her way inside and see him, surprisingly fast for an old woman, and tough.

“It’s alright, Kid.” Kara looks back towards the door after she finishes up her first-aid. “He’s going to be fine, ma’am. He’ll need to visit the hospital for some stitches, though.”

<Storyteller> it crawled up onto his shoulder and down his chest that was a big orb weaver spider, just crawling around all over Asher, seeming distressed at the moment.

Callum smiled and shook his head, mostly just glad the kid was safe. Returning to the interior of the house, he found Eun-Ji and tapped his shoulder. “Hey, I wanna check on whatever is upstairs, would you mind coming with me just in case it’s something aggressive?”

Eun-ji looke dover at Callum and nodded. “yeah, sorry I’ve been quiet and watching to make sure nobody snuck up or got more hurt.” he said.

<Storyteller> the old woman cried and kneeled down hugging the boy close. “Oh, I’m so glad you’re alright!” she looked at the work and looked bac at the people. “Bless your hearts, all of you.”

“I will go with you to investigate what is upstairs. I believe there is a small girl who also needs help… although she may not be of this world anymore.”

Arthur turns towards the old woman and bows,”I am glad to have offered any assistance I could.”

“Lets…” Kara looks at Arthur hesitantly. “Why don’t we make sure this kid and his Nana get to the hospital safely, eh?”

Asher froze as he realized it was a fucking spider and just remained calm. “C’mon, man, I just wanted to help the kid… Please don’t be one of aggressive spiders,” he mumbled, scared by its large size more than anything. He didn’t fucking recognize it he just knew a big fuckign spider was crawling all over him. “Please get off…? At least you didn’t bite the kid…” he mumbled, reaching for his phone and trying to see if he could use the light to lure the spider off or something. Worked with cats… right…?

Callum looked over at Arthur with confusion, but shook his head and dismissed it. Turning to Kara he actually smiled. “Paramedics should actually be here soon, actually. And we won’t be far if we’re needed.” Turning towards the stairs he began the ascent to the strange door upstairs.

Arthur moves over to look at Asher and checks for a spider on his back with his phone.

<Storyteller> the orb weaver was massive, a half dollar not counting the legs, it scuttled, not liking the light it went back to the backside and was crawling down onto Ashers butt. but was ready to hide inside his shirt if it got the chance.

Eun-ji sighed. “lets just get outside and wait.” he suggested and looked downstairs at the strange party. “You okay guys?”

Fuck. “Yeah, just trying to get a spider off…” Asher called up, trying to direct his light at the spider to scare it down his pants while he pulled his shirt down. Damn thing was not going up his shirt if he could help it.

Arthur moves the light a bit off the spider and tries to swat it with his hands, hoping to knock it off of Asher.

Callum froze on the first step, turning back to the group. Upon hearing the word spider he rushed back to them, looking to see what was going on. The moment he saw the orb weaver he froze. “Guys, hold still, let me see if I can get it off safely.” Grabbing an old board from the floor and walking towards the others. “Shh, it’s okay big gu-” he began, cringing when Arthur swatted at it.

<Storyteller> the spider alls onto the ground and is scuttling around way from the giant humans in fear

Asher shut his eyes, biting his tongue as Arthur starts trying to swat at it. He just hoped the thing wasn’t poisonous if it tried to bite him. He was familiar with dangerous animals in new orleanes yet except stay away from the swamp. He opened his eyes and sighed in relief to see the spider alive running away in fear. Thank god. “Thanks,” he said, climbing up the stairs.

“You’re welcome my friend. Now let us investigate the young girl who needs our help.”

“The what? I thought we were looking for a boy… Didn’t the others get him outside?” he asked, climbing the ladder out of the creepy basement-like area.

Callum swats at Arthur lightly. “Hey! Leave it alone! It’s just trying to live its life!” He says, stepping towards the spider and reaching out with his mind. “It’s okay, we won’t hurt you. I can take you back to your home.” He said, holding the board out to the spider.

Eun rolled his eyes. “We should wait for the paramedics.” he suggested.

<Storyteller> the grandmother and boy went outside, had been waiting and soon sirens were in the distance getting louder and louder.

<Storyteller> the spider crawled onto the board and just seemed shaken with fear, traumatized.

Kara takes out her phone and sends another text, but stays with the woman and child waiting for the ambulances.

Arthur looks over at Callum with amusement mixed with awe that he would befriend the spider.

Callum took the board and returned the spider to a location near where its web was located. “Sorry, Mr. Spider. Go back to your normal life.”

Arthur wipes his sleeve across an eye and sniffs loudly and claps quietly

“On that note I’m gonna go outside before I disturb another spider somewhere,” Asher decided, heading outside. God…

Arthur begins to walk upstairs to the different rooms and opens each door, stopping if there is anything interesting inside.

Callum looks up at Arthur sheepishly and grinned nervously. “Sorry, my entire family works with animals in some capacity, so I have a little bit of a tendency to protect them. It’s the entire reason I’m becoming a vet actually.”

<Storyteller> the medics arrive and take the grandmother and child to take them into care and they head off, Eun waves them off before turning. “Where did Arthur go?

“I think they went back inside.” Kara glances back in. “We…shouldn’t leave Arthur unsupervised, should we?”

Eun-ji shook his head. “Especially not with Callum, I like him.” he said and started heading back inside once it was deemed safe from the eyes of the medics.

Asher shivered. “I’m gonna stay here a bit, if you guys don’t mind. Call me if you need a door opened, though,” he said, sitting down on the porch.

<Storyteller> the rooms were all gross and empty, like horny kids had parties in here, filled with stains of anything one could imagine, but nothing big..

“Will do, Mr. Locksmith.” Kara chuckles, heading back inside as well.

<Storyteller> *BOMPH tink…. flap flap flap*

Callum stood up quickly as the sounds resumed, tapping his foot nervously. “I need to check on that bird, I’m sorry. If it’s starving in there I won’t be able to forgive myself for leaving it.” HE said, before making his way back towards the stairs and once again beginning his ascent.

Arthur sighs and begins heading downstairs and outside.

He waves farwell to everyone.”It was a pleasure meeting you all. Please take my contact information.” and passes out small cards as he leaves with his information on it.

“Uh…thanks, I suppose.”

Eun-ji walked up and paused seeing Arthur again out of nowhere but no Callum. “Uhm, alright.” he said and took the card. “I’ll text you my number later then.” he said fondly.

<Storyteller> *BOMPH* the door was struck again

Arthur turns around with renewed interest,”What was that?!”

Callum rushed up the stairs quickly, almost sprinting over to the door and attempting to turn the knob to see if it was unlocked.

“I don’t know, but we might as well figure it out.” Kara shrugs. “Beats heading back into the office early.”

<Storyteller> it is unlocked…

<Storyteller> *flap flap flap*

Callum opens the door with very little regard for his own wellbeing other than to stay to the side in the event that whatever was in the room attempted to flee through the door.

<Storyteller> A very large black bird flew out, it had a hurt wing, and it smacks its bad wings into Callums face as it was freaking out trying to get away.

Callum reached out to the bird carefully, cooing to it softly in order to communicate that he was here to help it, and that he would help it get better.

<Storyteller> the bird calms down and stops flapping everywhere but it was panting and clearly in a lot of pain as it can’t even fold its wings bac in, it was bleeding from its beak a bit as it seemed to have been hitting the door and window over and over to try and get out.

Callum picked up the bird gingerly and carefully made his way back downstairs to the others. “It WAS a bird. And does anybody have anything I can use as bandages and splints? I can’t just leave it like this…”

“I’ve got band-aids.” Kara shrugs. “Nothing in here’s likely clean enough for a splint, though. Plus, that bird’d have hell waiting for the adhesive to run out, but they’re yours if they can help.”

“There was the old rug downstairs. It’s sort of dirty though.”

Eun looked at Callum. “Uhm.. what has my little vet gotten into now?” he sighed, teasing his friend.

“I’ll admit, I’m more used to working on cadavers.  Human ones, at that.”

Callum tapped his foot thoughtfully, looking at Eun-ji in a sudden moment of clarity. “Eun-ji, can you run to the nearest wal-mart or something and get me something to use as splints, and some non adhesive gauze?”

“That sounds so dreadful. I suppose I will be leaving now that you have the bird taken care of. It was wonderful meeting you all.”

“Yeah. It was…interesting meeting you as well.”

Arthur heads back downstairs and outside heading back to his fraternity house at the University.

Callum nodded to Arthur, mostly focused on the bird at the time being. “It was nice to meet you two. Hopefully I can help this little guy.”

Eun-ji blinked. “You want me to…” he rolled his eyes and ran a hand through his hair. “Alright, alright, I’ll go.” he said and pulled out his keys to hurry bac to his car and go get the stuff.

Callum stroked the bird, cooing to it periodically, as they waited for Eun. “I don’t think I ever got your name, miss.” He said, looking up at Kara from his position on the floor. “I’m Callum, by the way.”

Eun-ji paused and looked at Asher. “It was nice meeting you, I’m having to run to the store, do you need a ride home or something anywhere?” he asked and looked back at Kara too. “or the park if your vehicle is still there?”

“Kara.” She holds out her hand to shake. “Kara Immelman.  And I prefer to walk. Or jog. Good for the body. I appreciate the offer, though.”

Callum held his free hand out to shake as well. “Callum Robinson, a pleasure to meet you.” He said with a slightly nervous smile. “So you’re touring local haunted sights, right?”

Kara chuckles as Callum shakes her hand. “As a joke, more than anything else. It’s fun, and it helps me learn the city more. I don’t see much from the back of a CSU van.”

Callum’s eyebrows rose at the words ‘CSU’ “Oh! so you work with the police then? Would it be accurate to call you officer?” He said, half thinking to himself, and half asking a legitimate question.

“No, I’m good. I’ll probably study and head home. My sister’s appartment isn’t too far away, but thanks for the offer Asher smiled at Eun-ji since it seemed that everyone was leaving he waved back at the two still inside. “I’m heading back to continue studying, it was nice meeting you both!” he said and walked back to the park.

Kara laughs again, then shakes her head, smiling. “No. I’m a consultant. I work for Sundial Forensics. We handle crime scenes when regular CSUs are overworked, and provide third-party verification on forensics work.”

“Take care!” Kara calls after Asher.

Callum nodded thoughtfully, sniffing slightly and pulling out a tissue to wipe his nose. “Ah, sorry, allergies.” He said, looking around for a moment before crumpling it up and stuffing it in a plastic bag from his backpack. “That’s pretty interesting though, and it’s a pretty respectable field of medical science as well. Meanwhile I’m over here just working to become a vet.” He said with a slight chuckle.

“No less respectable!” Kara shrugs. “You seem to have a way with animals.”

Callum smiled nervously and scratched the back of his neck awkwardly, still petting the bird with one hand. “It runs in my family, actually. Most of them are vets actually, or they train animals for sports or professional work.”

Eun-ji was at walmart looking at what he needed to get exactly. Brand? Size? he just got a bunch of different stuff and went to check out

“Huh. That’s pretty nifty. Most of my family ended up as fortune tellers and phone psychics.” Kara gives a sheepish grin. “Grandma nearly had a fit when she learned I was studying forensics.”

Callum laughed, becoming more comfortable with that. “Hey, it’s not like you can’t apply psychic abilities to things other than fortune telling.” He said with a smile.

“Yeah, but no other clientele’s willing to buy it. My cousin make her business confirming conspiracy theories using her ‘gifts.'” Kara performs air-quotes on the word gifts. “You’d be surprised how much conspiracy nuts pay to confirm their theories.  I’ve got two degrees, and she makes more than I do!”

Callum shook his head, not entirely sure if she was serious about also being from a line of people with psychic abilities. “Hah, my great aunt actually amde her living as an animal psychic after she got too shaky to be a proper vet, actually.” He said, checking his watch with conern. Where was Eun-ji?

Eun-ji walked back in bringing in the stuff and putting it down on some sad looking forgotten table to the side. “Uh… you didn’t say anything specific so I kinda got one of most everything I saw that was gauze and splints…”

Callum got up and grabbed everything he needed, just the right size for the bird, and sat back down with it, cooing to it once again as he set and wrapped its wing, too tired at this point to channel magic into the healing.

<Storyteller> the bird was still enough for you to work on it and seemed to patch it really well, folding it wings back in correct and held it there. Eun-ji smiled. “Sweet, well with that i’m going to go home, I can’t leave dim-sum alone too log he’ll chew on wires.”

Callum nodded, jumping up to follow Eun. “Actually, can I get a ride home? I can’t take the bird with me if I ride my bike.”

Eun-ji smiled and nodded. “Of course.” he said and looked at it before heading back out. “See you some other time, Kara.” he waved.

Callum waved as well, smiling back at her. “Hope to talk to you again soon!” He said, loading his bike into the car and taking the bird home to his dorm room.