[Storyteller] It seems like the moment Jalen awakens for the evening, there is a distinct knocking on the door to his motel room. Seven distinct raps against the wood, but in no particular pattern. Creed still seems stable and (asleep?), as he lays a motionless corpse where he was left behind last night.

Jalen woke up as there was a knock at the door. He stood up and carefully crept towards the door. Who the hell knew where his room was other than Roxy and maybe Esmond…? “Hello?” he called, slowly opening the door to make sure no sun came through before he looked to see who was there.

[Storyteller] Sascha and Atanya are standing right outside his door. “Evening.”, says Sascha as she watches Jalen through the opening.

“Evening,” Jalen nodded as he saw the two there. “Kind of early…” he noted and opened the door a bit more. “How can I help you two?” he asked.

[Storyteller] Sascha smiles faintly and gestures to the room next door. “We saw where you were bringing our… mutual interest and took the room next door. You aren’t the only ones that need to talk to him, so we came to join you.”

“Fair enough,” Jalen said, clearing his throat. A bit creepy, but he supposed his place wasn’t the most secure place anyway. “He hasn’t woken up yet, though, or moved at all really,” he confessed with a shrug. “I got him some blood in the fridge for he wakes up, but like I said, he hasn’t moved.”

[Storyteller] “That is rather normal.”, Sascha says after a moment, looking inside the room a little but not moving forward at all. “We might be able to wake him… but given his want to run last time we should be ready in case he bolts.”

Roxy walked out with a small box in her hands tied with a golden ribbon. “Essy! you’re awake!” she held out the present. “Here, please take it!” she said. She sat down next to him as soon as there was room on the couch, bouncing and watching his face. Inside the box was a clockwork bird pin, there was a little plastic shield covering the moving gears, protecting them, while the rest was metal and finding the pieces must have been the hardest part. “Since you like your suit so much I though you’d like a button for it!”

“Right, uh, give me as econd before you do that, eh?” Jalen asked, picking up his phone and sent a group text to Esmond, Roxy, and Kenneth. “Hey guys, those two vamps from last night just showed up at my motel room… Uh, they say they’re going to wake up Creed, so if you could get over here pretty quick that’d be great.” he sent.

[Storyteller] Sascha watches from the doorway but makes no attempt to enter. “You, stay alone? Is that not dangerous?”, she asks with genuine curiousity.

Kenneth responded to the text after a few minutes, having just finished his full examination of the blood. “On my way, I have important info from Jasper’s blood as well.” Hitting send to all three, he immediately began making his way towards the Motel Jalen was staying in.

Roxy pouted and looked at her phone. “ugh, come on Essy we have to go, voodoo lady and your girlfriend are impatient.” she said and stood up immediately and grabbed her keys

Esmond was still in the process of collecting himself after the days rest, flicking his hair back into position when he was presented with his gift. He moved the lid off the box and his face peeled into surprise when he saw the lapel pin that she had made. “This is very sweet Roxy” He only just put it on when both their phones had vibrated and they were to be off to catch up with their new friend from last night.

Jalen looked a bit nervous, but the others should be on their way so he shrugged. “It’s not like I know a whole lot of people in the vampire world,” he admitted with a shrug. “I travel alone, so I’m used to it,” he admitted. The phone buzzed and he was relieved to see that Kenneth was heading over. (We’ll pretend that he sent directions, too).

Roxy hurried down the stairs and quickly rushed to her motorbike, starting it and waited for Esmond to get on and settle himself before zooming off quickly, watching carefully at her surroundings, passing Kenny

[Storyteller] Sascha nods slightly and continues to wait by the door, with Atanya standing off to the other side. “That was… appearent. And not your fault. But I am guessing your packmates are on their way here then?”

Kenneth jumped as Roxy shot past him, breaking into a brisker pace and thinking there was some sort of emergency.

Roxy hummed some death of the cog to herself as she zoomed past, and eventually slowed down when they were close. “You go ahead I’m gonna go park.” she informed Esmond

“Ah, yes, they should be anyway,” he agreed. He wouldn’t necessarily call them packmates, but… well, she didn’t need to know how close they were.

[Storyteller] Sascha nods and continues to wait, watching the stairs for anyone approaching.

Esmond hopped off the bike and walked up the stairs to the motel and knocked on the door. He was still bng polite and hopefully after the trouble they went through in finding him Jasper was going to be grateful. He checked his jacket for his weapon, thinking that the brusque summon was going to be something hairy.

Jalen poked his head into the hall and chuckled. “Over here, Esmond. Sorry, I forgot to tell you the room number,” he appologized. With Esmond here… “Go ahead and come on in, I’m sure everyone else will get here pretty soon, too,” he said, going ahead and inviting them all in.

Kenneth arrived not long after Esmond, waving shortly to the Ventrue as he approached. “Hello, Esmond.” He said, standing beside his fellow vampire to wait.

[Storyteller] As soon as she is invited, Sascha steps inside with a polite smile. “Thank you. I was afraid standing outside too long would draw attention but it seems that most of the locals here are drug users or dealers and thankfully mind their own business.”

Roxy had parked her motorbike out of the way and in position for quick take off if needed, but she started walking up, hiking up the one side of her dress as she went to Jalen’s motel room. “Hey guys I’m here, sorry. What’s up?” she asked looking around counting heads.

[Storyteller] Atanya follows Sascha inside, remaining silent though vigilant.

“Ah, we were going to wake Creed, and I figured it better to have you all here in case something goes wrong,” he explained, gesturing everyone inside and once they were, he closed the door. THe room was big enough for them all to stand in it since it had a small area that lead to the bathroom that had a couch and tv, but another person or two and it’d be slightly crowded. “Thanks for getting here so quickly, guys.”

Esmond quickly corrected his mistake and entered, looking around at the faces in the room, feeling particularly uneasy about the ones that were there yesterday.

Kenneth had followed the others inside, staying near the door as the room was already quite full. “I’ve been researching what was left of Jasper, as well. I’ve learned a few things that will likely be of use.”

[Storyteller] Sascha looks over to Esmond and smiles reassuringly. “Once we are done here we won’t stick around, promise.”, she says to him with a voice barely above a whisper.

Roxy slowly made her way inside and moved to the side and finding a nice spot for her to just stay at and watch and be quiet, nodding a hello anytime she made eye contact.

He shifted uncomfortably after being spoken to by the small redhead and nodded to acknowledge her before whispering back. “I’m still very sorry about yesterday, we just didn’t want him dead again”

[Storyteller] Atanya moves to where Creed is laying, kneeling down adn checking him over as she listens to Kenneth.

Jalen nodded as Kenneth informed him that he’d found somethings on Jasper. “We’ll swap notes later,” he agreed. “It’s been reptty hectic, so I havn’t been keeping as connected as I meant to be, sorry,” he appologized and watched Atanya, basically waiting for something to happen.

[Storyteller] Atanya turns her head, regarding Kenneth as they hadn’t seen him before. “I am listening, please continue? There was another one infected with the viper’s poison?”

[Storyteller] Sascha nods quietly to Esmond. “If I had been where you were, with a strange vampire in my territory, after what I was after… I’d have taken the shot.”, she says.

Kenneth was surprised at the sudden attention, but nodded. “Yes, he was killed in the forest and I have had the chance to study the remaining blood. The implications are worrisome.”

Esmond was still listening into the overall conversation while keeping track of her whispers. “I didn’t know if I exactly had a justified reason. If I had have taken the shot the situation would have been entirely different. ” He answered and folded his arms while leaning.

[Atanya] raises an eyebrow, listening to Kenneth. Her eyes then shift around the room, searching until she locates Roxy, as if making she she hadn’t obfuscated somewhere, then goes back to looking at Kenneth. “Then you found the viper’s poison as well? Are you sure this other one is truly dead? The poison can be spread if not.”

Kenneth shrugged at the question “I wasn’t their for his death, I was told that he died by those that saw his death though.” He turned more towards her in the cramped room. “Now what is this viper you keep mentioning?”

[Sascha] “Yes, that is true.”, she says while watching the exchange going on in the room. “I find it strange though you had the courage to grab me, but not the conviction to hold on. It is sad to me that you lack such.”

Roxy just stood there watching and as much s she loved people in this room, she didn’t like the creepy ones, or the fact there was this crazed vampire just there too.

He didn’t feel insulted he just couldn’t find it in him physically to keep holding on. “I don’t think me holding on, would have changed a huge deal, you frighten me.” the ventrue remarked, idly running his finger over Roxy’s pin and making sure she was still in the room.

Jalen stood in the corner, and decided to just sit on the couch, leaving room for Kenneth to sit if he wished while the conversation continued. He payed attention, he just didn’t feel the need to interject.

[Atanya] “Setites, child.”, she remarks, looking about the room at all of them. “Followers of the Dark God. They are corruption and they will spread it about them like a flooding river.”

[Storyteller] A huge clap of thunder shakes the room and tilts a a crappy picture of fruit on the wall. The lights flicker, but do not go out completely.

Roxy jolted and moved away from the wall a bit. “That doesn’t sound friendly.” she mumbled, no longer caring who she was next to at this point.

Kenneth nodded thoughtfully as Atanya spoke, jumping slightly as the Thunder snapped him out of his thoughts. “If this can really spread that easily, we could be in a tight spot here soon.”

[Sascha] laughs a bit at the flickering lights. “That was well timed.”, she says and then sighs at the group a bit. “You’re afraid because that human part of you is still too much of you. God made us what we are to seek forgiveness. It would be wrong to be what we are not anymore.”

Jalen raised an eyebrow at the thunder and lightning outside as the Setites were mentioned. Then he was basically told that they were all too human, and he decided to ignore that comment for now. He hardly knew much about this world and remembered very little about his past, but he still didn’t feel like he matched this world too well just yet. “So they’re contaminating humans with something somehow?” he asked.

[Atanya] “A drug. It spreads by the blood. So a human gets it, transfers to us, if one of us shares blood with another in any way, it passes to the new one as well.”, she says solemnly. “They are using it to take control of their souls, their minds.”

The ventrue could not believe what he was hearing having held onto his humanity so well over the past 5 years. “Look, the philosophy we can debate some other time but I’m very much on the opposite end of that stick. What we do defines us. Not what we are.” The conversation in the background was delightfully enlightening and knowing his Archon problems were overlapping with the others.

Roxy blinked at the very biblical response, she made no response in fear of angering the lady. She didn’t like the sound of the drug though and just kept her head low.

[Sascha] sighs softly and leans forward, watching Atanya. She looks at Creed and then slowly back to the others.

[Atanya] looks back at Sascha and stands, nodding herself as if they were speaking without words. “I would make sure this other one is dead if I were you. If not…”, she pauses and looks back at Sascha, then sighs and takes out a piece of paper, putting a number onto it. “Call us and we will cure him as well. Unless you feel you can do so safely. But we don’t care to have this spread all about due to carelessness.”

Kenneth took the paper and nodded. “I’ll be sure to look into things and contact you if needed, thank you.” He immediately saved the number in his phone for future needs.

Jalen listened as the two talked about the other missing afflicted vampire, Jasper. He hoped that vampire was still okay somewhere, but it sounded like Kenneth wasn’t too sure about that. Perhaps they’d talk about it later.

[Storyteller] Creed’s body starts to stir faintly, a twitch here and there, though he doesn’t yet lift his head.

Roxy backed up, not wanting to crowd the guy and stayed back. But she watched intently, trying to pull her thoughts together.

Kenneth was back as far as he could be, entirely unsure what Creed was capable of having never seen him before this evening.

Esmond was still observing, trying to keep a mental note of everything that was going on so he could tell Cora or Lynn or any of the Archons later. He’d been doing a little bit of research about the snakes and none of it was pretty. Secretly he was glad that by the sounds of things the two creeps were leaving.

Jalen stood up as everyone else seemed to be backing up, but didn’t move closer, he merely was closer to Creed than everyone else at the moment in case something went wrong.

[Sascha] tilts her head as she studies Esmond, and offers a faint smile. “It would seem we have overstayed our rather tedious welcome, such as it was. I do offer though that should we meet under circumstances in my home city, I will show you the same hospitality you have shown me.”

[Storyteller] Creed growls softly, his hed lightly moving back and forth as he rolls his shoulders.

Roxy blinked and looked at the girls. “Wait, then why did you come over here? Weren’t you here to talk to him or figure him out?”

[Atanya] “We came for information, yes. But we have what we need.”, she says as she looks over at Roxy. “They came to our home as well, but the vipers fled here, to your city… perhaps because they believe you too weak to hunt them down as we did.”

Esmond nodded to the woman with the red hair “Weak or no we’ll handle our own.” he almost warned the two as they were making their way to leave. “We thank you for the help though, it’s becoming clear to me at least there needs to some restructuring and I thank you in advance for the eventual return of your hospitality” Esmond was still watching Creed as he woke, not wanting this to be a repeat of yesterday.

Jalen ignored the quip and kept an eye on Creed on the bed. “Alright, well, thank you for your information,” he said simply, figuring they were leaving. He was sure why the lady was suggusting they come over sometime, but he had a feeling he wasn’t going to take up the offer, but he knew better than to say so.

[Storyteller] Creed’s growling becomes a little louder as he starts to sit up, eyes shifting around.

[Sascha] nods gently to the group as she makes her way to the door, slipping out with Atanya. “Take care then.”, she says finally before closing the door behind them.

Roxy backed up closer to the wall, ready to just hide herself somewhere if necessary. “you too…” she grumbled as the girls left them with a growling friend.

“Guys, there’s a blood pack in the fridge, get it!” Jalen informed quickly, keeping between Creed and the rest of them. And then grabbed Creed and held him down before he tried to attack anyone else.

Kenneth ran for the fridge, flinging it open as fast as possible and pulling out the blood packs before turning to return to the bed.

[Storyteller] Creed bites into Jalen’s arm as he is getting pinned, and starts drinking his blood.

[Storyteller] Lighting flashes and the power goes out, putting the whole room into near total darkness.

The ventrue reacted quickly to the bite and broke off a chair leg in case this went too far. Tucking the wooden rod between his pants and his belt for safe keeping. Bouncing back around the room to grab the other vampires chin and tear it off of Jalen’s arm and stop the kiss.

Jalen hissed as he was bitten, and quickly found himself pinned down onto his own bed. After a moment, though, he realized it didn’t hurt, really… “Fuck…” he groaned, struggling for the sake of his dignity. “Uh…” Struggling did nothing. Why was he fighting again…? “Mnh…”

[Storyteller] Esmond manages to get Creed removed enough from Jalen to break the effects of the Kiss, and Kenneth on standby gets a bag of blood into his mouth as a substitute.

Jalen snapped out of it as soon as the bastard was off him. “Fucking bastard!” he hissed, crawling away from the damn man. Fuck, what the hell was that?! “Someone feed the bastard something other than me!” he snapped, not sure if he hated or was thankful for the current darkness.

Roxy slowly stepped closer, giving Jalen a look. “Damn…” she rolled her eyes playfully but was still concerned about the hungry friend.

Kenneth stepped back from creed, watching him closely. “I guess that’s one way to pin him down, but you really didn’t need to go that far.”

Esmond let go and stepped back away from the bed and bumped into a wall in the dark. That seemed to go according to plan but he could barely make the room out from the darkness of the storm. “I said he’d wake up hungry, we should have nicked him with an IV before he did” the man warned with 20/20 after sight.

[Storyteller] Creed drains the first pack and growls deeply, shifting to get up again.

Kenneth popped the other pack in as quickly as possible, hoping to god he got it in the right mouth in the darnkess.

Roxy stepped back slowly again, getting out of Kenneth’s way.

Jalen kept an eye on where he last saw the damn vamp and tried to stay away from him. Fuck, he wasn’t certian when the last time he felt like that, but he wasn’t going to hear the end of that, he was nearly certian of it. Fucking damn diseased vamp.

[Storyteller] Creed drains a few of the bags in this manner before calming down enough to talking levels. He holds his head a bit, sitting up. “What… what happened?”

Roxy smiled fondly and kneeled down. “You made Jalen a very pleased Gangrel.” she teased but looked up at Kenneth since he can explain better.

Kenneth stepped back slightly before speaking again. “You drank from a mortal who carried some drug in its blood, the drug caused you to start sweating out your own blood. You’re also likely blood bound to some degree to whoever created it, from what I’ve discovered.”

Jalen had backed himself into a corner of the room away from the bed and was glaring at all of them with his arms crossed across his chest, purposely hiding the spot where he was bitten at. “You fucking bit me.”

Esmond was quietly observing again, letting the others tell the story. Wary to light a cigarette around a vampire that had almost frenzied but instead made a little snack out of the gangrel.

Roxy bounced lightly from her position. “Are you feeling, okay?” she asked, still worried about the poor guy a little bit.

[Storyteller] Creed looks at Jalen and shrugs. “I was hungry, you were there. Nothing personal.”

The guy was right, but Jalen was still upset. “So what do you remember about the human you bit before you started getting sick?” he asked gruffly, not glaring anymore, but he hadn’t moved from his corner.

[Storyteller] Creed shakes his head softly, trying to remember. “I… I don’t know. There were lights and music… it was loud…”

Kenneth sat down near Kenneth, looking him over for any signs of other injuries. “You remember nothing at all? No names or appearances?”

[Storyteller] Creed shakes his head. “No, not really… it’s all like… a red blur.”

“I bet you remember how it felt though. Tell us about that” Esmond interjected, moving back off of the wall and taking off his Jacket for comfortability. Throwing the makeshift stake in his belt on the ground away from them.

Roxy tilted her head. “The hunger…” she mumbled recalling what the creepy lady had said to them in her ‘explanation’. Her gaze turned to Esmond as he asked his question and she turned back to Creed.

Jalen eyed the stake on the ground and briefly glanced to the coffee table. He better fucking pay for that expense, he wasn’t going to pay for whatever ‘destruction of property’ cost the hotel tacked onto him. Jeez, he really must’ve been… out of it, if he hadn’t noticed Esmond cracking that old thing appart.

[Storyteller] Creed blinks a few times, raising a hand to his forehead. “It was a little strange. It tasted different, almost like… I don’t know. Just different, but amazing. I wanted more, a lot more.”

Kenneth nodded slowly, “Sound like whoever has done this is trying to ensure it spreads…. the blood seems to be addictive.” He said, sighing and shaking his head. “This could be absolutely terrible.”

Roxy crossed her arms. “A genocide would be in order if it does, I dont like the thought of being here if it happens, either.” she mumbled. “Lights and loud sounds, so a bar, concert, club, movie theatre, sport stadium.” she listed on.

Jalen nodded as Creed described what biting the human was like. “Well, you should be okay now, just try to keep this in mind for the future when you’re hunting,” he suggusted, trying to forget the whole biting thing from a bit ago.

“We need to get our hands on some, somehow” Esmond tossed his jacket aside and started to pace as far as he could in the small motel room. Feeling a little bad about destroying the chair. “Do you not remember at all what the person you fed from looked like? smelled like?” Esmond questioned.

Roxy huffed. “Kinda hard when you don’t know who is infected.” she retorted at Jalen. “Anybody could be that way.” she wiggled a bit, stretching her back

Kenneth sighed and crossed his arms, looking into the darkness where the other voices were emanating from. “If you might remember, we do actually have some. I’ve been examining Jasper’s blood all night.”

[Storyteller] Creed looks thoughtful for a moment, then lifts his head. “She had a weird little inhaler… I remember it was like one of those one-shot things. I thought it was like LSD or something.”

Roxy stood up and hummed, taking the little notepad from the drawer… “ew the corner is sticky…” she tore it off there and then wrote down what she knew from Creed. She then torn it off and wrote her number. “Here, I’m not the most useful but here is my number if you can’t get a hold of anybody else.” she said and went to the door, ready to go back home, and see do some research but most likely to find nothing.

“An inhaler is good, that means we know how it’s getting into their bloodstream.” Esmond responded, folding his arms and sighing in thought. He whipped his jacket back on and buttoned it up again. Finally getting the chance to light up a smoke. “She’s my ride, so I’m gonna get a ride with her but it was nice to meet you. Remember you owe us a favor.” Esmond spoke between a drag walking toward the door.

Kenneth took the notepad after Roxy set it down, first writing down his number and handing it to Creed. “Here’s my number as well, call me if you remember anything else.” He then jotted down everything they had learned that night in the notepad, tearing it off and folding it up and sliding it into his pocket.

[Storyteller] Creed takes the numbers and pockets them, nodding softly. “Uhm, okay, I guess.”

“I’ll be leaving too. This place isn’t exactly secure. If you really need it I’ll pay for this room for one more day, and then you’ll get kicked out after that by the staff. So you’ll have time to situate yourself,” he explained, picking up his backpack, which was all he had in there. “Cya, Roxy has my number if you need it,” he informed him and left to go find another place to rest for the next day.

Roxy handed Esmond her keys. “I’ll let you drive, you shouldn’t have to hug me every time.” she smiled fondly, laughing a bit. “Anyway I’ll see you guys around!” she said and exited and went down the stairs.

Esmond waved and followed her down the stairs, chuckling at her comment.