[Storyteller] After getting into town with the truck and his car, Esmond manages to reach Cora by phone and set up a meeting place first out by the docks. It’s quiet out here, not very many people at all and the warehouses feel empty.

[CoraAnn] stands by a burned out streetlight, watching for the truck and it’s contents. She pushes off once she sees it coming, blowing a big, pink bubble as she does so.

[CoraAnn] is also toting a black backpack in addition to her regular attire of tight jeans, v-cut black shirt and leather jacket. She is wearing fingerless gloves on her hands, and keeps the bag slung over one shoulder.

Esmond is smoking, as usual and blew a cloud out the window as he parked the gun-wagon. He hopped out and brushed off a bit of ash on his jacket and grimaced at it at least he had his collection of suits to change into now. He raises both brows and waves to Cora, throwing down the butt and stomping it with his shiny shoe. “I’m back, did you miss me?” he asked cheekily, a small smile feathering his face.

[CoraAnn] grins a bit and walks over, leaning in playfully and blowing a strawberry bubble in toward his face before sucking it back in. “Ooooooh, presents. Whatcha bring me?”, she asks as she starts to walk around toward the passenger seat. “Come on, we’ll go to here we are dropping this stuff off and I’ll teach you how this works.”

Esmond smiled a little more and immediately hopped back in the truck, days of driving had definitely taken it’s toll and seeing nothing but the face of the man who had been driving his bmw made Cora’s antics refreshing. “I honestly didn’t look, you’re not supposed to open your presents till christmas” he joked, rumbling the truck back to life and pulling out.

[CoraAnn] directs Esmond toward the first set of old buildings, deep in the heart of ass-kicking land. She points off to a side street and nods. “Uhhhhh, that guy might not want to stop in that car on this particular street. Or you won’t have it for very long.”, she says with a snicker as she waits for him to stop so she can hop out. She hands Esmond a piece of paper, “here is our new home for now, it’ll be safe there. I’ll start grabbing what we need to move while you handle that.”

He chuckled but blinked when he realized what she meant, pocketing the paper after hopping out and tapping the window of his own car. Whispering in the man’s ear to go get some burger king and chill in the parking lot till he contacts him. Keeping him close incase they needed a getaway. Sauntering back to Cora and lighting another cigarette, exhaling before speaking “I’ve been meaning to ask you something by the way.”

[CoraAnn] looks up and over at him as she shoves a crossbow into a black dufflebag, raising an eyebrow. “Uh, okay? Go ahead.”, she says as she also slides a couple of handguns in and seals up the bag and then closes the locker in the back of the truck. She starts to walk toward a boarded up old building before giving a quick look around and then popping the lowest board off with her hand and crawling inside.

Esmond nods and reaches in to pick up a basic shotgun and pocketing some shells, locking the back of the truck, man was too much of a cowboy for his own good. He quickly followed Cora and made the assumption they weren’t supposed to be here so he asked hiz question with a whisper as he climbed in, grimacing at the dust. “I know that we’re the same in clan but you mentioned that you did spend some time as a caitiff and I saw the way you handled yourself in the swamp. You care to teach me what you picked up?”

[CoraAnn] laughs just a little, glancing back at him as she moves a few pieces of concrete and places the duffle down in the dirt, covering it and then replacing the concrete. “Uh, sure. Once we get back to the house, and I shower. And you shower.”, she chuckles, obviously amused and then on the top piece of concrete she holds out her hand and claws emerge from her fingertips. She scratches a symbol into the concrete, a combination of cirles and lines… looking almost like a crop circle. Then she crawls outside again and makes the same symbol on the brick, up out of general view. Once he emerges, she puts the board back and hammers it in place with a piece of brick, her hand returning to normal again. “We need to talk anyway.”, she adds with a slightly more serious tone. “And that, I prefer to do in more comfortable setting. One down, two to go.”

“Oh good, lead the way then.” Esmond nodded and motioned forward with the barrel of the gun, taking the hint that perhaps as talkative as he watned to be, now probably wasn’t a good idea.

[CoraAnn] smirks a bit as she heads back to the truck, waiting to get inside before she says anything while they are on their way to the next stop. “Those symbols we use to mark certain things. So you kinda need to memorize them… each one means something different and we leave them for each other… which is weird cause Anarchs do the same thing though usually with spray paint and cuss words and not weird little Elder symbols.”, she says as she guides him through the next two stops in much the same fashion. They stop, find an out of the way place and leave a stash of weapons there along with a sign telling others where to look should they be of similar training. Once done all together, she points off toward the docks again. “We’ll ditch the truck out here and use your car to get to the new place.”

The cop was just nodding along as Cora spoke, drinking in the voice of someone who was definitely lucid after these past 9 days, doing as he was told, moving from stash to stash. His nods seemed to get slower and more intent as she explained the symbols and the fact that they are similar to Anarch’s markings in function but not form. When they finally arrived at the docks he spoke finally breaking the stoic silence, bassy tones filling the night air. “He won’t take long, he’s been good to me” he mentioned, giving a quick call to the mortal driver and lighting up a cigarette to wait for the ride. “While we wait, I’ll get the sentimental shit out of the way. It’s good to be back in action with you. Turns out the moving company was trying to see if they could sell off my shit cause it looked expensive.”

[CoraAnn] smiles a bit at that and nods in agreement. “Same. Shotgun put me on forced vacation after I had an accident… and I guess I did get kinda reckless after that. But I took my little trip across the pond for a while and now I’m back, mostly to normal.”, she says as she leans against the wall close to Esmond. “Wow, do they have anything left or did you send them to Mexico with no memory and $5 to their name?”

“Vacation sounds good, forced and accident aside. Can I ask what happened or do you wanna keep that for later too?” he asked, watching the car pull up, asking the driver to get out with a gesture. “Go home, get some sleep.” Esmond mentioned to the mortal, watching him walk away before moving to the passenger side, opening the door for Cora and frowning at a speck of sauce on the interior.

[CoraAnn] gets into the car and tosses her bag in the floorboard by her feet. “I accidentily killed someone, a person, not one of us. Got into a brawl and the guy kept pistol whipping me so i punched him, and it snapped his neck.”, she says as she looks out the window, letting her hair fall and obscure most of her face. “I kinda snapped a bit after that, and went after the guy that sent him to hold me off… little weasel… he shot me with a flare. But we caught him. After that though, Lynn busted me and told me to come back after the weekend.”

Esmond shut the door and walked around and lowered himself into the car. “Sounds like Lynn made the right choice, I’m kinda regretful that I wasn’t there to help out sounds like you had quite the adventure.” he remarked, quickly throwing the car into gear after checking the address in his pocket and entering it into the built in GPS. “Maybe next time you can wait for me to be fashionably late” he joked, letting his third grin of the night slip.

[CoraAnn] half smiles but is mostly quiet the rest of the ride to the new place. It isn’t a bad area, but definately not the suburbs anymore. It’s an apartment building, and as she climbs out of the car and grabs her bag, she runs a hand over the top and actually full on smiles at him. “So… I get to drive this at some point, right?”

“I’d say over my dead body but I think I’m filling my quota for jokes tonight. Maybe if you managed to finger the keys out of my pocket ” Esmond replied with a raise of his eyebrow, looking out over the new haven. “Lead the way missy, the cars name is Helga for future reference” the ventrue continued, eyes following her hand over the top of the car.

[CoraAnn] grins a bit. “Challenge accepted, Suit.”, she says as she leads him inside the building and then up the stairs to a nondescript apartment. Number 214a. She grabs her keys and opens it up, letting him in and then locking the door behind them. She darts about and grabs a few things off the nearby furniture, like a bright purple bra and panties laying on the back of the couch, tossing it instead onto the bathroom floor. “Uuuuuhhh, sorry. Totally forgot about that and I’ve been by myself since Patrick is currently checking the swamp for snake nest so we can hit it and Lynn”, she says as she touches her ring finger and clicks her tongue a bit, “Went home for a few days. Sooooo, just you and me for now.”

He followed the smaller girl intently, looking the walls up and down and checking out the exits in case of emergency. After entering the apartment and watching her fling what he would assume was her underwear or not into the bathroom. “So it’s just us and an apartment, were we human people would talk.” Esmond really was a jokebook tonight. “I was waiting to be ambushed on the way back but nothing happened, so do you wanna rgive me the run down on the situation and after that we can talk about trading magic tricks” the ventrue spoke sinking into the now vacant couch.

[CoraAnn] laughs lightly and sits down next to him, leaning back a bit into the cushions. “Well, I am sure that the neighbors probably think you must be cheating on your wife and I am your hot little side-piece.”, she leans forrward then and slides her jacket off, tossing it over onto an opposing chair. “Well… actually… Big Gay Al ever talk to you about cleaning house? And no… I don’t mean the dishes and laundry.”

“I’ll be sure to screw with their heads by removing a wedding ring in the hall.” he smiled again and relaxed himself, kicking up his feet, thankful to not be driving anymore. ” He liked to kiss ass in more than the sexual sense, but I get the connotation, that we’ll be dusting out the cabinet so to speak” he answered.

[CoraAnn] “Well… Shotgun moved us because she … something has her spooked. And I am pretty sure that Bishop thinks we are here to clean house. So…”, she turns and then leans back so that she is fairly close to him, and puts her hand on his arm. “I need you to promise me, that if anything happens to her, you’ll help me kill that fucker.”, she says with complete seriousness before letting her hand slide away from him again. “I am currently on Anarch duty, which you’ll be joining me on too… so we are going to have to get you to pass for one. Any chance you speak Russian?”

He almost jolts when she grips his arm but he can see the intent in her eyes and nods. “Of course, I do not like him at all. From the night we met he seemed arrogant and self absorbed which could be percieved as normal but something felt off. He’s weak and I’ll be surprised if he even scratches Lynn.” Scratching his head and resting his hand on the pin on his lapel, thumbing it idly. “I don’t speak soviet I’m sorry, but if you wanna roll me in the dirt I can grin and bear it.”

[CoraAnn] nods her head softly, leaving the previous subject at that. “Well, Russian Brujah would mean you get to keep the suit… but we’ll have to settle for something that looks a little more local. We’ll go shopping tomorrow or something… but you are going to need to learn something like they have to pass for one. Getting their attention is one thing but moving fast would help. If you’re sure you want to.”

“I can speak in an accent but if they start speaking in Russian I am for lack of a better word. Boned.” Esmond leaned back and checked his watch. “I don’t think that’s a question at this point. I need to be good at this job otherwise I’m just going to be filling space in someone’s boardroom and while that would be easy the cop in me’s skin would crawl.” He shifted in the chair and sat up, his face had become more serious. “So how do we do this? I know we can I just don’t know the specifics.”

[CoraAnn] smiles, though she also makes a bit of a face for a minute, nodding to herself. “Guessing that didn’t get covered either. I can teach you… but you know how all our abilities are carried by blood, by lineage in the case of our primary disciplines… well, to gain one you aren’t… born with, you have to feed on someone who does have it, and learn to use it while that blood is in your system.”, she says, a small smile still on her lips in mild amusement.

Esmond seemed almost nervous as she explained the guidelines for learning new disciplines, he’d blush if he could, knowing that the kiss is called the kiss for a reason. Now the neighbours were definitely going to talk. “I’d promise to make it short but I really can’t promise a thing.” His voice betrayed him a little as he spoke.

[CoraAnn] sighs a little bit and reaches out, putting a hand gently on his arm. “Hey, how do you think I got all these powers? There’s no shame in blowing off steam now and then… Now not into commitment… This is a one time thing, maybe two.”, she says. “You aren’t gonna hurt me.”

“Oh my god stop” he muttered and chuckled, shifting in his seat to get a little closer. “So do you have a preference on where the bite’s going?” he asked, the proper ventrue was clearly embarrassed by the act but he was willing to go through with it.

[CoraAnn] sighed a little deeper and shook her head softly at him, looking him in the face for a moment. “You don’t have to. I can totally go get a cup, though I tend to find that kinda gross. I just… like to feel close sometimes.”, she says with a roll of her shoulders.

Esmond nodded and then shook his head at the offer of the cup. “That’s just making dishes” he answered, reaching out with his hands to place them on her shoulders. “I get it and I’m hungry anyway.” he resigned, motioning toward her neck with his head “You ready then?”

[CoraAnn] reaches up and pulls his hands down around her waist, leaning in close to rest her head on his shoulder, exposing her neck. She closes her eyes and just rests against him, her arms held lightly against him, fingers playing with the material of his suit.

Esmond leant in slowly being tender with her, but as soon as his lips touched her neck and he felt the anticipatory rush of feeding he got rougher and pulled her by her hips even closer as his teeth sunk into the soft flesh of her throat. The wet feeling of blood meeting the back of his throat paired with the taste of vitae, driving one of his hands to grip the back of her neck to tighten his grip.

[CoraAnn] gasped, caught off guard by the sudden change in his nature, but didn’t even try to stop him. Her hands gripping the material of his suit tightly, she moaned as he took what he wanted, pulling him as close as she could.

The ventrue drank deep and was lost in the sensation, every moment or two a hand changing position, grappling and groping whatever it was touching before a hand settled gently pulling the back of her hair. Years of feeding on criminals had made him a rough feeder and if he was capable of the thought he might worry about breaking Cora.

[CoraAnn] pulled so tightly against his jacket that it tears under her strength, ripping straight up the back. Her hand came up the side of his arm and tore at the collar of his shirt, a soft growl coming out beneath the moaning now and then.

As he slowly relinquished the bite onto Cora’s neck he leaned back and licked his lips, looking down quickly to check if anything had dripped down onto his expensive suit. “Uhh… s’been a while you know” he stammered, his hands still remaining where they ended up but the hand in her hair loosened it’s grip.

[CoraAnn] relaxed slowly, staying leaned against him for a couple of moments longer before sitting up. “You bite like a damn Brujah, you know that? I will keep that in mind… I owe you one.”, she says with a weak chuckle as she slowly pulls away from him. “Well, now that the fun part is over with… uhm, moving fast is a lot like making your blood enhance your natural physical state. So you really just concentrate on it, and make it send you forward. Like each action seems to slow everything around you down.”

He runs a hand through his hair and jumps back to his side of the couch and straightens his tie. “Yeah, sorry it’s a bad habit. Honestly it was nothing I just haven’t felt that sort of intimacy with the bite before” he answered, not making eye contact until she started to explain how his new trick was going to work. “Concentration is a general rule I see but it will be nice to be able to move faster. I’m gonna need to cash in that favor for another trick one day.” he was making idle talk now, feeling the need for a cigarette after all that.

[CoraAnn] nods her head a bit and straightens out her clothes a little bit as she get up from the couch. “It might take a few times to get the hang of it… but the physical ones are easy. Once you get it down it’s easy to get better at it and you won’t need help for that. Just keep at it, you’ll see what I mean how it seems like the world moves slower… I learned flipping a quarter in the air and catching it, concentrating on doing it as fast as possible until i broke that mental barrier and just did it.”, she says and then glances off toward the bathroom. “I am gonna go shower now. You, get some practice.”