[Storyteller] St Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square is a massive and beautiful structure.  The major landmark of the French Quarter is the oldest continuously active cathedral in the U.S.  (Radiates True Faith)

[Storyteller] A thunderstorm can be heard off in the distance.

Roxy was aimlessly wandering around, clearly her head as she had gotten a voicemail. She growled under her breathe and paused as she looked up seeing she had found herself outside of a church of sorts. Thunder clashed in the distance, catching her attention. “I’m so upset even the gods are telling me to sit down.”

The blue blood had gone out looking for Roxy after taking care of business with Cora. He thought to give her a call but he really needed to talk to her face to face, especially after the vocal explosion he had gotten in his mailbox. He was dragging on a fresh cigarette when he spotted her outside the old cathedral, approaching her slowly and coughing to announce his presence. At least they could run into the church if it stopped threatening to rain and did.

Roxy looked over hearing the cough and glared and stomped over to him, balling up her fist and taking a good swing at him, hitting his stomach since she couldn’t exactly reach his face. “You abandoned me! I called you and you never picked uo! you never said goodbye even after I slaved over that damned pin I don’t you think you rightfully deserve anymore!” she stomped and glared at him, her mouth twitching at the sides

Esmond didn’t flinch from the hit and to be honest it was almost like being hit with a small pillow, he stared her down for a moment as if deciding what to do with her and took a drag as he did. “I’m sorry, that’s where I should begin.” the kindred apologized, slowly moving the hand with a cigarette up to his lapel to pin at the pin. “I didn’t forget, I’m terribly thankful, in fact I was hoping you were okay the whole time I was gone.” he looked to the ground before making eye contact with the malkavian.

Roxy hissed. “Fuck you!” she turned around and crossed her arms. “You left me! Didn’t tell me why, didn’t say bye, and now you come walking back smoking like you own the place.” she looked off to the street. “Oh look at me, I’m Essy– Esmond, and I’m a fucking asshole who flirts with ladies and abandons them when they bore me or are useless.” she mocked and turned back around to Esmond. “Well you know what, I found another suit friend, and I don’t care that you left, in fact I’m happy!” she was obviously lying. Her tone changed suddenly and her face more sad than angry. “Why did you leave without a word?”

“Roxy, I have a bit of a secret that I’ve kept from all of you but if I tell you, you can’t tell anyone. It will explain everything.” he sighed before tossing the cigarette to the ground and folded his arms, huffing a little to himself. “You have to promise, pink y promise.” Esmond continued, letting the rest of what she said roll off his back. She was mad and may not entirely mean it all, he’d seen enough criminals lose it to know it.

Roxy huffed and put a finger to Esmonds lips. “I don’t want to know, don;;t burden me anymore than you have by taking away my blessing of ignorance.” she said and pulled her hand away.

His brows raised when the finger touched his lips, if she wanted to be kept in the dark then he would keep it that way. ‘Archons shouldn’t be giving away secrets’ anyway he thought to himself. “I’m sorry, I’ve been busy and I’ve got some very important business and sometimes I have to leave, sometimes without saying goodbye” He explained, he was doing his best to keep it straight.

Roxy looked confused and upset still. “And you couldn’t tell me that before?” she asked, now just looking more pathetic than anything. “You left me behind, and I don’t understand why you wouldn’t warn me.” she looked at the clockwork pin, watching the gears turn inside of it. “I thought you understood.”

“I’m trying I think I do, sometimes more than just my life can be at stake with my special job so I just have to leave but it helps when I’ve got the pin you gave me, reminds me that I am just doing this for more than myself” Esmond was finding it hard to explain what he was talking about while skirting around the fact he was vampire secret police and the fact that bad juju could be going down.

Roxy looked worried. “Then fine, tell me your secret.” she took off her glove and held up her pinky. “You can give it to the tremere or offer it to a ghost at the hospital if I break the promise.” she said. “I forgive you, Essy.”

He grabbed her pinky slowly, and gave it the mandatory grip to signify the promise. “Simply, I’m vampire police, I work with others to root out threats to the camarilla as a whole” There was a little relief at the end of that sentence. “So when my job comes knocking, it’s to protect us all. I wear your pin like a signifier of my non-existant badge. That’s why it’s important to me” he was again motioning to the small ticking pin.

Roxy listened and eventually pulled her pinky away and put her glove back on. “Vampy police. I see.” she nodded slowly in understanding before hugging esmond tight. “I understand… and if you disappear again I won’t be as mad.” she said and stepped back. “maybe we should get off gods turf…”

He looked at the sky and listened to another rumble after returning her hug. He grew a little nervous at the thought of a civilian vampire knowing his preoccupation and would have to consider a blood bond to keep her malk side quiet. “We should, leave, I have to get back to Haven before dawn. Roxy, can you just be careful in the coming nights?” he asked, still concerned for her safety.

Roxy nodded. “Alright.” she pulled away and nodded, looking at the sky in turn. “I’ll be careful and quiet.” she said and looked at him batting her eyelashes. “I’ll be a good girl.”

Esmond smiled at that and couldn’t resist touching her cheek before walking off in the direction he’d parked Helga. “just be good” he repeated, catching one last glimpse of her before continuing his walk to the car. his hands in his pockets this time rather than around a cigarette.

Roxy simply waited until she saw him gone before deflating and just walked home, rubbing her cheek where she was touched, but soon ignored it and went to go find a fleshy to share an evening with.