[Storyteller] Esmond and Cora took the body to a safe room for safe keeping during the day after their rather harrowing incident. The following night, Lynn gathers up the two of them and they head out together, out to an old plantation house… or more appropriately, a small servants’ quarters out behind it. There are a couple of cars in the drive of the house, but they just park the jeep and walk around to the smaller building. Patrick is waiting outside, smoking a cigarette.

The dirty pants leg had been in Esmonds idle stare all the way home and all the way there, he wanted to tell Cora not to tell Lynn about his embarrassing tussle with the alligator but he knew the leg would give it away. He’d spent most of the night thinking over what Lynns reasoning would be for them to travel all the way out to the boonies and retrieve a seemingly redneck vampire but he couldn’t tie it together. When he walked in the door of the shed and smelled the cigarette smoke he gave a customary wave and twinged at the packet in the pocket of his still smelling clothes, even a shower didn’t wash away the stink of the swamp and the smoking was relieving his nostrils.

[Shotgun] walks up to the building and looks to Patrick, offering him a nod before opening up the door and going inside. It is dimly lit inside, but nothing their undead eyes can’t handle. She stops at a set of stairs that lead down into a bunker-like structure underneath. There is the soft hum of machinery filtering in through the concrete walls, and the air down here is musty and coppery. Her nostrils flare as she smells it, but says nothing and walks all the way to the bottom.

[Brandon Tresti] Has an empty IV bag set up and the man from the night before strapped to a table down here in the basement, a wooden stake now firmly in his chest as well. “I have him all prepped, and we are testing the blood. There is some lingering ritual here though, just as a heads up. You want to wake him?”

[CoraAnn] follows along behind Lynn down the stairs, and moves along the wall toward the left when she reaches the bottom. She just stands back, letting Lynn handle all of this and watching.

He’d been a good little neonate and followed the others down the steps but he was definitely sure of the smell of old blood, he wasn’t even a kindred before he was used to it. Looking to Brandon and taking in what he said over the sight of a staked, strapped vamp he nodded. “I want to ask what the alligators name was, I wanna embroider it on my new wallet” he joked, lighting up before they began.

[Shotgun] stifles a throaty growl as she half circles the table and staked vampire, walking over to the bag and grabbing it in one hand, bringing the other to her mouth and biting a wound in her wrist, letting the fluid pour into the bag. She hangs it on the hook and as it starts to trickle down the tube that has been carefully inserted into the mouth of the other one, she steps back and licks her wrist. “He might wake up angry when I pull that out. You sure those will hold?”

[Brandon Tresti] nods softly, but does take a definitive step back and away from the obviously irritated Brujah. He raises an eyebrow at Esmond, but smiles just the same. “Yeah, I mean… you could break them but I don’t think he will.”

[Storyteller] The man on the table starts laughing, manical, brash. “You have no idea what you are dealing with.” He looks down at the stake in his chest and laughs again, tilting his head back as far as he is able and looking up to the ceiling. He spits out something in another language, crying it out to the night air.

Esmond sits back and watches the elder Archon work, a brow raising when he wakes up laughing. The ventrue would personally be pissed if that was him on the table but then again, he was living out in the mud so maybe he was just crazy. He ashed his cigarette after taking a drag and leaned against the wall closest to Cora. He felt some gratitude that she was around so that he didn’t lose a leg.

[CoraAnn] looks horrified at the sight of the staked vampire laughing, and stays fairly enveloped in shadow against the far wall. Her eyes move from the man on the table to Lynn and then back again. She does slip closer to Esmond without looking his way, as if taking comfort in his proximity.

[Shotgun] growls and takes a half a step closer to the staked vampire. “What the fu- shit. He’s a fucking snake.”

[Storyteller] The staked vampire suddenly burts into flames, his laughter turning to screams and shrieks of pain as he’s consumed in a blast of fire.

[Brandon Tresti] gets hit with the sudden burst of flame, and screams, holding his arm and then totally losing it he heads for the stairs and outside, still screaming.

[Shotgun] gets a gout of flame just past her but it’s hardly enough to singe her hair and she snarls, taking a step back.

Esmond is startled enough to take a step toward the way that Brandon went but instead drops his cigarette in surprise, pressing his back against the wall instead.

[CoraAnn] flinches visibly from the flame and moves slowly toward the stairway, not taking her eyes off Lynn. “What the fuck just happened?”

“I think we just witnessed instantaneous combustion but it actually happened, Cora. He remarked, his eyes raking over the burning figure. “What kind of snake are you talking about Lynn?” His voice was a little bit shaky from the excitement.

[Shotgun] picks up and throws the charred corpse and entrie table against the wall with one hand, shattering it into thousands of pieces. “Setites.” She takes a couple of breaths and turns the ring on her left hand, “They can take out their hearts… their leader can destroy it and it kills them, wherever they are. We have a nest of the damn things here.”

[CoraAnn] “So they go all… Kali-Ma on them and they blow up?”, she asks, looking at the ashes and then at Lynn. “Yeah, we saw like half a dozen sleeping bags… so…”

[Brandon Tresti] comes back downstairs, his arm wrapped up in black cloth. “That… actually that is a fairly good analogy.”, he says as he looks at the whole of those gathered.

“Cora is right there were quite a number of sleeping bags against that wall.” he remarked, picking up his cigarette and looking to Brandons r-entry, still reeling from the thought of that thing not having a heart.

[Shotgun] “So, we kill them.”, she spits out and looks to Brandon, then the other two. “I will take Patrick, they’ll have abandoned that nest already but we’ll burn it down anyway just to be sure they can’t use it again. You two keep your eyes peeled for these things. If you find one, kill it, but mind the Masquerade.”

[Brandon Tresti] “They can hide like a Nosferatu or Malkavian… they can use people’s emotions against them like… well, most of you… and they can turn into snakes.”, he says as he looks at the mess on the floor with a frown.

[CoraAnn] looks to Lynn with a nod. “Watch out for alligators.”, she says as Lynn passes her to get to the stairs.

Esmond watched Lynn leave, his gaze flicked around the room from the trussed table, Cora’s bangs and settling on Brandon. “I’m sorry about the mess pal” Esmond wasn’t entirely remorseful and he wanted to flip the table himself if not for the beast telling him fucking run.

[CoraAnn] looks at the Tremere and then back to Esmond and starts to head up the stairs herself. “Uhm, sorry you got hurt.”, she says and then heads up and out of the musty and now rather foul smelling basement.

[Storyteller] When they arrive outside it becomes apparent that the jeep is gone. However, Patrick’s bike is still there by the house.

Esmond had followed the woman up the stairs and found the jeep gone and probably his coat too, he was quite the raggedy mess lately. “I gotta get into town, get changed.” Esmond was half speaking to himself and to Cora, finally taking notice of the bike. “A taxi is probably a hassle to get out here, I might need to get a ride” he mused, finally throwing his smoke on the ground and stomping it.

[CoraAnn] chuckles a little bit and takes a piece of strawberry bubble yum out of her pocket, popping it in her mouth and then walking over to the motorcycle. She reaches into a compartment under the seat and takes the keys, then gets on. “Well then, get on and hold on.”

Esmond smiled and wasted no time slinging a leg over the bike behind her and gently gripping her at the waist for support. “You’re a regular hellraiser, have to watch you” Esmonds tone was playful as he lifted his legs onto the secondary foot holds. Avoiding the temptation to lean his head on her back out of laziness.

[CoraAnn] blows a big, strawberry scented bubble as she pulls the bike around and starts slowly down the drive, only speeding up once she gets out onto the main road. “Back to the safe house?”, she says with a slight look over her shoulder toward Esmond.

Esmond began to nod but noticed that she wouldn’t be able to see him while keeping her eyes on the road. “Yeah take me home, girl. I got some errands to run but I wanna shower again just to get the mud off” He replied, flicking back the hair that was flicking in his eyes from the wind. He was beginning to enjoy this Archon gig, travel, meet new people, get express permission to kill them. The wallet was just a bonus.