Esmond grunted a little and shifted in his seat to move a little and fished out his cigarettes in the moving car. “Do you mind if I smoke, I don’t need it but it’s a habit and it’s been a stupidly long night” the ventrue spoke, looking back to Cora hazy in the backseat. He’d wave but that was a bit problematic at the moment. “She alright? she looks out of it.”

[Sascha] wrinkled her nose at the mention of smoking. “I would rather you didn’t. It dulls the senses. She will be fine. I was forced to use my powers to make her Beast quiet for a while.”, she says as she drives along a few streets until she comes to an old church set back into the scenery and forgotten. “I can fix your arm, if you like. But… it will hurt.”

“I’m already hurting.” he said tossing his cigarettes into his pocket, he’d wait till later. She did scare the shit out of him still. “So a little more pain is not going to matter. I need food though, I can’t keep a lot of my thinking straight before it dives back to it.” He double took Cora in the backseat to make sure Cora was safe. The old church appearing in the windowscreen when he looked back.

[Sascha] pulls right up to the old church, driving through the grass on the back side so that the car is out of view and then she gets out and folds the seat down, tugging on Cora’s sleeve. “Come on, this way.”, she says as she gets the girl out first, then moves to Esmond’s side. “You need help, or would it hurt your pride further? You can stay here today… I am… alone here for the time being so company is not an issue. I do have some food available, maybe… I honestly am not sure if you can imbibe it given your… problem. But you are welcome to try it and see.”

Esmond shook his head and stood up out of the car with a wince and small noise from the back of his throat. “I’ll stay and I’ll try some of the food. Never know what someone gets upto in their spare time. ” he answered hand slowly finding where his arm was. “Just get this thing make on properly, it fucking hurts.”

[Sascha] raises an eyebrow and lets him get himself toward the side door of the church. She half guides Cora, still dazed. She opens up the door and moves inside, waiting for Esmond and then shutting it behind them. The moonlight through the stained glass that remains makes the whole room bathed in an eerie reflection of colors. She takes Cora to a room in the back and lays her down, leaving her there with the door shut before coming back into the main room. The chuch is in good repair, pews still intact and everything… just… abandoned.

The ventrue drinks in as much as he can while still focusing on keeping everything in place. “Nice place. Looks a little empty though.” Esmond remarks, sitting himself down on the nearest pew. He had watched every move she had taken with Cora and was satisfied that there was nothing malicious happening but he still had one question lingering. “I’m going to ask maybe a dumb question but why are you in town?”

[Sascha] moves to an unusual plant growing in the light from one window, it rests in a large basin filled with dark soil. The leaves seem normal enough, and the fruit it bears looks similar to a pomegranite in size and color. “I have a special job, like you. That leaves me apart from my own, like you. But also… this place is home. I was actually Embraced here in this city. Back before Bishop took over.”

“So you’re coming back here to check on home. I did the same just recently.” He grunted and squeezed the arm a little and then looked to the odd plant growing pomegranates. “I’m starting to feel like the outsider when it comes to my own. I think that’s only gonna get worse” Esmond mumbled the last part. If anything being pushed out of the circle was going to assure him more than ever that he needed to be an Archon.

[Sascha] takes four of the fruit off after checking them and brings then to Esmond. “Bite into those, they are not warm, but sweet just the same.”, she says as she takes a seat on the pew beside him, looking at his arm a little bit. “I am going to have to remove what is left of your shirt to get at this properly.”

“Tear it off, it’s not mine.” he answered simply, looking at the fruit she had handed to him with a strong quint and giving it a gentle bite and then a longer one. If this was vitae then it was definitely a better definition of blood orange than he had ever seen.

[Sascha] actually chuckled a little bit but nodded and removed his shirt pretty completely so that she had room to work all the way from the jaw down where he was wounded the worst. “At least someone had sense to grab the dropped flesh, without it… well, you seem rather squeemish enough that I shouldn’t have to describe that.”, she says and then slowly starts to put her hands on his arm, rubbing and kneading at first as she starts to work her way down from the shoulder.

Esmond tries not to look as she talks about his wound, he was glad he didn’t have a mirror handy to stare at because what he could see over the shirt was enough. He finishes off the fleshy fruit and begins to eat another. This was definitely blood because it was helping. “I wasn’t looking forward to what I had to stare at in the mirror for the next four days” he grunts at the kneading and tries to concentrate on the flavour.

[Sascha] starts to apply more pressure, and there is a strange reaction that seems to move across her skin as she does so, making it ripple. That ripple seems to move from her arms through her hands and then into him, and he starts to see the flesh just melt under her fingertips as she respaes it to her will. She picks up the remains with one hand and starts working it back into the rest, binding it to the ligaments and tendons once more. Her face is one of total concentration, almost entranced and fixated by her work as she molds each detail of muscle.

The ventrue grunts and groans as he feels the flesh slowly crawl back across his arm. This was a new feeling and it was painful and grotesque to look at. “Holy shit how can you even look at that” he remarks, unable to not vocalize his pain and disgust. Esmond tried to concentrate on the taste of the fruit and closed his eyes to spare himself more of the gore. He’d seen enough twisted bodyparts for a night.

[Sascha] doesn’t respond, though whether is is because she is ignoring him or doesn’t hear him as she concentrates is not determined. She starts to run her palms over what she has rebuilt, slowly bring skin back into place until the whole of it is covered and looks and feels as if it had not been damaged. When she loses skin contact with him she seems to return to her senses fully, dialated eyes returning to normal. “Not my best work, but it will function normally.”

The young kindred can hardly notice a difference when the pain subsides, running his own hand over the flesh. The only pain left is the one in his face, that was going to have to wait toll sleep. “I’d say you’ve done an excellent job. ” Esmond muses, zipping up what was left of the leather jacket to cover his form when he was done. “Thank you alot Sascha, you’ve really saved my hide.” the ventrue was sincere, he couldn’t wait to tell Cora what she had missed out on.

[Sascha] nods softly, gesturing toward the back rooms. “The room on the end is where I am sleeping, the one I put the girl into you may share with her to stay out of the sun as it will be up soon. We may have different ideologies and methods, but in some ways we are very much alike as well. Perhaps this is why I find myself able to tolerate you so.”

[Sascha] adds as she thinks about it. “She will probably come out of that when she wakes up tomorrow, and she will remember what happened. She just doesn’t have the will to act upon it right now.”, she tilts her head again, regarding him in that near predatory way again for a moment before it passes. “I do find it a bit odd though, you have yet to ask me anything about what I am, and that is often the first thing I am asked when my talents are made known.”

Esmond stands and take a few steps over toward the door and stops, determined to get in at least one cigarette before getting some rest.  “Don’t let our sects catch us talking like this or her” He motioned to the room Cora was in. “I’ve been told tales and I have ideas and I don’t like to be presumptious and rude but you are different than the boogeyman stories I’ve been told and I’m glad for it.” He scratches the back of his head to gather his thoughts before speaking again. “Maybe one day we can work together openly on things but I think Caine will wake before that happens.”

[Sascha] laughs lightly. “I assure you, I am the thing that your Elders check under their beds for before they sleep. If I wished you harm, I would simply look like you and violate your laws in your form, or hers.”, she says with a smile and a shrug. “But… as God forgives, so do I. This city was neutral when I was Embraced. It hasn’t changed much since then. It was… nice, except for the Tremere.”

Esmond thought about her abilites and the time he left her with Cora. He would find out soon enough if he had done the wrong thing in leaving her in the redheads care. “I try not to carry grudges by clan. I’ve met some shitty members of all of them the board round and some great ones. I’ll never get use to the nosferatu though.” He scratched his head and then squeezed his arm again. “I’m sorry Sascha, as much as I want to keep talking I’ve only got a little of darkness left before I need to rest. Do you mind if we continue talking another time. Now that I know where your home is I’ll come knocking sometime.”

[Sascha] nods her head as she rises from the pew. “No trouble. I have several places, as I usually prefer not to have Archons come knocking upon my door. But… if I am not here, you may leave a letter under the door and I will get back to you.”, she says as she glances off toward her room. “I am sure you can see yourself and the girl out tomorrow? I often use the early hours for prayer, and so i may not be about when you are redy to leave.”

Esmond nodded and headed to the door. What a night.