[Storyteller] A thunderstorm can be heard off in the distance.

After checking his voicemail the ventrue immediately texted Roxy “I’m worried, where you at? Are you safe” he couldn’t explain it but his sleep last night seemed to be plagued with Nightmares of leaving Roxy again and something bad happening to her and after the message she left he was super anxious. The hunder was loud as he stepped outside into his car, lighting the ignition and gunning the car to life down the streets toward her place.

Roxy jolted as she was working on her gift, looking at it and looking around as she responded. “The voodoo friend lied! They are still here! they still know, and they won’t leave me. stabby ghost is going to kill me, called me a bird.” she rambled even in text.

He pulled in to her street and quickly hopped out of the car in a hurry, almost leaving the engine running. Paranoid after her response seemed like they might need to make a quick getaway but he decided against it. Almost bounding up the street and up to her front door he pounded on it. “Roxy, you in there!?” he half shouted, shifting in impatience while he waited.

[Storyteller] Outside Roxy’s apartment door is a clock in the shape of a cat, leaned up against the door. it is orange and seems in good shape except it is not ticking.

Roxy jumped. “Oh fucking-!” she walked over and opened the door and peered around. “Quick come in-” she looked down and shrieked and backed up. “No, no no, no…” she whimpered. “Get rid of that! please!”

Jalen was sitting at a table, previously he’d been thinking about that message he’d received. It was kind of hard to get his mind off of at the moment.  But then he noticed the hunched figure of that woman Jerry’d been talking to the other night so he waved her over, trying to show that he was friendly and wanted to talk. He could at least try to make a better second impression after looking like he was going to vomit durring the first one.

Jerry looked up but went back to cleaning, Jalen better treat the nosferatu with respect.

Esmond picked up the clock and flung it out away from the door, not even second guessing the brash action. Stepping inside quickly, he immediately began checking Roxy to see if there was anything physically wrong with her. “Are you okay? You seem more distressed than usual.” his voice was panicked even if he was trying to sound calm.

Roxy looked at Esmond. “What is wrong with you?” she asked, now pushing him away almost. “Im fine, I just have a stalker friend, did I say I was dying, jeez.” she put her hands on her waist where he doll skirt started to flare out, wearing her clock belt and corset as usual, but today her boobs weren’t immediately visible as she was wearing a more covering shirt.

<+Emma> The shadows ,was the best place to be for a weathered decriped old derolictof a baglady with this creeping skin of hers she looked like a walking bag of bones and lumps that seamed to quiver and quake ,with each bit of motion she did some where one seamed to just hang in the folds of her emaniated flesh but she was far from dead ,she chuckled at some kids tha her the bone lady with her old garbage and broken discarded bits and pieces ,the tattered rages of her once gorgous gown hung like a sack on what was her frame.  A lump moved to her throat from under her right forearm it creeped along slowly as if it was taking the senic route ,but yet shr scratched at all of then till her flesh was red as the tomatoe in the market basket of the local bodga .

He flicked back the hair on his head and sighed when she mentioned she was fine. “Your voicemail just sounded like you were in trouble and I don’t want anything happening to you, still got the boomstick? Maybe we should get the buff gangrel out here?” he was asking his questions rapidly and pacing. “Oh, I’m fine” he lied, with a small smirk, he couldn’t shake the nightmares out of his head.

Roxy stared at Esmond with confusion. “Dude, calm your tits! Like seriously.” she said and pulled out her phone. “We’ll take care of this and you can stop worrying so much, right?” she said and texted Jalen “Yo, I have Essy here, I was wondering if we could check out the clocktower and the stabby ghost.” she explained.

<+Emma> Out from the shadows a boney finger touches jalen as he turns he sees the most horrorfing ssight ,a bent and hunched onver lady with lumps that moved with a mind all their on what was not moving was putrid green or deep blueblack or looking as if it would fall off the bones as did the once lovly ball gown it hung in tatters from her shoulders she shambled closer her steanch filled the area that smell of rotton meat that she carried in that cart was on her as well.

Jalen realized the person he’d been looking at hadn’t been the woman so he shrugged and was about to stand up when he was poked. He quickly turned around, not expecting to be poked when he saw the woman more closely and jumped again. “Christ! Sorry, you scared me. I was looking at something else,” Jalen said, a little shaken. “So you’re Emma? Sorry about our first introduction, I, uh, well… I ate something bad, alergies,” he shrugged sheepishly. “So you’re staying here in new orleanes too? You been here long?” he asked.

<+Emma> “hello young man,and yes it is my home now “she replyed with a thick french note to it.  “yes my name is emms”

Her words were almost biting but he sat his ass down. If she said she was fine, she was fine. “I’m sorry, I’m just… big stuff is going down and I don’t want you actually getting stabbed.” Esmond was trying to keep it all down but now that he was with Roxy he didn’t want to leave.

Roxy looked concerned. “I was actually stabbed! It sucked, literally made me fee almost empty and eat in my side, got hungry.” she said with a soft sigh. “But why are you so suddenly clingy and care so much? I treated you like shit.” she pointed out very bluntly.

“Nice to meet you, my name is Jalen. Jerry was nice enough to let me stay here. Kinda saved my neck, really,” Jalen admitted. The lumps bugged him a bit, but he did his best to ignore whatever they may be. His phone in his pocket buzzed. “Hang on a minute,” he requested and checked it before replying. “Sure, you heading over there now?” he texted back before pocketing it again. “Sorry, that was a friend, they’ve had problems with a clocktower and some ghost in the past,” he shrugged. “I’m kind of the meatshield of the group, so I’m gonna go help her out. But, ah, if you’re looking for some danger I’m sure nobody would mind another hand too much,” he offered since… Well, he didn’t know what she could do, but maybe it could be useful.

<+Emma> “sure not got a whole lot to do who knows might be fun”she stated in a matter of fact way.

Roxy looked at her phone once it went off again. “Yeah.” she answered jalen back and started getting her stuff ready, packing her bag and making sure everything was in the right place.

“I just want you to be safe, I had nightmares if you can believe it.” Esmond answered Roxy, touching his pin to see if the touchstone she had made would calm him down. “Have you got your gun close by?” He asked, hand wrapping around his own as they waited on Jalen’s reply.

“Alright cool, if you’re ready to go we can go ahead and head off then, I’ve been there before so I promise I won’t get us lost,” Jalen replied, doing his best to joke as he would with anyone else and stood up. There was another buzz as he received Roxy’s text and he looked at it. “Alright, I’ll be over when I can. Bringing a another hand, by the way,” he texted and looked back up at Emma.

Roxy blinked. “Uhm… okay? Sorry I guess.” she said and was ready to go. “What gun? Oh hell no, I’m not taking that with me! I have no control over that thing, it’s loud and what good is it going to do with those ghosts? piss them off more?” she said and opened her door. “now I’m gonna ride my bike, you ca take your car, and please don’t run me over to try and check on me.”

+Emma nods as she itched that roaming lump till it looked like she would drop a bit of her along the way.

Jalen nodded. “Alright, then we’re off, I suppose,” he said, turning a bit to wave to Jerry as he headed out. “Cya later, Jerry,” he said, as he’d started doing when he went out. He paused for a moment once they were outside and started leading the pair towards the clocktower, keeping to the shadows as it seemed that Emma prefered to stick to them.

+Emma followed jalen caefully to the shadows as her infraity gave most the creeps some thought her flesh would fall off in chunks but yet to date that didnot happen.

Esmond nodded and chuckled at her comment, his behaviour was a little silly but precautionary. He sauntered out to the car and took his shotgun out of the back and threw it into the passenger seat, he wasn’t ready to take chances, ghosts or no and revved the car as he waited for Roxy to take the lead.

Roxy got on her bike and zoomed off to the clocktower, following street rules and in no hurry. She was very cautious of her surroundings though. Once she got there she pared and did not step forward she just hung back. “Alright ghost friend, I’m done with these games, you come stalk me to my house and I have friends. I am not a bird, I am not happy with this uhm… game of cat and mouse, I am not taking clock back as nice as that was, that was not the point.”

Jalen saw the clocktower and he quickly saw Roxy yelling at the tower. “That’d be it,” he said, so that Emma knew they were getting close. He got closer and waved to Roxy. “So why’re we taking on the tower now? And, uh, what exactly are we taking on?” he asked, a bit confused as to what there was for him to defend the others from in this place.

Roxy smiled and looked at Jalen. “Because Stabby ghost and don’t go burning more omen-ooo what the heee… hey, what’s your friend here, Jay?”

Esmond arrived behind Roxy at the same time and stepped up to her justr as the gangrel did. He’d retrieved the shotgun and was holding in his hand, the breech open as he made sure it was loaded and patted his pocket to make sure the had extra ammo. “I don’t know but I don’t like people threatening my friends. He snapped the breech back closed and tucked it under his arm, looking at the new friend the gangrel had made, trying not to visibly gag.

[Storyteller] The door to the clocktower stands slightly ajar, it looks to be made of heavy steel, or at least plated with it. It is covered in rust, though the clock itself is in good condition and it is set to six hours off from the current time.

+Emma looked about this was not the graveyard her normal huant it was new as those friends of jalen’s. Her flesh crawled even moe like the lumps were climbing ontop of each other green goo collcted just under her skin being pale it seamed to take on a glow ,as the bugs gruoped then scattered in there bag confinds.

“Ah, yeah, this is Emma, she’s staying at the same place I am, we were talking so I figured it’d be better to have another person along since we dunno what we’re up against,” Jalen explained, ignoring the ‘what’ part. He kept an eye on the clocktower though since it seemed open, oddly enough…

Roxy grimaced and stuck her tongue out but stuck it back in before she lost it. “o-okay Jay.” she just gave a friendly nods. “Just keep your lumps away from me, Im very on edge. And Essy, you as well give me some room to breathe.”

Esmond stepped a step back from Roxy and no further. His eyes reluctantly took in the sight of nosferatu visage in full flight. “You could have at least given it a bath” he commented holding his nose. Esmonds gaze flicked away and toward the open door. “I should go first, I don’t want you guys getting hurt” He only meant Roxy really, but it was better to blanket them all and give her some space.

+Emma just looked at jalen with a shrug as she took alook about not quite sure whom or what was inside ,but getting awaer it was dangerious.

Jalen rolled his eyes as Esmond was suddenly mr.bleeding heart. “I don’t know what’s gotten into you, but step back before you hurt yourself,” he said, going around Esmond and went towards the clocktower and opened the door. He looked around a bit. “We just heading to the top?” he asked Roxy as he took a step inside.

[Storyteller] The door gives way with a very load creak. The inside of the tower smells of urine and there are several jars of it laying all about the floor.

Roxy slowly followed Jalen. “Yeah… uhm, stabby ghost is here somewhere and it had a fleshy pet.” she informed looking around with wide scared eyes.

Esmond had wanted to go first but the gangrel moved before Roxy did and he was still having trouble moving more than a couple of steps away before being wracked with guilt. “Fleshy means we can kill that.” the ventrue stated, his eyes adjusting to the dark.

Roxy looked over at Essy. “dont make me regret bringing you, like I did with Jay the first time.”

Jalen blushed as Roxy brought up the first time. “That was, ah… not my best moment,” he admitted as he crept up the tower farther. “I’ll try to be smarter this time ’round,” he said, growing quiet as he climbed higher, listening for anything out of place. The ‘fleshy pet’ didn’t make him feel any better either, since that didnt’ mean they knew where it was or whether or not it’d sneak up on them.

<+Emma> “and he thought i smelled bad.” she retotred. as she moved behind the others keeping her wits about her still”asshe expected any thing to go poping out of some whole in the wall .

[Storyteller] At about the point that Jalen reaches the second floor, he notices that someone has hammered in nails from underneath the stairs in places… they stick up like little spikes here and there. Not too hard to dodge moving slow… but running could be problematic.

“Careful guys, there’s some nails here on the second floor,” Jalen warned doing his best to keep that in mind in case something happened later. “That especially goes for you back there, airhead,” he said, making sure Esmond heard him since he wasn’t totally sure the guy was all there at the moment.

[Storyteller] The ticking inside the clock is quite loud, as is the machinery, making it difficult to hear anything not spoken fairly loudly. It also makes it difficult to hear anyone else inside.

The ventrue tried to be careful about the nails while taking the lead in front of Roxy but not too far. The gun still held tucked under his arm pit, the other hand resting on it incase he needed to use it. Esmond would have had something to saqy about Jalen calling him an airhead but not tonight, he was focusing on the bigger picture.

Roxy huffed when Esmond forced himself in front of her, he bit her tongue from saying something, now was not the time. She was careful about the nails that Jalen worried about but looked confused. “Why would a ghost need nails if it can lock the door?”

<+Emma> “ok you guys befacreful the nosferatu yelled as she took postion at the bottom of the stairs,”maybe that is the pet’s safty net . she screamed to be heared over the tick tock

Jalen continued moving up the stairs, looking around carefully now that he was pretty much deaf, so he probably just had sight to rely on at this point.

[Storyteller] Something sparks up on the floor above the group as they reach the 3rd floor, and comes flying down the stairs with a *tink tink*… it is a roadside flare, lit and spewing flame. It bounces down the stairs past jalen as he hops over it.

Roxy rolled her eyes. “You know, lump friend, I think boys are dumber than I thought.” Her eyes get wider as she saw the flare and backed up. “Okay sorry I said something.”

+Emma jumps back gets ready to grab roxy if need be ,but she is glanceing about wondering where ghosty things pet was .

Esmond gave the flare a raised brow and stepped back a little in a vague attempt to shield Roxy. Jalen was really getting a rough deal by pushing on ahead and he was glad he hadn’t taken the lead when he wanted to. The flare was bright and ruined the fact that his eyes had just adjust ed to the darkness, setting that back again.

[Storyteller] The group can start to smell fuel, and Jalen can see something wet dripping down the steps coming from the 4th floor.

Roxy was pulled back by the noseferatu a she wasn’t exactly quick on her feet, she brushed off her shoulder once she was let go of. “Okay handsy number 2…” she paused and sniffed. “Is that…?”

Jalen was starting to think that maybe this ghost didn’t want some vampires wandering around in their little corner of the world. He noticed the fuel and tried not to panic as he looked back to where the roadflare was and then looked for any of fire or light nearby.

“smell like some famable liquid miss “as she looks for that flare to put it out if she could.

Esmond smelled it and instantaneusly got a bad feeling about this whole thing. Trapping vampires on a stairwell was an excellent plan and if he lived he might employ it in a useful trap later on. But for now his heart was in his chest, knowing that if it caught the only way to go was up.

+Emma finds the sparky thing and opens a jar to drowned it in with a sigh

[Storyteller] Emma manages to find the flare on the lower level and put it into a bucket that someone has been using as a toilet. The smell it makes as it burns into the contents is horrendous.

Roxy gagged slightly, squishing her nose. “Props, Lump friend.” she said and backed up and looked at the stairs. “I’m tired of these damn games though, I’m not leaving this place again in fear.”

Jalen saw the flare move and was a bit scary, but the light went out so he calmed down and looked back up the stairs again, keepign an eye out for more fires. If that gas went up they were all in trouble.

He cringed at the sound and then at the smell that rose from the pisspot but he was glad to have the muckbag around now. “That was some quick thinking… good job” He complimented looking up for Jalen to continue up the stairs.

[Storyteller] Though Jalen cannot see the source, it would appear there is someone moving around the stairway opening just above them. Then he feels as though a hole is opening up inside of him, and his vitae slipping away as if he were weakening suddenly. Then, intense hunger.

<+Emma>  looks about as those lumps move about like a frighttrain.

Jalen hissed as suddenly his blood was taken from him. He felt his beast growl, but he managed to keep it down for now. “Picking up the pace, people! There’s something stealing blood!” he growled as loudly as he could manage and started heading up the stairs as quick as he could manage while being alert and not slipping.

Roxy yipped. “The stabby ghost!” she cried out.

Esmond wanted to leap forward but after his concurrent nightmares had trouble going any firther than a foot or two up the steps behind Jalen.

[Storyteller] Jalen runs up the steps and gets all the way to the 4th floor as a wiry little man throws a lit zippo into the gas on the stairs. It whooshes into flame behind him, but directly in front of Esmond.

“FUCKING BULLSHIT COWARD PIECE OF SHIT!” Jalen cursed as he saw the flame being dropped. He stopped moving forward and was only slightly sorry as he haulted in his tracks to prevent anyone else from moving forward. “SORRY ROXY, BUT I’M NOT BECOMING BBQ FOR THIS CRAP!” he yelled, trying to get everyone to go back down.

Esmond felt the flash of heat hit his face but even though he would normally be frenzying he was able to only throw his head back before trying to assess the situation. “Can someone pass me a bottle of pee?” The thought was disgusting to Esmond but he wasn’t allowing a little bit of pyrotechnics scare him off and fail Roxy. Or let Jalen die.

“we got trouble miss ” as she goes to retrive the piss

Roxy blinked and followed after the lumpy friend and grabbed more… gross fluids to help in case the first few didn’t work. “ew ew ew ew ew”  Roxy blinks and just looks around. “What the fuck?! How many ghosts do I have around me?!” she started to panic as she looked around, confused, trying to find this disembodied voice with her arms.

+Emma heads back to esmond with that bottle

Realizing, he misjudged where the fire was, Jalen turned around and poped his claws, he wasn’t fuckign dealing with this shit, no warning or anything, and went for the guy, his claws out slashing at the little bitch. “Fucking shit!”

[Storyteller] The wiry guy shrieks as he gets jumped on, blood spraying from the gashes in his torso as he gets clawed. He flails a little bit, swinging wildly all about him.

Esmond starts to pour one of the jars onto the wall of flame in front of him. grunting a little as he noticed some pouring onto his shoes and dripping a little onto his sleeve. If he didn’t feel so goddamn indebted to Roxy right now he might have demanded compensation. “I’m helping with what I can see right now Rox, just try to stand a little bit closer to me and keep the jars coming.” he said throwing down the empty one and holding his hand back for another.

Roxy whimpered. “But its here, in my ear its in my head, Jalen!” she cried and tossed the jars over to Emma who was closer to Esmond. “And mister ghost what would please me if I fucking knew anything about this place, why I was supposed to avoid it and why is there just so much pee?!”

+Emma hands another bottle  to esmond

[Storyteller] The guy shrieks again, blood spurting out and some of it even hissing and sputtering into the flames. “Why, why did you desert me, leave me? Have i not… served you…”, then he goes quiet.

Jalen slashed the guy one more time before he finally died. He stood up panting, shaken from this whole fucking thing and turned around. “Pyromaniac here’s dead! You all okay?!” he tried to yell over the flames.

Roxy just crouched and covered herself, in a field position. “just leave me alone!” she begged, obviously not okay.

Esmond finished quashing the plains with the stinky urine, looking over to see Jalen’s prowess in action. Making a mental note not to get him mad he turned to Roxy and ran back to stand with her. “It’s done, we got the creepy son of a bitch.” he tried to soothe her.

Roxy shook her head. “No no no you didn’t.” she mumbled,

+Emma looks at roxy

Roxy looked around. “No! I’m Not a bird! I am afraid, and I do not trust you! you never answer anything I say or talk to me or make yourself known!”

Since everyone else was watching Roxy, Jalen went and got more pee to make sure the fire went out because he wasn’t having another close encounter with bonfire flames if he could help it. Also, with how protective Esmond was being, he figured the least the dude could do was figure that out.

“Roxy, calm down. Focus on here and now.” He instructed, feeling helpless that he couldn’t do anything about the ghost, the shotgun in his hands useless.  When the voice enters his mind Esmond looks confused but doesn’t reply to it although he feels disgusted that anything would claim Roxy like it did.

Roxy looked over at Esmond. “It is here and now!: she shoved him, though it wasn’t much of a shove, she more pushed herself away.

Jalen put the empty bucket down, pretty certian that things were in the clear for now and sat down with a sigh. “Guys? What’s going on? Are we continuing or getting the fuck out of here?” he asked.

The feeling of helplessness was angering him and the smell of piss and dust was urging him to get out of here. “Roxy’s having an episode” He felt like a dick for simplifying it so much but he wasn’t about to admit he was hearing voices too.

+Emma looks about not certian about any of this .

Roxy glared at Esmond. “Fuck you!” she slapped at him and left out the door and went to her motorcycle. “Never talk to me again you big dumb stupid smurf!” she yelled, very much done with everything here. Nobody was helping, not even her supposed friends.

<+Emma> “what’s with her ?”

Esmond was dumbfounded at the sudden outburst, not sure what he had done but he felt twice as guilty as he normally. “God, I am a dumb big smurf.” he muttered, shaking his head and looking to the other two. “I don’t know, but do either of you two need a ride?”he asked, lipping a cigarette and lighting out, itching to get the piss smell away.

Jalen blinked as Roxy suddenly slapped Esmond after he explained ‘she was having an episode’ which still didn’t make sense to him. And then she was storming out. “Alright, then, I suppose I’ll call and ask later,” he sighed, scratching his head. He stood up and stretched, glad that he was alive at this point. “Emma I’m gonna go find some blood, all that wiped me out, but if you’d like to talk later, here’s my number, and you can usually find me at Jerry’s bar,” he explained and handed her a card he scribbled down his number on. “Honestly, I don’t know, but hopefully she’s okay… I’ll ask what all this was for later, I guess,” he sighed, scratching his head again.  “Nah, I need to prowl after that, but thanks,” he said, heading down the stairs carefully, not forgetting about those damn nails.

<+Emma> “be safe”

Esmond does the same and hands her his card as well and walks out to his car, he would be washing that hand later. “I’ll see you later, I got some pondering to do too.” and with that he was in the beemer and on the road again, to drive out some heavy feelings.