The pub was a bit more lively now that it was early night instead of so late. Jerry seemed no more busy than before, especially since he and another bartender there. A smaller boy, perhaps had just turned 21 but had no muscle mass or fat on his body, he simply was a little twig of a bartender. he was far more friendly looking than Jerry and they looked similar in some features, but not many. People were more around the table, going up to the bar, getting drinks then heading back to their respected tables. A group of three playing pool.

Kenneth had been taking a stroll through town, and ended up back at the pub from the night before. He remembered that he found at least somewhat charming, better than most of the dumps around here. He entered the bar and looked around,eventually finding a seat at the bar.

The bartender looked over and nodded to the tremere and walked over, he leaned in a bit closer. “next time avoid your loud tongue, but welcome back.” he washed a dish and raised his eyebrows, though most of the other was was gone but a few hairs were left in that area that had managed to make somewhat of what it used to be. “something you want?” he asked, his voice raspy as if he had already been talking none stop for the day. He glanced over at his twig like staff. “re-wash that, I still see soap scum.” he roleld his eyes, and the boy shrank a bit. “yes, uncle.”

Kenneth raised an eyebrow at the bartender, “Thanks, it’s better than most of the dumps around here. And no thanks to the drink.” He took a look around once again, checking to see if the bounty sign was still hung on the wall.

The bartender nodded. “If you need anything, the name is Jerry. Don’t get hungry while you’re in here though, I don’t like… messy eaters.” he glared a bit but he went back to somebody else who had given the sign for another drink. The bounty was still definitely there, although a note was beside it. “Faking the signature on the ball will get you shot.”

Kenneth raised an eyebrow and chuckled when he saw the note. Obviously someone recently had a bad time in this bar. He sat contemplating the information he had gathered recently, waiting for the bartender to come back around.

Eventually Jerry made his way back over to the tremere as he was juicing more limes and opening up more bottles of booze.

Kenneth looked back up from his thoughts as he approached, hesitating for just a moment before speaking. “Have you been seeing anyone carrying an inhaler through here recently?”

Jerry looked over and started writing stuff down. His expression a vague repressed sadness, and standoffishness. “Inhaler? I mean, unless you mean my nephew over there, I haven’t seen anybody walk in her like that, place is filled with smoke, it wouldn’t have many like that come through. I ca keep an eye out though if you;d like.” he offered. “for the price of telling me why I should.”

Kenneth sighed, glancing around quickly before speaking, “I’ve been hired to look into a new drug that’s going around, find out what it does and where it’s from. It seems to be inhaled with an inhaler, but that’s all I’ve found out until I can find a sample.”

Jerry hummed questionably and had stopped right stuff and handed it over to the nephew. “Here, take that to my office in the back, put it on my desk its stock information.” he looked back at Kenneth and crossed his arms once his nephew took the paper and hurried off. “Inhaled drug, huh? For that quick and fast working hit.” he muttered and seemed to relax as he looked over at someone asking for a blowjob, he assumed the drink and started working on that as he talked. “I’ll let you know if I see anybody acting funny, or with an inhaler. Is there anything specific I should know?” he asked, looking Kenny in the eye as he slid the shot over to the costumer.

Kenneth thought for a moment before sighing again. “All I know is that it’s a one shot inhaler, nothing refillable or multi-use.” He said, tapping his finger in thought and frustration. “I’m at a dead end until I can find something to take a closer look at, find out exactly what is in those things.”

Jerry nodded slowly and kept that in mind. One use inhalers, simple enough he went back to work before he fell behind. The doors opened and several men took double takes as Roxy walked in wearing her favorite outfit with her big skirt and boots, her little top hat. She waved as she made eye contact with people and stood next to Kenny before realizing it was Kenny.

Kenneth looked up at the figure suddenly standing next to him, taking a moment to process before realizing that it was Roxy. “Roxy? What are you doing here?” He asked, surprised by her sudden appearance.

Roxy looked over. “Oh, hi Kenny! I don;t know how I didn’t notice you in your weird professor outfit, you really should get something new.” she giggled innocently. “I came here, afraid of anything that may creep into my house, because they know where I live.” she explained. “I also came here wondering if I could get a lead on the thingies.”

Jerry looked over with slight interest but kept his mouth shut as he pulled down a bottle of whiskey, his nephew taking a shining to starring at the cleavage, since Roxy didn’t have a lot of modesty.

Kenneth nodded as ahe spoke, but turned it into a shake when she mentioned the leads. “The bar tender hasn’t seen anything, but he’ll keep an eye out.” He sighed once again, still tapping his finger on the counter. “We have to find something soon though.”

Roxy pondered for a moment. “Well, Creed said lights and loud music, yes?” she pointed out and grinned “What do you think of when you hear that?” she asked, bouncing a bit, excited to have a partner again to help. It got sad when she was alone, and she expects Kenny to be an ass, unlike Jalen.

Kenneth grimaced at the question, not at all looking forward to where this is going. “Clubs, some bars, concerts.” He listed, counting them off. “All dens of drugs and disease as well.” He stood and turned from the bar , “I assume you’re about to drag me to one of the three?”

Roxy pondered. “Well there isn’t any concert well known until next month, at least thats what the news said, and most bars don’t have that sort of lights from what he described, so I wanna go to a club! but first we have to change your outfit, you’ll never fit in.”

Kenneth glared at her for a moment, entirely unwilling to change his outfit, before sighing and resigning himself to the truth. “Fine, I guess you’re right. Just…. no leather pants, okay?”

Roxy giggled. “Well duh, you don’t have the booty for tight leather.” she said and stood up. “Lets go to walmart see what we can get, I’ll just take my skirt off and hide it in my trunk space luckily I wear pants when I assume danger could happen.”

Kenneth sighed and turned once again, writing out a note and leaving his number for the bar tender. “Call me if you hear anything.” He said to the bartender, leaving the note on the bar. He then made his way to the door, assuming Roxy would follow.”

Jerry took the umber and pocketed it with speed and nodded. “will do.” he said. Roxy did followed with skipping steps, a big happy smile. “Its friday night, last orders at the pub, get in the car and drive to the club…” she happily sung lilly allen as she walked to her motorcycle and paused, looking at Kenny. “Do you have a car?” she asked.

Kenneth sighed more heavily than before, cursing softly under his breath. “No, I do not own a car at the moment.” He said begrudgingly, glancing at her motorcycle in hopes of a sidecar.

Roxy looked down and just got on. “You can walk or get over yourself and get on.” she said and shifted forward a bit, making room.

Kenneth cringed as soon as she said that, but stepped up to the motorcycle and got on. He slowly and begrudgingly put his arms around Roxy for protection, and whispered in her ear. “Nobody ever hears of this.”

Roxy grins. “Never ever.” she assured and backed up, turning the puppy on and then zoomed off down the street with Kenny, feeling the air on her cold lifeless face almost felt nice, despite the sad tremere forcing himself to hug her. Once they got to walmart she parked and let him get off.

Kenneth got off quickly, straightening his now disheveled clothes. “Alright, we’re here? What’s your plan to dress me up?” He said, still grumpy that he couldn’t continue wearing his blazer.

Roxy looked at him carfully. “You could use a white t-shirt, a loose black leather jacket, you can keep your jeans but that should work.” she said and headed inside, going straight to the clothes area.

Kenneth followed her inside begrudgingly, lagging behind slightly as she zipped off to the clothing section. Every time he had to try on something new he glared at her slightly, crossing his arms when he came out of the dressing room. “Can we just get something and go? I won’t be using these much anyways.”

Roxy rolled her eyes and nodded. “Fine, look like a trashpile and receive nothing!” she retorted bitterly and started walking away, ready to purchase them.

Kenneth sighed and followed her out, once again lagging behind. “Do you even have a club in mind currently?”

Roxy shook her head. “No, not really, but I know of a few we’ll just go to whatever is closer.” she said simply.

Kenneth grumped out into the parking lot and headed for the motorcycle. He stood there grumpily as he waited for Roxy/ “And where will I even be changing at?”

Roxy blinked. “In the back?” she said simply, taking off her skirt revealing a nice pair of black leather tights, as usual. “investigation requires pants.” she said and folded the skirt and stuffed it inside the seat trunk. “you can change now behind walmart if you prefer, ess people for sure.”

Kenneth sighed and took the bags, heading behind the walmart to change. Shortly later he returned, his clothes neatly folded, and placed them in the trunk as carefully as possible. He looked uncomfortable to be wearing these clothes and waiting for her to get on.

Roxy hopped on and made sure her hat would stay on. “ready, Kenny?” she asked, looking bac ready to go immediately, she got to go see lots of people, and get all the attention! she just hoped it wouldn’t be the ‘bad’ attention they told her about.

Kenneth mounted the demon bike once again, sighing as soon as he was ready to go. “Let’s go, hopefully we can find something that is actually worth all of… this”

Roxy nodded and went off, if they were looking for drugs they’d have to go to sketch town, so that’s where she headed.