[Storyteller] Belle’s is fairly busy tonight, but seeing as how Alois was expected he has no trouble getting inside. His instructions involve being allowed upstairs, which seems off limits to all other visitors. Even the other vampires stay off in the VIP room, watching their potential human meals through a trick mirror that lines the whole of the dancefloor.

Stepping into the building, Alois quietly surveys the area for a long moment or two. Sliding his suit-jacket from his shoulders and folding it over his arm neatly with a frown, before making his way towards the stairs and the VIP room. He takes care to examine the various patrons and goers of the establishment as he makes his way around, trying to familiarize himself with any that seemed to look of much importance – being a newcomer to the area.

[Storyteller] There are several vampires diwnstairs in the VIP section, talking off in their dark corners where they think no one can listen. They are wrong though, this place is abuzz with activity just across the Shroud, and conversations are not as private as many would think. The stairs that lead up are oddly unguarded, at least visibly. No one stops him from approaching, though he does get a few inquisitive looks from other patrons who are curious of the newcomer.

Alois dips his head in a nod of acknowledgment to those he caught with their gaze lingering on him as he approached the stairs. Taking the stairs slowly one at a time as he ascended into the upper room of the area.

[Storyteller] There is an apartment upstairs from the club, a door decorated with carefully inscribed markings all around the border greets him at the top of the stairs.

Pausing for a moment, Alois gives the door a curious look. Eyes trailing over the markings slowly, before he lifts a hand to knock on the door. Once, twice, three times. He steps back after, running the hand through his hair as he awaits an answer.

[Isabella Rivani] gets the door, opening it at the same time pointing off toward the interior of the room then turning her attention fully to Alois and smiling. “Sorry about that, come in, please. How was your trip?”, she asks in a friendly manner as she moves aside to let him enter.

[HollowDream] (Shroud) “Seriously, another one? You better give this one a heads up.”, she says as a black substance sputters from the cut across her throat. It drips almost constantly but never seems to touch the ground before disappearing.

Alois returns the greeting with a small smile of his own, even if it were a tad guarded. He dips his head in a single nod nonetheless, replying “Good evening. The trip was a bit of a hustle-bustle in a manner of speaking, but fine – even if I dislike flights. And you are well?” He asks, as he steps into the room, turning slightly.

[Isabella Rivani] nods and closes the door, glaring off toward a table in the makeshift study before looking back to him again. “I understand. It is a rather long trip.”, she says and then starts to make her way toward the study, giving another firm glare to an empty chair before gesturing to a different one. “Perhaps you’d like to sit, and talk? I was told you were looking to make some business ventures here in the city?”

[HollowDream] (Shroud) She gets up after being firmly glared at and makes her way around the room a bit, getting a closer look at the new guy. “Well, maybe this one won’t be so bad. He looks a bit stuffy to me though. Want I should lighten him up a little?”, she asks with a catlike grin.

Alois’ eyes follow Isabella for a moment, with a curious glint. A brow arching. He follows after her momentarily, taking a seat in the indicated chair and setting his jacket over the back of it. Sparing a glance towards the chair she had been glaring at, he then turns his attention back towards Isabella with his full attention. “That is correct, yes. The Vallores would like to expand their operations to the States, and that is my intention. You seem to have done quite well for yourself, here. I imagine you know the area quite well?”

[Isabella Rivani] nods her head softly, then tilts her head and looks off to Alois’s side. “Hollow, that’s enough, we have an agreement. This is my house.”, she says and then looks back to him again. “I do actually. And most of the local Camarilla types give me a steady supply of business and information.”, she says finally. “And I am sorry about that, Hollow is… well, she is somewhat a chaotic spirit. But we have a mutual interest in not harming one another. She is just curious about you.”

[HollowDream] (Shroud) She gives an exagerrated sigh and rolls her eyes as she slides away from Alois. “Fine. I’ll leave him alone. In your house anyway.”, she says with another sputter of black ichor from her throat. “But he’s never gonna make it if he has no sense of humor.”

Alois pauses for a moment, eyes shifting to side-eye the space to his side. A keen observer no doubt catching just the slightest hint of narrowing in his gaze, before he simply smiles politely and turns his attention back to Isabella. “Of course. No harm done. You’ve arrangements with the Camarillans, then? Beneficial, no doubt. I suspect my first order of business will be locating a suitable place to stay, and then property to begin setting up shop. I was hoping you might have a bit of insight into either of those areas to offer-? I haven’t been here terribly long to have a good measure of it all yet, myself.” He folds his hands into his lap idly as he speaks, tapping his index finger against the back of his other hand.

[Isabella Rivani] nods her head again, slightly, finally taking a seat herself and folding her hands into her lap. “As far as places to stay, there are a great many places, though the garden district might be a good location. It is lovely, and Lafeyette Cemetery is right there.”, she says still with the faint hint of smile.

A soft, rumbling ‘Hm,’ escapes him at that. A slow nod following shortly after. “The prices are reasonable, I hope?”

[Isabella Rivani] smirks slightly, nodding and then glancing beside him. “If not, Hollow can… arrange to have them sell at a lower price by giving it a good old fashioned haunting. It does tend to make people more interested in passing it on than aquiring what the property is worth.”

[HollowDream] (Shroud) “You do know the way to my heart, woman.”, she chuckles and takes the empty chair beside Isa. “I actually kinda hope he finds one now.”

He gave a half-amused snort in response, feigning surprise. “Goodness, what a businesswoman. That is certainly an option though, if needed, I suppose. And what of the business buildings? Are there any currently on the market for rent that you’re aware of?”

[Isabella Rivani] “There are definately quite a few of those. Businesses here closed up some time ago so many places are available now for very cheap.”, she says as she relaxes back into her chair. “None of that should be a problem at all.”

“Very good then. That is somewhat a relief.” He directs his attention around the room for a moment. “You’ve mentioned ‘Hollow,’ I hope you don’t mind me asking about that a bit. Who, exactly, is that?”

[Isabella Rivani] looks a bit at the chair beside her and then back to Alois again. “She is a spirit that has been around a while. As I mentioned earlier, we have an arrangement. I don’t control her, and she doesn’t interfere with me. But we do business from time to time.”

[HollowDream] (Embody) “I have a strick you don’t fuck with me I won’t fuck with you policy. I’m old, don’t get any ideas about your stupid necromancy stopping me unless you want to see the sun the way the last one of your clan tried that stupid shit.”

Alois arches a brow, lips pursing somewhat. “I see… Well, I will certainly keep that in mind. I doubt it will be of any issue.” He shakes his head slightly, glancing aside briefly towards he believed the voice to have come from. “Is there anything else you’d not mind sharing of the area? I do appreciate your hospitality. Once things are properly arranged, perhaps I’ll be able to repay the favor. Do you like trinkets? Antiques?”

[Isabella Rivani] glances over in the direction of the chair and sighs, shaking her head. “She can come off as… uncouth but her assistance outweights her demeanor.”, she says before giving it some thought. “Well, there has been a Setite issue recently, so i would certainly watch my back on that one. As for antiques, of course, who doesn’t?”

“A Setite issue?” He asks, head canting to one side in a curious fashion.

[Isabella Rivani] “Yes, appearently they were attempting to poison the local food supply. It has not been going well for them but I do not think that the local law enforement has caught up to them all as of yet.”, she says and unfolds her hands only to have them overlap in the other direction.

“Hm. Strange.” He muses idly for a moment. “Was there a particular reasoning behind it-?”

[Isabella Rivani] “That, I do not know. The local Camarilla have been handling it in their own due course.”, she says and then after a bit of thought. “They leave me alone, and I imagine you shouldn’t have any problems either but I feel it best to abide by their rules while here to avoid any misunderstandings.”

“Of course. I’d hate to make trouble for either of us.” He gave a nod. “Is there anything else, do you think? I would hate to take up too much of your time this evening.”

[HollowDream] (Shroud) shakes her head and gets up, making her way to the window. “Make sure to tell him if he finds a place with some current occupants that need to be convinced to relocate I am totally cool with that. In the meantime though, I gotta go check on my idiot.”, she says and then moves out the window and disappears completely.

[Isabella Rivani] nods her head softly. “Much appreciated. I don’t think there is anything else. This has actuially been a pretty good setup so far.”, she says as her eyes move from the window back to him again. “Hollow offers her assistance with human removal should you find a place you like and it happens to be occupied.”

“Excellent.” His lips form a small smile, as he stands. Extending a hand across the table towards Isabella to shake. “I appreciate the help, and insight. And I look forward to being able to do business in the near future, in a more mutual fashion.”

[Isabella Rivani] stands as well, and takes the offered hand, shaking it firmly. “Likewise. I look forward to it.”, she moves to walk him to the door. “Enjoy your evening.”

He nods once, collecting his jacket from the chair. Slipping his arms into it, and adjusting his cuffs after before following after Isabella. “The same to you. Have a good evening.” He says, as he reaches for the door to step out and close behind him. Making his way back down the stairs.