[Storyteller] Samuel had received instruction to come to Belle’s and introduce himself to the Prince before heading over to the old plantation house where the other Tremere were staying. Belle’s is fairly busy, though it is raining outside there is still a line to get in. The bouncers however allow him in the other door after a careful glance. The club is very flashy inside, and the lights they use bounce off the mirror that lines the entire dancefloor to increase that effect.

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> The doctor tries to at least somewhat look like he feels comfortable in such a place, dressed in a simple black suit that is a few years out of fashion, a fairly pale and slightly skinny man with greying dark coloured hair, he doesn’t seem entirely comfortable in a nightclub. He removes his glasses to clean them as he threads his way through the crowd towards the VIP area.

[Storyteller] The two large men at the entrance to the VIP area do not attempt to stop him from passing through the door and to the other side of the mirrored wall. This side is much quieter, and much more dimly lit than the main area. There are several tables and it has it’s own bar and booths and couches for sitting. There are a few others here and there, some watching through the trick mirror and others talking quietly in their various dark corners.

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> For a moment, he frowns as he is just allowed to come through, but then he nods in recognition as he see’s people watching from the other side of the mirror. He takes a moment once inside, to look around the area to orientate himself somewhat, before looking for anyone who may appear suitable to introduce himself too.

[Michael Bishop] stands up as he sees Samuel coming in, a cold wash of feeling eminating from him. He stands close to the bar, a fairly impressive figure even without the presence. He watches Samuel for a moment, his icy blue eyes the only thing about him that moves now.

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> Samuel smiles as he notices the man seemingly recognizing his presence, and makes his way over towards Michael. The friendly smile remains on his face, although it never quite seems to reach his eyes, although he carefully inclines his head as he reaches the man. “Good Evening, I have been advised I should come here to meet one Mr Bishop, would I be correct in my assumption that I have found him?” his accent is still firmly british, and upper class, each word carefully chosen.

[Michael Bishop] nods his head in regard to the question. “You have. And you are?”, he inquires with a faintly icy tone, cold and firm without being sharp.

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> Unlike some might, he not offer a hand, instead they stay at his side in that awkward casualness of someone who isn’t very casual. His head bows down slightly in deference as the Prince identifies himself “Dr Samuel Morgan, of the Tremere, Sir. At your service, it is hoped I may be of assistance in certain matters here.”

[Michael Bishop] “I see. There are a few of your ilk here in the city, but I believe your Elders would have told you where to find them already.”, he says, his tone still firm but his presence seems to have eased up a little. “I would recommend speaking with them, but I am aware of what you speak of.”

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> “Indeed they have, Sir, I thought it proper to come to yourself in advance. I have found some domains have something of a “keep them where we can see them” attitude towards my Clan”. there is a thin smile at that, which seems more genuine. “I look forward to assisting with the solution, as unfortunate as it is it is also quite the fascinating case.”

[Michael Bishop] nods in response, smiling faintly himself as he returns to his chair. “Good luck. Oh, there is one more thing, make sure to ask the others about the forest. They can tell you more than I but I will tell you that if you value your existence to stay away from it.”

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> There is a brief chuckle at that “I will keep that in mind, Sir.. is there anything further you need of me at this time?”

[Michael Bishop] shakes his head lightly and relaxes into his chair where he can easily see out through the mirror, his eyes following nothing in particular out there. Without a word the bartender brings him a black wineglass and sets it beside him within reach, and then goes back to the other side of the bar again.

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> The Tremere bows ever so slightly as he takes a few steps back, and then walks towards the door.. and it doesn’t take much perception to recognize the pause before he leaves the VIP area and a deep breath, even though it isn’t required, bracing himself for the distasteful volume of modern nightlife… and then he steps out into the nightclub and beyond to find his own Clan.

[Storyteller] The directions to get out to the old plantation were very well written, and it doesn’t take too long of a drive to find it. It is nested back into the trees somewhat, offering a fair amount of privacy. There are a couple of cars out front, one old black toyota and the other is a red convertable with a *witchy* license plate.

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> The Doctor has his Ghoul drive, not because he technically never learned, but because he’s far to busy with important things to keep in practice. He steps out, an overcoat on despite not feeling the cold, and makes his way towards the building once the rental car is parked. He can’t help but tsk slightly under his breath at the plate as he makes his way up to the door, far less nervous here.

[Storyteller] As he gets to the door a young woman opens it, dressed in simple t-shirt and jeans. Her hair is long and dark but the flush to her suggests she is not Kindred. She stands aside, allowing him to enter. Just inside at the bottom of the stairs is Isabo, dressed in a long black skirt and modest top.

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> He quirks his brow at the person opening the door in front of him, giving another completely cold smile, and then ignoring her in favor of Isabo. “Good Evening, Dr Morgan, I was told I would be expected?” unlike the Prince, there is no reverence in his voice, meerly the respect of an assumed equal.

[Isabo Kali] spies Samuel and nods her head, then motions to the woman with one hand, waving her off. “Go on Jessica. I am sure that the books could use some straightening up.”, she says before giving her full attention to Samuel again. “Good evening. You may stay where you like, any of the rooms already claimed have a mark upon the door.”

[Isabo Kali] “I am Isabo Kali, and there are two others here as well.”, she adds, almost as an afterthought.

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> The smile remains, as if that will mean he’s completely friendly and everyone likes him, nodding lightly. “I will arrange that, I assume that our help are permitted presence, from.. ” he simply nods his head towards where the mortal went, using the word “Help” like many would “Servent”

[Isabo Kali] sighs a little and glances the way that Jessica went. “There are a couple of human sorcerers staying here, they believe we are psychics, like them. I have them helping out here and there but they do not know our true nature.”, she says quietly.

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> That get’s a reaction, a deep frown and he is obviously concerned. His voice lowering. “Miss Kali, it was my understanding that we would at the least be able to investigate matters here extensively… we do not have a secure location to do so from?”

[Isabo Kali] smiles reassuringly. “When I say sorcerers, they are very talented. Aside from being so vulgar as showing them your fangs there is little that would upset them. Jessica in fact is here because of a blatent magical attack that left her hospitalized and I cannot afford to go and watch her elsewhere so she is safer here, and it helps to have someone to tidy up so we can spend more time working.”, she says and then looks around for a moment. “There is another, Kitt, who can see and hear the dead… but I haven’t seen her this evening which is unusual.”

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> The frown remains as she speaks, and it is clear he finds the situation uncomfortable at best “I see, well, I suppose that will allow my assistant to be present easily at least.. I will keep the secrecy required in mind, do we have any laboratory facilities, or is this simply a boarding house?”

[Isabo Kali] nods her head again, pointing off toward the west wing. “There is a lab out this way. If your assistant is aware, they can go out there but that wing is off limits to the others.”

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> There is a thin smile at that “she has been my assistant since my sunlight days, so she is aware. That said, I will need to arrange an off site location for some of my studies.. I would assume your friends are more squeemish than we are”

[Isabo Kali] “Probably.”, she says as she looks toward the door and then glancing upstairs. “Brandon has been doing research on the Embrace, and then Kenneth is an expert in biochemistry. Both might have insight if you ask. I am more… traditionally mystic in my approach I suppose.”

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> he tilts his head some at that, and looks suprised “It is good to hear there are other men of science here, and despite my reservations about it, I have found that the “traditional” arts have some insight.. what is magic, but science that is not fully understood?”

[Isabo Kali] smiles a bit at that. “It has it’s own rules and laws of physics, but it is not too different at times.”, she says. “Oh, there is something else. Do not under any circumstance go into the forest to our northwest. There is… something out there. We’ve lost one already to it. The forest itself came… alive and took him.”

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> There is a brief nod at that information “Interesting, Mr Bishop gave me a similar warning.. although frankly I’ve heard enough horror stories about wolfmen that I think we should avoid wooded areas anyway”

[Isabo Kali] “We actually haven’t seen any Lupines. Brandon said something about the oil spill driving them north but I for one have no inclination to leave civilization anyway.”, she says and get up, moving slowly toward the door. “You should also be aware we seem to have a nest of Setites around town, though there are others handling that particular issue. I am afraid I have a class to teach tonight so I need to go, but it was nice meeting you.”

<+Dr_Samuel_Morgan> He tilts his head some at mention of the Setites, but nods a farewell. “And I should get settled in, and appraise Ophelia of the restrictions of this place, it was good to meet you as well Miss Kali”