[Storyteller] The Chantry is quiet when Kenneth arrives with the man the Setites were holding. Isabo’s car is here but Brandon’s is not. Coming up to the house for the first time in a while it is appearent that something feels different about it.

Kenneth pulls the man out of the Uber car, handing the man just barely enough for his fare and dragging the man up to the front door. Mumbling to himself about this man losing weight, he opened the front door before looking sorrowfully at the stairs. “How in the world… I’m gonna need help.” He set the man down, leaning him against the wall on the bottom of the stairs, and set off to find some assistance.

[Kitt Bishop] comes around the corner and looks at the man on the floor, tilting her head a bit and then looking off the way Kenneth went. She wrinkles her nose as she gets close, then takes a half a step back and shakes her head. “Uh, no. That shouldn’t be here.”

[Kenneth] returns shortly after a quick search of the house. Seeing Kitt, he has a slight panic attack before realizing she may be able to help. “Ah, Kitt. Sorry to have left him here like this. This is one of my old friends from my teaching days, he’s in town for a visit and drank far too much. Could you help me get him upstairs? Just to the top, I can get it from there.”

[Kitt Bishop] lifts her head as she sees Kenneth come in, but keeps flicking her eyes to the stranger warily. “He’s not drunk. He’s very sick.”, she says as she regards the vampire and keeps her distance from the body on the floor.

Kenneth looks concerned for a moment, leaning down and pretending to examine him for a moment. “Oh my… you’re right. I can do a more thorough examination if I can just get him to the examination room in the East Wing…” He muttered, once again shouldering the man and lifting him to the best of his ability.

[Kitt Bishop] “I don’t think you should be touching him too much…”, she says quietly and proceeds to take another half a step back in the other direction. “But, you know what you are doing, I guess.”

[Kenneth] nods and sighs, looking over to Kit. “I’m not aware of any form of gurney in this house, and I need to take a closer look at this man and find out exactly what is wrong. Although I would prefer not to be touching him at all if that were possible.” He , began making his way before stopping and turning back to Kitt. “There… there doesn’t happen to be a gurney or wheelchair around that I’m not aware of, does there?”

[Kitt Bishop] sighs as she looks at Kenneth again, then goes over and opens up a closet with some weird odds and ends in it. She digs around and tosses him some big rubber gloves and a body bag. “Can leave it unzipped so he can breathe and junk, though I am not sure he has much longer to be doing that.”, she says and grabs a secnd set of the heavy duty gloves for herself, putting them on. “I’ll help you get him out of the main pathway and that is it.”, she says, then frowns as shs eadds. “Then disinfecting all of this mess.”

[Storyteller] The guy half sits up, coughing up a bit of blood that dribbles down his chin, then slumps back over again, wheezing.

[Kenneth] sets the man down almost too quickly and takes the gloves from Kitt. “Thank you, Kitt, and I am sorry to make you do this,” he spoke as he moved to place the man in the bag. “Hopefully I can at least find out what’s wr-” he cut off as the man spit up blood, backing away slightly before returning to work. “I need to begin this examination quickly…”

[Kitt Bishop] lifts the man’s legs, not going anywhere near the spewing part of him as she helps to put him into the body bag. Then proceeds to help Kenneth lift him up and move him toward the east wing. “Lets just hurry so i can bleach all this and burn my clothes or something and please do not get infected and turn into a zombie or something.”

[Kenneth] lifts the man’s arms, grimacing each and every time he coughs, and moves towards the east wing as well. “I’ll be fine, And I will have absolutely no problem burning these… ‘clothes’… at all. And please let me know once everything is sanitized. Once I’m done with the examination I would rather not have to sanitize myself multiple times.”

[Kitt Bishop] nods her head slightly, more concentrating on where she has to touch with the minimum amout of contact. She helps Kenneth get him into the room and up on the table, then backs up. “Okay, seriously i am gonna go clean up now.”

[Kenneth] nods to Kitt with a strained smile. “Thank you for the help, Kitt, hopefully all of this wasn’t done for nothing.” He said before turning to the table and beginning a full scale examination of the mortal’s body. “I’m glad I’m wearing this garbage instead of an outfit I would want to keep.”

[Kitt Bishop] nods one last time and bails, eager to get out of that section where she technically isn’t supposed to even be and moreso the fact that she needs to bleach and or burn everything at this point.

[Kenneth] starts by taking blood samples from the man, both from what he had coughed up and directly from his veins, and examining them closely under a microscope.

[Storyteller] Finding the small amount of vampire blood in the man’s system was not a surprise, but this is degrading anything it comes into contact with at a rapid pace. It’s acting totally different than the stuff that he saw in Jasper’s blood.

[Kenneth] quickly writes this in his notes before taking a swab of the man’s cheek, and a sample of his saliva, in order to check if any other bodily fluids or anything but his blood has been affected. “Is this the effect on mortals, or a stronger drug?” He muttered to himself as he worked.

[Storyteller] The man has a huge coughing fit as Kenneth tries to take a sample of spit, quickly getting splattered with the man’s bodily fluids. He then collapses totally and passes away, taking his last ragged breath.

[Kenneth] immediately withdraws, ignoring, for now, the corpse on the table, and hunting down the nearest bottle of disinfectant. In a state of near panic he immediately begins disinfecting himself and washing away every drop of blood he can find.

[Kitt Bishop] hears a knock at the door while she is scrubbing out the entryway and goes to check on it. She answers, smelling of cleaning chemicals and looks at the two men with the fairly large box. She signs for the package and they leave… leaving her with a rather large crate sitting upon the steps. Curiously she moves toward it, giving it a look. “Huh.”

[Storyteller] Kenneth is pretty sure that he got it all off of him, though while he was doing that the body seems to be breaking down at a very fast rate of decomposition. It starts leaking into the bodybag…

Kenneth immediately zips up the bag, looking about for a way to seal the bag and dispose of it properly, along with these clothes. “God damn magical drugs.” He grumbled, using the nearest roll of medical tape to seal and potential holes in the bag before turning to leave the room in search of a way to dispose of the body.

The box shook, and moved until finally at the top it popped off and slid down hitting the ground. slowly a tall shiny figure stood up, the curve of wings slowly cropped up first before a head was seen, cracks along his face, and body as his chest was now shown at the top, he was easily 7 feet tall when standing straight. The tips of his ears black that faced to the soft gray skin, in front of his chest was his hands that were long blck almost like spiders legs. HIs eyes a same void of emptiness as if the pupil had eaten the rest of the eyeball. He was hairless and smooth except for certain deep cracks in the skin. In his hands he held a little wipe board that read “Good evening, I am Petri.”

[Kitt Bishop] jumps back from the box and nearly falls over. “Nope.”, she says and starts to walk back toward the front door when she sees Kenneth. “Hey! Package outside for you!”

[Kenneth] raises an eyebrow at Kitt, making his way towards the front door. “What could she possibly mean…” He mutters as he opens the door. Upon seeing Petri he jumped out of sheer surprise, “Ah, that’s what she meant… And who might you be?”

Petri blinked and furrowed his eyebrow lines, there was no hair, just extra skin there which still allowed expression to some degree. He pointed to his name on his board and erased everything taking a moment to use only his thumb and index with his marker on the board before flipping it back over. “I was sent here to guard this ‘Chantry’. Where is the lead?”

[Kitt Bishop] grabs her cleaning stuff and puts it up, then quickly makes her way through the house to to wash up and get rid of the clothes in case there is any ick present. She is curious about the new creature, but doesn’t want to get caught by Isabo seeing something like that.

[Kenneth] nodded, turning and looking back into the home. “Ah, a Gargoyle then. Pleasure to meet you, Petri, please step out of the box and follow me inside. Isabo may be home, but I have not seen her.” He said, opening the door fully and motioning for the gargoyle to enter.

Petri listened and hopped up and flared his wings once they were free, flapping a few times to free himself entirely from the cramped crate, his digitigrade legs landing back on the ground, black claws on his three toes on each foot clicking one at a time when they landed. He picked up the crate and moved it to the side where he would come back and get rid of it later, but he was told to follow so he would do that first. His long arms dragging his hands on the ground a bit as he walked, and a belt which is where he could velcro his wipe board too along with his marker.

[Kenneth] led him inside before stopping thoughtfully. “I’ll find Isabo, she’ll definetly want to know you’re here. But for now I have a task for you. In the east wing there is an examination room, would you please burn and dispose of the bag in that room? It’s a very dangerous substance that would be better off destroyed.

Petri made no expression as he was immediately told to do something before the lead was informed of his presence, damn needy tremere. He went off to go find the bag and dispose of it properly.

[Kenneth] nodded at the Gargoyle as he left, “Sorry to make you work so suddenly, and before meeting Isabo. It’s somewhat of an emergency though. Thank you.” He then turned and went to scour the house for Isabo, hoping to inform her of the new arrival before the mortal met him.

[Storyteller] By the time Petri gets to the bag is is a sloshy mess inside of the sack, and smells absolutely putrid. It will be hard to move without any of it leaving out from the bag.

[Isabo Kali] comes out from upstairs, getting ready to walk down when she runs into Kenneth. “Are you alright? You… what are you wearing?”

Petri blinked his void like eyes as he was thanked and even apologized to, he made no notion of stopping from doing as he was told however and looked down at the bag, he twitches his lip a bit but grabs the bag and begins dragging it and would come clean up the rest of the liquid with a towel or few afterward.

[Kenneth] started to speak as soon as she walked into view, but stopped short when his clothing was mentioned. “Ah… that… We had to track the drug to a rave, and a friendly little Malkavian decided I needed a change of attire.” He said, turning to walk just slightly behind her. “You should know, by the way, that a Gargoyle has arrived. He’s helping me with a slight emergency involving the drugged mortal. II took several samples and studied them, but he has died and decomposed at a worrying rate.” involving the mortal that was affected with the drug.

[Isabo Kali] quirks a brow and and then starts to move past him and down the steps very quickly. “They sent us a what? You are kidding me right, that malkavian making you see things?”, she says and then mutters something in French under her breath.

[Storyteller] As Petri is moving the back of death toward the back exit, some of it slips out through the zipper and on his foot. Oddly for dead blood, it feels very hot, but does not cause any actual damage.

Petri slowly looked down and lifted his foot and wiggled it. What did these tremere do what was this at one point? he then continues to drag it out again.

[Kenneth] shook his head, “No, I haven’t been near her enough for that He’s… rather intimidating.” He said, hoping he hadn’t overstepped his bounds as the youngest here by having it dispose of the remains for him.

[Kitt Bishop] is hiding out in the backyard, watching the trees off toward the forest when Petri comes out with the bag of death and she cringes, not due to him so much as the bag. She moves a few steps away and around to the side of the building, where she can peek and watch the giant… thing without getting close.

[Isabo Kali] goes down into the exam room and frowns, then sees the Gargoyle headed outside. Then, the smell hits her and she almost retches despite everything. “What… the body decomposed this fast?”

Petri kneeled down at the sack and dumped it into the ground, since burning it wasn’t on his agenda unless there was too many chunky bits.

[Kenneth] nodded before speaking “the man took his final breath, and practically decomposed entirely on the spot. There are still samples in the examination room if you want to take a look at them.”

[Isabo Kali] shakes her head, and starts to go toward the back door. “We need a sample of the actual drug. We need to see what this is and how they made it. Perhaps we could use it as a weapon against the Sabbat as the Setites did.” Once outside, she regards the Gargoyle. “You, who sent you?”

[Kitt Bishop] decides to make a swift retreat upon seeing Isabo, and banks around to the front of the building, taking the long way to avoid being seen.

[Kenneth] nods in agreement, but sighs. “From what I understand, there was only this dose left. The only place to get more would be directly from the source. Which is allegedly the Sabbat themselves.”

Petri stood up straight for a moment before slowly turning and bowing slightly curling up his wings in his back he pulled out his wipe board and writing quickly. “Icarus. House Tremere.” he answered as he showed to her his board again, under his answer was a another message. “I am Petri, Mute, Speak with sign language, Latin and French.” he informed since he guessed this was the lead here.

[Isabo Kali] frowns slightly, actually fairly upset that someone taught it to read and write. “You will sleep in the basement. You will not go outside unescorted. You will not leave the basement or the East Wing unless called upon. There are mortals working for us and I do not want them seeing you. Don’t bother to write a response, nod if you understand.”, she says while never taking her eyes off of it. “Before you go back in, burn what is left of … that.”

[Kenneth] had been standing off to the side thoughtfull. He now decided to pipe up. “Isabo, there may actually be a way for us to retrieve a sample of the drug. There is a used inhaler in the possession of a Nosferatu. While it isn’t a full dose, the residue may tell us something.”

Petri nodded that he understood as he was told and turned back to the pile of composed flesh and organs and started retrieving sticks and fuel so it would actually burn away rather than singe it a bit and do nothing, before reaching into a small pouch connected to his belt where he pulled out a lighter, half full and started trying to light the remains on fire.

[Isabo Kali] turns and goes back inside, then looks back over at kenneth. “I suggest you get that then. Ask this nosferatu if it wants anything, we might be able to find some magical trinket to give it as repayment for handing the inhaler over.”

[Kenneth] nods, turning and watching the Gargoyle for a moment before returning inside. He would need to text the others soon and see what they knew about the Nosferatu.

Petri lit up the fire finally and backed up, putting his lighter back in his pouch.

[Storyteller] The fire flares to life as it touches the black mess that is all over the ground, consuming it entirely in a dark green flame.

[Isabo Kali] heads further inside, looking around the corner into the main entry before stepping out from the east wing. “At least you did it in the room with Brandon’s cameras. We shall review the footage later.”

Petri jumped back, flaring his wings to stop the wind from blowing the flames around too much, he watched carefully still wondering just what the hell this once was and what the tremere did to it to make it like this.

[Kenneth] nodded and looked down at himself. “In the meantime, I’m going to toss these out and change clothes.” He said, turning to head towards his room.

Petri wrote down what he saw before heading inside and would started cleaning up the streaks and drips from what sloshed out of the container.

[Isabo Kali] just nods and then heads back upstairs with a sigh and some mumbled French obscenities.

[Kenneth] eventually comes back down stairs and returns to the east wing in order to sanitize the examination room. He was now dressed in his usual attire, and was careful not to get the new clothes dirty.

Petri looked over as the other Tremere came in and he showed him his board. “The flames were a dark green and the substance was very flammable.”

[Kenneth] was surprised to find the Gargoyle in this room. “Dark green flames? Not a good sign…” He muttered, before looking back at Petri. “Thank you for your assistance, by the way.”

Petri blinked, still finding it odd he was being thanked but he enjoyed it none the less and drew a smily face. “Could you show me where the basement is?”

[Kenneth] nodded and waved for the Gargoyle to follow him. “Follow me, it’s this way.” He said, before making his way to the basement entrance.

Petri followed and slumped a bit, feeling a bit more relaxed with this one than anybody else. He made note of the costume change but said nothing, not that he could if he wanted to but still.

[Kenneth] opened the door to the basement and waved the Gargoyle inside. “There you are, home sweet home. Just be careful not to anger Isabo, I don’t think she will hesitate in any form of punishment.”

Petri looked around. It wasn’t a crate so he was happy enough, he’d make it a home soon enough. He nodded his thanks and started looking at it more thoroughly and checked for anything he should probably move but he left again to go get the crate he came in and put it in the basement and out of the way.

[Kenneth] returned to his room to rest after an eventful night on the town.