Roxy smiled fondly as she saw Esmond was still resting, it had been a long night for him.. she herself was exhausted, had finished her surprise for him earlier that evening. She pulled out her phone realizing that Kenneth should be aware of their success, she simply caled him this time, and danced around in a nice Victorian dress that she modified to be more walk worth, and pulled one side of it up her hip so that it didn’t drag and she could still move easily, but the top really set its her steampunk on the outfit as it had belts all over it and a tool belt on the hips, and a big only rusty gear tied within the strings of her corset like it was some sort of useless backpack. “Come on, Kenny, pick up the phone.”

Kenneth had woken recently, and was only two thirds of the way dressed in his usual attire when his phone rang. He finished dressing before answering, and picked up and answered without looking at his phone. “Yes? Roxy?”

Roxy spoke quietly she was also grogey. “hey, sorry if I sound rasp, I kind of stayed up working on a thing.” she excused with a wave of her hand. “Anyway, we have Creed at alens house, so we should probably meet there at some poit later. he was freaking out at the docks and some creepy voodoo lady talked funny at me and some other lady was hitting on essy.” she shrugged. “They can explain it better than I can, I’m very tired.”

Kenneth had left his own room, and was in the lab with his phone set to speaker as he did some research on Jasper’s blood. “I’ve made some discoveries myself, I look forward to a mutual sharing of information.” He said, jotting down a few notes to share with the others later.

Roxy stretched and stared at Esmond on her couch some more, finding him almost sweetly peaceful… how he managed to sleep with the loud ticks was fascinating, most had an issue with the noise, but she wouldn’t argue. “See you there, Kenny.” she said before hanging up and went to find a little box and some ribbon to wrap the present in before he wakes.

Kenneth glanced over at his phone as it beeped, grabbing it and pocketing it to increase workspace before returning to his research.