[Storyteller] Thorns is a sketchy little club near the busy part of downtown. It’s not as rough as the Trill, but attracts a lower class of people than Belle’s. There’s no line here, but it does have bouncers.

Roxy got off her bike and looked at the bouncers. She looked puzzled at Kenneth. “Are you ready for this? Have you ever been in a club before teach?”

Kenneth dismounted the rickety hell wheels and grimaced. “It’s been a long time. I was still mortal then, and only about 20 years old.” HE said, looking over the place. “I still regret it to this day.” He muttered, adjusting his new clothes as he still worked on getting used to him.

Roxy bounced with joy and walked up to the bouncers, bright as ever, and due to her big buckled heels and her odd outfit, she expected to be checked. “May I get in, misters?”

Kenneth was shortly behind her, trying to be as obviously with her as possible. He did his best to look like he actually wanted to get in as well.

[Storyteller] The bouncer looks down at Roxy and rolls his eyes a bit. “Just go.”, he says finally. The other one snickers a bit, “Fucking raver kids.”

Roxy nodded and grinned and just headed inside happily. “Alright Kenny, how do we do this, this is your thing right? poking around in others business?”

Kenneth sighed and looked around before speaking. “Just, do whatever is neccesary to find out who is selling these inhalers, or finding someone who has one.” He said, scanning the crowd for any sign of an inhaler

Roxy pouted and huffed, taking a look around trying to determine what kind of place this was exactly before she made her move

[Storyteller] Inside the place is a mess, it’s dark and dank but with strobes in some of the corners. It makes it hard to tell what is exactly going on at any given moment… which is of course perfect for sketchy people. There is no bar, just a DJ booth and a dancefloor, along with a couple fo public restrooms off to one side… though the nearby smells make one believe that perhaps some of the corners have been confused for such as well.

Kenneth’s nose wrinkled at the smell as he looked around at his surroundings. He thought to himself ‘what am I doing here? Why didn’t I just send Roxy here and wait to hear back from her?’ Shaking his head, he made his way towards the dance floor, attempting to look as un-awkward as possible.

Roxy however bounced around the dance floor a little bit, dancing without much of a care, until finally she lightly scratched her own arm like it was itchy and walked over to the bathroom and just stood there patiently, occasionally making eye contact as she scratched at her ear a bit, and gave a light nod but would look away again, playing things caal and staying quiet about it.

[Storyteller] Eventually someone comes up to conduct business with Roxy, talking back and forth quietly for several minutes about supply and prices.

Roxy was as bright and sweet as ever. She listened to his offerings before just shaking her head saying she needed the quick stuff, but looked away and clearly done with business with the man once she decided he didn’t have what she was looking for.

Kenneth kept an eye on Roxym hopeful when he saw someone speaking with her, but crestfallen when she walked away with nothing. He cursed under his breath slightly as he danced, a little awkwardly, in the corner.

[Storyteller] Another guy approaches Kenneth, striking up a business transaction.

[Storyteller] The guy looks at him closely, then suddenly seems to change his mind and go the other way, leaving him to his awkwardness.

Kenneth glared at the back of the man’s head grumpily, he had been so hopeful when the business transaction had begun.

Roxy goes back to the dance floor and has given up seeming to let loose and go to the back a bit, bumping into Kenny. “Oof, sorry!” she turned and looked at him. “I’m going on a hunt.” she whispered to him, before turning around, checking for her target and planning to follow and watch the dealer.

Kenneth remained in his corner, keeping a close watch on the dance floor. He was watching both for people with the drug or using it, as well as for anyone who seemed to be following Roxy, in case they need to get the hell out.

[Storyteller] The man moves like he’s headed to he bathrooms, then shifts toward the main door but actually looks back over his shoulder to make sure Roxy is still following him. Because he is stupid.

Roxy watched for a moment but blinked when she saw him look back at her and she stepped back, and rolled her eyes as she looked away, clearly stating this was a stand still. “If we go out there, we’ll get jumped.” she grumbled towards Kenneth.

Kenneth sighs and thinks for a moment, glancing around to ensure nobody was still watching them. “We need a way out of here, and I’m not the best fighter around… Give up on finding the drugs for the night.”

Roxy pulled out her phone and texted Jalen, ignoring whatever Kenneth was doing. “Help, we’re stuck in sketchy thorns, hunting for the dealers and they know we were hunting them and they are pinning us in.” she sent quickly and pocketed her phone.

[Storyteller] There are about three guys watching Kenneth and Roxy pretty intently. One being the dealer, and two more that look like they could be trouble kinda following him around.

Jalen was at a bar, chatting with people about drugs when he got a text. He hadn’t been getting anywhere anyway, so he checked his phone and let the person drift away. He blinked as he saw the message and headed out the bar before he paused. Shit. “Where? What’s the nearest buisness or club?” he texted back.

Jerry looked up at Jalen. “Thorns I think, same part of town.” he answered, wondering what the rush was, damn bloodsuckers getting into trouble all the time.

Kenneth poked Roxy, before whispering to her. “We’re being watch. Like, really watched. Be careful.” He glanced at the dealer and his goons, keeping an eye on them as they moved through the floor.

Roxy looked up at Kenneth. “I message our friends..” she said. “They should be here soon.” she was lying, though it would be great if friend would bring friends.

Jalen nodded as Jerry informed him of where they were referring to. “Thanks,” he waved and headed outside, sprinting for the bar — but staying at a human speed even though he was concerned about the way that message had been worded.

[Storyteller] The three men and still circling, but not approaching. After a few minutes, they all leave, first the dealer, then the two larger men.

Roxy blinked.. she watched the door and whimpered. “They could still be waiting.” she said, now paranoid. “damn it jalen where are you?” she texted him quickly. “Creful the sketchies just left, some big guys and a… well a guy.”

Kenneth stuck his hand in his pocket, gripping his phone and debating calling for help from the other Tremere. He continued to watch the room as he pulled out the phone and dialed her number.

Jalen stopped when he saw the sign ‘Thorns’, and quickly checked the alleyways around the club, figuring if they were anywhere, they’d be around there.

[Storyteller] Roxy gets a weird feeling as someone passes by and notices someone else following the three men as well, sticking to the shadows she slips outside as well, trying not to be noticed.

Roxy watches carefully, surprised but she didn’t want to disturb whoever it was… maybe they would help, made no difference either way, she chose to ignore it, maybe her mind was just trying to trick her.

Kenneth sighed, his finger hovering over the call button as he kept an eye on the room, eventually he slid the phone back into his pocket, locking it and grimacing. “Where is Jalen, Roxy?”

Jalen double checked the text and hissed at his own stupidity as he turned back down the alleyway and into the club, forcing his way past the bouncer if he needed to.

[Storyteller] As Jalen gets ready to enter the club, a huge fight starts to break out just outside in the alleyway. Two distinct gunshots are fired, and the bouncers decide they do not get paid to get shot at and abandon their posts. There is a lot of yelling in the alley, and the sound of something big being moved against the concrete.

Roxy gasped. “Shit!” she rushed pushing people to the side and trying to hurry outside and make sure Jalen didn’t just get shot.

Kenneth followed Roxy through the path she had forged, wishing he had bought some sort of fire arm before getting involved in something like this.

Jalen growledc in annoyance as a fight started to break out and he started to muscle his way inside, shoving people into one another as he fought to get into the entrance. He shrank when he heard the gunshots but kept going. It was hard to differentiate people in this crowd, but he hoped that he’d be able to find them a bit better once he was inside.

[Storyteller] Roxy and kenneth come pouring out as Jalen is trying to get in and they collide there at the door. Another two gunshots from the alley, and a rather foul sleu of language with a female tone coming from the same direction.

Roxy about slapped jalen when she bumped into him but smiled. “Jalen! you’re okay!” she stood up, and took his hands trying to help get him up. “We fucked up.”

Kenneth nodded, looking towards the alleyways as the gunshots continued “Shit, I knew I should have bought a gun.” He muttered, cursing his lack of forsight.

Jalen took a sturdy step back when he was ran into and felt the familiar extreme cold skin temp. “There you are! What the hell’s happening?” Jalen asked, confused, looking around. “You guys caused this?” he asked when Roxy said they fucked up.

[Storyteller] One of the goons fires again at Cora, but it doesn’t seem to phase her.

[Storyteller] The drug dealer climbs over the chair link fence and starts running as fast as he can.

Roxy taking notice of her drugdealing friend she backed off and rushed off down the other way, sticking to the shadows now and hurrying so she can find him again.

[CoraAnn] stiffens and then rushes the other guy with a gun, tackling him firmly to the ground.

[Storyteller] The other good gets nailed by Cora and falls down, struggling to keep his weapon at this point.

Jalen once again muscles his way through the crowd towards where Cora’s fighting, aiming to take care of goon 1 since Cora seemed to have a handle on goon 2.

Kenneth runs around past where Roxy was hiding, attempting to keep up with the drug dealer. He was able to keep up with the man, but he didn’t gain any ground on him.

[Storyteller] Goon #2 takes his gun and tries to bash Cora’s face in with it, hitting her but she barely flinches.

[CoraAnn] rears back her hand and hits the guy square in the face, but he is obviously one tough customer.

Kenneth kept chasing the man, but tripped on a large crack in the pavement and falls flat on his face, shouting a muffled “FUCK!” into the pavement.

Jalen managed to get through the crowd and tackled the other goon that the lady wasn’t fighting to the ground and slammed his fist right in his the guy’s face. Decent punch, from what he could feel, anyway.

Roxy hurried, looking down at Kenneth as he had fallen but her target was still on sight and she tried to rush forward to speed up and only seeing little difference

[Storyteller] The dealer runs like the devil himself were after him, rushing off onto another street, getting lost from view.

[Storyteller] The first Goon tries to kick Jalen but he’s more squirrely than he looks and can’t get a good kick in.

Jalen glares as the goon tries to kick him and he tries to punch the guy again, but someone from the crowd bumped him as he did so, causing him to loose wind and it wasn’t nearly as powerful as before. Fuck.

Roxy rushed for the damn guy about to pump blood in her legs when she heard familiar sirens. “fuck.” she dived into the darkness and watched for Kenneth, hoping he would know to hurry out of the way before they see him.

Kenneth looked around as soon as he heard the sirens, finding the nearest shop and ducking inside to pretend to look at their wares.

[CoraAnn] swings her fist again at the meathead she was struggling with, there is a loud snap as she hits him in the face and his head twists too sharply, his neck breaking from the impact. She pauses for a minute as she gets up, looking at him twitching on the ground, though the sirens snap her out of it. She looks to Jalen and the guy he knocked out, then takes off down the alley but her expression is a mixed one.

Jalen punched the guy again and this time hit him in the square face. He stood up to go help the other chick, but she looked like she nearly tore his head off. She looked up at him for a moment and then dashed off. “Now where the hell did Kenneth and Roxy go…?” he mumbled, looking around, deciding to head down the alleyway where they ran to, but he heard the police sirens when he went too far, so he ducked into a buisness that was still open at this point as well.

Roxy waited until they passed by and she still hid in the shadows until she snuck up on Kenneth hiding in a store. “There you are… Im so sorry I lost him.” she said and looked down, clenching her fist. “So close to.”

Kenneth shook his head and sighed, “Don’t blame yourself, at least you didn’t end up flat on your face out there.” He said, now glad that he had changed clothes and avoided messing up his blazer.

Once the sirens were gone Jalen sighed and bought a candy bar he wouldn’t eat and gave it to some homeless man he passed by as he texted Kenneth and Roxy. “Hey, you two alright? I kinda lost track of you both after all that.”

Roxy laughed weakly but just stared down at her feet, forwning and glaring at the ground like it done something wrong. “You tried your best, Kenny.” she looked at his face. “Are you alright?” She pulled out her phone feeling it vibrate and stared down at it before responding. “We’re alright, are you okay? where are you?”

Kenneth sighed and wiped the dirt from his face, “The only thing that’s been damaged is my dignity. Luckily I wasn’t wearing my blazer…” He sighed and shook his head. “Damned shame he got away though…”

[CoraAnn] comes back out and around approaching Jalen cautiously. “Hey, thanks… I think.”, she says quietly. Her bright purple bangs lightly brushing her cheeks. “Uhm, I can bring him back, but I may need help. We should do it tomorrow.”, she says finally. She passes a piece of paper with a phone number toward Jalen.

Jalen stood up and blinked as the lady from before came back and thanked him. “We were going after the same people, it seems. Honestly I was the back up muscle that was called,” he chuckled. “I’m sure the other two would be happy if you did so, I’m not sure what his significance was, though, to be honest,” he admitted, accepting the phone number from her. “Alright, I’ll let the other two know.” Then he pulled out his phone and sent a quick reply to Roxy. “Yeah, I’m fine, I’m talking with the lady who was beating up the other guy — she says she can bring the man you were chasing back tomorrow.”

Roxy huffed and stared at her phone but laughed and Kenneth’s comment. “Sorry I kinda made you hug me all night then almost get you killed.” she apologized but looked back down at her phone. “bring the guy back? Really for truly? because we fucked up hard.”

Kenneth sighed and shook his head, “Don’t blame yourself for my own discomfort with touching. I did several times worse than you.” HE huffed grumpily at their failure “That does not, however, mean we can just sit back and relax. We need to find a sample of this drug eventually.”

[CoraAnn] shrugs her shoulders under the leather jacket slightly and sticks her finger through one of the bullet holes. “I need to go. Call me tomorrow and we’ll set up a place to do this.” She then turns and makes her way down the street, quickly blending in with the people and making her way out of sight.

Roxy smiled up at Kenneth. “Jalen said that the purple haired lady knows something about getting the guy back…” she tried to cheer him up with at least some good news.

Jalen nodded as the woman informed him that she needed to go and would set up a place tomorrow. “Sounds good,” he said and looked back down at the phone to see what Roxy said. “Yeah, I’m supposed to call her tomorrow to set something up so we can meet up then to decide where we all want to meet up.”

Roxy jolted with another buzz and looked down. “And we have to meet them tomorrow.” she explained to Kenneth as she replied to Jalen. “Alright, just tell us what we need to know.”

Kenneth breathed a massive sigh of relief. “Find him, we find the drug.” He said, tapping his finger to his chin thoughtfully. “Once I’ve had a look at it, hopefully we can find out something new.”

“It’d probably be easier if we had a secure location and used speaker phone or did a linked call and decide on a time to call her tomorrow. I assume Kenneth is with you?”

Roxy rolled her eyes, gosh she hated making plans unless they were fun plans. “just talk to her tomorrow, tell us what she says we’ll meet you there.” she texted angrily, though only Kenneth would really see it. “anywhere is fine, so why do the two dumbos need to help decide?” she added after that and looked up at Kenneth. “anyway, I’m gonna be heading home soon or maybe talk a lovely walk somewhere, home scares me still and I need to wind down.”

Jalen shrugged as he saw Roxy’s first reply, and luckily didn’t notice the second one as he put his phone back in his pocket. He didn’t have anything to do until then so it was probably better to hunt and just head back, see if Jerry needed help cleaning up or anything. He shrugged and continued to someplace where  he wouldn’t find drunkards.

Kenneth sighed and nodded, looking out the window to ensure things were fully clear. “I may head to some sort of fire arms store soon, I would feel much safer with a pistol.” He looked over at Roxy when she mentioned going for a walk. “Just be careful out there, we don’t know where the dealer went, and he may be dangerous.”

Roxy paused. “You need a pistol, doesn’t that take like a week to get approved and stuff? here…” she pulled out her wallet just giving him $100/ “Pay me back, but there’s my apology for dragging you around on my motorcycle.” she said and glared at the stores clock… “excuse me.” she immediately obfuscated just to go fix their clock for them and put it back, right second on the dot, and still didn’t need to look at her 7 watches to know the time.

Kenneth sighed and shook his head before turning to leave. “Thank you, once I have a better cash flow I’ll be sure to return the favor.” HE said, leaving the store and headed home for the morning.

Roxy fillowed only she went the other way to go take a nice walk in the gardens and tare at the pretty flowers.