[CoraAnn] finishes getting ready and then looks over at Esmond, walking around him and giving him the once-over. “Not bad. You got the hand cannon?”, she asks as she pops a piece of gum in her mouth. She is wearing her leather jacket, complete with bullet holes in it, combat boots, and a tight pair of jeans full of little rips and tears.

He looks over the ensemble and then sighs a little. Moving his hand to reach inside of the jacket to feel for the .44 magnum. “I’m glad you don’t think it looks bad.” he grumbled, spinning a little on the spot to check out his backside in the mirror. Leather jacket, boots that were laced lazily, a pair of dark jeans and a pair of shades crowned on his scalp with ruffled hair was definitely not his usual dress code. “I got it tucked away in my armpit. I’m ready to party when you are.” he answered, with a small nod in her direction.

Roxy was still upset as she was basically just called insane like everyone does to her clan. ‘Oh they’re just having an episode, oh they’re just hearing shit.’ and tossed to the side, unimportant and forgotten. “I can’t believe he did that to me, out of all of my friends…” she said and grabbed the invitations out of her box. and pulled out her phone and called Kenneth “Hey, we need to head to the docks today, I have the invitations, I can come pick you up if you want but I still don’t have a side car.” she did not sound happy and cheerful as usual, if anything she sounded ready to be out for blood.

Kenneth put down the notes he had been going over from his recent examination of the drug dealer’s blood. “Meet me at that one pub with the missing 3 ball. The Roadside Cross or something like that.” He said, standing from his chair and leaving the ghetto chantry. “What’s the big event?”

Roxy sighed. “Drug hunting, big ass rave, so I’ll dress you up appropriately.” she said. “Like last time but its gotta be even messier and cooler.” she said, not playing anything up anymore, she was done with this entire week.

Kenneth sighed and rolled his eyes, “Raves are exactly the kind of place I belong at. Just…. remember, no leather pants.”

Roxy grunted. “yeah, whatever lets just get this over with so I can feel useful and prove to that fucking blue bastard who exactly is crazy.” she hung up and got ready.

Kenneth raised an eyebrow at her tone, stowing away his phone after she hung up and making his way as quickly as possibly to the pub.

Jalen sighed as he rubbed his face, still thinking about last night. He still wasn’t sure what all had happened, but he hoped that he could ask Roxy what had actually happened. Then he remembered that tonight was the rave. He took out his phone. God, this thing was becoming more trouble than it was worth lately. “Hey, you okay after last night? I still don’t know what happened perse, except that whoever lit the fire is now dead. Hope you’re doing okay. If you know when the rave is, could you let me know? I kinda forgot the time. Thanks.” He texted to Roxy.

[CoraAnn] gives him a smack on the ass as she grabs his keys from his pocket. She blows a bubble at him, winks, and tosses the keys on the coffee table. “We’re taking my ride… your car wouldn’t survive.”

Roxy rolled her eyes, being the middle man again and just texted back. “Kenneth is meeting me at your pub place. Be there soon.” she said simply. “Have to dress appropriately it is a rave.”

Esmond walked through the living room towards her, following her down the hallway and to the elevator. “Smacking my ass was a good distraction for getting those keys. Good play, purple” Great, now he was even calling her purple like Roxy did. The nightmares were vicious last night, lots of fire and Roxy getting trapped and burned up because he wasn’t there.

Jalen blinked at the response. Well… It was better than nothing, but he had a feeling that she wasn’t okay. Well, that’d have to be good enough for now. He went upstairs and stared at the clothes he had, trying to figure out what the hell would work for a rave… “Jerry, what would you define as ‘rave appropriate’ for a scruffy guy like me?” he asked, unsure of how to blend with that kind of crowd, really.

Kenneth arrived at the pub, stepping inside and taking a look around for either Roxy or one of the others. He looked slightly disheveled after jogging there in a suit, and was obviously grumpy about once again having to change from his usual attire.

Jerry looked up at Jalen. “Uh.. get a flannel, maybe a light blue one, open it up except the last button at the bottom, some tight pants you should be fine. anyone asks your the sober driver, who is a bear… like a gay bear and look at some boys ass, nobody will question.”

[CoraAnn] stops and turns, looking at him for a minute in the face with a concerned expression. “You feeling okay? We are gonna be in the danger zone tonight… I need to know you are okay.”

Jalen coughed at that last part, he’d be blushing if he was a live. “Ah… right… Thanks, Jerry,” he said. Not that he doubted Jerry’s judgement, he just… Ay, this was gonna be a long night. He went back upstairs and sure enough he had a flannel… Had a ton of flannels, but he hadn’t been wearing them much since New Orleanes could be humid to some people. But he figured it’d be fine this once… He came downstairs once he was finished, and waved to Kenneth, slightly less confident than usual. “Came to join us for once huh? By the way, what’d you find on that stuff from the druggie dude?” he asked, trying to ignore his attire for now.

“I’m fine. My head is in the game and I need something to distract me right now.” he answered, staring back at her and returning the eye contact, pursing his lips together to prove his determination.

Kenneth raised an eyebrow at the Gangrel’s attire before nodding. “The man wasn’t of any clan I know of, and he wasn’t under the affects of the blood.”

[CoraAnn] nods her head and takes his hand, lifting it up and examining it, then adjusting the sleeve of his jacket. With unerring quickness her whole form blurs and snatches his wrist to her lips, her teeth cutting deep into the skin. She holds him there for several seconds, her supernatural strength ensuring a grip that does not easily budge. As she pulls back, she licks the droplets from around the wound and lets him go. “You are a terrible liar. Something is bothering you, but i understand if it’s personal. But maybe that is distraction enough?”, she says as she starts to saunter the rest of the way across the garage to her bike.

Roxy pulled in and took of her goggles, putting them on her head and walked inside and looked at them. “Oh perfect I don’t need to dress up two.” she sighed and looked at Kenneth up and down.. “Alright.” she pulled out some neon green hair chalk. “Lets play.”

Kenneth sighed and closed his eyes, taking a deep breath before opening them and looking directly at Roxy. “Do your worst.”

“I see. Not a lot of dice there, then,” Jalen sighed. He looked over as Roxy came in and evidently his attire was appropriate. He blinked as she brought out green chalk and decided he had made the wise decion by asking Jerry instead of letting Roxy do so.

Esmond gasped as the whole thing happened quickly enough that for a few seconds of cloudy thoughts he lost his train of thought.  When coming to he nodded and gave a small answer following her to the bike. “It’s a little personal but seriously thank you for the concern. When we get back we can talk about my dreams if you like.” Esmond straightened his jacket and swung a leg over the bike to take the drivers position, he wasn’t riding bitch again without a fight.

Roxy put some in his bangs and then rubbed her finger in it and opened his shirt, she proceeds to make her hands covered and dragged her hand down, like Kenny got some action. Then draw a skull on his shirt with it and a heart over on the other side with an arrow. “Good enough.”

Kenneth cringed at every touch, closing his eyes and tensing up. “Dear god what are you doing?” He asked when she began drawing on his shirt. “Once she was done he took as good a look as he could get and mumbled something about it being a perfectly good shirt.

[CoraAnn] blew a little bubble and handed him her keys as she climbed on behind him, putting her arms around him and letting her head rest against his back. “Alright, when we get back we will talk.”

Roxy rolled her eyes. “Its not that bad and its washable, it looks like you just got off work and you wanted some fun after a cute girl dragged you there for some extra fun.” she said and cleaned off her hand. “Ready?

Kenneth sighed and nodded, ready to get this over with so that he could change into some respectable garments. “Why are we going to this rave, exactly?” He asked, still unsure exactly what had happened.

Jalen nodded. “We’re going because we heard some ‘sweet new drug’ is going to be there, which could be a lead,” he explained.

Roxy stomped her foot. “Again. reaaaaalllyyyy slow. Drugs… VIP….”

Esmond roared the bike to life and smiled, he’d won non-riding privileges for once. He headed in the direction of the docks, careful with the bike as he knew it was her baby, he guessed that she would hold thiws against him and use it as leverage to drive Helga but he couldn’t let the Brujah see him riding on the back. It would blow his cover.

Kenneth shook his head and sighed, “Alright, hopefully this goes better than last time at least…”

She went over to her bike but paused. “I can’t carry two of you.” she looked at Jalen. Jerry piped up and tossed his keys over to the gangrel. “don’t fuck up my seats but barrow it. if it gets fucked up somebody pays for it though.”

Kenneth mounted the hell ride once again, begrudgingly wrapping his arms around Roxy. “Let’s find this drug so I can do my work.”

[Storyteller] The warehouse is near to the docks but far up the line as it were, secluded and itself in the middle of other empty warehouses. There is a big set of doors with a couple of guys watching it on the outside, and off to the side there is another regular sized door. There is also the alley on the other side where there is a warehouse behind that, obscuring that side from view from most anywhere.

Jalen was surprised as he was thrown keys by Jerry and smiled. “I’ll pay for any dent there is, but I’ll try to be careful,” he promised. God, it was nice to have a mortal ally.

Roxy was on her bike and she headed down to the docks. Jerry’s car was a nice black Honda civic, and it ra =n nice, purring engine and it was well clean, probably never used it much.

Esmond had pulled up to the front door, feeling brave in his new getup. Kicking the bike stand down to park up and lit a cigarette before hopping off and approaching the front door, checking behind him to see if Cora was following, she would probably have to vouch for him. He had taken note that if anything were to go down tonight, this would be the place.

Roxy arrived soon enough and sighed as she saw the sight, she messed with her goggles again. “Alright.” she grabs the invitations. “Here, Kenny.” She looked around for Jalen, and Esmond could fuck himself unless he came to her and found her to get his invitation.

[CoraAnn] follows Esmond toward the main doors, sticking pretty close to him until they make it past the bouncers and inside. Then she takes a couple of steps away and gives the whole place a long look over, checking for familiar faces.

Jalen was starting to wonder why he was trusted with this car, but he took the extra time to find a safe place to park it and paid for parking. “Alright, we’re not breaking this,” he said to himself as he locked the car and found the werehouse, and soon after that Roxy and Kenneth. “Hey, so what’s our plan?” he asked as he jogged up.

Roxy gave Kenneth his invitation. “Uhm… play fleshy and get what we need, maybe kill somebody if we gotta?”

Kenneth, as they were driving up, took a look at the bouncers. “Bouncers are like us,” he whispered to Roxy sa they got off the bike. Taking the invitation, he followed behind her, keeping a wary eye on the bouncers.

Emma wanders through the shadows comming up to the docks  she huggs the shadows in and around the buildings perminters.

[Storyteller] Emma sees a woman behind the building, standing over another woman who seems very dazed and out of it. The woman standing over her seems to be praying, a bible in one hand… but a revolver in the other.

Esmond leaned back toward Cora between all the bodies that had piled into the place, bumping and grinding into each other for closeness. “So, who are we actually looking for. I know names but no faces.” he dodged someone coming through with a drink, the whole place reeked of sweat from the dancing, easy place for vamps to blend in.

Emma moves slowly as not to startal the two trying to obtain a claer view of the gun

Roxy looked at Kenneth. “Stop looking so damn suspicious, Kenny.” she grabbed his collar and danced around a bit as she approached but paused seeing Esmond go in. “Jalen why not you lead? You haven’t done that yet!”

Kenneth sighed and attempted to loosen up, dancing slightly awkwardly after she grabbed his collar. “Not my usual setting, may be a tiny bit hard to blend in perfectly.”

[Sascha] slowly puts the bible away with an “Amen.”, and brings the gun to bear, though her eyes flick to the shadows where Emma is standing as if warning her not to come any closer. The gun looks too big for the woman’s small hands, and is custom, with the handle bearing an image of the Virgin Mary.

Jalen blinked and nodded. “Sure,” he agreed, taking the lead. He kept loose and didn’t dance but he did move with the crowd. Gay. Think gay. “We aimin’ for building thing one and two are in front of?” he asked, smiling like he was having a good time, and remembering what Jerry said, eyed the occasional tightly-clad man ass. He was starting to question his sexuality at this point.

Roxy huffed. “We get in and find the dark room.” she said simply. “that’s all I know, as for how to go about this, go about it like dumb fleshies.”

[CoraAnn] glances to Esmond and then rolls her shoulders a bit, obviously in her element she starts to move into the crowd, her steps easily matching the beat of the music and half dancing she makes it right through toward the back side, occasionally glancing back to make sure Esmond was still with her. “I see a few people I recognize but this could get ugly if a fight breaks out.”

Emma adons hermask and slowly edged out of the shadow acting like she is drunk “hey fancy gun your totin”

Dumb fleshies… Okay… “The inventation’s how we get in, right? You still have that?” he asked, as he raised an eyebrow at someone dancing particularly… show offy.

Roxy blinked. “No thats just for the dark room, we just go in and uhm… find it. Thats if we wanna get to that stuff Geo told us about.”

Kenneth nodded before looking towards the doors, “I guess it’s time we got inside, then, isn’t it?” He said, a hint of dread in his voice.

Roxy grinned in an almost catlike way. “Of course, silly, but I don’t just wanna in alone!”

[Sascha] narrows her eyes and turns the gun on Emma before she can get any closer. “Get the fuck back. This human is infected. If I don’t kill her some idiot will feed on her and there will be a mess. So just go the other way unless you want me to get nasty.”

“We’ll just have to see if we can get it out of here before it gets bad.” He was yelling over the music and he himself was making an effort to use a little bit of dancing to get through the crowd, it was horrid but it parted them like the red sea just to get out of his way. He almost lost Cora once or twice as he usually identified her by her purple hair but the rave was full of several diferent colors of hair.

<+Emma> “wow that is one big gun ya got miss ,infected by what if i can ask ?”

“Alright,” Jalen nodded. So getting past the bouncers would just be pure luck, then. “Alright, I’ll try the front door, then,” he said, and strode up to the bouncers confidently, assuming Roxy and Kenneth were following him. “Hey, me and my enterouge heard something interestin’ going down tonight. Wouldn’t wanna return the little couple home disapointed if ya know what I mean. We in?” he asked, pretending to be the disinterested driver who had his arm twisted into approaching the bouncers first.

Roxy rolled her eyes and just pushed him in. “Alright gay boy, don’t lirt with the bouncers.” she said and gave him a wink but headed in.

Kenneth keeps quiet, following closely behind Roxy and trying his best to look like a businessman dragged to a rave by some girl.

Roxy made sure she held Kenneth, swaying her hips at him a bit. “You wanted fun didn’t you?” she giggled.

[Sascha] points the gun toward Emma’s midsection and fires a single round into the Nosferatu. There is no sound as she fires, as if there were a bubble around them that prevented all sound. But the bullet stings it’s target, and Sadcha merely points away from herself back toward the shadows, hoping the other one gets the hint.

At this point Roxy wasn’t even playing pretend she was just acting like ‘normal’ her every day, findig the game of code fun and doing their job, so many people, so much attention and love and admiration.

Kenneth sighed and nodded his head, playing along as well as he could, “Didn’t exactly expect this… though.” he muttered, dancing along with her to the best of his clumsy abilities

[Zane Calbeni] makes his way in through the side door and across the dancefloor, pausing as he spots Roxy and gives her butt a firm pat. “Hey, sweetheart. What are you guys doing here?”

Emma stumbles back from the gunshot looking down at her middle in disbelief

Jalen was relieved as getting in was easier than he thought and made his way into the crowd carefully. He flirted with the occasional guy, and tried to figure out more about this ‘dark room’ and where it may be.

Roxy eeped and looked over. “Ah…oh you, the weird guy. We’re on a mission!” she chirped. “Looking for the dark room, need an invitation I have like 7 more.”

[CoraAnn] eventually decides she needs more height to see better and jumps up on a table, dancing on top of it much to the amusement of the men sitting at it, using that higher ground to get a better view of the floor.

[Zane Calbeni] raises an eyebrow even as he dances around Roxy a bit, “May I have one too? And… this mission involve trouble? Because there are a lot of people from the trill here… and that could get messy for a girl like you.”

Roxy shrugged and pulled another invitation out of her boobs and handed it over, dancing with him happily. “Messy for Kenny, natural for Jay though.” she said. “And I’m a messy girl anyways.” she laughed.

Her table dancing made Cora an easy target to follow and when she leapt onto the table Esmond joined the men and cheered her on. It may have been more genuine than he liked because of the fact they shared blood but he felt it was better than trying to dance his way through this place.

Jalen saw some chick dancing on a table and rolled his eyes. Ay yi yi. He noticed Roxy talking to someone vaguely familiar, and seemed somewhat invested in the conversation so he talked/flirted with someone closer to Roxy. He didn’t think he was haivng a whole lot of luck, but eh, he could live with being the creep guy.

[Sascha] turns the gun on the woman and fires a second, soundless round… this one goes into the mortal’s head and out the far side. She falls over with a slump, and then oddly enough sound returns to normal. “Sorry about the bullet, but I would think one of your clan would know to mind their business.”

<+Emma> “you shot me and still didnot tell me what the fuck the kine was infected with missy?’ sounding abit unnerved .

[CoraAnn] jumps a bit as one guy gets grabby and she leans down to him, blowing her pink bubblegum in his face and then lifting up slow so he can get a long look down her shirt before she lifts her boot and plants it against the edge of his chair, sending him backward to the floor.

Looking about, Kenneth noticed the woman dancing on the table and sighed. When he turned around, Roxy was talking to one of the men from their first night. He stuck close to Roxy, not comfortable striking out on his own in this crowd, and listened in on their conversation.

[Zane Calbeni] dances with Roxy, sticking close to her without actually touching. He does seem to notice jalen approaching as well, and gives a wink to Kenneth as he scouts out the whole group. “This wouldn’t happen to be about how we first met, would it?”

Roxy shrugged. “If you mean the hard stuff and our mission, about that terrible disease thing like Aids… then yes.” she answered simply and watched Zane as she carefully danced but able to keep her motions also still and not bumping into others. Trying to keep her hair from getting messy.

[Sascha] “I can do way worse. This one had taken a drug that poisons the blood of any one of us that drinks it, though I believe i said something to that effect aleady. There is one more, in there… if he takes the drug, he too has to die. If not… then he can go be human another night.”, she says and then tosses an empty container to the Nossie. “That is what she used. There will be some guys looking for it.”

Esmond laughs at Cora’s antics, taking a drag of a new cigarette. It wouldn’t be long till they got someones attention with those kind of antics. He double checked the gun in it’s holster and adjusted the glasses on the top of his head. He swear he had just seen Jalen pass but with how many people were here it would be hard to tell.

Emma picks up the  empty container and reads the label “this is bad for all us  this got to end ”

[Samson] makes his way in through the front doors, with about three guys flanking him. He towers over the people around him, being easily six foot six. His skin is very dark, and yet ashen… giving it the appearence of charcoal.

Emma  calls jalen from the card he gave her ,”come on jalen pick up ”

[Sascha] watches the Nossie a moment longer, then gives the human a last glance to make sure she is dead before walking off around the side of the building.

[CoraAnn] stops for a second, and then hops down from the table, ignoring the resounding awwws as she does so. “We got a problem, he wasn’t supposed to be here… and Zane is here too. Those two go at it they’ll chase off the snakes before we can catch them.”

[Zane Calbeni] continues to dance with Roxy while keeping Kenneth and Jalen in sight as often as possible. “You eed me to do anything, like put some boys at the doors? I got crowd control down if it comes to that. Cause, you are saying what i think you are saying… that the guys doing this are here?”

Roxy nodded. “They should be, if my fleshy buddies didn’t lie to me.” she looked around, her eyes squinting slightly at certain colors as they were awfully bright.

The ventrue had notcied the taller darker man enter, it was hard to ignore his entrance with that kind of entourage and he immediately stood next to Cora. “So what do you propose we do, distract them?” he asked, unzipping the leather jacket so he had better access to what was inside of it. He’d managed to stash a stake with him incase there was anyone in need of restraint.

[Zane Calbeni] quirked a brow and then turned as Samson came into his field of view. He moved, positioning himself between Roxy/Kenneth and the much larger man carefully. “Hey, Sammy! Whatcha doin?”, he says as he uses his hand to wave at them to go the other way.

[CoraAnn] sighed and glanced to Esmond. “You help the little guy, that’s Zane. I’ll go swallow my pride and distract the big guy.”

He nodded and flipped his shades down, bouncing through the crowd over toward where the men seemed to be squaring up. He didn’t immediately interject but he was close enough to lend a hand.

Jalen was now seriously getting into his role too much as he was more than a little distracted by one ass in particular. Wondering how the hell it even fit in those pants…. or why… And then he realized his phone was ringing. He picked up the phone, not relaizing the shit that was going down because of the loud music. “Hello?!” he said, trying to speak over the loud music.

Roxy noted Zane as he went to mess with some scary black dude and she got out of that situation. “Quick lets find this room and hurry.”

<+Emma> hey got bad neews to give ya that rumor you heard about thet drug well it`s true got the proof in my buggy mits

Kenneth nodded, glancing sideways at the massive man who had just entered, “Sounds like a good idea to me.”

“Someone just gave that to you?!” Jalen asked, trying not to sound like he was screaming at her, but he was having a hard time hearing himself, even. “This is Emma, right?” he confirmed.

[Samson] easily towers over Zane, and the fact that he seems to puff up at the smaller man’s antics only makes him look bigger. He frowns, a snarl just at the edge of his lips. “Out of my way, Bootlick.”

<+Emma> yes emma get out here i even got shot

“Alright, I’m in the middle of something, but I’ll call you when I can meet up,” he said and hung up. THen he looked around for Roxy and Kenneth. Shit.

[CoraAnn] walks up to the big black man from the side, pursing her lips and blowing out another pink bubble. “Ooooh, grrrr. Hey, babe, there you are.”, she purrs as she moves closer, allowing her hand to trail up Samson’s arm.

Esmond is still closeby listening and wrenches a beer from a passerby, just incase he needed to wander up and cause a distraction. Sampson was huge and he was glad that Cora had him to take care of. Even considering their size difference.

[Zane Calbeni] doesn’t budge, looking at the larger man stubbornly. “You don’t want to do this shit here, dude. We have got other, mutual problems.”, he says without ever taking his eyes off of him.

Kenneth nudges Roxy, pointing her attention towards a room towards the back. “I think we’ve found our room.” He said, slowly making his way through the press of bodies towards the door.

Emma stays in the shadows watching the place.

Roxy nodded and had her invitation out in her boobs. “Hehe!” she giggled and smiled at Kenneth. “Good eye, Kenny.” she smiled but looked around for their gangrel. “Where did he disappear to?”

Shit. Jalen looked around, looking for the familiar pair. He started to see a stand off of some sort between the guy Roxy was talking to earlier and a tall scary dude. Then he kept looking again, jumping with the music to try to get a better vantage point to view them at. Green hair was everywhere and it was impossible to tell red from auburn at this point. He thought he saw a couple similar to them and started trying to make his way closer to them.

Esmond had bumped his way up to almost be next to Zane. Trying to act like he was just part of the crowd and avoiding any eye contact with Cora that may have given him away to the two Brujah.

[Storyteller] The trio manage to meet up at the door to the Dark Room, which is true to it’s name, very dark. The invitations to it light up under the blacklight, proving they are valid and entry is permitted.

Roxy grinned and slowly entered very carefully making sure she had both her team members. They were going to finally do something as a team damn it.

Jalen was relieved as he recognized a pair with an inventation heading in and managed to catch up with them in time before he was cut out. “Sorry, Nos called, she said she found another dose,” he explained once he caught up.

Kenneth stayed close to the Gangrel at this point, knowing that if any of them was a fighter it would be the big guy. Following them into the room he took in everything he could from his surroundings.

[Samson] glances over toward Cora, looking down at her and then snorting at Zane before leaning down and placing a kiss against Cora’s jacket collar. “Causing trouble, kitten?”, he says, seeming for a moment to forget all about Zane.

[Zane Calbeni] eyes Cora for a moment, then back up, bumping into Esmond slightly and then turning to face him. He looks him over, and tilts his head a bit. “I… don’t know you. Who are you?”, he says as he grabs Esmond by the jacket and starts pulling him out of Samson’s range.

[Sascha] sits up on the roof, looking down at the Nossie from her perch and watching as people come and go from the area.

[Storyteller] As the trio goes into the Dark Room, they can smell incense being burned in here and with the lighting it is hard to make out faces but most of the poeple in here look like they are on at least one drug if not multiples.

The young ventrue gets pulled out of the stare off by the smaller man and grunts a little, slipping into his Brujah persona. “Let go of me, fuck man.” he grunted, wrestling himself free of the grasp. “I’m an out of towner and heard there was going to be a rave here tonight, didn’t know you and your boyfriend were fighting or nothing. I just wanted to party.” Esmond knew he was probably going to get punched for those words but it was better than two Brujah going at it on a floor filled with mortals.

Jalen looks around a bit, examining all the different people in here and mostly saw druggie, druggie, and… druggie. Okay… He made sure to keep tabs on where ROxy and Kenneth were every 5 – 10 seconds, making sure he was in arms reach. So far nothing too interesting was going on…

Kenneth looked at the faces of the people, making educated guess as to what drugs they were on based on their ‘symptoms’. He looked even more carefully for anyone with an inhaler of any sort.

Roxy looked at the people and calmed down a bit and looked around, she let her body relax and she stayed with Kenny, letting the boys do the work, specifically Jalen as she played the little girl role who just wants to have fun with her gay friend and… gay friends boyfriend it looked like.

[CoraAnn] smiled and nuzzled Samson’s cheek, reaching up to draw a finger along his jawline. “Always.”, she purrs again and slowly turns, her hand sliding up his side as she lets him pull her closer. “Come on, babe, dance with me a while?”

[Zane Calbeni] blinks a bit at Esmond and then reaches up, taking his glasses off. “Where are you from?”, he asks, his gaze narrowing slightly and his grip on Esmond’s arm tighting a little as he leads him further back into the crowd toward the far inner wall.

[Storyteller] Those with enhanced senses can make out that there is another door that seems to lead out to the back alley, and a few of the people seem to be exiting by that route. There is one man in particular in here who is making his way through the people, and he seems to be… sniffing them, or… licking them?

[Sascha] keeps watching the motion going on below, looking like a little angelic gargoyle perched upon the roof for protection.

Roxy looked at him curiously but let the guy be and just stayed behind the boys, still slightly moving to the music, taking that time to show her little ass off to nobody n particular.

Emma watches the milling outgoers as she looks for that one.

Kenneth leans close to Jalen, whispering quietly. “There’s a door in the back, and some man who seems to be…. licking the others… I’m not sure why though. At least we have a quick way out.”

The ventrue blinks rapidly when the glasses come off, the bright colors coming back into view. “L.A. man, I’ve been traveling around ever since I got run out by wannabe cammies” He bluffed, his attention trying to find where exactly this man was taking him.

Jalen wished he could see better as Kenneth informed him of something he saw, but he nodded. “Is the back enterance guarded by the guy?” he asked.

Kenneth shook his head, “He’s just walking around licking people.” He said, keeping his eyes on the strange man.

[Storyteller] The guy licking people, his tongue… it’s forked. He’s tasting their sweat.

Roxy looked at him carefully and blinked, she tugged on Jalen and Kenneths shirt to get their attention and nodded to the weird guy, whispering “hissy.”

[Samson] wanders off with Cora, the three guys with him ignoring the goings on but staying close to him.

Kenneth glanced at her and nodded, his face forming a concerned frown. “I noticed.” He whispered back. “Not good.”

“Let’s get out of here while we can,” Jalen suggusted, starting to lead and then realized he couldn’t see shit. “Ah, Kenneth? Door?” he asked, hating how lost he felt.

[Zane Calbeni] actually laughs a little bit, but doesn’t let go of Esmond’s arm as he pushes him through the door outside and into the alleyway. Once out of plain sight he lifts him up off the ground, though doesn’t put enough pressure on him to hurt him. “You got a problem with Cammies, boy?”

Roxy shook her head. “He’ll give it to somebody eventually.” she said in Jalens ear, practically licking it with how close she pulled herself. “We have to watch, we can’t just run.”

“Alright… is he just wandering from person to person or is there a side he’s already… uh… tested?” Jalen asked Kenneth, ignoring how close Roxy was.

“Sometimes, depends on whose ass they’re blasting” Some of the response rang true with Esmond but he believed in the overall cause, his hands gripped the wrist that had lifted him off the ground. If this were a week ago he’d be hoping Cora was around the corner with a boomstick but he had this. “I’m here to settle a score with a setite I met a while ago, gave me some bad blood, damn near killed me with sweat.” he excused, trying not to struggle as much.

Kenneth shook his head and sighed “As far as I can tell, he’s just going from person to person at random. Try to avoid him if you can, he’ll be able to tell what we are.”

“Alright, nudge me in a direction if he comes this way and I’m not moving,” Jalen suggusted, though he tried to keep an eye out for someone sniffing people weirdly. From what he could see.

At Roxy’s comment he shook his head again, “The Settites aren’t distributing it, the drug dealer was one of the Sabbat, who stole it from them.”

[Zane Calbeni] frowns a bit at that and holds him up with one arm while his other arm starts to frisk Esmond. “See, the trouble there with that is only ones who have the cure sure as fuck have issue with us. If you aren’t dead, then you’re cured, means you’re one of them. So, you been talking to some Sabbat recently?”, he says and feels the gun, raising an eyebrow but not taking it from him. Then he swaps hands and starts the other side.

Roxy glared. “Couldn’t tell us that earlier?” she hissed under her breathe. “So what do we do then?” go the back and hope?”

Jalen shrugged. “Yes? I don’t really have a better plan,” he admitted. “Not until Kenneth sees him give one of ’em something.”

[Storyteller] The setite stops at one person in particular and stands up fully, looking at the man’s eyes now and then taking hold of his arm, aiming to lead him out the back door.

Roxy stretches her arms and nods to the guy but suddenly feels as though the others will catch up later, she sticks to the shadows to follow the man.

Kenneth nudges Jalen before hissing into his ear. “He’s selected someone, they’re heading out back.”

[Sascha] slides down the roof a bit as she hears more voices under her and peeks over the edge to watch Zane and Esmond.

“I didn’t talk to any Sabbat but I did have a run in with a crew that fixed me but left me for the sun. I’ve been trying to figure out their motive for helping me and in full dsiclosure you’re going to find something pointy back there but that was never meant for anyone but the snake. I wanted to get the cure for some trading purposes of getting back into L.A.” Esmond was trying not to blow this but he knew he’d find the stake sometime soon and he’d rather not seem like he was hiding it.

Jalen nodded and blindly made his way to the back door, making sure he still knew where Kenneth was. He wasn’t sure where Roxy went, but hopefully she was following the dude. With Kenneth’s help he managed to find the door and pushed it open slowly to not startle anyone. Then he looked around to try and get his bearings again.

Kenneth followed Jalen closely, very unsure of the idea of following a Settite, but it was the only option they had if they wanted to learn anything. He cast his eyes about, nervously watching the druggies in the room to ensure there weren’t any more they needed to worry about.

Emma watched closely the door as two came out .

[Zane Calbeni] leans in pretty close to Esmond’s face, and then grins, a boyish, catlike grin. “I am totally fucking with you, dude. Kaitlyn was there when you got intro, but not bad. Oh, and you smell like bubblegum.”, he says as he slowly lets Esmond down to the ground again. He keeps his voice lowered, “I just wanted to give you hell, and get out of there… and then the others see me give you a going over they think you’re cool.”

[Sascha] tilts her head a bit, still watching and then slowly slipping back to avoid being seen by anyone on the ground below, laying fairly flat against the roof.

A long sigh escaped Esmond, Cora saved his ass without even being present. “Oh” was all he managed to get out a little dumbstruck by the whole encounter, too close for comfort. If this had been sampson he was sure he would have ended up on the other side of a wall. “Well, without being too presumptious can I ask you to let me down? the clothes are a lender.” he asked, smiling an unsure grin at Zane.

[Storyteller] The Setite leads the guy out, followed by the other three. He gives a quick look around and then pulls out a phone, dialing a number and holding it up but not talking into it.

Jalen froze, unsure if the guy had seen them yet when he came out, especially as the guy pulled out a phone and dialed… but didn’t speak at all… what the hell?

Emma watched from shadows not sure of the things

[Sascha] jumps down from the roof, almost landing on Zane and Esmond in the process. It looks like her leg breaks, but starts to heal immediately as she starts to run from the building. “Run.”, is all she says.

Roxy stays within the shadows watching him carefully, then he pulled out some strange phone. ‘Fuck.’

Emma starts to dive for cover

Roxy rushed forward to grab the mortal but she wiffed and had miscalculated where the arm was before she could grab it. “Damn it.” she shook her head and decided to just leave him and keep running.

Kenneth grabbed Jalen and pulled as hard as he could away from the building, hissing in his ear. “That’s a detonator, run. Now!”

Esmond watched the redhead land and noticing that something bad was about to happen to scare the one that frightened him he started to run for cover. “Goddamn it!” he grunted, tugging Zane’s collar to get him to start moving and breaking into a sprint as far away from the warehouse as possible. Following the direction Sascha ran in.

Jalen blinked as he was told that it was a detenator, which didn’t quite click, but the running part did, so he grabbed Kenneth’s arm and started running as hard as he could. He saw Roxy sprint off a moment ago too, so he assumed she was probably okay.

[Zane Calbeni] watches the redhead run past, then Esmond move after her and looks back at the building confused for a moment before deciding that at least getting some distance would not be terrible and he seems to blur, grabbing a dumpster the next building over to use as a shield he places it between him, and the warehouse.

[Storyteller] The Setite disappears as the back side of the warehouse explodes inward, taking out the Dark Room and probably it’s occupants. There is little to no fire, just a big boom, warping the metal exterior of the building in the back.

[Sascha] stops in her tracks after hearing the explosion, almost geting run over by Esmond. She looks back toward the building but doesn’t move back toward it just yet. “I hate snakes.”

The ventrue winces at the sound of the explosion and waits to be hit with some flying debree, bnut all he feels is a little heat. Spinning around on the spot to survey the damage he sees some smoke and the walls warped. He’d only stopped a little bit ahead of the redhead and spoke to her “I’m starting to wish St. Paddy was around to drive the snakes out…” he catches himself and in a moment it seems to click. “Cora!” he half cries out taking a few more steps toward the warehouse, she would have made it out? Right?

Jalen pulled Kenneth to himself and threw them both to the ground as he heard the thing go off. But after a minute of nothing, he looked up and realized they were fine. He coughed. “Sorry, thought there’d be things flying at us,” he appologized, helping Kenneth up.

Roxy fell over and looked back after the explosion had gone off. “Oh shit.” she immediately grabbed her phone sending a text to Kenneth and jalen. “Are you okay?”

Kenneth fell to the ground with an audible “oof!” Sitting up a moment later, he shook his head. “Better to be safe than sorry. I thought so too, to be honest. At the sound of his phone he checked his messages, returning the text. “Yes, meet us where the explosion happened, we can find this guy.”

[Zane Calbeni] got up off the ground and started to move toward the building. “Those fuckers, they turned it inward.” He walks over and grabs part of the wall, ripping the metal wall like it was tin foil as he snarls.

Jalen checked his phone at the text and saw that Kenneth was already texting Roxy so he left that to him and went first back to the explosion sight. Better safe than sorry, no telling what could be leftover after all that.

Emma lays in a heapwiith the empty inhailer tucked under her the airconditioning she gotten eariler  didnot stop her from hiding

[Sascha] looks over at Esmond and starts to follow him back toward the building, flanking him on one side and bringing her gun back out again.

[Storyteller] The building starts to stir with signs of life, as the metal gets pulled loose in places and doors get thrown open, and people start to get pulled out of the building slowly but surely. The back end however, the Dark Room, is totally gone, with it’s occupants in pieces strewn about that whole section.

Esmond was walking back to the warehouse with a vengeance and he was glad that he had stayed civil with the redhead, it was good to have something scary backing you up. His own hand found his gun and the other gripped his phone after realizing that Roxy was supposed to be here tonight. Sending out a blanket text to both Cora and Roxy “Tell me you’re okay?” it was all he could simply tap out before stopping at the hole that Zane had ripped open, dodging a person running out of it.

Roxy looked at her phone and glared. She responded however despite the fact she just wante dto throw her phone instead. “Fuck off, Esmond I’m sick of your games.”

Roxy stood up and started looking for her friends. “Guys?”

Jalen waved. “Over here,” he said, knowing between the two Roxy’d eventually find them.

Kenneth waved out to her, looking for the approximate location the back door had been at. “Roxy! Over here! Quickly, we don’t have much time before the cops arrive!”

[Zane Calbeni] keeps pulling at the wall, taking out a huge chunk of it as people watch and stare but numbly wander out. He stops after a moment and leans down, putting his hands on his legs, the metal having nearly cut through his hands in the process of pulling it open.

Roxy rushed over and hugged Jalen since Kenneth wasn’t much for talking. “I thought I lost you guys, thank goodness you’re alive.” she said and looked around.

Kenneth nodded to Roxy with a small smile before pulling out a length of white satin ribbon and lighter that he kept in case of emergencies, Kenneth lit the ribbon on fire and held the image of the Settite firmly in his mind. “This will help us find him.” He said as the ritual was completed.

[Sascha] gives the Nossie a slight nudge. “You might want to move before law enforcement arrives. They will search with flashlights and find you out here.”

Jalen smiled as it seemed despite everything that had happened he could still conster Roxy a good friend. “Yeah, we’re alright, I wouldn’t let mr. professor here get killed by flying debries,” he reassured, hugging back since he returned the sentiment and it was his way of showing that and then let go as Kenneth said something would help them find the dude.

Roxy blinked as the ribbon was and backed the fuck up. “How the hell is that going to help. Kenny did that boom give you head damage?”

Emma picking herself up from the dirt and what ever the building had flumg her way still with the inhailer in herbuggy hand. and slightly aire conditioned from that guntoteing mama .

Esmond still hadn’t recieved a response from Cora but had from Roxy, he felt guilty but at least it was a response, watching Zane work away at the wall while waiting, looking over every face that emerged from the hole in the wall. Turning to Sascha and asking politely but there was panic in his voice. “I got a friend in there and I need to go look, you can come if you want” After that he ducked into the hole dodging the next person coming through and calling out over the noise “Cora!”

[Sascha] nods her head and gives Zane a wary look as she ducks inside behind Esmond, looking around at the damage. “Your pac-partner, yes? The one with the colored hair?”, she asks as she adjusts her eyesight to help sort through the dark and dust filled room.

[Storyteller] Kenneth can see the trail light up, and where the Setite went. He started off toward the parking lot, away from the buildings on the other side.

Kenneth waved for the other two to follow. “Trust me, this is what we Tremere do, I can see where he has gone.” He said, before making off for the direction the path lead.

Esmond turns and nods in the dark. “Yeah, she has purple hair. Looks delicate but isn’t, we got seperated” He answered, weaving through some of the remnants of the people that were evacuating the place. “Cora!” he called out again now that he was in deeper, this one was longer and kind of sing-song as he looked.

“Alright, uh, lead the way,” Jalen shrugged and started following Kenneth as he went off in a seemingly random direction as far as Jalen was concerned.

Roxy blinked. “o-okay, Kendoll.” she sighed just following and musing Kenny, perhaps he really knew what he was doing, but she was still worried.

[Zane Calbeni] seems to be directing people, an unusual aura of warmth and leadership eminating from him that seems to draw the people to him and make them listen as he starts getting wounded mortals off to one area for when the cops and emts arrive… and he starts getting the kindred out of there the other way.

[Storyteller] The trail leads to where a car must have been because the footprints change into tire tracks and leave the parking lot.

Kenneth sighs and shakes his head. “he took a car, unless we have some sort of transportation we’re fucked. The trail will go cold before we catch him.”

Roxy hummed as she walked, happy and occasionally looking up at her buddies. She paused as she looked at Kenneth. ‘Uhm…well I culd go get my bike, I’m not leaving my baby back there. May be trashy but I’ve had her for a long time.”

Emma follows jalen keeping to the shadows she pockets the inhailer as she moves

[Samson] suddenly moves out from under the rubble, having been closer to the back half of the building. He easily casts it aside, perking up as he hears sirens. He looks around him, and growls, looking for something… then seems to decide to say fuck it and barrels through the back side of the wall where the hole is and out.

The ventrue eyes flitted across everyone including some of the bodies before he saw Sampson stand up and blitz through the opening of the wall. He broke into a jog to where he had climbed out, knowing that he was last seen with his partner.

[CoraAnn] comes out of obfuscate as Samson leaves, not far from where he was. She growls a little bit, and pops her neck as wounds across her body visably close up. “Son of a bitch…”

“Jerry lent me his car, and I didn’t park that too far away, so if we hurry, we may be able to catch them,” Jalen suggusted. Then he remembered Emma had called and quickly texted her. “Hey, sorry, explosion happened and currently in a chase after a guy, so, uh, rain check on that? I’ll text you again once I’m able to meet up.”

[Sascha] stays back as Esmond rushes over there, tilting her head at the sound of sirens. “We don’t have much time.”

Kenneth stared at Jalen for a moment while he processed the word ‘car’ “Wait wait wait, I could have ridden in a car instead of- you know what? Whatever, we need to track this man as quickly as possible.” He said, looking around, “Where did we leave the vehicles?”

“This way. Roxy, I’ll drop you off at your bike later, otherwise follow me,” he suggusted and started leading all who followed him towards where he’d parked.

[Storyteller] They are able to follow the tracks in the car, Kenneth directing. They don’t have to go terribly far though as they soon find the car they are looking for on the side of the road, with three men at it. Two outside, and the human inside the car.

Roxy sighed and rushed back. “Alright we’ll hurry then!” she said and went a bit around since the police would be around soon. “Why did harvey give you his car, Jay?” she asked but glared. “also my bike is right there I don’t like leaving her behind for the cops to find.” she grumbled.

Esmond was almost deaf to Sascha’s warning when the smaller Ventrue came into view and he rushed over to her, checking her wounds to see if they were closing. “Cora! I thought that had sucked you in too” he looked back toward the opening and gave Sascha a nod. “Thank you for the warning, I owe you now. Just give me some help to get her back to the bike so we can get somewhere safe.” he asks the redhead, hand on Cora’s shoulder.

[Storyteller] One of the men growls after checking the gas tank. “Someone stole our fucking gas. like, all of it.”

Kenneth looked at Jalen and Roxy and nodded. “That’s them, I don’t know who the other one is, but the mortal is in the car.”

Roxy huffed as she found herself suddenly in the backseat. “I wanted to ride in front…”

Emma looks at the text and grumbles  lowly as she stuck to the shadows not giving upwith all that had gone on she was going to see things through.

[Sascha] tilts her head and then moves over toward the pair, putting her gun away to help move the dazed and growling Cora as quickly as possible. “She is near frenzy, she needs vitae.”, she says and then adds after a moment. “The others, they can handle the snakes, you think?”

“Well, then keep up. And that’s because, well, he trusts me enough at this point. We’ve kinda gotten to know each other a bit,” he explained as he walked towards the car. He paused long enough to unlock it and let everyone who was getting in get in and then sped off, following Kenneth’s instructions. Soon he drove up to the car, and at Kenneth’s confirmation drove past enough to where he parked at a distance away so it wasn’t too suspicious. “I’m not trusting either of you guys  to drive this, sorry,” he said as he hopped out of the car. If Emma had followed, he’d let her get in the car too. Once everyone got out he locked the car. “Plan? Run up and punch?” he asked, since… well, he could do that.

“Can I trust you to feed her and get her somewhere safe?” Esmond asked, knowing that he was probably asking a lot out of the scary redhead. “Do you have any idea where they would be going? Otherwise this is my only course of action.”

[Sascha] blinks at Esmond, tilting her head for a moment, cocking it like a predator assessing whether something was a potential meal. Finally she relents. “The snakes owuld have tried to flee to the nest, but I siphoned the gas in their car so they can’t have gotten too far. I will make sure she is fed and safe from sun, on your word that you owe me.”

[Storyteller] The men talk back and forth a little more, one of them kicking a tire before getting into the back seat with the human and the other starts to move to the side of the road, waving like he is going to flag down a car for help.

Roxy paused and looked out the window. “I’d say we help them but I dont think anything we do is gonna do any good.”

The ventrue nodded and bowed slightly. “I owe you. That’s my word.” He answered, touching Cora’s cheek and bolting for the bike, ducking out the hole and picking it up after being blown over after the impact blast. Kicking the engine on and roaring in the general direction they would take to get out of here and out to the swamps. It wouldn’t be long before he stumbled across the others and the snakes.

Kenneth tapped the dashboard thoughtfully, looking at the snakes and their car. “I don’t think we should try for a head on confrontation, there may be more of us but only one of us is a fighter….”

“We’re trying to get the mortal… right? Because those are the people that created the explosion?” Jalen asked, making sure they were all on the same page. He nodded as Kenneth pointed out that there was only one good fighter amongst them. “You good at sneaking professor?” he asked.

Roxy piped up. “I am.” she said and looked at Jalen. “You have a plan?”

Kenneth shook his head, “I’m good with information, mostly.”

<+Emma> thought the shadows the nosferatu trugged she was going to find them no matter what soon she was there hiding near them

“Well, I could take on one, if someone could sneak around and take out the other or get the mortal…” he suggusted and shrugged. “Could just take off then if we’re just trying to get the mortal.”

“I can try to grab him, but it’s reall going to suck if Kenny gets hurt. He’s a bit fragile. But I can probably try and take him on, I just need a weapon of sorts.”

Esmond rode the bike passed the car, seeing another in the distance he continued up to it. It had to be the others. Kicking the kickstand down he knocked on the window. ALooking a little disheveled from tonights activities.

“Ah, here, you probably need it more than me at the moment,” Jalen said, handing her his baton that that purple haired chick had given him. Now that he thoguht about it, wasn’t that the chick dancing on the table at the rave…? Huh…

Kenneth nodded thoughtfully as the others exchanged words. “Honestly, I would rather stay in the car. Fighting is not at all my area of expertise.”

Roxy took the baton. “Muuuuch better than some dumb boom stick.” she said and sighed. “Drop me off a ways away so I can sneak up on one, and you take the other.” she said. “Kenny you get the guy.”

Jalen nodded and parked the car a distance away. Shortly afterwards a bike drove up and turned out to be suit man, and knocked on the window. He glanced at Roxy but rolled down the window. “Uh, hi. Small world.”

Kenneth sighed and nodded, looking to the other two and waiting for things to begin. “I’m not moving until you distract the others.”

Roxy got out and noticed Esmond. “Oh fuck no, back away from me, go get away! she swung the baton at Esmond ready to hit him if he got closer. “Or go fuck with those hissies over there.”

The ventrue nodded and stepped off the bike, checking Cora’s saddlebags and returning with the pen flare in his pocket and shotgun tucked under arm. “I intend to do just that Roxy.” His reponse was a little colder than before, the shock of tonights events being able to keep his head semi clear. Even if he wanted to tell her to stay in the car. “Now, I’m gonna go down there and make friends. You should come in after me.” he spoke, brow raised slightly as if they had a better idea in mind.

“Sure, I’ll clean up, just don’t shoot me,” Jalen suggusted, turning off the cars and hopped out, letting suit man go first since he seemed to have a plan.

Roxy hissed at him. “No! We had a plan! We were actually doing something! You’re lucky I dont go blabbing about that damn secret and just tell you to keep those fingers ut of our peanut butter because you wont just let me be! I cant do anything!”

Jalen stopped as Roxy hissed at Esmond. Okay… bad plan…? Ay yi yi, drama.

“I’m not in the mood to fight you right now” Was all he uttered, tucking the gun under his arm again and checking the jacket was unzipped, god it was hard to ignore her though, the back of his mind flooding with the nightmares of the day before. “Do you have a good plan or are you going to follow my lead. Yes or no?”

Roxy gripped her baton tight befre throwing it to the ground. “FUCK YOU!” she screamed. “I’m going home! Just take care of everything never let anybody else do anything, oh big mister coppy cop, I dont care about your old mortal life, I just want to just go die somewhere and never be heard from again!” she stomped off, running away and taking alleyways, before she fully lost herself in this anger and frustration.

Jalen sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. Well, if they hadn’t looked at them before they probably would now. He picked back up his baton. “Alright, we’re going to pretend that didnt’ happen. You take the left man, I’ll take the right, Kenneth, grab the mortal in the car,” he said. “We good?”

Kenneth, still rattled by the sudden outburst, shook his head and sighed. “Ready as I’ll ever be.”

Esmond bit his lip in frustration, god he was being an ass but duty came first.  Everything in his being wanted to follow her though. “Yeah, sounds good Jalen.” he remarked before walking over to the parked up car, counting every step hoping that he could keep his head clear for the fight that was about to unfold.

Since everyone was on the same page now Jalen strode forward, going for the guy on the left. “Oi!” he said, getting his attention before he brought his baton and smacked him with it. Hard. Hopefully he wasn’t wrong and this was indeed a vamp.

Kenneth, deciding to take advantage of the distraction, makes his way quietly to the other side of the car. Stepping carefully, he narrowly avoids detection by the mortal and vampire in the car.

Esmond stomped over to the other side from Kenny where he was sure the snake was sitting and grabbed him forcefully, yanking him up out of the car and up to face level.

[Storyteller] As the Setite is pulled up and forward, his long tongue flicks out like a snake and almost spears Esmond in the eye, but as he blurs out of the way of the attack it turns into a viscious hiss.

[Storyteller] The Setite by Jalen leans forward, his jaw practically unhinging as he emits this high pitch shrieking hiss. It is followed by a wave of feeling that issues off of him in pure intimidation. Jalen is not unphased, but manages not to flee.

[Storyteller] The one on Jalen, as his first attack fails, starts to change… his skin gets covered in scales and looks slick to the touch… like a snake.

Kenneth stands back upright, reaching out and touching the Settite fighting Esmond on the shoulder, willing him to utilize his vitae, causing him to cry, become warm, and become more dexterous.

[Storyteller] The snake’s tongue lashes out again, trying to spear Esmond’s face. it connects but fails to break through the Ventrue’s skin.

Jalen made a face as the snake changed his skin, and aimed another slap with the baton. He felt this one connect firmly too. He wasn’t sure what the others were doing but he hadn’t heard any gun go off, so he was a bit worried, but he decided he needed to focus on this guy first.

Esmond jammed the shotgun into the other Vampire’s gut and slammed down both triggers, he wanted to stop getting licked because the last one almost hurt. The exit wound exploded in a beautiful fountain of viscera and he thanked Cora for packing him such a cool toy.

<+emma> out of nowhere a but uggly chargess planting a fist into the setite with jalen it connects  but it was like hitting a brick wall

Jalen was surprised as suddenly someone showed up and he recognized it as Emma. Cool, buddies just seemed to be helping him out left and right today. This time he hit wiht another somewhat solid blow, though he was pretty sure it came off as light based on how it seemed to feel.

[Storyteller] The snake lunges at Jalen with it’s fangs bared but misses completely.

Esmond reloads the shotgun quickly, feeling his actions going alot quicker than normal, breaking open the breech and then slamming the shells back in and taking aim at the mangled setite, grunting a little when he slammed the the gun shut.

Kenneth turns to grab the human and run, miscalculating how much it takes to carry the deadweight of another human being. Forced to drag the mortal, he flees from the frenzying vampire as fast as his nerdy little body allows.

[Storyteller] The frenzied vampire lunges forward and connects with esmond’s lower jaw, tearing off a chunk of flesh and spitting it out again.

Jalen got impatient with this and grew out his claws, planning on tearing the guy appart… But then he managed to merely scratch him. Jalen growled in annoyance. What the hell? Damn scales.

[Storyteller] The frenzied mess of a vampire lunges again and Esmond brings the gun up, biting down with an unhinged snake-jaw and tearing flesh, stripping away the whole of Esmond’s upper arm as the shotgun cuts him in half and he finally stops moving… then rapidly decomposes into a dark ash.

Esmond screamed as the teeth tore through his arm and he dropped the gun to grab the now almost skeletal upper arm that had been bitten through. Crouching and pressing himself against the car in pain and to get out of the way. That hurt alot and he was trying to keep himself calm through the pain.

[Storyteller] The remaining Setite sees his situation and opts to disappear, suddenly falling back toward ditch at the side of the road and then he’s just… gone…

emma shables to esmond to get him out of here and to safty

Esmonds grunting and is using his only good arm to help hold the other barely in place when Emma apppears. “Oh it’s you muckbag, I’m glad you’re here, give me a hand up…” he grunts a little again. “A hand up would be good.”

Kenneth pulls the mortal to Jerry’s car, trying his best not to make a mess in the back seat. As soon as the man is buckled in, he pulls out his phone and texts Roxy. “Be careful, one escaped. Esmond got hurt badly. We have the mortal.”

emma halls esmond up  and where ever he wants to go.

Roxy was walking down the street, back towards where they had come from. Her phone went off making a sound which made her jolt slightly but she picked it up, almost growling at the phone as she responded. “First of all, good, he deserved it. Second, okay I’m careful, and lastly, good.”

[Storyteller] Esmond’s phone rings, the number is Cora’s.

Kenneth replies to Roxy’s text quickly: “Esmond’s injury was sort of my fault. Thought I’d try something out. Backfired a bit.”

“I need to get somewhere dark and somewhere I can get some blood. I’m feeling a little light” He spoke to the nosferatu, accepting her help graciously as he stood up. “Can you get me safel- Hold on” Esmond stops talking and reaches to answer his phone. “Cora?”

Roxy paused and sighed. “Want a cookie?” she asked and rolled her eyes.

[Sascha] “(phone) No. She is alright, she frenzied because I did not realize she was a… picky eater.”

Kenneth sighed at the response, “No, just keeping you informed.” He replied, before stowing his phone away and looking about for Jalen, who had the keys to the car.

“Yeah we share that” Esmond speaks, mind racing through the pain. “I’m a little hurt and that is an understatement. Can you tell her that her bike is in the middle of nowhere and that I’m sorry.” the ventrue continued.

Roxy groaned as her phone went off again so she looked at it and paused and then just put it back. “If all these damn boys won’t get off my poodle skirt….”

[Sascha] “(phone) Once she comes out of her daze, I can. I could pick you up…”, she says somewhat quietly, her voice thoughtful. “Are the snakes dead? What of the human?”

Jalen went over to help Kenneth get the mortal in the car, quickly unlocking it. He looked over to see that fancy britches wasn’t too hot at the moment. He waited as it seemed that Esmond was on the phone, and he was pretty sure Jerry wouldn’t be upset at him for offering someone hurt and Emma a ride. As long as Esmond made sure to bleed on his flannel, if anything. “Last one got away,” he sighed, annoyed at the fact.

Roxy just eventually gets on her bike, down with her goggles and she hurries off before anybody can get her, especially the cops. She hummed to herself all the way home.

“I managed to ash one but I think the other managed to slink away but it’s hurt. The human is okay miraculously.” Esmond paused again to concentrate through the  feeling of his arm just attached. “I could use a pickup, I’ve got friends that can get me somewhere in the meantime.” His tone was sort of quieting down as he was getting used to the twinge every now and again.

emma tris to help esmond in to the car .

[Sascha] “(phone) tell me where to meet you.”, she says simply and the sound of an engine can be heard starting up briefly on hr end of the phone.

“Can you pick me up from the Roadside Cross? It’s where all the others are going.” the vampire asked, gritting his teeth when stepping over to the car and being helped in and holding a hand over the phone mic to talk to Emma. “Thank you so much, I owe you one and I’ll stop calling you muckbag. We’ll upgrade it to corpsicle” he was trying to keep a sense of humor after all of this.

<+emma> you ok  not such a ol stuffy shirt ”

Jalen sighed and handed Emma his flannel. “Make sure he doesn’t bleed on the seats, please,” he requested, making sure there was enough room for everyone before climbing into the front seat. “Kenneth? Anyplace you want me to drop you off? Otherwise I’m going to the Roadside Cross,” he warned, starting the car now that everyone was in.

emma will wrap up esmond’s grizly remains of an arm hoping it helps

<+Loge> Kenneth shook his head, “I’ll stick with everyone for now, make my way home later.” He said, taking the passenger seat and looking back at the damaged Ventrue and the unknown Nosferatu.

[Sascha] hangs up the phone and starts to make her way to the Roadside Cross, driving her little black firebird.

Jalen nodded. “Alright,” he said and started driving. He noticed Kenny looking in the backseat. “Oh, emma, this is Kenneth. Kenneth, this is Emma,” he introduced as they drove. Soon they came to the Roadside Cross and Jalen parked the car where he found it. Then he got the mortal since he figured that everyone else would be able to get out some way or another.

Kenneth looked to the Nosferatu, “Thank you for the help, Emma.” He said with a nod.

emma helps esmond out as she nods politly to the other there .

Jerry had started closing and people who stayed that late were few and leaving. He looked over seeing Jalen and Emma. “Looks bad.”

Esmond grunted and held his arm getting out of the car. Turning to emma and nodding “I’d kiss you if I wouldn’t throw up afterwards. Thank you for your assistance.” the Ventrue’s tone had reverted to being more formal as he had sometime to think the night over on the way back. Maybe a trip to London wouldn’t be a bad idea, at least until thing cooled down around the place.

“Your place is a temporary hub, Jerry, sorry,” he appologized and handed Jerry his keys. “Thanks for the car, it really helped tonight,” he said honestly. He managed to hand Jerry the keys while holding the mortal with one arm and a knee. “So… Kenneth. What’re we doing with this guy?” he asked turning to the only remaining partner left from the inital mission.

[Sascha] makes it to the Roadside Cross shortly after the others arrive, pulling up alongside the car where the others are getting out. She frowns slightly, noticing them moving the human inside, and looks to Esmond and sighs. “We should move before someone sees you like that.”, she does offer a polite nod to the Nosferatu though.

Kenneth stepped out of the car, keeping back and mostly just listening to the conversations that were taking place.

Jerry sighed and just let every bloodsucker in town inside his pub, he still had to clean up. “Better not have hurt my car too badly.”

emma takes him in side not a word uttered just a wink to esmond as she helps him sit down putting the flannel on the table  and then speaks “here you might need the rest of it, esmond .”

Esmond nods to Emma and picks up his arm. Moving out and over to Sascha’s car and quickly getting in. “God this hurts” was all he could grumble looking over to the redhead. “I’m just racking up favors with you aren’t I?”

“I didn’t. At least, I tried not to,” Jalen promised, trying to be honest. Seeing that people were talking and focusing on suit man missing an arm Jalen sat down in a chair and set the mortal down on a chair next to him, just waiting for things to die down.

[Storyteller] The mortal guy is completely passed out, like on horse tranqs level of asleep.

Kenneth looks at the mortal thoughtfully. “I would love to take a look at him back at the lab…. find out exactly why the settites chose him. Especially if he has ingested the drug…”

[Sascha] waves to Emma and then pulls out of the parking lot, taking the car out onto the main street and seeming to know exactly where she is going. Cora is in the back seat, not asleep but in a strangely passive state.

“I could keep him here if you don’t have any place at your lab or with your clan or whatever. Otherwise, I’ll carry him as far as you need, just text me the results this time, eh?” he asked, with a chuckle.

Kenneth shook his head, “Thank you, Jalen, but I can take care of this. Keep an eye on him while I make arrangements, though.” He walked a short ways away, pulling out his phone and dialing Isabo’s number before waiting patiently while it rang.

emma shambles back in looking as if she was three quarts low .

[Isabo Kali] “(ph) Hello?”, she asks as picks up the phone.

Jerry looked at Emma with concern. “You alright?” he asked, tilting his head a bit trying to get a better look really.

Jalen nodded. “Alright,” he agreed. He kind of wondered where his flannel went, but he had plenty more from up north so he was sure he was fine for now.

“Isabo, good news. I have a mortal here who likely has the drug in his veins. Retrieved him from a pair of Settites with a little help. We’re at the Roadside Cross now. I need help getting him to the Chantry.”

<+emma> “not tip top shap had to do things that hurt abit got a bit of a lead gut now

Jerry blinked. “Need a drink?” he asked and stepped back once. “I have a few packs…” he informed. “I give them for emergencies so bloodsuckers don’t go crazy when they feed on someone out on the streets.”

[Isabo Kali] “(ph) Get a cab, say he is drunk.”, he can almost hear her rolling her eyes. “(ph) Or will they not let you bring him here, is that what you are suggesting?”

<+emma> “thanks alot had some gun toting mama blast some air conditioning in my middle .

Jerry sighed. “I thought you guys handled that sort of thing well…” he informed before walking behind his bar underneath the cabinets in a small hidden freezer drawer set to low too keep blood packs in, only held about 4 but he rarely ever gave them out, but the nosferatu mattered enough. He came back and handed the pack to Emma. “here, this should do until you can get a more filling meal.”

<+emma> thanks ” takes the pack and drinks it .

Jerry smiled. “No problem.” he turned and looked at the gangrel. “Erm… you lost your shirt when you were playing bear?”

Kenneth glanced around for any sort of cabs nearby before speaking. “I’ll see what I can scrounge up, sorry for disturbing you.” HE said before arranging an uber to get the mortal somewhere that he can have a better look.

Jalen blinked and shook his head. “No, ah, there was a fight to save this guy here,” he said, nodding to the mortal leaning on him. “And I gave it to… someone to make sure no one bled all over while we drove back. I don’t know where it went,” he admitted with a shrug. He looked up as Kenneth seemed to be off the phone. “You got a place for dude here figured out?” he asked.

Kenneth nodded at Jalen, making his way back towards the others. “I’ll be taking him with me. I’ll let you and Roxy know what I learn.” He said, unbuckling the mortal and pulling him from the car.

“Alright, thanks,” Jalen nodded and tried not to grin at the sight of the professor trying to carry the mortal. “You got that professor?” he asked, managing to keep a strait face.

Kenneth was obviously struggling slightly as he waited for the Uber to arrive. “Actually, I could use some help, forgot how heavy he is on the way here.”

Jerry sighed and just went to cleaning the place. “Been a long night, huh?”

Jalen chuckled and got up, carrying the mortal for Kenneth. “You just gotta ask, eh?”

<+emma> “yep one very long eventfull night jerry”

emma had a busy one too i see

Jerry chuckled and looked over but went back to cleaning.

Eventually Kenneth’s ride arrived, which he took home. Scrounging up just enough to pay for the Uber. Once he arrived at the Chantry, he took the man inside and made sure he was secure in his own, locked, room before heading out once more. He was hungry, and needed to feed.

“Alright, cya, Kenneth,” Jalen waved, helping the mortal into the car. Once that was done he went inside. “Oof, long night,” he sighed. “Ah, if there’s anything wrong with the car, I’ll repay whatever the damages are,” he promised and then headed upstairs to find a different shirt to wear.

emma cleans up her mess and deposits the used pack in the garbage

emma heads to her room and to the closet to rest