Jason_Carter walks around in the garden and finds a comfortable place to sit down amidst the greenery and gets into a comfortable meditation

Roxy huffed. “The gardens would do fine.” she suggested.

Jalen jumped a bit as the car stopped like that, but didn’t comment. “Alright, we can meet at the gardens, that sounds good,” Jalen replied, grabbing Creed and got out of the car. “Thanks,” he said and headed up the stairs to 213 and got the key from his pocket and unlocked the door. Then he manuvered the unconscious Kindred to the bed and lay him down. “There, that should be okay until I get back,” he sighed and closed the door again, locking it.

Roxy nodded. “Yeah.” she said, looking inside… “you sure we shouldn’t leave a note, just in case he wakes up?” she asked worried he would run off or do smething…

Jalen blinked. “Ah good point,” he chuckled. “Hang on,” he said, going inside and got his backpack, and started writing a note on a notebook. “Hey, I’ve gone out for a bit, I’ll bring you ‘food’ later and explain things when I get back, just get some rest. If you need something call me at this number: (612)-534-4892; -Jalen” Then he locked the door again.

Roxy hurried back to the van and pulled out her keys. “Essy!” she called and climbed back in the van. “I need you to get my bike!”

“I can do that, so we’re meeting at the gardens?” he asked, putting the van into gear.

Roxy nodded. “Just drop me and Jalen off there, and we’ll talk.”

Esmond drove a lot quicker now that they weren’t carrying precious cargo, driving the bends and streets quickly to get them somewhere more innocent quickly. Jerking to a stop at the park again and leaning back over the seat again “Get out and I’ll bring that bike back” he said jingling her keys.

Roxy nodded. “I trust you, Essy.” she smiled and got out and looked at Jalen. “I have a few things you need to know though…” she said. “So hurry back, tasty.”

Jeez… this man drove fast. “Alright, sounds fine,” he replied. Roxy mentioned having a few things they needed to know. “Yeah, we’ll all talk when everyone’s back,” he said.

Jason_Carter stands up from his meditation and begins to walk around the Garden refreshed. He begins to make rounds slowly through all the trees and brush circling the large garden complex.

With the few words, Esmond watched them fade into the rear view mirror. Lighting up for the drive back and decided to take a little bit of time to think over what exactly they witnessed tonight. He could still smell the redhead on his coat and feel that odd warmth echoing.

Roxy hopped away and went into the garden finding a place but paused as she saw the fleshy. “And.. there my little caterpillar stands.” she giggled. “Either we can’t get enough of each other, or our vibrations really sinc.”

Jalen blinked as Roxy mentioned something about a callipillar and then looked up to see the kid… “Ah. Fate maybe?” he shrugged, not wanting to examine Roxy’s reponse to that too much.

Jason_Carter notices his clockwork friend, waves and walks over,”Hello there, what a coincidence to see you here! I had only recently discovered this place. The energy of it is quite amazing, perhaps you were also drawn to it? Maybe you have more to you than you’re letting on my dear friend?” He smiles as he finishes speaking.

Roxy laughed. “aren’t we all? even I don’t know who I am. Side affect of being a model, I guess.” she waved it off with little thought and gently petting Jason’s hair a bit with the tip of her middle finger before stepping back. “You remember Jalen, right?” she said looking over at Jalen with a nod as she looked at his eyes with innocence and a certain sweetness.

Jalen waved a bit as he was mentioned, not giving the kid the eye just yet. “Not wandering into the bad parts of town again are ya, eh?” he joked, trying to not be an ass.

“Haha it’s fine, I can handle myself. The bad streets of New Orleans are not anything like the streets of Iraq. I’ll take these streets over a battlefield any day.”

Roxy fanned herself. “Oh that’s where those muscles come from. Sorry to say I’ve never been the fighting type, but I can respect a man who knows the heat of battle from experience.” she said softly and wiggled her hips a bit, even bouncing, she wasn’t wearing anything amazing this time, as she had buckled boots and black leather tights, and a tan corset with her hair tide up… her shirt also less showy than usual.

Jalen raised an eyebrow as Roxy started getting odd for the ‘fleshy’. “So you’re a vet, then, huh?” he asked. “Thank you for serving our country.”

Jason_Carter nods,”One tour was enough. I served as a medic so I didn’t do much of the shooting. I only had one man die on me but plenty came back injured. As good as I am at saving lives, I can’t always save limbs… As for the one that died it was too fast to do anything. He walked right over an IED and was gone. Not much worth bringing back, but his dogtags just happened to land in front of me.” Jason shakes his head and breathes a deep long sigh.”Everyday I wish I could have done more, I don’t think you can ever be closer to anyone than a comrade in arms. I’m not sure even the most passionate lovers can compare to the bond between two allied soldiers.”

Roxy raised her eyebrows. “Sounds rough.” she tilted her head at the last part. “I beg to differ.” she almost growled but looked back at Jalen. “Esmond should be back soon, right? I hope he didn’t steal my bike.”

Jalen nodded in agreement as Roxy said it sounded rough. He shrugged. “Everyone has their own opinions,” he replied diplomatically. “I’m sure he’ll be back soon. Otherwise I’m sure we could hunt him down okay,” he reassured.

Roxy corssed her arms and stood back from Jason. “I guess someone who loses their lover to cancer right before marriage would understand.” she shook her head, and just tapped her foot waiting, deciding to look at the bushes instead.

<Jason_Carter> “Roxy you misunderstand. I know it is a bit like comparing apples to oranges. It’s not a degree of passion, it’s a degree of permanency. The emotional ties between two soldiers last longer than even some familial bonds. They don’t fade over time or rust, they don’t break for some petty disagreement either. When you lose someone you fought beside, it hits deep and it marks you. I suppose it could be more like a mother losing a child…”

<Jason_Carter> “So anyway, what brings you two to the Gardens?”

Roxy glared at Jason and held back hissing. “You don’t understand, fl–” she stopped there and looked back at the bushes. “And if the gods are in your favor you never will, either.” she mumbled and ignored his question.

“We’re waiting for a partner,” Jalen replied quickly as Roxy seemed as close as he was the other time… “He’s taking quite a while, though,” he replied.

Jason_Carter nods,”I see. I hope he didn’t take the bad streets. Did you try contacting him?”

Esmond puttered up to the park on the motorbike kicking the kickstand down, cigarette hanging from his mouth. He relinquished the keys from their place and waited to kick a leg over and get off. It had been one of the first times in a while that he had something other than Taxi’s and walking to get him around. When he finally did, he approached the two with auspiscious timing and noted down the human company, taking in a long drag and then talking. “Sorry that took so long Roxy, I was enjoying myself.” he mumbled holding out the hand with the keys in it.

Roxy brightened instantly and took the keys as she threw herself at Esmond in a big hug but whispered in his ear. “I am about to snap his little soft warm neck, to get at his nectar.” she was quietly and sounded delighted but nobody could hear her other than Esmond.

“Ah, there he is,” Jalen said as he saw Esmond approaching with Roxy’s motorcycle. “I’ve got to go pick something up before it gets too late, so I presume you two can take it from here. I’ll see you later,” he said, waving as he went to go find a way to get blood for his roommate. Now that Esmond was back, he could trust that the situation would end with the human being dead tomorrow.

<Jason_Carter> “Have a pleasant evening.” Jason waves him off and turns to Esmond,”Good evening to you sir. I suppose you are the one Roxy was waiting on?”

Esmond grimaced at Roxys whisperings and tried not to give off his confusion to the bag of blood. “Evening, So what did I miss what are we all talking about?” Esmonds tone was light and like he couldn’t taste the tension in the air. He took the hug and wrapped his arm around her hip when they were done, looking over at the human.

Roxy just leaned on Esmond, nuzzling his side a bit and stared at Jason with wide eyes. “We wanted to come here and see this place, heard some spooky stuff was happening here, thought we’d record a little bit, see if we catch a ghost.” she said happily as if she had never gotten mad at Jason at all, a very sudden switch.

<Jason_Carter> “Ah, Ghosthunting? Did you bring any form of equipment? I am not sure our eyes will be the best way of detecting them, unless you have a particular gift they seem to not be visible much.”

Roxy laughed. “You silly, I’m not like you, I don’t have tai-chi healing powers. We’ll use our phones, like on youtube.” she said simply.

Jason_Carter blinks.”You are going to try to catch ghosts… on your cell phones?”

Roxy rolled her eyes. “Not catch, just see if it’s true.”

Esmonds body stiffened a little when he heard mention of Tai-Chi healing powers and decided this needed more digging. “Healing powers? You into Acupuncture Jason?” he asked, his tone still light but the subtext dripped with suspiscion. His arm scooping up Roxy a little more in his arm nodding about ghost hunting. Humans were a fun game.

<Jason_Carter> “Not exactly, just a little talent I have for easing pain and aching joints… mostly.”

Roxy bounced a bit and hugged Esmond tighter. “yeah he told me all about it! He like has this megnetic feild and stuff and this aura thing and its like a form of magic!” she explained happily and looked at Jason with a bright and eager smile. “Which I find far more interesting than ghosts actually.”

“Yeah the ghosts can kiss my ass” he remarked taking the last srag on his cigarette and throwing it to the ground and giving it a small stomp. “Tell me more about the healing powers, because I have a terrible back” he was obviously lying vampires don’t get back pain.

Jason_Carter moves around behind him,”Well let me take a look then.”

Roxy glared. “Hold on, we’re just out here in public, you barely know Essy! I know you’re play for both parties, but slow your roll, honey.”

Jason_Carter looks back at Roxy,”What do you mean ‘play for both parties?’ When did I say I was into men?”

Esmond smiled as he watched him walk around him and took a step forward and away “At my own pace buddy, I still don’t know what exactly it is you do here.”

“Uhm, the way you talked to Kenny… Giving him those compliments and saying how you could understand why I would take him back to my place…” she recalled.

Jason_Carter bursts into laughter,”I was not being serious Roxy. Although, yes I am capable of telling the difference between an attractive man from the unattractive. I am not actually interested in Kenneth in that manner.”

Roxy rolled her eyes. “Alright, but still, you dont need to touch on him, alright?” she let go of kenneth and stepped forward, “So back off, because you’re getting really creepy.”

“I’ll tell you what, tell me more about this thing you do and I’ll make some time to come see you some time.” He remarked looking to Roxy as she spoke.

Roxy backed off and just stood closer to Esmond. “Sorry, you know how I get jealous, she mumbled pathetically.

“It’s nothing miraculous, it’s just a science not yet fully understood. They are only now discovering what is being called the ‘bio-field’ an energy that permeates living things and also bares similarity to the resonant field of the earth. By using my own bio-field I can stimulate minor recovery in someone elses. Small things like bring a heart into rhythm, reduce swelling in an area and calm overactive nerves to reduce pain. Acupuncture is much the same but I don’t use needles. I just need to be very close to someone, preferably within one to three inches.”

“So, it’s magic?” he asked plainly, nodding at Roxy saying she was jealous after listening to him try to skirt around the idea of fully saying that that’s exactly what he did, he’d had his suspiscions but he wanted them cemented in plain english to satisfy him. Putting his free hand back in his pocket.

<Jason_Carter> “In a manner of speaking yes. As Arthur Clarke once put ‘Any technology sufficiently advanced is indistinguishable from magic.’ So are many of the ancient mysteries of the human condition. There is still much we have to learn.”

Roxy just grasped Esmond’s arm and cuddled it and wiggled her hips a bit, just feeling the jacket on her face, seeming to take pride in it like Esmond was some fish she had caught or prize that was won.

Jason_Carter raises an eyebrow,”Perhaps I should head home for the night. I have got what I came here for and I have studying to do for my classes. It was nice speaking to you both again. Have a good night Roxy.”

Roxy waved. “Bye, Jason.” she said cheerfully.

Esmond watched him leave the park and chuckled lightly as he relinquished his hold over Roxy, brushing off his suit where she had touched and picked off a stray hair. “I’m sorry if I included you in my little game, I just don’t trust that guy” he explained, idly straightening up his tie while looking at her.

Roxy pulled away just as quickly as Esmond had and smiled with a small nod but she was nowhere near as cheerful. “He really… really got under my skin with a small little comment he made. And since anytime I go outside he seems to be there, I’ve given up being discrete. I through with him, he’s useless to me and no longer is exciting.” she said simply. “I get war is hard, but losing a lover, dedicating yourself to that person only to have them slowly die in front of your eyes before you even get a chance to say I do… in war you know what you’re getting into… you know someone will die.” she said bitterly.

“That’s true, my uncle was a vet and what I’ve gathered from that is that most are drunkards that hardly see combat except for chasing some dirty men through the desert.” he commented, giving her one of his only genuine smiles or at least what he felt was genuine. “They say peaceful deaths are sometimes the hardest. Not for you but the others around you. My condolences though Roxy if that happened to you, I never got the chance to fall in love.” Esmond continued again lighting another cigarette.

Roxy looked down and held her arm. “yeah, well, be glad. It sucks.” she said simply. “But, you shouldn’t trust him, he’s the fleshy I told you a little bit about who is onto us. He healed some girls wounds after she was attacked by some weird special vampire.” she explained and slowly started putting bounce back into her step but it was clear she was thinking a lot.

“I know that vitae can do such a thing but he’s mortal I can smell it” he commented, waving some smoke out of his own face after taking another drag. Jason was a curiousity definitely and one of the only mortals he had graced his presence with over these late nights. “Do you think we’ll ever have to act on anything with him though? or is he harmless?” he asked Roxy cocking his head a little.

Roxy looked at her nails. “I doubt it, he’s more like a bug on the wall, it may know something but he can easily be squashed.” she growled. “I’ll miss his games, but he went too far.” she cracked her knuckles. “I’m going to get home, do you want a ride?” She offered. “I can let you drive.”

Esmond nodded along with her talking, crossing his arms halfway through and then crushing his cigarette under his shoe when she was done. “Okay, it was a fun game though. I thought a more jovial mood might calm down the animal. I just worry that I might let something live and bite me in the ass.” he explained, checking over his suit before answering her “I could do with a ride but honestly I’ll let you drive, I’m tired after tonights proceedings, can I crash at yours?”

Roxy smiled happily and nodded. “Of course.” she said and headed over to her motorcycle. “I hope it won’t bother you.” she said as she hopped on and made room for Esmond to get on. “I have a lot of collections.” she said. “And I have a surprise for you in the morning!” she wiggled a bit as she put up the kick stand.

This was the second time he was riding bitch in two nights and he laughed a little to himself as he kicked his leg over the back of the bike and put his hands on her hips so he didn’t fall off. “I look forward to it, almost more than rest right now. Hooowee man, what a night.” the ventrue remarked, feeling fatigued more than he was going to admit.

Roxy just took off, enjoying the ride and feeling better about resting with a friend in her place, she didn’t like them knowing where she lived, but they wouldn’t mess with her now that she had her new friend, smurf with her! As the lights flashed by and the moon soon sinking behind the trees, she parked her bike, let Esmond et off and lead him in. Before the door was even opened he could just hear ‘tick tick tick. When it opened it was louder and clocks were everywhere, but she seemed to have it organized tis time. “You can crash on the couch.” she said with a grin.