[Storyteller] It’s raining lightly out, and there is a faint hint of thunder here and there.

In the back of the park, it was lovely, the rain had just started, a small white rabbit, fluffy as cotton candy rushed under the gazebo where a man was careful practicing with some sort of sheathed blade but was finishing up as he heard thunder. His hair bleached white but the tips were a deep lavender, and skin fair, his gray eyes piercing through the soft rain. He kneeled down and pet the small white rabbit. “Just a storm, Sum.”

A young student had been birdwatching in the park, and was looking for shelter from the light rain. He spotted the gazebo before he spotted those inside and rushed into it. Getting out his notes he checked them for water damage before looking up and seeing the man. “Oh, hello, I didn’t disturb you at all did I?”

The man stared at the boy and smiled fondly, his accent thick with his South Korean roots but he had been practicing english well it seemed as he spoke clearly. “No, not at all.” his rabbit hiding behind his foot after the strange guy ran for their space.

Callum smiled and nodded, looking out at the rain, “Luckily it’s not raining harder, my notes for zoology class would be ruined.” He stowed them away and smiled at the man, noticing his rabbit after a shot while. “Oh! Is that an albino rabbit?”

Eun-ji looked down at his pet and nodded. “Yeah, Dim-Sum, but Sum is fine.” he said and moved out of the way, sum just stood there, watching with an unblinking eye. “I’m Eun-Ji by the way, Working on my final year of botany.”

Callum knelt down and reached a hand out to the rabbit “Hello, Sum, my name is Callum.” Looking back up to the older student he nodded. “I’m Callum, I just started my studies in zoology and Veterinary medicine.”

The rabbit sniffed at the hand carefully, but it did not respond, it just stared and stayed there, not backing away. Eun looked surprised by this as normally Sum hurried off. “I can tell you’re have to be good at your job, normally Sum doesn’t like strangers.”

Callum smiled and stood up, sniffing slightly and rubbing at his nose. “I’ve always been good with animals, it runs in my family honestly.” He said, holding out his non nose wiping hand to shake.” It’s nice to meet you though!”

Eun-Ji looked slightly concerned as the male seemed to have gotten a cold of sorts but he took the free hand and shook it. “A pleasure.” he smiled fondly. “Tough that the rain came though, means less work for me but makes your harder, huh?”

Callum sighed and nodded, “Yeah, but it’s nothing too important. I was just bird watching for extra credit, actually.” Adjusting his bag on his shoulder he looked back out at the rain. “How does it make your work easier, though?”

Eun chuckled. “I don’t have to water them!” he said. “turning that sprinkler system on is a pain sometimes, quite the walk, supposed to be automatic.” he said. “Oh if you still need that credit I did find a nest in a hedge I was trimming the other day.”

Callum perked up slightly with excitement at the mention of a nest. “Really? Do you happen to know what bird it is?” He said, sniffling again before pulling a packet of tissues from his bag and using one to blow his nose.

Eun chuckled softly, his bangs blowing in his face as the wind got a little stronger. “No unfortunately I know plants not animals.” he admitted, but I could show you where it was, I hadn’t told anybody else, afraid they may try to remove them.”

Callum smiled wide and nodded with excitement. Stowing the tissue in a plastic bag, he shouldered his backpack and looked out at the rain. “Once this rain passes I would love to see it!”

Eun-ji smiled. “Alright, and maybe is Sum has any issues I can call you? you’re a natural with him, never seen him so comfortable.” Sum was just sitting there washing his face with his paws.

Callum nodded and got out his phone, holding it out to his new friend. “Sure! I would love to get to know you and your little bun bun even if he isn’t sick, too!”

Eun-ji took the phone and started putting the number into his own and then texted him a winky face. “Here.” he said with a smirk. “Just call me Eun, most do anyway.”

Callum laughed and saved the number that had been sent to him, “Alright, Eun, thanks!” Turning to look out of the gazebo, he sneezed quietly, almost like a kitten.”

Eun smiled with worry. “Are you alright, are you sick?” he took off his jacket and offered it. “keep yourself out of the rain, just give it back to me when we meet again.” it was a nice brown leather pilot jacket, it was warm and felt well worn on the inside.

Callum smiled and shook his head, “I’m fine, I just have allergies all year round. That’s why I carry tissues with me.” He refused the jacket politely, “No I can’t, thank you though!”

Eun took his jacket back and put it on. “if you say so.

Eun looked off to the distance and sighed softly before breathing in nice rainy air. “I should probably get my blade into my car though. Ca you watch Sum for me?” he asked as he wrapped his jacket around the sheathed blade just for good measure, his white tank top was only a little wet from the sweat after his exercise this morning.

Callum sat down near the bunny and smiled up at the athletic man. “No problem! I’d love to spend some time with Sum,” he said, reaching out a hand to pet the rabbit.

Eun nodded and walked out into the rain to his car. Sum stared up at Callum, his nose twitching every so often, his little beady red eyes unblinking still as the human stared back at him.

Callum pet the bunny softly, cooing to him and making quiet calming noises as he did so. “You’re a good bun, Sum, a very good bunny.”

Sum finally blinked as he was pet, he sniffed Callum. “Smell weird.” it said back finally through the strange humans senses and it went back to cleaning its face.

Callum looked down at the rabbit and raised an eyebrow, “How do I smell weird, Sum. I should just smell like paper and school, really.”

Sum put its two front paws back down on the ground. “Different.” it answered again coldly, not a very pleased bun. It started hopping off towards the edge munching on grass. Eun came back and picked up Sum in his jacket. “You can eat later, lets get you home before the rain gets worse. You need a ride anywhere Cal?” he asked.

Callum stood up and nodded, “I don’t live far, but the rain lokos like it’s about to get worse. Do you know how to get to the dorms?”

Eun laughed. “Well I do still go here, I just have y own apartment now, I would like to think I know how to get to the dorms. Come on, you can hold Sum while I drive. he handed him the bunny in his jacket and started heading back out to his car. “Which building?”

Callum walked carefully while holding the bunny, trying to keep up with the taller and much more athletic man. “Blake building, I’m on the third floor, actually. It’s got a nice view.”

Eun looked surprised. “Honor’s?” he opened his car, unlocking it immediately so Callum could get in, it was a nice deep blue simple car just for getting here to there but it ran fine, he started up his car.

Callum laughed and shook his head, sitting in the passenger seat and petting the rabbit. “Nah, almost though! I didn’t do so well in a few history classes during highschool so my grades were just a little too low.”

Eun laughed. “sorry I must have gotten that wrong… I haven’t been in the dorms for few years now.” he said and sighed. “sometimes I miss it.” he started driving off, taking his time and turning down the k-pop on his stereo. “Sorry if the music bugs you.”

Callum sniffled a bit and looked out the window. “Eh, it’s alright. My roommate never seems to be around so I practically have the room to myself.” he shook his head at the comment about the music, however. “No! I love this stuff!”

Eun laughed. “Oh! I’m glad you do, because you’re listening to my brother right now.” he pointed out. “That life wasn’t for me, it doesnt last, you know?I want something that last longer and means something.”

Callum looked over in surprise “This is your brother?! Wow he’s really talented!” He said, “I can understand what you mean, though. I’ve heard that once you reach a certain age they basically just kick you out of the industry.”

Eun smiled fondly. “You should see him dance if you really think this is talented.” he moved his shoulders a bit as if remembering a time where his brother would teach him the steps. They were getting close to the dorms now and he slowed down and parked as close as he could to the doors. “They essentially do, but its not guaranteed. I think those one popular youtubers talked about it at one point, they can explain it better than I, I was the good kid who went to a a proper school, while my brother was the rebel kid to go dance.” he chuckled.

Callum nodded and placed Sum carefully in the seat. “You be a good bun now,” he said to the rabbit before looking up. “Thanks for the ride, Eun, I’ll talk to you some time soon!” He said, shutting the door carefully, running to the doors and waving back at the awesome new friend he had made.

Eun waved. “You be careful, Cal.” he said and pet Sum who just twitched his nose at Callum when he was referred to. Eun made sure he got inside okay before he drove off to go home and finish his studies.