The pub was busy early evening as usual, occasionally people would as for a drink and that twiggy bartender just clocked in. “Hey uncle, can I just leave and we can lie to mom about me being here?” he asked Jerry with pleading eyes but Jerry looked down with a glare. “And where would you go at this time of night?” he retorted bitterly. “There are some crazed goonies out there, Richey.”

Jalen walked in the door with a relieved sigh now that it was all over. He hadn’t gotten hurt, thankfully, but he still wished he knew how the heck Roxy and Kenneth had fucked up badly enough to start something like that. He sat down at the bar and chuckled as he heard the kid’s conversation with the bartender. “Your Uncle’s right, kid, no mother would want their son out and about at this time of night in a city like New Orleans. Probably better just to admit you were with your Uncle,” he chimed in.

Richey sighed, pushing up his glasses on his face as they began falling down. “I guess… but I’m 21 now, I’m an adult I should be able to go out with friends and go to parties and stuff.” he argued. Jerry snickered. “Should have thought about that before you dropped out of college, and thought art school was going to get you somewhere in the first place. You need experience so we’re stuck with each other I am sorry to say.”

“Well, parents have a way of remaining in charge as long as you’re under their roof, even if you’re 45 and they’re 80,” he informed. “Though I can’t say I’ve ever been any good at drawing so I can’t really say much about what you’re in,” he admitted with a shrug. “So you two have to deal with each other often?” he asked, doing his best to be polite and curious at the same time.

Jerry sighed and gave Richey a rag and told him to wash dishes witha  wave of his hand and looked at the gangrel. “No, my sister remembered I own this place, and since my nephew just turned 21 and needs experience on the field of jobs, that I should give him that. I won’t say no because she’s family but god damn if I’m not irritated. She barely tolerates me as a person anymore, I just don’t feel like having family drama when Christmas rolls around. Last year she got me an eyepatch with hello kitty on it just to get back at me for calling her husband a drunkard.”

Jalen blinked as he heard the drama behind the deal. “Sounds like quite a… um, woman. You get a lot of that from your family?” he asked, a bit curious as to how homelife was for this guy. He didn’t seem to be very happy at all with where he was.

Jerry shrugged and washed his counters after someone sneezed on it. “Not really, mom blames herself for my appearance, and dad died of heart failure.. mom is getting close and my sister is just a bitch.” he didn’t seem to care.

Jalen nodded as Jerry seemed to shrug it off and summed it up to his sister being a bitch. “So how often does that happen?” he asked, nodding to the notice on the bulletin board. Maybe he’d try to figure out where the ball was.

Jerry sighed as he glanced at the bounty. “My billiard set actually had been played with by Elvis. I bought those, and they are mine… I wrote my signature on them and I want my specific ball back.” he coughed the name Zane a bit as he finished his rant.

Jalen smiled a bit as Jerry admitted that the set had been played with by Elvis. “Must’ve cost a lot,” he said. He didn’t know who Elvis was, perse, but he knew from humans talking that it was a famous mortal. Maybe he’d known about the guy in his human years because he felt a small bit of familiarity at the name. Then Jerry coughed a name and Jalen nodded, typing that down in his phone. Maybe he’d be able to hunt the guy down and work out a deal of some sort. “Signature and everything, huh? That’d probably stick out quite a bit. Anything I should keeep an eye for in case I somehow end up with a fake?” he asked.

Jerry raised his eyebrow. “I know my own signature and I refuse to give you exactly how I do it because if you forge it, I will shoot you.” he pointed to the note underneath the bounty which had been ut there the other day. ‘Forging the signature will get you shot.’

“Ah, point noted,” Jalen nodded. It was a good thing he was a gangrel, in case he ended up bringing the wrong ball. Because if the guy was willing to take a pool ball, he wouldn’t doubt that he’d possibly be given a fake one as a joke or something. Hmm… now that he thought about it, wasn’t that vamp he met at the one place with the other chick named Zane? He said he hung out at that bar, right…? Well, even if not, the chick would probably know and he and the others had yet to report back to them anyway.

This guy certianly didn’t seem fond of vampires. “So how often do you get his kind around here? You don’t seem to be too happy with ’em,” he pointed out, maybe being a bit too nosy, but, he also wanted to know why the guy knew about them in general.

Jerry looked at Jalen with a firm look. “The road to hell is lined with good intentions, me being pitied because of my face and my obvious hate for myself hasn’t gotten the attention of someone and I find that disgusting as now I feel amazingly alive but nothing fills that void as I can no longer just be accepted or receive a genuine smile.”

Jalen listened, somewhat puzzled as Jerry spoke like an even more confusing Malkavian than Roxy for a moment. He felt alive, but he was even more alone because of his face and self-hatred…? Or he was just dumb and the bartender was telling him something fairly obvious and he just wasn’t seeing it. So he nodded ackwardly. “Well, I’ll stop bugging you,” he promised, standing up and giving a small wave. “Nice meeting ya kid,” he said and headed back outside. Now, how do you ask someone who was probably of higher rank than him if he stole something without pissing him off…?

Richy waved weakly and Jerry just went back to work, bothered by the touchy subject.