Roxy stepped outside and looked down seeing the knife wrapped in bloody newspaper and she swallowed, she grabbed a stick nd scooted it away before gasping. “they know where I live!” she quickly grabbed her phone and called Kenneth. As soon he would answer Roxy gave him no time. “You need to get here- NOW.”

Kenneth had been reading and practicing the techniques out of a guide to magic he had purchased on a whim. As soon as his phone rang he slammed the book closed and picked up the phone, not even bothering to speak once he saw it was Roxy. “On my way, send me your address.” He said, pushing up out of his chair and making his way out of the house and towards the city.

Roxy hung up and immediately sent her address followed with a ‘hurry’. She paced in her home, staring at her clocks occasionally. “Come on, Kenny…” she mumbled to herself.

Kenneth showed up a half hour later, knocking on the door four times. “What is so important, Roxy?” He shouted through the door.

Roxy opened the door and immediately hugged Kenny, her body tense but she backed up and looked away. “Sorry…” she looked down. “I screwed up today and I have more to add from what I wante dto talk about yesterday.” she sighed. “also sorry for hugging you.”

Kenneth tensed up, patting her back awkwardly. “What happened today? ANd what do you mean by more to add?” He said, ignoring her apology for hugging him and stepping inside.

Roxy looked up with just her eyes but kept her head low. “Well.” she started. “Today I pissed off the not friendly friends. The other day I had ran into a white rabbit, named Alice.. she was nice. We went into this clock tower and on the second floor, She got hurt and so we went to leave but the door was shut, and it shouldn’t have been because it was all rusty.” she explained and grabbed her side slowly, tightening her grip a bit.

“Then I felt the sam thing she did, it felt like it was a stabbing at first but the hole opened wider, I was drowning in it, it was swallowing all of me, andI got so hungry…. but there was no hole.” she looked up at Kenny. “I only made it worse today.”

Kenneth looked at her with a look of mixed concern and thoughtfulness, “As if your vitae had been drained? I know there is a method to do so with my form of magic…. You don’t think it could have been Jasper, do you?”

Roxy shook her head. “if that was Jasper, I don’t think I like what this disease does to us, then.” she said. “So the fleshy, Jason, he uhm… I don’t think he’s normal. Like more than just speaking in tongues for a fleshy…”

Kenneth frowned, pulling out his phone and began taking down a few notes. “Hopefully this isn’t him, that would be a very bad side effect…” He looked up at the mention of Jason, slightly confused for a moment. “The one you were with last night? What do you mean?”

Roxy bit her lip. “so I was debating on feeding, since he seems to throw himself at me but I much prefer him not in a daze talking to me about the crazy things he does, but the girl who was attacked by the psychic vampire thing, and he said he had moved his energy and stuff and healed her. Like Tai-chi but fantasy.” she explained best she could.

Kenneth continued typing, stopping when she mentioned that Jason could heal. “Wait, you mean he may be a sorcerer?” Kenneth squinted, trusting Jason less than before, “That could turn out poorly for us if we aren’t careful.”

Roxy blinked and looked at Kenneth funny, obviously confused. “Sorcerer? He’s not very careful himself, I don’t exactly worry about those who’s light bulb jingles…” she muttered.

Tapping the screen of his phone a few times, Kenneth nodded. “Fair enough. But what was that about a psychic vampire?” He stowed away his phone, most of the notes on potential leads on the disease written out. Now he was interested in finding out about the new potential threat.

[Storyteller] It’s very cloudy, making the sky appear as a carpet of blackness.

Roxy sat down on her couch, watching the outside from her window, she hummed, unsure of how she felt about those clouds after tonight. “J, a long while ago when we first met about a weird vampire, I didn’t pay much attention honestly, I was more busy thinking about a vampire doing tarot readings for blood.” She giggled softly. “In your future I see you feeling a little faint. chomp.” she looked at Kenneth. “Its like a weird powerful vampire as far as I could gather from him.”

Kenneth listened intently, giving her a slightly judgmental look when she mentioned tarot readings for blood, “Do you think that may be the one that attacked you at the clock tower? A vampire that possible could know thaumaturgy… or even something I don’t know of…”

Roxy shrugged. “I just know I was ghst stabbed, then pissed off that stuff in that area because they left the peace offering knife for the stabby ghost at my doorstep covered in blood… and newspaper.” she answered

Kenneth looked at Roxy, frowning slightly. “Well, luckily you haven’t been killed, even if you have already made several enemies.” He sighed and stood, walking towards the window and looking out of it as well. “We need to find out more about this drug or disease though. Before more of us feel its effects.”

Roxy looked down. “Jalen is on that I think, but I upset him today too.” she mumbled. “he burned a dead cat which was a threat to me, I think anyway, that they dropped. He swore up and down he needed to do it, but I didnt like the thought of lighting a fire that close to them… or the fact he was touching m bad omen death threat…”

Kenneth sighed and shook his head at the Gangrel’s behavior. “So you AND Jalen have made some enemies, then. Where were you when this happened?”

Roxy looked nervous. “At Malkavian territory, the broken place of health and death.” she shuddered, her voice low in fear of the fact they new where she lived. “If I die, I just want you to know that it was my own dumb fault and you shouldn’t go poke in wonderland.”

Kenneth sighed and placed a hang, lightly, on her shoulder. “I don’t think that Maple’s Malkavians will come into the city this far, it would likely be dangerous for them.”

Roxy looked at her door. “The fact that they have makes your assurance helpful.” she mumbled. “and I don’t know what it was, Whoever that tree syrup is and her friends, they clearly don’t want to be my friend or their ghosts.”

Kenneth tilted his head in confusion for a moment before remembering the knife. Removing his hand he grimaced at the thought, “I don’t think there is much to worry about unless you enter their territory again.”

Roxy huffed and rolled her eyes. “Well, there’s your information, go tak to whoever, I’ll see what I can do. Maybe talk to smurf.” she said, Smurf would listen pleasantly! he was the most friendly to her, that she could actually be open with.

Kenneth turned to go, walking towards the door. “Let me know what you find out, please.” Opening the door, he turned back and looked at her, “And try not to die, I need your help to solve this.”

Roxy glared. “I’d hate to die because the last thing I want is to make things less convenient for you. I’ll do my best.” she said and just stared out the window again. She was only a little hurt that her original group didnt accept her much anymore, but that was to be expected, thinking so differently than them, she couldn’t be mad because they didn’t understand, she had to be better than that, be more patient with the ignorant.

Kenneth chuckled as he left, shaking his head as he closed the door behind him. Deciding to take a look around for the knife she had mentioned to examine later. He found it a short distance from her door, only a few steps down the stairs, and picked it up. Stowing it away for now, he returned home and continued his study of sleight of hand.