[Storyteller] Leandra has gotten a message from Lynn about meeting her in the garden district out toward Layfette Cemetery. The area is very beautiful and well kept, with many gardens among the houses here and even the cemetery is full of flowers and trimmed trees.

[Shotgun] paces near the gate to the cemetery, one of the few places where she can see approaching cars coming from almost any direction. She looks a bit out of place with her cowboy hat and boots out here amongst the trees and flowers, but no one else is around to notice.

Leandra had arrived by car not long ago, though far from the cemetery. She wore a white pantsuit with a lavender and black coat over it. Even with the happier colours, she looked as sour as ever. She grimaced at the gorgeous flowers as she passed a particularly darling installation. Eventually she huffed her way to the requested place. She heaved an affected sneeze as she glared over the poppies.

[Shotgun] catches sight of Leandra and moves toward her, catching up in short order and bowing her head apologetically. “I am sorry for asking you all the way out here. But too many ears at the club.”, she says as she regards the familiar shape of the older woman.

Leandra very nearly smiled when Lynn approached her, even through her show of allergies. She sniffled pitifully. “Oh, it’s no trouble, really. I needed to warm up these old bones, anyway, and I’m happy to help.” She looked around a moment, then focused on Lynn. “So. What’s going on?”

[Shotgun] “I would like for you to assess someone for me. A man by the name of William Dupre. He’s the Senechal here… and shares your lineage.”, she explains as she turns to take up a walking postion beside Leandra, offering her an arm. “I cannot approach him without Bishop questioning my motives, but i would like to know what you think of his ability to lead the city should Bishop fall from his position.”, she adds, the tone in her voice serious and spoken as if she did not like the taste it left in her mouth.

Leandra took the proffered arm, looking the frail old woman she was a century ago. Her interest seemed to grow as Lynn spoke. She was silent for a few moments after, taking in all she said—her words, tone and expression—she’d never been a particularly easy read. “An odd thing to wonder…though in your position, I suppose you must. Hm. I’ve very little to do with him so far. My sudden interest may seem odd…”

[Shotgun] nods softly as she walks slowly, keeping to Leandra’s pace. “Well, since he is a Toreador, it will seem far less odd than if I talk to him. I can arrange for you to end up at a performance where he will be in attendance.”, she says and smiles wryly at the old woman. “I know you. I trust your judgement on this.”

Leandra considered it. “Flatterer.” But she smiled in a grimacing way. “Fine. I’ll do it. So long as the dancers are clothed and the music isn’t loud noise. I know you’d do the same for me, if I asked. What do you think of him, so far?” Leandra glared at a bee that was flying in their direction. It turned and buzzed off somewhere else.

[Shotgun] raised an eyebrow, managing to hold in her mirth about the poor bee. “Of course. Think of who, Bishop?”, she asks and again that slight hint of distaste in her words. “I don’t like him, to be honest.”

Leandra blinked, showing the most emotion she had with her surprise. “No? May I ask why not?”

[Shotgun] reaches over and gives the old woman’s arm a gentle pat, it was as if she were just someone walking their mother through the gardens. “He has let this city become a playground for the Sabbat. And now the Setites. He spends more time with that necromancer than taking care of his city.”, she says with the hint of something deep, almost growling in the back of her throat.

Leandra looked a sweet old lady, until the word ‘Sabbat’ reached her ears. Her expressioned darkened, and she seemed somehow less old. She looked around, as though ready to face an invisible opponent. After a moment she calmed, and sank back into her grump. “I see. That is… not good. Not at all.”\

[Shotgun] “I am doing what I can, but I will be called upon to move on at some point.”, she says, her voice softening a little bit. “But I am glad to see you here, and though he didn’t say it, I will. I think that the city is stronger with your presence, and bettered by it.”, she walks Leandra full circle until they begin to approach where her car was parked. “I will catch up with you soon, hopefully after you have gotten a chance to talk to William.”

Leandra smiled a little at her words. “It is nice to see a familiar face. But, duty above all. So it will be with me, as well. Thank you for the compliments, I will do my best to live up to them.” She saw her car. She had merely followed Lynn’s lead; she was surprised at the circle they’d made. “Yes, I’m sure we’ll have quite a bit to discuss. Good night.” She broke off from her. “Keith! You oaf!” She snapped her fingers wildly–the car started up and a young black man leapt from the driver’s seat to open her door.

[Shotgun] grinned a little bit as she let the woman go. “Perhaps my long relationship with the Ventrue has been rubbing off on me a bit.”, she says and then nods her head as she watches Leandra leave safely before heading off to her own car.