[Storyteller] The plantation house is quiet despite it looking like everyone is here. Brandon is talking to Isabo in French in the entryway, and Kitt and Jessica are working upstairs.

[Isabo Kali] switches back to English, frowning at Brandon. “I warned you that it might get you into trouble. You’ll get no sympathy from me.”

[Brandon Tresti] has his arm in a sling, wrapped up in black cloth. “I didn’t ask for it, nor do I require it. Anyway, that wasn’t my point.”

Leaving his room, Kenneth made his way towards the quiet sound of voices. Stepping into the entry way he raised an eyebrow slightly at the sight of the one he hadn’t met. Stepping up towards them, he waited for the pause in their conversation to speak. “Good evening Isabo, and nice to meet you, sir, I don’t think we’ve met. My name is Kenneth, Kenneth Daily.

[Isabo Kali] nods her head curtly as she puts her long hair up into a bun while still speaking, “I know what it means to have a nest of snakes nearby. We will be careful.”. She pauses and then nods to Kenneth. “Evening, Kenneth.”

[Brandon Tresti] sighs and then looks to Kenneth, looking him over before speaking. “Brandon Tresti. Nice to meet you.”

Kenneth took a look at Brandon, looking slightly surprised at his wound, “If you don’t mind me asking, Brandon, how did you get injured?”

[Brandon Tresti] looks down at his arm and then back at Kenneth. “A Setite exploded in flame and I got caught in the blast. Which reminds me to remind you… be careful around the city. Setites are bad news, and these are practicing some form of ritual magic.”

[Isabo Kali] shakes her head softly. “They get too close to where that… thing… lives then we won’t have a problem anymore.”

Nodding slowly, Kenneth’s face took on a thoughtful expression, “I didn’t realize Setites were common around here.” He said before turning to Isabo “What thing?”

[Isabo Kali] “The thing in the forest, the thing that killed Jasper.”, she says as she looks from one of the men to the other and back again. “The reason we don’t go into those woods.”

“I’ll be sure to avoid the forest at all costs, then.” Kenneth said, looking from Isabo to Brandon and back again. “So that’s what you meant when you said the trees ate him, isn’t it?”

[Brandon Tresti] “Jasper was our astral expert. He would use projection and one day after he came back it was like… he started to go nuts. Nightmares and visions… finally after the feeding incident he totally lost it and fled into the woods. We tracked him deep in there…”

[Isabo Kali] “There was a house. I didn’t see it but i saw his last moments.”, she says quietly. “I saw a man bleed on the ground in front of the house and then the plants came alive and dragged him down adn the ground swallowed him up…”

Kenneth listened intently, frowning deeply when he was told of the plants rising from the ground. “That’s terrifying, any clue what could do something like that though?”

[Brandon Tresti] and Isabo look at each other nervously, then at Kenneth and shake their heads in unison. “Lets go with… we prefer not to say it aloud. Ever. We have a suspicion and given the neighbors… well, there is a reason that the Elders won’t risk setting up a real Chantry here.”

[Isabo Kali] “Just trust us when we say… I don’t care what someone threatens you with or offers you, it’s not worth getting caught by what lives out there.”, she says with complete seriousness.

Kenneth’s frown deepened and his brow furrowed further with each word. “That is certainly concerning… And I won’t be stepping one foot in that forest if I can help it. Sadly, this means that Creed is my only lead on this drug or disease…”

[Brandon Tresti] “Not true. We still have some of Jasper’s blood in storage.”, he says after a moment of thought.

Kenneth’s head practically whipped towards Brandon as he said that. “Is that so? May I examine it? I may be able to learn something from it, no matter how small.”

[Isabo Kali] “Well of course.”, she says and laughs a little bit as she grabs her keys. “It’s in the lab on the second floor. There are clay pots with preservation rituals on them, it’s labeled.”

Kenneth turned to go, heading towards the lab, “Thank you both, hopefully I can find something out and get this disease cured soon.”