Roadside Cross wasn’t as busy tonight, and it was now nicely decorated for the October season. The place was small, a few people here and there, single pool table, still missing the number 3 ball and the bounty on it has recently reached $1000. Cobwebs were carefully hung around the ceiling and small spiders place inside, but nothing crazier than that. There was a piano, currently being played by someone in a nice suit which a gentle rhythm that seemed to match the place’s mood. Those drinking by the bar kept their heads low, and those at tables talked amongst themselves, friendly despite the part of town they were in. Behind the counter, the bartender cleaned glasses calmly, not having to rush around and was cooking something in the microwave for someone in the table area, perhaps the homeless looking man with a sad look on his face in the back. The bartender had burn scars on his face, and an eyepatch too look at least hide some of it, and his eye wasn’t the prettiest anyway. He looks up with his good eye, a deep blue and piercing, he looked standoffish but he gave a friendly nod to anybody who would come inside, so long as they were keeping the peace he maintained.

<+Emma> A lone figure wanders the back allys her hood up and her walks slow and a steady pace.  she keeps her blue orbs down casted ,pauseing briefly to look at the street signs, before ambling to a doorway and enters the place called the crossroads .

Jerry looked up as someone walked into his domain, he gave a nod, his eyes soft and sorrowful but a mask of anger glazed them. “Welcome.” he said verbally. “Looking for a room, come talk to me, looking for a drink try one of the fellows around here but take it out of here.” his voice coarse and firm, glaring at the thought of someone using his space to do such deeds. However that also meant he knew of kindred, despite his mortality.

Taken back by the gruffness at first the hooded figure moves slowly twords him her motions a bit colder now then as she comes close she softly utters “ones like us have it harder then most of the rest our curse is deep and frighting to tose who donot understand , have no worries if i have need of them it will not be here ,that i take my refashments .” as shhe

Jerry blinked as the woman talked in almost riddles it seemed like, but he just sighed. “I’ll take that as you will mind your own. Again, if you need a room, just let me know, uhm..” he paused for a moment and looked at her. “Cursed be my bleeding heart, you can stay a night free, but since your the kind that doesn’t deal with others much, I will warn you of the young mutt we have here too good guy though, for a bloodsucker.” that last part he sort of grumbled to himself.

Emma gives a nod and asks “your not bad for a bartender ,i`ll take your advise about the mutt as my needs for now is that so offered room. and  a bit of info as to the people in charge of this town.:

Jerry looked over at a much smaller more frail bartender came in rom the back, drying his hands on his pants, big dorky glasses and had to be in his early twenties. “Watch the counter, I have business to attend to” he said giving him his rag and glass he was cleaning before going around the counter and towards the stairs. The boy looked worried. “Are you sure, uncle?” “You’ll be fine, just don’t break anything, or talk, or look people in the eye.” he said as he left and gestured for the girl to follow him as he pulled out keys.

Emma walked with jerry and noded to the young lad

The upstairs was a small hallway and several sets of doors, the bathroom was open but nobody ever really used it. He unlocked a door and then handed her the key and stepped inside, it was a small room, had a twin bed, a storage trunk, a tiny sink bathroom, all of it well kept and clean. “So What is it you know already so I can fill you in the detals, unless you’re that new to town from 5 minutes ago in which case you have quite a lot to learn.”

<+Emma>  well i know i`m a noseratu and my sirea man called Nassor, and i was last at a dig in egypt . And i woke up here in a sarcophagus in the docks . headed for the museum of ancient history

<+Emma> and that i died in 1966, but other than the normal things my kind goes thru is best left unsaid

<+Emma> not much i can say

Jerry coughed as he heard all that, his eye wide. “Erm, you know all the rules in town? Never talked with the prince, or anything?” he moved over sliding open a small door, a little closet for outfits for those who liked to stay longer than a night or two.

<+Emma> With that said she observes his actions, and peers at the closet more intesncely

Jerry went over and unwrinkled the bed his hands visible and his stance open, he turned back to her. “You really must be lost. So do you know the standard rules? Don’t fuck with the police, don’t break the masquerade, that sort of thing? We can start there, before I tell you about this town itself, don’t need you getting yourself killed over something dumb.”

<+Emma> nods and is silent

Jerry sighed. “Work with me here, I’m trying to help.” normally he’d assume it was his face, but he really doubted with this girl that that could bother her much. “Bishop is the prince, he usually hides in Belle’s. Then you have the tremere at the plantation, malkavians at the hospital, not a fun place I’m told.” he crossed his arms. “Those are the places I know of that you should steer clear from. Your kin tend to hang around the graveyard, big mausoleum so ou should head there after you’re done here, but my doors are always open for you.” he stopped there and waited for a response before continuing. “The embrace is broken, and some crazy shit is happening here.”

Emma nods as she rubs her temple a thin sliver of her face can be seen briefly she is not well her skin is paler than most and her body is starting to feel the effcts of travel

Downstairs, Jalen walks in stumbling slightly. “Hey kid… let– ugh… I’ll be in my room if anyone asks,” Jalen informed, steadying himself on the bar for a few seconds before attempting the stairs. “Please don’t vomit, please don’t vomit,” he mumbled to himself as he somehow made it to the top. There he heard two people talking and noticed it was an old lady and Jerry. “Hey Jerry, I’ll be in– in my room if you need me,” he said, covering his mouth as he felt a wave of nausia. He fumbled with his lock until it opened and stumbled inside, making it to the bathroom were he decided he’d sit until he hopefully threw up.

Emma turns quickly to see the man looking like he had too much to drink “hope that one is feeling better ”

<+Emma> as her skin begings to bubble up in places as if it was the only living thing in the room

<+Emma> and she begins to scratch at her arm

Jerry opened his mouth to say something when he noticed Jalen who looked sick. “That would be the gangrel…” he said worried slightly for his friend when he turned back he jolted and stepped back. “Uhm. Look I know I’m not one to talk but uhm…” he shook his head. “So, there has been strange happening, Swamp is bad, forest is evidently also bad from current news I’ve heard, but then again Tremere think everything is probably bad outside their bubble.”

Emma just contines scratching each lump as it contines to come to life making her abit unnerving to watch

Jerry looks very concerned. “Okay no seriously, what is wrong with you, why is your skin moving like that?” he had a respect for nosferatu, really he did but this was just far more than standard Nosferatu problems.

<+Emma> “it`s this criters they tend to move when i get nervious .my sire had them too ,guess it comes with the embrace not much i can do with them ,” as another lump moves, up her neck .

<+Emma> ” thats why i keep covered and stay to the dark allyways ”

Jerry’s mouth twitches at the corner. “Oh? the critters? Are they uhm… a problem?” he stepped another good step back. “Am I going to need to get poison in the morning?” he would anyway. “I like you, you seem like a pleasant lady, you really do, but I also really like my bar not being infested with whatever ‘critters’ you keep.”

<+Emma> “not to worry they don`t come out my skin they tend to be a burdon only to me and many …”sighs “tend to avoid me you know this creeping skin is my curse i guess “she explains more .

Jerry stepped forward again, now looking more sorrowful. “I see, well if they don’t come out and ruin everything I ever loved and cherished, this place is all I have.” he looks at the bed. “You’re free to stay here as long as you wish, free of charge, just don’t make a mess, hurt anybody and no feeding on my grounds.”

<+Emma> “not to worry there i’d ask where is the  graveyard and i donot leave places a mess fact is i might be more tidy than most .”

Jerry smiled fondly at the woman but pulled out his phoen and pulled out a map and showed it to her. “Here, this is the graveyard here, so you’ll go down and turn here, you should find it easy.” he informed. If you want to stay you have the key but just give it back to me or drop it off in my key box downstairs whenever you decide you’re done with your stay for however long.”

<+Emma> she says in a matter of fact way.

<+Emma> “thank-you Jerry ” is her responce as she looked over the map and listened to his directions

Jerry nodded. “Oh yeah, my name is Jerry.” he looked down at his nametag and back at hers. “Probably should have introduced myself a long time ago, huh?” he chuckled.

<+Emma> “my name is Emma noir”

Jerry bowed his head slightly. “Not sure what custom you’re used to, but it’s nice to meet you Emma, its a nice name.” he said and headed for the door. “I should probably check on Jalen, are you going to be okay?”

<+Emma> “of course why would i not be ,Jerry”

Jerry shrugged. “Just making sure, really.” he said and left, gently closing the door and giving Emma space. He knocked on Jalens door. “Oi, coming in.”

“S’fine… let yourself in…” Jalen groaned from the bathroom, wishing he’d just throw up already and be hungry instead of as he was now. He didn’t trust himself getting up at the moment.

Jerry walked in and looked at Jalen. “I wasn’t aware you bloodsuckers even got sick.” he snickered a bit,

“Fucking alcoholics who don’t look like they’re drunk…” Jalen mumbled, groaning a bit as it seems he was still stuck with this nausea. “Can’t stand drunks, dunno about others, but that’s just– just a personal thing, I think,” Jalen explained.

Jerry crossed his arms and sighed. “Huh, never heard of this sort of case. Do you need a blood pack? I keep them for emergency hungry kindred who stumble in looking for a meal.”

Jalen shook his head slightly. “No, I’ll just vomit it up at this point, but thanks anyway,” he said, finding it nice of Jerry to offer. “I won’t vomit on anything,” he promised.

Jerry shrugged “so long as you clean it, I don’t care. But you can drink the bag after you’re feeling better. especially if you lose whatever you had uhm… gained..” he shuddered.

“Dunno if I’ll want to go try my luck again after that, especially not after that bite, so I think I’ll take you up on that offer,” Jalen nodded slowly, gently feeling his neck as if to make sure it was gone. Shit, he was tired of getting bitten.

Jerry nodded and headed for the door. “Alright, you get better. Also you should be nice to the Nosferatu, she’s a kind soul, despite her..” he rolls his shoulders a bit and then his head. “her big problem. Her name is Emma.” he informed.

“I’ll go introduce myself once I’m not prone to vomiting on her,” Jalen agreed with a slight nod. “I won’t be mean, either,” he added since apprantly because someone looked ugly they were to be treated like dirt in the Kindred world.

Jerry sighed. “Sorry, my bleeding heart goes out to those not accepted by others simply based on their appearance..” he sighed.

“s’alright, I get it,” Jalen replied. “Seems kinda silly, frankly, but then again I’m kind of a bit new to this vampire thing.”

Jerry raised his eyebrow. “You’ll see the issue with most Nosferatu when you encounter one. Maybe you can meet my Domitor, sometime.” he opened the door. “see you Later Jalen.”

Jalen wasn’t sure what what Jerry was talking about, but he was starting to get used to that look from vampires. Didn’t think he’d get it from a human, but oh well. “Cya,” he replied, laying his head back on the wall.