[Storyteller] It’s raining lightly out, and there is a faint hint of thunder here and there.

Roadside Cross was sem-busy today, people getting out of the rain and having a drink or two. Jerry was too busy to talk with anybody really as he was making drinks and cleaning and doing stock. Roxy messaged Esmond. “So since you’ve been gone and you’re job needs to be well informed meet me at Roadside Cross, Small pub on the edge of town.” she sent and sat at a table playing with straws that she was putting together to make the ultimate super straw.

Jalen was simply hanging out at the bar, since in the past few days he’d made acquaintances with a few of the mortals there. Currently he was talking with a few of the more rough crowd, but he seemed to be getting along with them okay.

His phone beeped in his pocket whilst he was out driving, he’d been relishing having his own transportation all night and had been exploring New Orleans. He followed her directions and found the pub easily enough and sent her a quick “here” text before entering it and screwing up his nose a little. He was more of an artisan bar sort of guy. Roxy was hard to miss and he quickly sat in front of her, unbuttoning his coat as he sat. “Hey” he simply uttered, looking at the familiar gangrel at the bar.

Roxy looked up and grinned. “hey!” she chirped and pulled out some clay from her bag and started working on something

Jalen heard the familiar voices, even though there was merely a ‘hey’ spoken between the two people. He looked over to see Roxy and Esmond. He hadn’t heard much from either of them lately, so he mentally shrugged and decided to see what they were up to. “I’ll talk with you guys later, I have some people to meet up with,” he said, departing from that conversation before approaching the other two. “I didn’t realize you two hung out in smaller bars like this,” he said, taking an open seat beside them. “It’s been a while,” he noted.

Roxy perked up seeing Jalen and nodded. “It was more I was in the area and wanted to catch Essy up on what he missed.” she explained.

“I got a text and showed up, from Roxy’s voicemails I gathered you guys got up to quite a bit of trouble.” he muttered so only they could hear, reaching in his pockets for his cigarettes and placing them on the table before searching for his lighter in the other jacket pocket.

“Ah, yeah, I honestly can’t say I know why we got into half of the shit we did, though,” Jalen chuckled. “I assume something got done… Did Kenneth ever get that thing he wanted, by the way?” he asked, since they were on the subject.

Roxy nodded. “So You know the whole drug thing with the inhalers and stuff, we went to go find a drug friend in Thorny.” she sai, still carefully making something with the clay she had pulled out, using the straw for a scalpel. “Well we found the drug friend and he got away after shooting purple a few times, I forgot her name but she had a purple line in her hair so she’s purple. She was hunting him down too and he got awa, but then she summoned him and that’s when she gave me the boom.” she looked over at Jalen and held up a finger to have him wait for his answer and looked back at smurf. “Well Jalen managed to get him down and she took him to the tremere and Kenny did some stuff but he never told us anything about it I think he forgot us.”

The archon nodded and after finding his lighter he promptly lit up as was his custom, shifting a little in his seat to rest on his elbow on the table. “Sounds like you guys met a close friend of mine, I hope you were nice to her.” he took a drag before talking again. “I’m glad to hear you’re now armed though, these nights are getting more dangerous every sundown lately.” Esmond finished only nodding to the stuff about Kenny with nothing to add.

Roxy nodded. “We were nice. She gave me a boom gift!” she said. “So we’re still looking for the drug stuff, but it’s been an issue, I can’t do it alone, I don’t have the strength and Jalen isn’t sneaky enough.” but I imagine things are only going to get worse if we don’t hurry up. She pulled out her phone and started sending a message.

“Ah, I believe so. Things went pretty uneventfully until after we cornered the drug dealer, so I assume that went okay,” Jalen shrugged. “Jeez, it’s like that man disappeared off the map, maybe he’s holed up in a lab somewhere,” he mused. “I don’t sneak around, no. I can talk with people, obviously you and Kenneth can’t though,” he teased, remembering how ‘Thorny’ had gone.

“I’m a little sad that I missed all the action, it’s usually a party when Cora is around. Girl is a magnet for trouble or she’s just got a good nose for it” He answered, eyes flicking instinctively between both of them. “So what’s the next step while we wait for Kenny? because I can’t wait for him to dig his head out of a book any longer than tonight”

“This is what I mean, Essy, you’re a player.” Roxy pointed out before looking at her clay figure again, giving it little legs. “Well, we could go look for a druggy friend instead, that way we can have an easier time since they may not have weapons or body guards.” she pointed out. “or a sixth sense.”

“Well, if we’re gonna go look for another drug dealer for that in particular, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were another of the sixth sense,” Jalen admitted. “So, it’d be better to expect that from the get go.”

Roxy looked at Jalen. “That’s why we look for a Druggy friend, not Drug friend.” she explained. “We have the dealer, so we know their type, now we just need the unused thingy or used one, and maybe an infected fleshy.”

“I’m happy with that course of action” He answered simply, leaning back into his chair to absorb the conversation, shooting Roxy a look for calling him a player.

Jalen blinked. “Well, I suppose we could go look,” Jalen shrugged. He didn’t see how they’d be able to tell without asking or seeing someone use an inhaler, but… it was better than doing nothing

Roxy looked back at Esmond giving him a sharp look but played with her clay. “So… when do we want to do that?” she asked looking at Jalen.

“We can give it a rest for the night but if you guys wanna get out and about I did bring my car” the vampire explained, motioning toward the front of the bar. “I won’t push you guys into it but I’m sure that if we ask ‘nicely’ we could get some more answers.” he continued, ashing his cigarette into an unclaimed beer bottle.

Roxy snickered. “Ask nicely…” she rolled her eyes. “We can do that soon. Also you still owe me a modeling from you so I can use your form for a suit! And if you like it, I’ll consider giving it to you.” she said easily off topic.

Jalen blinked and tried not to stare as the buisness-man like vamp suggusted they go out and about in his car. Jeez, didn’t any of these damn New Orleanes vamps walk anywhere? Then he was pretty sure the guy was talking about manipulating the mortals in someway. He wasn’t sure how, but he was sure the guy had his ways. He was starting to see that him and this man wouldn’t see eye to eye very much. “I’m fine with going looking. I’m sure I can ask a few and see what the local drug dens are so we have some idea of where to look,” Jalen suggusted.

Nodding to Roxy’s comment about modeling he shifted again, uncomfortable hanging out in the bar knowing Helga was parked outside. “I’ll model for you” after that he turned to make eye contact with Jalen. “Drug dens are a good start, find the human who looks healthier than everyone lying on the floor throwing their guts up” his tone was a little hushed as he spoke so insensitively about kine.

Roxy smiled “I can help too, Jay.” she said and put the clay back in her bag. “You don’t wanna come with us, Essy?” she tilted her head and pouted. Are you busy? are you gonna leave again?” she spoke so innocent but everything she said to him was so backhanded.

Jalen nodded as Roxy said she’d help out too. Then she started talking to Esmond in a way that made Jalen think he shouldn’t get involved in that conversation. But then Roxy said something about Esmond leaving again. He blinked, deciding he definately wasn’t gonna get into that and just waited to see Esmond would say.

The ventrue took in a deep breath and sighed, throwing the cigarette into the beer bottle and adjusted his tie. “I’ll mind the car, I’ll just look out of place but if you need me, text me and I’ll come running because I’m not leaving…” there was a pause at the end of him talking, still feeling a little shitty that he had to uproot so suddenly.

Roxy nodded. “alright. I was gonna poke around somewhere else actually, maybe trills or something like that.” she said. “I don’t know what Two face would find acceptable in his alleyway.”

Jalen gave Roxy an odd look when she called Jerry two face, but didn’t say anything about it. “Alright, I’ll let you know if hear anything,” he said, standing up again to go talk around and see if anyone knew anything.

Roxy stood up and nodded and went to get on her motorcycle and shot a look at Esmond. “Sorry, we’ll get over tis eventually. Things are complicated right now.” she sad very calm and not in a squeaky tone before headig out of the door into the rain, putting on her goggles as she did so.

[Storyteller] Jalen does some sniffing around and does manage to hear about someone talking about a friend of a friend that has some new shit that is supposed to be pretty awesome, fuck you up good. They are gonna be making bank selling it out at a Rave being held at warehouse in the docks on Friday night.

[Storyteller] Roxy finds out they are going to have some awesome drugs at a party being held on Friday down at the docks, along with about ten invitations and places to meet people to hook up.

Jalen heard about a rave on Friday, and there may be the drugs he was looking for there… not exactly his kind of scene, but whatever, he could deal with drunk, buzzed up college shits. He took out his phone and texted Roxy and Esmond about the rave.

Roxy sent out a group text to Jalen, Esmond and kenneth. “So after snooping around I found some fleshy friends, I was given some invitations to get into this one room at a rave party at the docks.” she explained.

Esmond was parked up in a nondescript parking lot when the text made his face glow in the dark. “Alright, I’ll see you all there. I’ll dress appropriately.” was all he texted back and went back to sitting side saddle in the drivers seat, smoking while pondering under the dead street lights, rain pelting off of the roof and wetting him slightly.

“Friday.” Roxy added and went back home, taking the invitations and putting them in a box and went to work on something she wanted to work on now that she had the stuff for it.