[Shotgun] is at the Haven, currently cleaning out guns over on the girls’ side. She is taking them apart, going over each one by one and making sure they are still in good shape. She is listening to music as she does so, but keeps it quiet, not wanting to disturb the neighbors.

Esmond walked over to the front door on the opposite side of the havens, dressed to impress and ready to inform Lynn about everything he had experiencedĀ  over the past few nights. He was sure she was home as the music could be heard on the boys side and since his stuff hadn’t arrived he didn’t have much to do on nights off. Straightening his tie, he gave the door a knock, hoping she heard over her beats.

[Shotgun] throws a blanket on the bed to cover what she is doing and then walks out to the front door, opening it up slowly. But she smiles when she sees Esmond, inviting him in. “Hey, come on in. What’s up?”

He returned Lynns smile and entered the house quickly to get out of the night. “I have some important news and I’ve got some grumbling to do about the prince.” He muttered, taking a quick look around the entrance to the house, he was hoping that the girls were less messy than Patrick was.

[Shotgun] chuckles faintly and closes the door behind him, walking over and turning off the radio as well. “Alright, lets hear it.”, she says. The girls side pretty clean, at least in the living area. She walks over and takes a seat in one of the chairs, putting a side table in front and then kicking her feet up onto it.

He followed her lead and took a seat. “It’s a good thing you’re sitting, it might blow you away.” He sighed a little before continuing, partially at the dramatically cleaner living space and partially at the weight of what he was going to say. “To start with, and this is the bigger news. I encountered some sabbat the other night, just wandering the city.” he paused to gauge her reaction, hoping she was just as shocked.

[Shotgun] tilts her head slightly as she listens, but doesn’t seem all that surprised. “We are literally surrounded by Sabbat, Esmond. The whole southern United States pretty much… New Orleans is… an island, in a sea of blood. That’s how the boss lady put it anyway.”, she half smiles but doesn’t seem to find it too funny herself. “In fact, if they try to actually take the city, we are not here to defend it. Our orders are to clear a path on the way out, but first and foremost to get the fuck out.”

“That makes sense, I don’t think the prince has a secure hold over who comes and goes though and that frightens me a little.” He griped, taking out his cigarette and holding them up. “Can I smoke in here?” he wanted to ask before moving on to his next news if Lynn wasn’t worried, he wasn’t about to.

[Shotgun] nods a bit and smiles. “Only if you toss me one too.”, she says lightly. “Yeah, Michael, I didn’t want to say so before but he is a failed Prince and he knows it. He is here because he has no where else to go.”

He grinned and tossed her a cigarette before lighting his own and looking for an ashtray or the closest thing. “It’s good to hear you say that and the ventrue in me wants to take a hold and drag everyone to heel but I’m nowhere near ready for that yet and I’m happy to be here with the archons.” he explained, leaning back a little in the chair. “In other news I’ve been helping a small coterie out finding a drug that has some nasty consequences for us, leaves you hungry and confused. The news about it though is it may be connected to our new snake infestation.”

[Shotgun] grins a bit at him and lights her own cigarette up, leaning forward and pulling an ashtray out of the side table’s drawer and putting it between them. “Snakes and drugs often go hand in hand. So you think they are targeting other Kindred specifically?”, she asks, her voice showing concern.

“It would be a good way to get rid of us, get rid of the food and suddenly we’ll get paranoid and start killing each other along with the drug starving half of us out. The only thing I can’t peg is why, do they want the city or has someone made a deal with them?” He mused there at the end almost looking off into the distance before leaning forward to ash his cigarette and leaning back. “It would be a good way to solidify power or get rid of someone.”

[Shotgun] gets a somewhat puzzled expression, her hand moving and turning the ring on her finger a few times as she thinks. “I don’t think they’d poison their own food supply in the process… but some people are pretty crazy out there, you never know I guess. They are usually about control, and they risk a lot of they drive some of us into the open.”

“Well common sense would be that they have a supply ready whether it be willing or no of clean blood. Probably enough to last until they can have their plans come to fruition.” Esmond spoke, watching her turn the ring on her finger, still building up the courage to ask about it. “The question is whether or not this is a slow burn or a quick flashfire.”

[Shotgun] stops and looks at him for a moment, pursing her lips slightly. “Wait, you said you encountered Sabbat? What were they doing here? Obviously you talked to them?”

“Yes I did, but not face to face. A small redhead flirted with me and had this weird warmth when I touched her and the other was sort of a voodoo shaman. They had a powder to help clean out some small fish named Creed who drank from the poisoned well.” he answered, his head quirking to the side when he noticed he had piqued her interest.

[Shotgun] shifts and puts out her cigarette, sitting up and letting her feet drop to the floor. “They had a cure, for whatever the Setites are doing?”

“Yes and that was honestly curious to me, usually those who have a cure had some part in creating the damn thing” he answered confidently, ashing his cigarette again and crossing his leg.

[Shotgun] shakes her head slightly, and leans back into her chair again with a thoughtful expression. “The only reason they would have a cure is if they had been hit by it first. We may not be the target, just a hiding place. Which I do not intend to allow them to keep. We’ll drive them back to the Sabbat, or kill them ourselves.”

“We’re gonna need firepower for that, almost quite literally. Me and Cora could handle one but I worry that was just numbers adding up.” He responded, taking a drag and blowing it out to the side away from her. “And if we are just collateral a city with a weak prince is good collateral.” he continued, the cogs still ticking away in his brain.

[Shotgun] nods her head and rolls her shoulders, smiling over at Esmond. “I knew I picked you for a reason.”, she says. She allows herself a pause and a few breaths before speaking again, “Well, I could have you pick some things up for us. I was gonna have you and Cora stash some things around the city anyway for later, just in case it all hits the fan.”

“I could do that I’ve been meaning to head out of town to find what’s been going on with that truck and where the fuck that driver is with my car.” He responded, he couldn’t help but feel a twinge of pride when she said she had picked him for a reason. Esmond hadn’t had praise like that for a while. “I’m betting on the shit hitting the fan and honestly I’d rather have something big and loud in my hands, preferably with automatic fire.” He grinned after taking another drag, he would have made a great Brujah in another life.

[Shotgun] chuckles a little bit but nods. “Well, I’ll send you with a list and where to go. And hopefully your things will be in order and merely delayed as well.”, she says and then gets up, easily restless.

He stood up as well and stubs out his cigarette into the ashtray, immediately buttoning his jacket back up and giving himself a check in the nearest reflective surface. “I’ll be about a week and a bit and I hope I don’t get back to a city on fire, figurative or literal.” Esmond remarked, running a hand through his hair.

[Shotgun] goes to her room and comes back with a a little address book. “Here. It’s under Burgandy, so if anybody finds it they’ll have no clue.”, she says. “When you get back, either I or Cora will show you how to spot caches, and we’ll be setting some up around town as well.”

He takes the list and tucks it into his jacket pocket, Nodding along with what she said and moved his way to the door, lingering with it half open, looking back towards Lynn. “Don’t die while I’m gone, you’re still an enigma to me and I have a lot of questions” Esmond teased with a smirk.

[Shotgun] follows him to the door, still smiling. “I’m pretty tough, I promise.”, she says and then closes the door once more before going back to cleaning her weapons.

He wasted no time reaching for his cell and dialing for a cab, he had everything he had to travel in his pockets. Perks of being a vampire. The suit might smell but hopefully he would be arriving to clean clothes and hopefully with Lynns list a shiny room full of chrome and metal. When the yellow taxi finally arrived he hopped in quickly and watched the small townhouse drift away and he began to miss it if only slightly.