It was early evening and the sun had gone down but today was an off day, so the place was empty other than him and Jalen, it was nice and clean and quiet but Jerry seemed to be putting up a board behind the bar.

Jalen yawned as he came out from his room. He’d slept pretty well, but was somehow still tired. “Hey Jerry,” he greeted and sat down at the bar to wait to wake up when he noticed that Jerry was putting something up. “What ‘cha doin’?” he asked, watching Jerry mess with the board.

Jerry looked back at Jalen before nodding his hello before going back to work. “Sticking up n actual Job board. You know, for your kind or something too help keep that whole mask thing or whatever. People often come here with problems or mysteries that need to be solved and I’m tired of talking so if you see a job on the board you’re willing to take, then just tell me, I’ll tell you details and business goes from there. Most of these do no offer profit though some might in the future, depends on who wants whatever done.” he explained and started putting some stuff up there already.

“Ah, makes sense, wanna avoid the Kindred smell as much as possible,” Jalen chuckled. “I’ll those I come across know about the change then.”

Jerry grunted. “Keeps me alive, if the mask stays alive so I won’t fight it.” he stated and finished it up. “Already a few… and if you hear anything tell me what you know if it deems worthy of attention from someone dumb enough to take the job then I’ll put it up there.”

Jalen smiled a bit and nodded as Jerry told him to tell him if he heard anything. Then he smiled. He was one of those fools, but alright. “If I hear anything I’ll let you know,” he promised.

Jerry moved his hair a bit, at least what he had left and smiled slight at Jalen but it faded quickly. “You have plans today?” he asked, simply curious. “It’s not often I have company I usually watch tv alone, but I could pop in some sort of movie or something.” he offered, looking away with his good eye as he dusted off something off his counter.

Jalen swore he saw Jerry’s mouth move into a smile, but he wasn’t completely sure. “No, as far as I know it’s just sit and wait for results to come in,” he admitted with a shrug. Then Jerry offered to watch a movie together and Jalen smiled. “Sure, that sounds good to me, can’t remember the last time I’ve sat down and watched one. I watch tv, but mostly just watch for the news,” he admitted. “So you’d have to pick one out since I’m sure my taste would be somewhat outdated.”

Jerry chuckled. “Alright, I’ll put in the classic Mummy.” he said and stood up to go get that. “You know, you’re not half bad for a bloodsucker.” he admitted. “Still not a fan but you’re okay.”

Jalen wasn’t sure if he’d seen that before or not, but it sounded vaguely familiar. “I can understand the sentiment. I’m sure if I’d known about vampires when I was human, I wouldn’t like them all too much either,” he admitted with a slight chuckle. “And you’re not too bad of a human, though given that I’m used tossing out drunk teenagers or roughnecks, I doubt that says much,” he admitted.

Jerry laughed. “Well, the embrace doesn’t work, and I was ghouled, not exactly how I want to live my life knowing this shit.” he disappeared for a moment in the back room and then set it up on the big screen in the table area and then came back out and just sat down and leaned back, feet on the table.

“I can’t say I understand why others do it. But then again I move around plenty so perhaps thats why.” Jalen shrugged and followed Jerry when he came back out and set the movie up on the big screen. So he sat down beside him.