[Kenneth] had relaxed from the earlier fight, as well as the debacle with the sack of death. Pulling out his phone he texted the group chat he was in with Roxy and Jalen. “Do either of you have information on the nosferatu from last night? She may have what little is left of the drug. And honestly even a tiny dose would scare me at this point.”

Roxy sent a half naked picture of herself. Then after a moment she sent a message. “Wrong person. And Not really Jalen does though!”

Jalen blinked as he had completely forgotten about Emma sayign she had some of the drug. “Oh, yeah, she lives close to me, at the Roadside Cross,” he said, ignoring Roxy’s text. Just made him think of the woman he’d heard from the other night and that wasn’t something he wanted to go back to brooding about. “I’ll make sure she keeps closeby and still has it if you wanna head over,” he suggusted.

Petri watched Kenneth for a moment as he was finally finishing up cleaning the mess of everything.

Kenneth ignored Roxy’s accidental text to the best of his ability and texted the group again. “We’ll be at the cross soon, bringing a friend, you may or may not see him.”

Jalen shrugged at Kenneth’s vague comment and looked up to see if Emma was currently inside, scanning the room.

Kenneth texted the group one more time, “second though, meet me at the cemetery, easier for the Nossie and our guest as well.”

Emma was just comming out of the closet  having been there since her arrival back from that slash and smash the night before she had been laying low .

“Hey, Emma, you still have that stuff from earlier?” Jalen asked, approaching the Nosferatu.

<+Emma> “yes still got it ” pulling out the inhailer to show him.

Roxy yawned and just went back to work. “Yeah I’m not going to disturb the dead, you guys go ahead.” she texted them before going back to blogging.

“The guy from earlier, Kenneth, he wants to take a look at it. He wants to meet up at a cemetary, is that alright?” he asked.

[Kenneth] turned to Petri, “Come with me, I’m going out to hunt down the last bit of what caused that mess earlier. Something may happen and I may need backup.” He said, heading towards the door. “We’re meeting in the cemetery to keep away from prying eyes.”

<+Emma> ” yea sure hope we don`t find more that snake thing there.”

Petri looked up and seemed happy to be able to go out somewhere, and he followed behind Kenneth, with his little board and marker.

“Well, I’ll come with and between the two of us I’m sure we’d be able to handle it,” Jalen reassured. “She agreed, I’ll see you guys at the cemetary with her, then,” he texted and looked up again. “You ready to head out now?” he asked Emma.

<+Emma> lets go

Kenneth made his way towards the cemetery, eventually arriving after a brisk walk with his gargoyle companion in the moonlight. He looked about for signs of the others.

<+Emma> ‘follows where ever jalen leds

[Storyteller] The cemetery here seems to stretch out as far as the eye can see.  Headstones, mausoleums, and a few ancient trees all stand out starkly against the well manicured grass here.  Angels watch over the dead from their perches, and there is an eerie, unnatural silence in the gloom.

Jalen lead Emma to the cemetary, hands in his jacket pockets. “This is where they said to meet, I’m sure he’ll show up eventually. Sorry for delaying this for so long, but between the explosion and the mortal, things kind of got out of hand,” he explained.

Petri stretched his wings happily stepped over the head stones and seemed to enjoy playing hide and seek with kenny so often where he would hide from one side and be on the other suddenly, then making a creepy face showing his big green an four big fangs and chewing at the air in front of him, before smiling and drew a little heart so the tremere knew he was playing friendly.

[Kenneth] chuckled each time the Gargoyle attempted to scare him, and eventually caught sight of the others and pointed. “That’s who we are here to meet. Keep an eye out for anyone suspiscious.” He said before waving the others down.

<+Emma> its fine been trying to heal  lead in the gut not nice you know ” emiting a rare chuckle

Petri nodded and stood tall, and looked over the graveyard, perching up on a tree as he climbed up. His smooth glassy skin gleaming in the moonlight, his cracks showing more on his gray form, his limbs black but faded into gray onto his body and a belt, and a wipe board on it with a heart drawn on it.  He was easily 7 feet when standing straight but he didn’t seem to bother with anybody.

“Ah, yeah, not fun,” Jalen agreed. He looked up and saw a gargoyle…? Shortly afterwards he realized Kenneth was walking beside him so he waved to the pair.  He was sure there was something he was supposed to know about gargoyles, but he just vaguely remembered news articles of gargoyles supposedly moving and stuff like that… not a whole lot of knowledge.

Kenneth nodded to the pair as they approached. “Good to see you’re doing well, Jalen. And thank you for coming… Emm, was it?”

Emma  “Emma.”

Jalen nodded. “Good to see you managed to get back alright,” Jalen replied and nodded as Kenneth asked about Emma. “Emma, yes,” he informed.

Petri fly down off the tree and landed on the mausoleum, before hopping down and scuttling back to kenneth and sowly rising up and starring down at them again. From behind Kenneth he rose up his board. “Hello.” it said.

[Kenneth] smiled at the others for a moment before becoming serious. “Emma, I hear you have possession of one of the inhalers used at the party last night, is this true?”

<+Emma> “yes i have it ” as she looked over the odd thing as if  trying to figure it out

Petri moved behind Kenneth and made little faces, biting at the air or making little overly long fingered hand puppets while Kenneth talked.

[Kenneth] nodded and gave it a look from a distance. “The drug contained in that inhaler, or formerly contained, is highly dangerous to both us and mortals. If you wouldn’t mind, I would like to examine it closely and see if what remains can tell us anything.

Jalen was a bit surprised by the gargoyle jumping around a lot but he smiled as it raised up a board saying ‘hello’. He waved back and tried not to chuckle at how endearing it was. It got worse as Petri started making faces behind Kenneth and just making it hard for Jalen to keep a strait face, but he managed one so far.

Emma you can have it ,but where did you find him ?”noding to his over grown friend

[Kenneth] reached out for the inhaler and smiled. “Ah, I didn’t exactly find him. He came to me, would be a better way to put it. Arrived just this evening in fact.”

Petri rose back up and looked more serious now but occasionally if one looked away too long and looked back at him, he stuck his tongue out, looked much like his ears like someone had clipped the sides of his tongue giving it an arrow like point. He pulled out his board. He drew a box with a ‘this side up’ sticker that was upside down.

“So you just found him? I’m afraid I’m not familiar with gargoyles that much. Mostly mortal conspiracies,” Jalen confessed, amused by its drawing board. Not sure what it meant, but he presumed he was just bored.

[Kenneth] chuckled and shook his head. “No, not at all. He just showed up on my doorstep this evening actually.”

<+Emma> “just apeared at your door .” not sure what to make of it.

Petri stared at them, blinking his void like black eyes at them. But he was also doing as he was told and looking out for anybody else in the cemetery.

[Kenneth] nodded at Emma’s comment, “Exactly, I arrived, he wasn’t there. A little while later he was at the door.”

Petri wrote on his board. “I was a present.”

Emma begins to scratch her arm as three lomps begin their migration to her shoulder .

“From who?” Jalen asked curiously, noticing the board. He still remembered the drug, but he was curious about this gargoyle creature.

Petri put a long bent finger to his lips and pretended to zip them and then went to make another patrol as he climbed up on the mausoleum, then the flew back up to the tree, perching and watching.

[Kenneth] shook his head, “I don’t know exactly who sent him. Isabo likely does, but she doesn’t seem to be in the mood for questions lately.” He said, pulling out the inhaler and looking at it. “Thank you again, Emma. You may have helped save many lives. Both mortal and kindred.”

Emma scratches more as  more lumps move about her form causing the tatered rages to bounch about

Petri looked at the inhaler, that caused that gross mess? What was it? He wrote on his board. “What’s wrong with the inhaler?

<+Emma> ” just find out what it is ,having it about makes me nevious”

[Kenneth] shook his head and sighed at Petri, “I don’t know yet, but it seems to be something the Sabbat made. And thank you Emma, I’ll do my best to get this figured out, I can’t stand the thought of not knowing if my next meal will be tainted with this.”

[Storyteller] A car drives up toward the cemetery with it’s lights off but doesn’t come all the way inside.

Jalen blinked as Petri seemed to want to keep that a secret and ran off. Okay…? “Alright, well, it sounds like you’ll have your hands full from now on,”
Jalen chuckled. He is quiet as a car suddenly drives into the cememtary. “…That for you…?” he asked quietly.

Kenneth’s {Mental Echoes} Destroy it. It needs to be destroyed.

Petri was still confused, that answered nothing but he would not argue. He stared at the car and tited his head and hopped down but looked far more angry and ready to attack, almost like a dog beginning a snarl, he hunched and stayed close to those he was meant to protect.

[Kenneth] looked stunned for a moment before shaking his head. He had to take a look at what exactly this was, then he would destroy it. Stowing it away in his pocket as if it were the one ring, and he was Gollum, he glanced around for the source of the voice in his head.

Kenneth’s {Mental Echoes} Tremere idiot. You will doom yourselves and take us all with you.

[Storyteller] The car pulls back out and begins to drive away again, taking the back roads still with no lights.

[Kenneth] mentally cursed at the voice, hoping it could hear him. ‘I need to know what this is, and how to identify it.”

Jalen slowly crept towards the car, trying to see if he could see the liscence plate or any details of people in the car at all.

<+Emma> “that is the one that put the lead in my gut “she almost growled

Petri looked down at Emma and back at where the car had went.

[Kenneth] took a moment before returning to speaking to them. “I need to get this examined as soon as possible. Extremely carefully, at that. Petri, I think it’s about time we returned to the Chantry. You two return to the cross safely.”

Petri shrunk a bit, seeming to deflate as he was told he would go back to the chantry, hide in the basement until needed again. He looked at his two and wrote “Bye.”

Jalen blinked as Kenneth seemed spooked by that. Jalen wasn’t sure what to make of that, but he recognized the car once Emma pointed it out. Then he turned around as Kenneth said he was going and Petri seemed upset by that. He waved to the gargoyle. “So I guess we just head back,” he said, turning to Emma again.

<+Emma> yes we wait ”

[Kenneth] made his way out of the cemetery, now on high alert. “Keep an eye out for that car, whoever was in it was powerful.”

Petri nodded that he understood and stopped playing around and got serious watching for the car carefully as he escorted Kenneth back to the chantry.

Jalen started leading Emma back to the Roadside Cross, puzzled by why Kenneth seemed so scared after that. But, he was pretty sure he wasn’t going to know until much later, if at all, as usual, so he decided not to worry about it for now.

Emma heads back to the cross with jalen

[Kenneth] made his way straight to the lab as soon as they returned, placing the inhaler on a sterile surface and donning every piece of safety equipment he could possibly find before returning to it to begin his examination.

Petri blinked and stood back and just went back to lurk in the basement.