[Storyteller] Belle’s is moderately busy this evening, despite the storm that has begun to rage outside. Rain pours down in sheets, making it impossible to see very far outside. Inside, music and dancing go on as if nothing were any different than any other night.

“Open this bloody door!” Leandra said, as her young driver hurried to run around the car. He opened a massive umbrella before opening the door. Leandra peered out into the night, her sunglasses were nearly as large as her face, the semi-opaque lenses swirled with colour in the moist air. After giving the looming nightclub a dark look, Leandra stepped out of the car and flipped a fur throw over her shoulders. She snatched her cane from the driver’s other hand and took off. He moved with her, his ability to shield her from every drop of rain seemed preternatural as she made her way into the club.

[Storyteller] The bouncers do not attempt to stop them from entering the club proper, and the second set near to the VIP section also offer no resistance. In fact, the door opens from the other side, as someone holds it for her to enter. Inside this section is much quieter, and there are a few people about tonight, each conversing in their own little cliches.

Leandra seemed a woman on a mission as she made her way deeper into the club, and into the darkened VIP area. She looked around, leaning heavily on her cane, the corners of her mouth downturned. Her eyes fell on the few people inside. She smiled delicately at whomever caught her eye, though she looked for one man in particular. She hoped he was the type she’d spot at once.

[Michael Bishop] is sitting by the bar in his usual chair. As he spies Leandra he stands, setting his black wineglass aside. There is an aire about him that radiates for some distance, cold and brash, like wind coming in off of snow.

[Shotgun] is sitting at the bar near to Bishop and they seemed to be conversing. She turns her head as he stands, spinning on the stool but not getting up herself. Recognition seems to find her features and she smiles faintly.

That presence, like an icy wind, touched her before her eyes fell upon him. She felt relief, though she only fixed him with a keen eye. Finally she smiled, a map of wrinkles appearing on her heavily powdered face. She began to walk towards him, but paused when she saw the woman beside him. She gave her a knowing smile. When she reached them she curtsied, deeper than expected at her age.

[Michael Bishop] nods his head deeply, almost a bow itself. “Welcome, though you had to know you need no introduction.”, he says and smiles. The icy feeling parting only slightly as he does so. “And what is it that has brought you here, to New Orleans, of all places?”

[Shotgun] leans back a bit against the bar and hides her grin, looking from Bishop to Leandra and back again for a moment content in watching their exchange without interupting.

“Thank you, my dear Sir.” Leandra leaned heavily on her cane again, and looked up at the handsome Prince. Leandra’s voice had frankness in her cadence, tinged with a British dialect. “Why not here? This city is… it was built for us, wasn’t it? This is a place to grow and thrive, and to serve with honour. That is what I intend to here, with your blessing.”

[Michael Bishop] nods his head and points to one of the ones near the wall, who quickly comes over. “Get the lady a chair, would you?”, he says before turning his attention back to her again. “Of course. You are welcome here.”

Leandra nodded, and eased herself down when the chair was brought for her. “Ah…Thank you. Good that’s finished quickly. Took an hour and a half last city. Now then. Anything I should know, sir? Anything needed?” She pulled the sunglasses from her eyes and slid them into her coat. Beneath it she wore a dazzling Vera Wang cocktail dress, though it was mostly wasted on her bony form.

[Michael Bishop] “Well, with Halloween upcoming we are on guard for the local Sabbat’s game of what essentially amounts to capture the flag.”, he says and after she has taken her seat he finally sits back down in his.

[Shotgun] “I promise that a lot less will return than enter if that is the case.”, she says with a soft shake of her head.

Leandra pursed her lips and shook her head. “Hmph. I’ll bet. I remember their games. Very well.” She eyed Shotgun. “I only hope you’ll leave one or two for old Leandra. I will do what is needed of me.” It had been quite some time since she’d faced the Sabbat. She looked off, reminiscing on old times.

[Shotgun] laughs gingerly and nods to the old woman. “I’ll do my best, it is possible a few might get out of my way in time.”, she says. Her eyes move back to Bishop and sighs faintly. “I should probably go. I still have a lot of things to take care of.”, she nods to Leandra and smiles. “It was nice to see you again. I look forward to catching up later.”

Leandra nodded in return. “Of course ma’am. It’s always a pleasure. Good evening, to you.” She returned her attention to the Prince, whom she observed with interest.

[Michael Bishop] looks at Lynn leaving, giving her a slight nod before turning hsi attention back to Leandra. “So, have you had a chance to see much of the city yet?”

Leandra shook her head. “I’m afraid not. I’ve only read about it and heard many stories. I look forward to seeing as much as I can. Any recommendations, sir, for my first nights?”

[Michael Bishop] “The garden district is especially lovely, and the foliage and flowers are all still in bloom for a little while longer at least.”, he says with a pleasent smile, relaxing back into his chair a bit more once lynn is gone from sight.

Leandra smiled in a kindly way. “It sounds lovely. I’ll be sure to give it a look before the bloom is over.”

[Michael Bishop] “We have quite a few musical interests as well. A rather unusual pair of young Kindred in fact have taken to writing and playing. I can see where they are playing in the near furture if you like.”, he adds and lets his gaze wander towrd the large trick mirror, watching the people on the other side as they go about their lives not knowing what was just on the other side of the glass from them.

Leandra looked after him, barely curious, though polite. Her sense of impatience had already begun to kick in. She switched her cane from one hand to the other, then held it with both. “Kindred musicians. The pairs are always the best, even if there’s only a smidgen of talent between. I wouldn’t mind giving them a try–for the sake of community.”

[Michael Bishop] chuckles faintly, nodding his head. “Understood.”, he says and stands. “Well, it is getting late and Isabella will be closing up soon I imagine. I do hope you find the city to your liking.”