Upon leaving the bar Jalen took out his phone and texted Roxy. “Now a good time to call that one girl? Or are you Busy?”

Roxy was fixing up a clock, blding it from scratch when she saw her phone buzz and she replied quickly. “No I’m not busy, where does she want to meet?” she asked.

“Haven’t called her yet, just wanted to make sure you weren’t busy,” Jalen texted back. “I’ll let you know where and when once I finish the call, sound good?”

Roxy nodded. “I’ll get ready then, should get out of my pajamas!” she responded and went to get ready getting out of her clockwork rose pajamas. Putting on her usual boots and her hair up in a ponytail, getting goggles, and getting her gray leather corset, light purple lace, and tightening it; thank goodness she never needs to breathe. This time however she wore linen pants and tucked those into her boots and put on a big belt that had several pocket watches attached to it. “Ready!” she exclaimed in the mirror.

Jalen chuckled as Roxy informed him that she was going to get ready. Then he moved to his contacts and called the girl from last night.

[CoraAnn] answers her phone after about three rings, “(phone) Hello?”, she asks, not recoginizing the number.

“Hey this is Jalen from last night, outside that one place. You said you wanted to meet up today at some point?” he asked.

[CoraAnn] She half covers the receiver and talks to someone else in the room with her, then responds. “(phone) Oh, yeah. We are going to want to be somewhere kinda clear of people in case he gets froggy on us.”

“I’m not particularly familiar with town, you have any recomended places to meet up at?” he asked. He sure didn’t know of any uninhabited areas or at least not anywhere remotely secluded within the city. Mostly bars and public areas.

[CoraAnn] thinks for a moment before replying, “(phone) Yeah, the docks… there’s some warehouses down that way. Plenty of space for frogginess.”

Jalen thought about it and frowned but nodded. “Alright, when do you wanna meet up?” he asked.

[CoraAnn] “(phone) No time like the present, and not sure how long this will take to kick in so the earlier the better.”, she says and the sounds of stuff being moved around and a shotgun round being chambered can be heard on the other side of the phone.

“Alright, I’ll meet you there, then,” Jalen replied and hung up. “She wants to meet at the docks right away. Said she was worried about the guy getting froggy,” he texted, explaining the situation to Roxy.

Roxy responded with a simple. “Ribbit.” and headed out to get on her motorbike, and put her goggles down over her eyes, backing up and ready to enjoy the ride to the docks.

[CoraAnn] rode her motorcycle down to the docks, taking up a spot along the road to the warehouses so she could see the others coming that way.

Jalen wasn’t sure what to think about the docks, but she suggusted right away, and people can’t prepare anything funky taht fast, right…? Regaurdless, he started heading for the docks as well.

Roxy came down, and stopped a small ways away and walked down, her hands in her pockets that she actually had for once. She enjoyed her walk and occasionally gazed around at the moon kissed waters, enjoying its prettiness.

[CoraAnn] beeps her horn as she spies Roxy’s hard to miss outfit, and raises her hand in a friendly wave. She has a dufflebag over one shoulder, and seems to be keeping a general eye out.

Jalen walked up not too long after Roxy arrived since he wasn’t too far from the docks. He noticed Roxy and waved and then did the same for the chick with the dufflebag and headed towards them both.

Roxy jolted when she was noticed and she walked up, catching up to the strange purple haired lady. “Hi, what cat is in the bag?” she asked, starring at it intently before looking back at purple.

[CoraAnn] chuckled a bit as she moved the motorcycle out of the way of the road and started walking toward to warehouses. “Alligator repellent. I’m Cora, by the way.”

Roxy smiled and followed waving at Jalen but looked back at the bag curiously. “I’m Roxy, its a pleasure to meet you, purple.” she chirped.

“Alligator repellent?” Jalen asked and checked the water to see if there was something he should be cautious of. “Why….?” he asked as he followed Cora first, being mister meatshield. “I’m Jalen,” he piped in since everyone was introducing themselves.

[CoraAnn] more openly laughs now, shaking her ehad as she checks out the first couple and sees a few workers still hanging around and moves on to one a little further down that is totally empty. She opens the bag once inside and pulls out a sawed off shotgun, handing it to Roxy. “Please do not shoot me. You can hide, like -really- hide, right?”

[CoraAnn] looks to Jalen, taking in the scruffiness and offers him a telescopic baton. “That thing will do some serious damage so watch hitting a human with it.”

Roxy looked at the gun, holding it and then looked back at Cora but was smart enough to point the boom end to the ground away from the others. “Yes, but are you sure you should be giving this to me? I’ve only held plastic guns before.” she was far more concerned about the broken boomstick in her hands.

[CoraAnn] looks back to Roxy and nods her head. “Yeah, I’m sure. It’s already ready to go, just pull the trigger. Only worry about it if your target get too close though, it’s not going to do so well more than about ten feet. This is just in case… I am hoping we can pull this off without him trying to put up a fight… and hopefully he didn’t bring friends.”

Roxy grimaced and still stared at the gun. “okay, if you say so. is there a certain place I should hide?” she asked looking for spots, mainly by openings.

Jalen accepted the baton, but was very confused about it and why it was supposed to help, but he took it anyway. “Alright, uh, I’ll try,” he said honestly, wondering if a normal fist would be better, but if she was arming them, then… there was probably a reason. He waited patiently as Cora and Roxy talked. Evidently they were going to fight their way in to get the guy, at least that’s what it sounded like.

[CoraAnn] points off toward the main doors. “Stay back there and guard the exit in case he makes a break for it. Try to aim low, for his legs.”

[CoraAnn] turns her attention to Jalen. “I need you sorta close, in case he just comes at me. I’m pretty tough but I don’t want to get clobbered.”

Roxy nodded and went to the main doors and kneeled down, holding the gun trying to figure out the best way to hold it, thinking to herself legs, over and over.

Jalen wasn’t surprised as he was told to stay close and just nodded. Same old same old, except more enemies, probably.

[CoraAnn] tosses her bag off into one of the corners of the room, contents clattering. She has another of the batons on her hip, and a strange little object with a red warning label about the size of a pen that she slides up her coat sleeve. “I don’t know how long this will take… I used my powers of emotion on him, he’ll come… but it might be really soon, might take while. And he might be aware of what I did and know it’s a trap.”

“So… be ready for things to go bad, and be patient, got it,” Jalen ‘translated’ and nodded, hanging the baton thingy from his belt, since, it wouldn’t look good if he came inside showing it off.

(obfuscated) Roxy stared at the other, still kneeled down just so she would make sure she got his legs. but she was dying to ask questions.

[Storyteller] Sounds of a car can be heard pulling up outside the building.

[CoraAnn] waits, trying not to look too nervous and just waiting for him to come inside.

Jalen blinked as he heard a car pulling up somewhere and carefully crept inside, sticking close to Cora in case shit ended up going down. Because it sounded like it could, especially based on last night.

Roxy stayed quiet and still in her spot as she waited for drug friend to walk in.

[Storyteller] The doors fling open as the Drug Dealer from the night before just kicks them in. He lifts up a gun that looks fake as hell, all bright orange… and then a ball of something like a roman candle shoots out of it and lands squarely onto Cora’s chest. “You stupid fucking bitch!”, he yells as he storms inside.

[CoraAnn] screams in pain as she is hit by the signal flare, her chest catching fire, but she doesn’t panic, her face lit up and fangs fully unsheathed she growls. “Fuck you!”

Jalen jumps as Cora is shot by a flare gun. Not seeing anyone else, he runs for the dealer before he can take a shot at him, aiming to tackle the guy. He managed to tackle him to the ground, which seemed like a hard fall but then he was pretty much just dazed. Huh. He looked soft enough from far away.

Roxy bit her lip nervously looking around worried about others following in but sat tight, holding the boom thing in her hand. She wanted to help but at the same time she didn’t want to get in the way.

[CoraAnn] rushes up and flings the baton to full length before bashing the grounded dealer with a bone breaking thwap.

[Storyteller] The dealer growls and frenzies, some of his bones mending instantly and then he snarls and bites a chunk out of Jalen’s shoulder, spitting the piece into his face.

“Fuck! I hate New Orleanes!” Jalen shouted as he whacks the guy with the baton. Damn fragile-looking vamps. He heard something from that and decided it was satisfactory enough. “Fucking asshole,” Jalen hissed.

Roxy watched everything happen but she was still paranoid someone else was around here she couldn’t help but stay looking around, no way he came prepared with a flare but with no friends, that made no sense, everyone follows the buddy system, a orange gun is not a buddy.

[CoraAnn] moves in a blur of speed and cracks the guy again in the back of the skull, some of his hair even clinging to the baton as she rears it back again but realizes he is not moving anymore she stops. He looks totally dead, an unmoving corpse, and she kneels down and gives him a poke before nodding a bit to herself. “Fuck me running that did not go as planned.”

Roxy came out of hiding slowly but stared at the car. “So what now?” she asked starring down at the dealer before looking back at the car and glaring at it.

[CoraAnn] looks down at herself and closes up her leather jacket around the charred flesh of her chest. “Oh my god he burned my fucking boobs off.”

Roxy turned around immediately at the news. “Really? Cheaper I guess…” immediately snapped out of her worry of the car.

Jalen poked the corpse. “I dunno, what are we supposed to do with a Kindred body, I thought they were supposed to be a bit more resiliant,” he admitted, standing up and looked at the baton. Then Cora proceeded to show off her lack of breasts and Jalen grimanced and cleared his throat, avoiding his gaze from the chick showing her burned chest and stared at the drug dealer instead.

[CoraAnn] grabs her bag and starts putting her things in it, leaving the other weapons with those two though. “I know a place we can take him for safe keeping. He ain’t dead yet, and we need info.”

Roxy blinked. “where is this somewhere?” she asked with a glare, she stuc her neck out to find him even without this lady involved in their plans, in her mind she had a right to ask and question.

[CoraAnn] raises an eyebrow at Roxy as she goes to the guy’s car and tosses her bag inside, then walks back to the guy and picks up his body, tossing it over her shoulder. “A room we use to talk to people like him. Out by the Tremere.”

Jalen’s ears perked up at the use of ‘we’. “And ‘we’ being….?” he asked. She said out by the Tremere so she wasn’t one of those…

Roxy stared and pondered, out by the other Kenny’s, but she looked at Jalen as he asked a question which made her look at Cora again with suspicion.

[CoraAnn] looks from one to the other of them and sighs, putting a hand uncomfortably on her chest. “We, being people who do this shit for a living, such as it is.”, she says finally and tosses the guy into his own trunk. “And I am sorry to have dragged you into it, but since you seemed to have business with him yourselves… Which reminds me, why were you all looking for him?”

Roxy grinned. “looking for his fast drggies to have Kenny study to figure it out!” she explained with a heroic pose. “getting it from a source deemed better than just hoping to find a mortal with it and stealing it from them.”” she shrugged. “I didn’t exactly think about the details.”

[CoraAnn] tilts her head and then nods faintly. “So, you all were looking into the Setites? I don’t think he’s a snake, but he seemed to have had contact with them.”

“Basically. If he had the drug that Roxy’s talking about then he’s mostly had some kind of contact, direct or other wise, we just wanted the drug, I assume, so our ally, Kenneth could examine it,” Jalen explained briefly.

Roxy smiled. “He offered me heroin and coke… drug friend is discriminating so I don’t care I just want to figure this stuff out, so I don’t eat something bad later.”

[CoraAnn] looks between the two and nods. “Kenneth… he’s a Tremere, right? I am taking this guy out by there, if we find anything the Tremere will examine it. But right now I just gotta get him put up, and go home and fucking heal cause this shit hurts.”

Roxy pouted. “alright fine, take him. Kenny will look at him ad get back to us.” she stepped back, letting Cora go if she needed, but she still wanted to know things.

Jalen was a bit wary, but he had her number at the very least so if Kenneth didn’t get any drugs, he could always call her. “Seems fine,” he agreed as Roxy did so.

[CoraAnn] sighs and gets into the front seat of the car, starting it up with the keys left in the ignition. “Thank you.”, she says and starts to back out, turning around and heading out toward the plantations.

Roxy watched and blinked. “didn’t she come here with a motorcycle?” she asked aloud before looking at Jalen. “Oh well, you need a ride somewhere?” she asked, and pulled her goggles away from her head for only a second.

“Probably would be best to heal up at base, hopefully I won’t get blood on Jerry’s bed,” Jalen winced as he looked at the bite and adjusted his jacket so it wasn’t noticable to the naked eye. “Can you drop me off at (Whatever the bar’s name was, I forget, there’s too many bars)?” he asked.

Roxy giggled. “yeah alright. Harvey Bar got it.” she said and started walking down the docks, enjoying her eveing with no wounds or anything wrong. She hopped on her bike, checked her goggles moved her hair and was ready to go as soon as Jalen was.

Harvey bar…? Jalen shrugged and followed Roxy to her bike and hopped on the back, and they sped off to the bar.