[Storyteller] The plantation house is shaken by the sound of something crashing. Literally, the walls of the house shook for a moment and cursing in French can be heard from the direction of the makeshift laboratory. A moment later there is a second crash, followed by doors slamming.

Kenneth was jolted from the book he had been reading, sitting bolt upright and looking around> Raising from his chair, he quickly made his way out of the plantation house, looking around for the source of the crashes.

[Brandon Tresti] “(French) Stop lecturing me and help me hold the doors!”, he yells as he and Isabo both struggle to hold the double doors that lead from the Eastern wing into the main hall shut. “We could use some help over here!”

Samuel finally exits the room he vanished into and didn’t leave, over the last few days there has been the odd sound of hammering and drilling from inside the room as he had set his ghoul to making an actual locked room for his sense of security, and he walks downstairs towards where the crashing is, pulling on his suit jacket and scowling. “What on earth is disturbing my reading?”

Kenneth pressed against the door as hard as he could with his lightweight frame would allow. “What the heck is going on out there?” He shouted at the other two Tremere.

[Storyteller] Another huge crash and part of the wall explodes outwards, a figure running off into the dark behind the house, off toward the forest. It was roughly man sized and shaped, but strong enough to go right through the supports of the house.

[Isabo Kali] closes her eyes and focuses on the door, then past it. “It’s leaving. It went out the back.”, she says and then reaches over and smacks Brandon across the cheek. “What the hell were you doing?”

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> He frowns as he watches something run off, and looks to Isabo “What is “IT” exactly?”

[Brandon Tresti] flinhces a bit at Isabo’s hand on his face then looks to the others. “Sorry about that. It… well, you know we were trying to find out what was wrong with the Embrace… and… well, that was definately not a vampire I’ll tell you that much.”

Kenneth brushed off his jacket before frowning at the other two. “Wait, did you two attempt to embrace someone? And it created…. that?” A concerned look spread over his face as her took a second look at the damge it had caused.

[Isabo Kali] frowns deeply and pulls away from the door, the strange reflection in her eyes of outside disappearing as she refocuses on the room. “Not I, though, that was the idea. To see if there was a point we could determine where it was going wrong. And… it got up, but it was not right.”

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> There is actually an almost growl at that, and the normally calm Tremere snears. “While I was myself intending to suggest live experimentation… you have attempted it without properly securing the specimen? What did you create and how exactly do you intend to clean this mess?”

Kenneth leaned against the wall near the now non-existant door, listening carefully as the others discussed this experiment. “And now whatever that was is free…. hopefully it doesn’t hold a grudge.”

[Brandon Tresti] “Well, what it was we don’t know. Securing… we were prepared for a vampire, not… whatever that was.”, he says as he opens the door to look and see how much damage was actually done. “As for cleaning… well, this doesn’t look too bad… I think a little remodelling will do the house some good.”

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> “I wasn’t referring to this.. I meant your creation, or did you alert the Prince to this experiment?” the Doctor pauses then, and frowns, looking around as if for the non Vampires he has made no attempt to hide his discomfort about

[Isabo Kali] sighs and shakes her head as she treks through the wing to view the damage as well. “Shut up Brandon.”, she says and looks at the hole made out the back wall. “It went into the forest, right in the direction of that… thing.”, she says and then glances back toward Samuel. “Bishop gave Brandon permission to attempt an Embrace, with the thought we would destroy it if it worked.”

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> There is a brief nod at that “well that at least is something, I hope that this event does not spoil our relations with Mr Bishop, and prevent more extensive work… considering the damage, is this creature a potential Masquerade issue?”

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> “By which I mean, more than this.. ” he motions to the wreckage.. “and our associates constantly pose”

[Brandon Tresti] “I need to review the tapes and see exactly what happened. I have to know.”, he says as he glances toward the others. “Well, I for one and not going into that forest, but without knowing what we are dealing with exactly, it does us little good to speculate how much of a threat it might pose in the future.”

Kenneth nodded as the fourth Tremere spoke, he could tell that this man obviously wasn’t as new as he was, despite having never met him before. “I wouldn’t mind taking a look at the tapes as well, even out of sheer curiosity as to what that…. thing…. was.”

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> “A full review is certainly in order, and since I doubt any of us are accomplished hunters?” he glances at the others at that “I would like to see the lab and what the initial damage was.. do we have any remaining samples from this person?”

[Isabo Kali] looks at Brandon. “Tell me you at least put some sort of tracking device on it.”

[Brandon Tresti] looks to each in turn and sighs, motioning them to follow him. “Well then, I suppose we have some evidence to review. Yes I have a tracker on it, yes I saved samples. Not a total newb.”

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> “Well the, lead on, young man.” there is a condescending smile then, directed at Brandon. “At the very least we will learn from this, we don’t get experience without leaving a few bodies in our wake”

Pushing off the wall, Kenneth follows behind Brandon. “If that’s what the embrace has begun creating here, I’m concerned. Imagine if someone let something like that loose in the city itself.”

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> Samuel nods at Kenneth’s words “my understanding was that the embrace simply failed”

[Isabo Kali] “In the past, that was what happened. No one, to our knowledge at least, has tried in the last few years. All those just died.”, she says as she follows Brandon through the halls to a room with several monitors watching another room that looks like it was where the event took place.

[Storyteller] In the room the monitors are watching, there is no door anymore. A table with straps on it lies broken, though the cameras are all high up and seem undamaged. The room itself has a static-like feel to it, charged with energy.

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> “Ahh, the wonders of technology.. ” Samauel peers closely at the monitors, taking note of the extent of the restraints and the equipment, as well as the damage that has been done. “Once we are done here, I would like to inspect the room personally and what we can salvage”

Kenneth stepped to the side as the others entered behind him and Brandon, he watched the screens closely as he waited for the playback of recent events. “Hopefully there is something remaining that can give us some sort of clue as to what that was.”

[Brandon Tresti] nods his head and sits down at a computer in the room, typing a few things in. “Okay, I’ll have to go in first and strike the wards so you can enter. They were to keep it from getting out.”

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> “Concerning… I’m no expert on wards, but let’s see if at least they caused it any difficulty”

[Storyteller] The large monitor boots up and shows a zoomed in video of the event taking place. Brandon is draining the man on the table through what is essentially an embalming setup. Standing by off to the side is Isabo, taking notes. As the last of the blood is removed via machine, Brandon flips a switch and a small amount of a darker blood drips slowly into the victim’s mouth.

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> There is a moment there, as the doctor stands, arms folded, behind Brandon and watches the screens.. where he actually nods and seems impressed “Good so far.. I owe you both an apology for my earlier assumptions, to think I was going to do it the old fashioned way”

Kenneth raised an eyebrow at the older man’s comment. Just how old was this guy, if he’s talking about doing things the ‘old fashioned way’?

[Brandon Tresti] goes at the keys again, typing very quickly. A smaller monitor lights up with thermal imaging, and yet another loads up with some sort of other light spectrum. All of them run is high frames, slowing the events down on screen. He chuckles slightly at Samuel’s statement, giving him a respectful nod. “Thanks.”

[Isabo Kali] remains quiet, resting against the doorframe as she watches both the video and the others. Her eyes going over each of the monitors in turn, examining carefully.

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> The Doctor’s eyes flicker between the different readouts, and there is a measure of confusion on his face as he clearly isn’t good with such things, but he quickly works out what each image is displaying and actually takes out a leather bound notepad and pen and starts to take notes of his own

[Storyteller] The video monitor showing the full spectrum seems to capture an unusual aura invading the body just as another aura leaves it. In the thermal camera, there is a big dip in ambient temperture, by roughly fifteen degrees.

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> He frowns, and he looks to the others “Some kind of issue with the equipment?”

Kenneth watches the screen closely, his face turning to shock as the temperature dropped. “Potentially, but that is a poorly timed equipment failure if so.”

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> “Camera’s use lenses, glass makers cna never get a faultless lens” that opinion alone ages him.

[Isabo Kali] smiles at Samuel gently and reaches up toward the screen, “Brandon, stop that and go back, would you? There is an anomaly.”

[Brandon Tresti] nods and types into the computer for a second, going back frame by frame to look at the issue. “What the hell? This is a heck of a time to lose your pet that can talk to spirits.”, he says as he gives Isabo a look.

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> That genuinely confuses the doctor, and he starts tapping his pen on his pad in annoyance “What is going on?”

Kenneth nodded, he had thought he had seen something but wasn’t sure enough to have brought it up. “There’s something in the video that couldn’t be seen with naked eye, generally.”

[Isabo Kali] nods as she leans in closer, adjusting her vision and enhancing her senses with Auspex. “Yeah, I see it. It looks like there was a spirit in there with us.”

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> There is a snear again “you are suggesting that.. thing… was a ghost?”

[Brandon Tresti] “Can they DO that?”, he asks as he follows her example and watches it with his vision also enhanced. “It possessed the body.”

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> “I suppose it’s head is going to start spinning around any second” look, I know SOME pop culture! even if it several decades old. The older man is tapping his pen more rapidly now, obviously not tkaing it seriously

[Isabo Kali] takes another long look and then steps away, vision returning to normal. “It looks like it just failed… and that thing took the body for a joy ride.”, she says with a distinct frown upon her lips. “But what of that, there right as he dies? Is that… is that a soul?”

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> There is just a quiet scoff at the very concept of a soul from the doctor, who shakes his head. “It’s surely just his last breath, or electro magnitude interference?”

Kenneth stopped writing suddenly, “You mean his soul was simply left there in the room?” He said, tapping his pencil thoughtfully.

[Brandon Tresti] “I, honestly I don’t know what that is. I believe in spirits, sure. But, is the lack of a soul the reason it’s failing? Do we have souls?”, he says and ists back in his seat, half talking to himself.

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> “Next we’ll be discussing the “Caine” claptrap the other clan’s seem to believe… ”

[Isabo Kali] turns and starts to walk out from the room, heading toward the doors leading in there. “I am going to go check it out.”, she grabs a knife off the table and as she enters starts slashing Wards to avoid harming Kenneth or Samuel.

Kenneth quickly stows his pencil and paper, following Isabo towards the room, holding back as she started slashing the wards.

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> “Agreed, let’s see what the actual evidence shows us, rather than this clearly faulty equipment” He pauses briefly to allow the wards to be removed, before carefully stepping inside, looking around with an appraising eye.

[Storyteller] Samuel can still feel energy in the air, the whole room is charged with it. It is like a magnetic field, though seems to have no obvious source as to what is creating it. There is a hint of ozone in the air as well. The straps holding the man down are broken off the table completely, possibly still on his arms and legs.

[Storyteller] Kenneth notices that the room is highly charged with energy as well, and the same ozone smell. It’s as if there is still energy built up here that has not been discharged. It weighs on the air like the humid swamp mist, and it tingles against his skin.

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> The doctor walks over to the table, and starts inspecting the remainders of where the restraints were located and other simple physical evidence, looking for any blood or other samples that can be retrieved. “Whatever happened, it feels more like some kind of electrical accident.. we tried using Tesla arcs at one point to revive patients, the feeling was not unlike this… I think your equipment simple electrocuted the subject”

[Isabo Kali] looks up toward the cameras and smirks. “You here that, thanks Frankenstein.”, she says and then goes about searching as well, giving the IVs a look over and checking the blood still inside.

Kenneth stops short upon feeling the tingling sensation, “Something feels more off than that, though, there’s no obvious source for this level of energy…”

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> “Do we have any iron filings? If anything has magnatised it could have caused the arc.. were the restraints metallic?”

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> Noticing the blood, he walks over to the IV’s himself. “I take it we still have the subject’s vitae? We should ensure that is properly stored, it could be that some feature of the subject has contributed to this’

[Brandon Tresti] speaks through a speaker from the other room. “Straps were leather reinforced with flexable steel rods. But there isn’t a source for the readings… well, that’s strange… I am getting unusual readings just now. Like a spike when you touched the table.”

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> “We may be dead, young man, but you are aware we still conduct electricity, yes?” he passes a hand over the table, expecting sparks.

[Isabo Kali] nods and seals the bag up. “I know the preservation rituals, and will make sure it’s clearly marked. You might be right there could be something wrong with the subject in general.”

Kenneth watched the older vampire with curiosity, for someone who was a dead man living an immortal life, he was highly skeptical of the supernatural. “The table isn’t hooked directly to any source of electricity, is it?”

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> “I can assist if required, and who’s was used to attempt the embrace?”

[Storyteller] A faint humming sound seems to fill the room, soft, but just enough that it causes a noticible vibration.

[Brandon Tresti] “That would be mine we used.”, he says from the speakers once more.

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> “We will need enough of yours to test as well then, incase it was a contributing factor… and what is that noise?”

Kenneth stepped up and placed his palm flat on it. “If this table is simply mechanical, as it appears to be, I don’t think we would be simply conducting electricity through us Dr….” He paused before turning to the older vampire. “I’m sorry I never got your name, I am Kenneth Daily.”

[Storyteller] The noise halts suddenly as kenneth puts his hand on the table and a jolt runs through him, though electric in feeling it seems to cause no damage, though his hair does stand straight up.

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> “Doctor Morgan, nice to meet you Mr Daily” there is a curt nod at that “you were saying?”

[Brandon Tresti] laughs through the speakers from only a moment before hitting mute.

Shaking off the sudden burst of energy, Kenneth nodded at the man. Nice to meet you as well, Doctor Morgan. There doesn’t seem to be any source for the energy flowing through the table, and now apparently through me. And even if it were, it likely would have already dissipated through the base of the table rather than causing this.” He said, waving at his generally shocked figure.

Kenneth shoots a glare at the speaker before looking back towards the good(?) doctor.

[Isabo Kali] walks over toward kenneth and raises her hand, running it over Kenneth’s hair curiously. “Well, that is… unusual.”

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> Even the serious doctor has a light smirk at the sight, before raising an eyebrow “I admit that I am a medical doctor, not a physics, but all energy has a source Mr Daily, and Occum’s Razor… the obvious solution, is that there is some electrical current passing through faulty equipment or wiring into the table. Let us speculate for a moment… at the moment of what should have been death due to blood loss and whtever is causing issues with the embrace, the electrical current was able to restart the subject’s heart, now with the additional fortitude of kindred blood… causing what we saw”

[Isabo Kali] glances toward Samuel and a thought occurs to her and she frowns. “If… if that is the case, we might have succeeded. If he were, shocked… into life with the vitae in him… he might be a vampire.”

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> “Indeed, Miss Kali, and as I have no doubt we all know.. a hungry vampire is a force to be reconned with”

Kenneth nodded at the Doctor’s explanation before responding. “Your theory is mostly sound, Doctor, and I am no physicist either. The only flaw is that there is very little electrical equipment in this room are the cameras and speakers, and they are too far away to likely directing a current through this table…” He began examining the area around the table, careful to avoid touching it again.

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> “Perhaps the table is bolted through a wire? When I had Ophelia installing locks in my room she was concerned about putting the drill through wiring?”

Kenneth nodded thoughtfully for a moment, “I suppose that is a possibility… It just seems unlikely, to my understanding most wiring is routed through walls and cielings, very rarely through the center of the floor…”

[Brandon Tresti] “It is actually connected to the pump to get all the blood out. Same as they have in a mortuary.”, he says through the speakers. “But I don’t think there is enough there to zap someone back to life.”

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> “Do we have any available subject’s to test that theory?”

[Isabo Kali] looks up at the sameras and then at the other two and shakes her head. “No, and i think that for the night at least, lets not try a retest. I can use my clairvoyance to see where he is right now.”

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> “Disappointing.. we really do need to ensure a more secure location and a proper stock of test subjects if we are to discover and replicate this city’s issue”

[Brandon Tresti] “(French) Hey, Isabo. Wait for a moment and look real closely at Kenneth.”, he says via the speakers.

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> There is a polite cough at that “bloody frogs”

[Isabo Kali] looks over at kenneth, concentrating for a moment and then shrugging. “Too much other energy in the room. I can’t.”, she responds in English. “Kenneth, do you feel okay?”

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> That get’s the doctor’s attention, and he turns to watch Kenneth curiously, pen posed to take notes incase he explodes or something.

Kenneth looked up at them with curiousity before responding, “I don’t feel any different than usual, really..” HE said before pondering for a moment. “Actually… I do feel like there is some sort of energy coursing through me….”

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> “Do we have any more restraints?”

Kenneth shot an eyebrow up at that, looking with concern at the Doctor.

[Isabo Kali] takes a careful step back, also in case he explodes or something. “We do, in the hall there is a closet just before this room.”, she says as she circles around Kenneth, looking him over.

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> And the doctor heads that way “any sharp wood?”

Kenneth watched the others suspiciously before sighing and resigning himself to his fate.

[Brandon Tresti] calls down from the speakers. “I have some splinter servants if we have to. But Kenneth is a good sport, right? We just need to examine you.”

Kenneth sighed and nodded. “Just, keep the stakes away from me.” He said, crossing his arms sighing once again.

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> The doctor calmly retrieves the restraints and walks over. “Understand, Mr Daily, this is just for your protection. We don’t want you having some kind of siezure and harming anyone”

Kenneth walks towards the table, hesitating before touching it again. “I understand good and well, that doesn’t prevent me from being a little uneasy about the situation though.”

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> “Understandable, and I want to be clear.. “He holds out some of the restraint’s too Kenneth himself for assistance in strapping him down.. “..If I need to open you up and find out what has gotten inside you, I will”

Kenneth aids the doctor in strapping him in, grimacing at his words but nodding. “It’s all for the greater good, of course, isn’t it” He said, a slight tone of sarcasm entering his voice.

[Isabo Kali] walks over to the closet in the hall and also gathers a couple of items, coming back and walking to the table. She takes kenneth’s arm and holds a clay jar under it, then cuts across it. “Bleed please.”

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> As he straps down the other Tremere, he idely checks his eyes and such for any pupil dilation or other signs of contamination. “Remind me to create a stock of transferance vessels to make that easier”

Kenneth allows his blood to drain into the jar, sighing as he watched it go. He then laid down on the table, allowing them to finish strapping him in.

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> Once the other Tremere is restrained, he looks up at the cameras. “Can you see anything that shouldn’t be, the same interfence of any kind?”

[Brandon Tresti] talks down through the speakers. “There is some weird shit going on with my screens. I just checked and it is not showing any signs of malfunction. There is something going on around him. As soon as he touched the table directly.”

[Isabo Kali] sets the blood off to the side for safe keeping so they can study it later. “Have you had anything unusual to eat recently?”

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> “Clearly whatever electromagnetic energy that caused the accident remained enough in the table to transfer to him… do you have any stethoscopes?”

Kenneth closed his eyes and sighed, listening closely to what they were saying. “I haven’t fed in several days, actually. I don’t think myy current diet will cause any problems.”

[Isabo Kali] gives him another look over.

[Isabo Kali] mumbles in French and shakes her head softly. “Still too much excess energy. I can’t get a bead on it at all.”

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> “Perhaps if we leave it to settle for some time we can take awhile to observe it’s effects on the sub… Mr Daily?”

[Storyteller] Kenneth’s hand turns and flips the others off.

Kenneth frowns and stares at his hand. “what the… I… that’s not me….”

[Brandon Tresti] mutes the button this time much faster, but there was a little laughter. Then the speaker comes back on. “There was a spike just now.”

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> “Mr Daily, I appreciate that you are uncomfortable but it… hmmm… uncontrolled movement is a common effect of substance use or mental damage.. perhaps the energy is effecting his brain?”

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> The doctor moves around the room, and out to the cupboard he found the restraints in. “Bone saw, bone saw….”

[Isabo Kali] looks to Kenneth and raises an eyebrow. “Perhaps an excurtion of will is appropriate? Unless you’d like to lose your hand.”

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> The good doctor grumbles and reenters the room “Miss Kali, are you stocked for brain surgery? I just need a good sharp saw and some probes to watch the cerebral cortex for spikes. I can run up to my room if not”

Kenneth frowned deeply and shook his head. “I would really rather keep the hand.” he muttered, exerting his will over his own appendage to force it back into a regular position.

[Isabo Kali] looks to Samuel and shakes her head softly. “I do not think so. It could be psychological as well.”

[Storyteller] The hand goes back to normal and the feeling leaves Kenneth, making the air palpable with the feeling of something hanging there again.

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> “All mental disorders are simply the effects of alterations in brain chemistry and impulses…. ” the doctor frowns then, even he is able to notice that. “… has anything changed, Mr Daily? Are you starting to radiate this energy?”

Kenneth shakes his head, best he can, “no, the feeling has practically left me in fact.”

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> “Perhaps, yet that is precisly what someone entering a psychosis would say in order to be released”

Kenneth sighed and glared at the doctor, slowly becoming less willing to be strapped to the table.

[Isabo Kali] looks around them and then looks to Samuel, shaking her head softly. “I feel that too. It would appear that the energy is no longer condensed inside of him. Though how we are to prevent it from escaping…”

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> “Are any of your mortal associates in the main building? We could perhaps trap it inside one of them? Properly restrained and.. warded?”

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> As he speaks, the doctor walks over to Kenneth, and simply begins removng the restraints as if everything that’s going on is perfectly reasonable.

[Isabo Kali] walks over to a dresser and takes out her bag with her phone in it and dials a number. “Jessica, yes. Yes. Could you come out to the East wing? Mind the damage, stray tree branch busted the wall.”

Kenneth sat up and rubbed his wrists, wuickly stepping off of the table and checking subtly to see if that tool closet did indeed have a bonesaw.

[Isabo Kali] talks a little longer and then hangs up the phone. “It’s going to be a while i suppose but i think we are about done here. Sorry about that Kenneth.”

[Brandon Tresti] “I am not sorry and totally have that saved on video.”, he says from the speakers.

Kenneth sighed and shook his head at Isabo before glaring at the speakers once again. “It’s fine, Isabo,” He said, stressing her name to ensure Brandon understood. “That doctor just makes me… uncomfortable.”

[Isabo Kali] nods her head softly and starts to head back up toward the monitor room. “Don’t let it get to you. We wouldn’t let him do any permanent harm unless it was going to effect the Clan in some way.”

Kenneth nodded in return, returing to his room to finish his book with a wave.