[Storyteller] Shotgun’s familiar jeep pulls up alongside Esmond as he is walking along, but it’s Cora driving. “Hey Suit!”, she yells and turns down the radio a bit as she waves in his direction. “Come on, get in!”

The young ventrue didn’t waste any time on hopping into the jeep, he’d been itching for some action in the last few days after the meet and greets with the local kindred. He threw his cigarette onto the curb as he waited for them to pull out and tapped the door to signify to go.

[CoraAnn] gets the jeep moving again and chuckles as she looks over at Esmond. “We got something to check out, Shotgun says buddy system so I thought I’d take the chance to get to know the new guy a little better.”, she says and then blows a small pink bubble of gum from her mouth.

“That’s good I’ve been walking my feet bloody meeting all the locals” he replied, feeling for his gun in his pocket as it seemed with such a sudden summons there might be something dangerous going down. Quirking his head at the bubble gun “You just like the taste he said circling his own mouth with his index finger.

[CoraAnn] sticks her pierced tongue out at Esmond playfully and then tosses a piece of paper at him. “Here, you get to navigate because these roads suck ass. That’s the address we’re looking for.”, she says and then gives him another look over with a shake of her head, making her bangs brush back and forth against her pale cheeks. “So… you gonna be mad if you get that suit messed up?”

“Honestly… It’s getting a little old so if it gets messy I won’t mind.” he sighed out catching the paper and uncrumpling it in his lap, trying to hold it at any angle where he could see it under the passing street lights. He shifted a little and squinted at the paper before inquiring “So, it’s a left and also, what’s the occasion?”

[CoraAnn] shrugs her shoulders. “I got a call from Shotgun telling me to make sure I was armed and take the jeep out to this place and take a buddy. And… fuck Patrick right now. So I went looking for you using a trick Shotgun taught me.”, she says with a light air to her tone. “Maybe I’ll show you how to do it sometime. She said you’re Ventrue, right?”

He nodded and again checked his holster again at the mention of being armed. “Yeah, I’m a Ven and honestly being able to find people at the mere thought sounds like a great improvement over GPS” Esmond remarked licking his teeth idly, cursing his only meager understanding of his own disciplines.

[CoraAnn] “Well, it’s a little more complicated than just a thought but I’ll show you sometime.”, she says and starts to slow down a bit as they start to leave the city proper, the roads now overhung with thick trees. “Uhm, I’m Ventrue too actually. But I’ve picked up a lot of different… holy shit this is officially off the creepy meter.”, she makes another strawberry scented bubble as she looks at the overhanging trees thoughtfully.

“It’s nice to meet another scepter way down south, I was half expecting a fucktonne of Gangrel.” He answered craning his neck casually out the window to look out over the overhanging trees. Esmond was nervous or at least emulated the emotion from memory, city meant safe and the more foliage meant not, his sire was kind enough to inform him it belonged to something else although what he didn’t elaborate. “Am I allowed to say that I’m not liking where this is going?” he asked, looking over to Cora.

[CoraAnn] watches the road in front of them and then turns off the headlights, her eyes picking up a deep red glow. “Sorry for the darkness, I prefer not to alert whoever we are approaching.”, she says as she drives slowly through the trees up the steadily narrowing road. “And like I said, my skills are ecclectic. And definately on the this doesn’t look good. But Lynn wouldn’t send us after a werewolf, there’s no way… not that… there aren’t any out here. God I hope there’s no fucking werewolves.”

The detective shifted in his seat at the mere mention of werewolves and putting the dots together of what his sire was talking about. “Well, to quote a very old movie, if it bleeds I’m sure we can kill it” He was talking out of his ass as his eyes flitted from trunk to trunk keeping his eyes peeled for anything. “I’m glad your skills are ecclectic, it will be nice to have a swiss army knife out here.”

[CoraAnn] smiles a little and pulls the gum from her mouth, sticking it in the ashtray. The road road almost comes to a complete end, turning off into mud and gravel one way, and ending at the water’s edge on the other. She stops the jeep and slowly gets out, reaching under the seat and pulling out a sawed off shotgun. “So… you like the whole suit and tie thing?”, she asks quietly as her still glowing eyes scan the general area for signs of trouble.

[Storyteller] Esmond spots a structure out in the water a little ways, gently bobbing up and down. It’s the size of a large shed or small house of some sort and covered in ivy and moss, making it hard to see.

He looked down at his clothes as she mentioned it and noticed that now that their surroundings had changed so dramatically that he was a little overdressed and threw his jacket into the jeep and then rolled up his sleeves. “I don’t think I’m going to need the suit part out here, best to at least look humid.” he murmured, unclipping his gun and looking toward the floating shed or house as it was hard to make out.

[CoraAnn] “You really aren’t gonna tell me anything about yourself, huh?”, she asks as she circles around the jeep, following his gaze to the water and stopping, tilting her head. “Well, that sucks. I hate wet boots.”

[CoraAnn] sighs and looks at her boots, then the water… “Shit. I am gonna get eaten by a fucking alligator, I just know it.”, she mutters as she moves closer to the edge of the water and then slowly starts to wade in to about hip-deep. “Oh God this water smells like ass.”

“how much has Shotgun told you?” he asked looking at the mud and then again at his shoes. He really wasn’t dressed the part for wading in the mud or for taking a swim. He decided to give her the short as they approached, and sighed before beginning “I was a cop, it was all going well and then a crackhead sidewinded me. Found out about the fact bumps in the night are very real after being embraced and I’m trying to apply my old skills to a new life” he shrugged when he was done. “Maybe, I’ll do my best to fish you out if you do” he laughed.

[CoraAnn] glares back a bit at him over her shoulder and then starts moving toward the structure again, though somewhat slowed by the water it doesn’t seem to get any deeper. “She didn’t tell me anything other than we share lineage. I think she worries about getting attached… considering how dangerous things are… we lose people. But I prefer to know the people that are supposed to be watching my back.”

He followed her into the water and started to lament his shoes before realizing his wardrobe would arrive in town soon and internally sighed in relief. “That’s fair, we’ll make a game out of it now obviously I’ve started it’s time for you to tell me something about you, huh?” He really didn’t know Shotgun well enough, if he made it back to town he was going to change that.

[CoraAnn] “Well, it was actually supposed to be my brother… he was groomed for being a Ventrue from the start. Free rides for everything, that one. I was the troublemaker… and that ended up with me at the club one night when gunfire broke out.”, she says quietly, remembering and still occasionally wrinkling ehr nose at the smell of the water. “I didn’t know my relative was a Kindred, she was there that night and when I got shot… she chose to try and save me with what was supposed to go to him. But with the chaos going on, she thought it didn’t work and I got left behind… I ended up living clanless for a while.”

[CoraAnn] hoists herself up onto the deck, making a face as her boots slosh a bit with the first couple of cautious steps. “Long story short, I got adopted by a Gangrel who was an Archon… and when I drank Lucinde’s blood it I guess jump-started my system and that’s how we found out. I started getting sick and it took a while to figure out how to adjust to feeding.”

“Shiiiiit. Clanless is a bit of a harsh deal. Alright, well my embrace came right after the crackhead, I wasn’t being groomed but it turns out I had a secret admirer in the precinct with a crush that he wanted to last after death. It didn’t but he at least taught me a bit about what it meant to be us.” He gave a small grunt as he followed her on the deck, the smell of the water finally leaving his nostrils but lingering.

[CoraAnn] chuckles a little bit, half crouched on the deck as she peers around the corner. “Well, it taught me a lot. I don’t miss it in the slightest, but accept that the things I learned during that time prove useful now.”, she says and then creeps forward around the corner, moving slowly and as quietly as her wet shoes will allow. “So, how old are you?”

“Human years I was young and in Kindred years I’m almost a toddler I was just lucky to have big gay al as a good teacher.” He really wasn’t sour but the humour was helping the situation with his new friend. “I’m glad that you spent some time clanless, traditionally I should sneer but you’re going to be handy to have around.” Esmond continued, removing his gun from the holster and pulling back the hammer.

[CoraAnn] nods her head softly and pauses, eyes on the water for a moment and she brings the shotgun around, keeping it aimed at the water and she moves along the wall toward the door to the building. “I’m not much older than you. I’ve only been at this about a decade I guess. Your turn though.”, she says as she pauses just outside the moss covered door. “Watch out for the water, we have scaly company.”

Esmond would shiver if he could, he was never one for reptiles even in life and he gripped the gun a little tighter, damning the humidity. “I spent most of these new years learning the basic Ventrue disciplines. Kissing feet and bowing in the right direction. Getting my hands dirty where I could and eventually I got a call, a word had been put in for me and Shotgun was on the other end.” He licked his lips after he finished speaking, keeping a careful watch on her and the water.

[CoraAnn] “You ever meet Lucinde in person?”, she asks quietly as she trusts him to keep an eye on the water while she turns and looks at the door directly. “Fuck. Uh… pick it or kick it?”, she asks, glancing to him as she holds a shiny new padlock in her hand that does not match the local decor.

“Not personally, I don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing. I say pick, kick if these cold blooded dicks swim any closer, anything to have a wall between me and them.” Esmond answered, moving a second hand to his gun as he kept watch shoes squelcing under his weight. These were wool socks.

[CoraAnn] nods her head softly and reaches into her jacket to pull out a few little assorted picks. “She is… actually she is kinda awesome and super scary at the same time. Like ancient warrior trapped in a little body kind of awesome, but it’s creepy at the same time. I don’t think she even thinks like a person anymore…”, she says as she pops the lock almost immediately. She puts the picks in her pocket and grabs the shotgun again, carefully opening the door up to have a look inside.

“For lack of a better word that’s awesome and scary” Esmond spoke quietly as they were entering, still stepping on his backfoot so they wouldn’t get jumped. “Nice work on the lock by the way, I’m going to call you the swiss army knife.” He would laugh at his joke if he wasn’t so tense.

[Storyteller] The inside of the floating shed has half a dozen sleeping bags near the back wall, and a ramp on the inside that leads right into the water and underneath the platform. There are a few led lanterns in here but they are unlit, leaving the inside very, very dark.

[CoraAnn] “I don’t like this.”, she says and slowly rises fully to her feet, scanning the dark corners and looking at the ramp that leads underneath the platform. “This… shit. We need to get one of those sleeping bags.”, she says with a concerned tone.

The ventrue squinted around at the inside before settling his eyes on the ramp, keeping his weapon pointed toward the outside incase a gator got too curious. “I wanna ask why but I won’t waste any time.” he spoke, breaking formation to take the lead toward them.

[Storyteller] Out of the darkness a man comes swinging a machete at Cora, but as he charges she just lets go with both barrels of the shotgun, blowing a hole right in his side.

[CoraAnn] takes a step back and in a blur scrambles to get shells from ehr pocket to reload the gun, keeping an eye on the crazy machete weilder so she can dodge if need be.

Esmond wastes no time in pulling up the sight and slugging out a round at Cora’s attacker. “Where the fuck did you come from?” he asks rhetorically.

[Storyteller] The man rushes Cora again, screaming at the top of his lungs. Cora manages to blur out of the way of the incoming blade and release another close range blast from the shotgun, practically tearing the man apart. At the same time, an enormous alligator comes up the ramp and bites at Esmond’s legs, catching his pants and ripping them but not breaking the skin.

Esmond cries out and thinks of jumping away but decides to take the opportunity to press his gun against the new combatants head. Unloading off once.

[Storyteller] The alligator shakes off the first bullet and comes out of the water, grabbing Esmond and trying to shake a piece off. Cora blurs and drops the gun, grabbing the machete from the downed guy and hitting the creature in the head, yelling at it. “Spit him out! Stupid fucking thing!”

[Storyteller] Cora tries hitting it again, and then grabs the shotgun up, forcing shells into it as fast as she can move. She aims for it’s belly and pulls the trigger, blowing a hole clean through it. It thrashes around a bit but seems to just be twitching now.

[CoraAnn] goes over and helps pry it’s mouth open off of Esmond’s leg. “Fuck.”, she says exasperated. She looks over at the body on the ground and gives it a poke, then at the gator. “We need to get this guy somewhere he can be asked some stuff, if Lynn can wake him up. You want to make a wallet outta that thing?”

“Honestly I’m surprised I didn’t lose my current wallet, being chucked about like a rattle” he grunted standing up and almost audibly crying about his very wet and bloody pants leg. Kicking the dead bullets out of his gun and loading in more and depositing it in the holster. “It was a tough son of a bitch, thank you for making it toast, I think next time I’ll bring a bigger gun.” He sighed out, placing his hands on his knees and looking over at the immobilised vamp.

[CoraAnn] hands Esmond her shotgun and picks up the body, tossing it over one shoulder. Which looks weird as he’s bigger than her, but she seems plenty strong enough. “Let’s get the fuck out of here.”, she says and then starts cautiously off toward the jeep again, being very wary in the water on the way back.

Esmond looked at Cora and then at the man on her back. “He has a lot to answer for” with that comment he followed her out and toward the car. His eyes darting back and forth at the water, not exactly for round two although he was sure the alligator had it out for him. After hopping in he waited for her and lit a cigarette quickly, taking a long heavy drag after tonights tussle, he didn’t need it but god it helped.