[Storyteller] Jason gets a text from a number not already in his phone: “(text) Hey, can you meet me at the classroom? It’s important, and about Jessica. -Kitt”

Jason_Carter replies with “Omw” and heads over to the classroom with all deliberate speed. He gets into his car drives down following all traffic lights, parks and runs up the steps and opens the door.

[Kitt Bishop] is alone in the classroom, which is oddly unlocked. She is off to the side so when the door is opened she is not immediately evident but when she sees it’s him she comes out into the open. “Uhm, you said you have a gun, right? I saw … who might have done this and… you might need it. I know where to look but we don’t have a lot of time before he moves.”

Jason_Carter nods,”Yes I have a gun, although I would hope that this doesn’t come to that. It’s in my apartment though so I would need to get it. I suppose we need to hurry then.”

<+Jason_Carter> “Come with me and we will head to him right after I stock up.”

[Kitt Bishop] bites her lower lip and then nods, following him. As they leave, she stops and closes the door, taking a key out from around hr neck and locking up the classroom. “Okay.”

Jason_Carter drives home with all haste and enters his two-bedroom apartment that he shares with a roommate. He heads to his room and opens a drawer in one of his dressers. He then lifts up a false bottom and pulls out a 9 mm pistol, a box of ammo and a loaded magazine. He then goes to his dresser and puts on a coat to conceal his weaponry.”Let’s go, tell me where we are headed along the way.”

[Kitt Bishop] watches him quietly, and as they move to head out again she speaks up. “Well, there are two places. One is the old Charity Hospital, and the other is a place out in the forest. I saw him going into the woods earlier but he could have left by now…”

<+Jason_Carter> “Is Hollow with you right now?”

[Kitt Bishop] nods her head softly. “Yes but… the barrier between our worlds is stronger in the day so… it’s harder for her to help.”

<+Jason_Carter> “How fast can she travel? Can she communicate with you across distances or does she need to be close?”

[Kitt Bishop] “I see and hear her like I see and hear you.”, she says with a slight shrug. “She can fly kinda fast with smoky wings if she tries. Why?”

<+Jason_Carter> “We will head to the Old Charity Hospital first and if she can just simply try to find him and keep an eye on him that would help. If she finds him she just needs to follow him until she knows where he’s going. If she can fly then she should be able to scout the forest much faster than we can.”

[Kitt Bishop] sighs. “It’s hard for her to see him, her seeing alive people is like… you trying to see her. She can look, but it’ll be hard during the day and… we don’t want to go there at night. Ever.”, she says and shivers a little bit as her eyes follow something unseen nearby.

<+Jason_Carter> “I can’t see her at all, is she totally blind to him?”

[Kitt Bishop] shakes her head a bit, bouncing her brown hair. “No. He saw her once already. But she scared him whe he did.”

Jason_Carter begins driving to the Old Charity Hospital as they speak

[Kitt Bishop] “I don’t think he was ready to see someone dead yet. At least not and have them looking back.”

<+Jason_Carter> “The charity hospital has a lot of spiritual energy right? Is it any better for her there?”

[Kitt Bishop] nods. “Inside the hospital, yes. There’s lots of ghosts in there. But he was in the clock, and it isn’t the same. But she can go through the wall and look to see if he is there.”, she says as he drives, watching out the window as the sunlit city passes by.

<+Jason_Carter> “Alright well then we shall just try to be quick and thorough in the Old Hospital. Can she go ahead of us and start scouting it out?”

[Kitt Bishop] shakes her head, looking at Jason for a moment like he’s not all there. “She won’t beat the car. Unless she goes in the storm, and she says fuck you on that one.”

<+Jason_Carter> “Alright, I wasn’t sure how fast she could fly. Noted. We are almost there so when we park if she would be willing to scout out rooms while we walk that would make both of us a lot safer. The most dangerous part of clearing a building is when you enter a room and passing through walls would definitely make us safer.”

[Kitt Bishop] looks at him again strangely. “Wait, you want us to go in the hospital? No way. No. He was in the clock, we can check that but I am not going in that hospital.”

<+Jason_Carter> “What do you mean in the clock?”

[Kitt Bishop] blinks and shaks her head, pointing to the large section of building with the clocktower facing the street as they park. “That one.” The clock itself has the right time, save for it’s exactly six hours off.

<+Jason_Carter> “Alright, then we shall check the clock.” Jason says as he drives over to the nearest place to park near the clocktower.

[Kitt Bishop] watches and waits, finally getting out of the car and turning to look at the Hospital before approaching the clock tower. She keeps her distance, whispering for a moment as if to herself and hen staying put under a tree.

<+Jason_Carter> “Are you staying here then?”

[Kitt Bishop] nods her head softly, staying under the tree. “Hollow is going to go look and see if he is there. What are you gonna do?”

<+Jason_Carter> “Can you have her scout the entrance first? Then I will follow in.”

[Kitt Bishop] points at the large metal door. “I can see the entrance and it looks good to me.”

<+Jason_Carter> “I can’t exactly go in there guns blazing in broad daylight.”

<+Jason_Carter> “I mean right past the entrance, we can’t see around corners but she can.”

[Kitt Bishop] “Well too late now. I can’t talk to her till she gets back.”, she says with a shrug.

Jason_Carter moves over by the entrance and waits for a moment and peers inside

[Storyteller] The heavy steel door is rusted shut, and very very hard to try and move.

Jason_Carter moves over to any other exits on the building.

Jason_Carter waits beside the door in case it opens

[Kitt Bishop] watches him for a few minutes, then waves at him. “She says it’s clear inside, nobody home. All his stuff is gone too.”

Jason_Carter heads back over,”Then the only other place was the Forest right?”

[Kitt Bishop] nods her head softly. “Yeah, he might have tried to hide there… there is an old house out there I saw once…”

Jason_Carter nods.”Well that’s the only place left to go then so that is where we are headed.” Jason then heads over to his car opens the passenger door for
Kitt and then gets into the other side.”Have you considered contacting Isabo?”

[Kitt Bishop] bites her lower lip a little bit and looks out the window, shrugging. “Uhm, she is asleep right now.”, she says quietly.

<+Jason_Carter> “Her classes aren’t that late at night… Right then on to the forest.”

Jason_Carter drives to the forest

[Kitt Bishop] shrugs her shoulders a little. “Well, she stays awake all night though, not just for class.”

Jason_Carter shrugs and continues driving

<+Jason_Carter> “This drive will probably take a while. Do you know what part of the forest the Cabin is in?”

[Kitt Bishop] shrugs again and points off in one direction. “I don’t know how to explain it but I know the way. And it’s more like an old house. Two stories, with a garden.”

<+Jason_Carter> “Please lead on then.” Jason says and then turns on the radio

[Kitt Bishop] just sits along for the ride, watching out the window mostly and occasionally telling him where to turn. “So, if you move energy, aren’t you like a vampire too?”

Jason_Carter turns off the radio while they talk

<+Jason_Carter> “No, although I probably could learn to do it. Psychic vampires usually have an energy imbalance where they need to take other people’s energy to balance their own field. Some people learn to do it as a skill but most psychic vampires do it naturally. I create my own energy and I build up more by taking some from the environment. Places of power, sacred areas usually have large buildups of energy that can be drawn from.”

<+Jason_Carter> “Some of them are known also drink blood, but either way it’s the same, and they’re not undead just people.”

[Kitt Bishop] shakes her head. “Nu-uh. I mean, those might be, and some people drink blood… but some of them are NOT people. Some of them are dead for real and still walk around.”

<+Jason_Carter> “You mean like vampiric ghosts?”

<+Jason_Carter> “I could understand a psychic vampire still being a psychic vampire after they expire, but then they’d just be a ghost that fed off the living energy of people. They wouldn’t need blood and they wouldn’t really walk around. It would also be why they couldn’t walk around in sunlight, just like your friend hollow.”

[Kitt Bishop] blinks and actually turns to look at him directly. “No, I mean like dead people who drink blood.”, she says and then points to a scenic view parking lot. “We can hike in from there, turn left.”, she talks like it is the most natural thing in the world to her.

<+Jason_Carter> Jason turns into the parking lot,”I suppose if it were a powerful ghost it could manifest a body or move it’s old one. True vampires are just myths though, if they were really walking around wouldn’t everybody know about them?”

[Kitt Bishop] frowns a bit as she gets out of the car. “Uh, no. They can get in your head and some know magic and stuff too. I don’t let the ones i see know I can tell they are dead though.”

<+Jason_Carter> “So they’re Lichs suspended by magic and feeding off of blood?! Fascinating! Which way are we going now?”

[Kitt Bishop] makes a bit of face, but points and starts down the hill into the thick overgrowth. “Uhm, this way.”

Jason_Carter follows behind and pulls out his pistol

[Kitt Bishop] struggles her way through the trees and brush, headed deep into the forest. It doesn’t take long before any signs of human habitation are well out of sight.

<+Jason_Carter> “I hope we can find our way back out of here.”

[Kitt Bishop] nods and yawns as she comes to a small clearing. “Um… this is… yeah… me too…”, she says and curls up right on the soft grass, falling alseep in the warm light coming through the trees.

[Storyteller] Jason feels very sleepy and can’t keep his eyes open. It’s like just relaxing into a warm bath.

<+Jason_Carter> Jason manages to regain his footing and looks frantically around to see if he can locate the source of the enchantment he looks for the energy patterns

[Storyteller] The energy seems to be rolling up out of the earth itself, the soil here teeming with it. The air feels electric, as if something is building.

<+Jason_Carter> Jason pulls out his knife and stabs himself in the meat of his thigh, attempting to stay awake. It is better to be in pain than dead.

<+Jason_Carter> The pain snaps him fully to and he immediately begins looking around to see if there is anyone else in the area

[Storyteller] There is no sign of anyone, though there is an almost constant droning sound, just off the range of regular hearing. A hum that comes from the earth, the trees, the grass, and the wind.

<+Jason_Carter> Jason goes over and picks up Kitt and begins to walk back the way he came, if he cannot pick her he will drag her with as much dignity as he can manage

[Storyteller] As Jason starts to drag Kitt out of the clearing, another wash of power looms over and runs through him. It drags on what is left of his will, feeling heavy, and warm, and then… darkness.

[Storyteller] When Jason wakes up, he is up to his shoulders in soft earth. He can move his head and talk, but otherwise being half buried cannot move. There is a storm rolling in and it has gotten quite dark outside. Lighting flashes, illuminating a figure on the ground… Kitt, on the ground but not where he left her. A stranger is nearby, kneeling down and looking at Jason. He is quite pale, with his light colored hair pulled back into a ponytail, and eyes the color of storm clouds.

<+Jason_Carter> Jason sees the man,”Good Evening sir.”

[Storyteller] The man looks at Jason and tilts his head, then focuses on Kitt on the ground and gives her a gentle nudge with the back of his hand. “It would seem I have rabbits in my garden.”, he says with a cool, deep voice.

<+Jason_Carter> “I am no rabbit. I also do not think you are my quarry either.”

[Storyteller] The man reaches down and half lifts Kitt, seeming to do so with little effort. “Are you sure?”, he says, and a set of long teeth clearly become visible during the next flash of lightning. He leans close to Kitt’s face, running his nose along her cheek. “You seem like prey to me.”

<+Jason_Carter> “But we belong to Madam Isabo.”

<+Jason_Carter> “Madam Isabo Kali.”

<+Jason_Carter> “That’s some impressive magic you wield. Where did you learn it?”

[Storyteller] He tilts his head slightly as Kitt starts to stir awake, still holding her he looks back at Jason. “I do not know this person, nor does it matter to me.”

<+Jason_Carter> “No? No matter. We were here looking for a psychic vampire. I don’t believe it is you, psychic vampires are usually flush to brim with life and have ruddy cheeks.”

<+Jason_Carter> “Regardless, the one we are looking for is powerful, possibly enough to hurt you. Nearly being near it has killed several people already.”

[Storyteller] He runs his tongue across his fangs as Kitt wakes up enough to open her eyes and freezes as she realizes where she is. He looks back at Jason, shaking his head slightly. “I am finding your company very taxing.”, he says as it begins to rain on them all, a few drops quickly turning into a downpour.

<+Jason_Carter> “Perhaps we could make a deal?”

[Storyteller] “I fail to see what you migth have to offer…”, he says as he leans down to run his lips against the skin of Kitt’s throat, “besides that which lies just beneath the surface of your skin.”

<+Jason_Carter> “A significantly larger and more steady supply. For starters, I work in the medical profession.”

<+Jason_Carter> “On the other hand, if I go missing here they will search for me. I’m sure you don’t want a bunch of federal agents looking around her do you?”

<+Jason_Carter> “Your choice, a supply of blood or the start of the next inquisition?”

[Storyteller] The figure whispers faintly into Kitt’s ear and then puts her down, standing up and walking over to Jason. He lifts his boot and puts it on top of Jason’s head, pressing down lightly. “You are threatening me? Insignifigant little creature.”, he hisses.

[Kitt Bishop] looks over at Jason and shakes her head faintly, trying to keep her movement unnoticed but obviously concerned.

<+Jason_Carter> “Why don’t we discuss the alternative that I presented? Nobody needs to be harmed.”

[Storyteller] He bites his wrist open and lets his blood spill on the ground around Jason. The plants begin to grow and twist together, pulling him a little deeper into the earth and then starting to cover his head and face like snakes made of leaf and grass. “Enjoy your tomb. I was only going to feed and let you go, but now you’ve convinced me you are too much of a threat to be allowed to live. But if it makes you feel better in death, know I don’t intend to kill the female.”