Roxy huffed as she put her tiny work down and sighed. “I hope all this isn’t for nothing…” she grumbled and put it down, and stood up. “I need answers though…” she looked at her clocks, particularly the one in her bathroom that was the one eyed cat. “Maybe the one that is known for just knowing stuff would know. She pulled out her phone. “Can I meet you?”  She asked before sending another message immediately “At the park.”

Jason_Carter walks outside and makes a phone call to Roxy

Kenneth was out for a out for a stroll, enjoying the night air. Receiving the messages from Roxy, he immediately began heading for the park, shooting Roxy a simple “be there in 5.”

Roxy nodded ad headed out of her room and looked at her phone, she answered it. “This is Roxy.” she said and went down the stairs, but she was hurrying to the park as she talked.

<Jason_Carter> “Hey Roxy, I was just going on a stroll and I was wondering if you would be interested in hanging out with me at a park? I’m just walking by one now and it looks pretty nice…”

Kenneth arrived at the park, taking a seat on one of the benches and looking about, keeping out an eye for any signs of the living, or dead.

Roxy perked up in her voice. “Oh! I was going to go there now! Just the one near the middle school.” she said as she walked, it was only a few blocks away. “I should be there soon I just left my house.”

Jason_Carter walking into the park just past a bench with a figure in it without noticing,”What a coincidence, that’s the one I happened upon. How soon will you be here Roxy?”

Roxy pondered. “Only a few minutes. about 10 and 41 seconds.” she answered. “see you there!” she said and hung up.

Kenneth looked up at the sound of footsteps, noticing Jason passing him, he stood and followed him for a few steps before making himself known. “Hello, Jason, how are you tonight?”

Roxy looked at her phone and sent another message to Kenneth. “Fleshy called, sorry.” she closed her phone and picked up her pace, trying to hurry as fast as possible before something happened.

Jason_Carter turns around,”Oh, Hello Kenneth! Good to see you. I’m supposed to meet Roxas here soon to hang out.” Jason is wearing earthy colors tonight, a combination of browns with a light tan undershirt under a brown leather jacket and leather boots.

Kenneth stuck out a hand, a friendly smile on his face. “You’re meeting Roxy here? What a coincidence, I’ve actually been waiting for her here for a little while now.”

Jason_Carter shakes his hand,”Yes a strange coincidence it is, I was just on a nice evening stroll and felt drawn to the area, then on a whim I called up Roxy. I suppose my intuition is just sharper than most. This area has some pleasant vibrations to it as well, it may be a good place for me to meditate.”

Roxy huffed but saw the opening to the park and she fixed her hair, checked her boobs making sure they didn’t pop out of her corset when she ran before making her way over calmly. “Hey boys!” she called and walked over skipping with each step. “Sorry about the other night, J. I really had to get stuff done.”

Kenneth nodded absently as Jason spoke, looking about for Roxy and waving to her when she approached. “Roxy! How are you tonight?”

<Jason_Carter> “It’s perfectly fine Roxy, it was just nice to get out of the apartment and see some people. Your outfit is stunning as always by the way.”

Roxy smiled. “Well thank you, I see you dressed up a bit today as well.” she turned to Kenny. “Later I wanna meet in my place, okay?” she said.

Kenneth nodded at Roxy, a slightly confused look on his face. “Alright then, just send me your address later and let me know when you want me over there.”

Jason_Carter playfully smiles,”Oh I didn’t know Kenneth was your type Roxy! How adorable. He is an attractive man you two would make a cute couple.”

Roxy rolled her eyes. “Right, the snob, definitely my type.” she said. “I like my type to be more fun.” she replied and crossed her arms, popping a hip out to the side.

Kenneth visibly shook his head and sighed, “I like my type a little more… in control.” He said, looking Roxy over, “And she is… not.”

Jason_Carter laughs,”Well I’m just saying I wouldn’t you for wanting to take him home Roxy, I’d be tempted to myself! Anyway, shall we go on a stroll through this lovely park.” He starts walking off towards a fountain in the park with an Angel statue. The statue appears to be wearing a robe of sorts and water pours trickles from her eyes down into the fountain.

Roxy stared at the nice fountain despite the more tun down park… “I see where the budget went.” she mumbled but continued walking with Jason, even grabbing Jasons hand with her cold leather gloved hand. “Id hold Kenny’s hand but he’d refuse.”

Kenneth walked even with the other two, but a few steps to the side of them. “It’s not as if I don’t like you in particular, I simply don’t want to be touched.”

Jason_Carter offers his arm instead,”With a classy girl like you, I’d think I’d prefer you on my arm.” The air around Jason feels almost electric as she can feel him radiating a wild living energy.”You’re right about this statue though… it does seem sort of out of place now that you mention it.” As they walk past the fountain it almost feels as if it is watching them

Roxy grinned. “Which is all perfectly fine, Kenny.” she defended as she switched to his arm instead. “I like it! I dont know why but I do. Its artistic, but rustic like a clockwork puzzle.”

Kenneth looked at the statue for a moment before turning his gaze to the rest of the park. “It certainly is well made, and very out of place in a broken down little park like this.”

<Jason_Carter> “It is rather interesting, it’s only that and some trees here really. Have you guys been here before? Any idea how long it has been there?”

Roxy giggled. “I think that’s just New Orleans in general, friend.” she pointed out. “And no, not really, J. But I like this park anyway!” she chirped with a small bounce, leaning on Jason slightly… Warm fleshy. Been a while since she felt something warm that she wasnt planning on eating. Makes for a good pillow though.

<Jason_Carter> “I like it too! You’re kind of cold Roxy. It must be this chill air, would you like to borrow my jacket?”

Kenneth shook his head once again, “I’ve been out of the country for several years. I only just arrived in New Orleans a few night ago actually.” He said, raising an eyebrow as Roxy moved in closer to Jason.

Roxy shook her head. “No keep it, I’m fine.” she said and looked at Kenny with a soft smile but for a second she gave him a serious look. “Its a nice jacket though.” she complimented as she swayed her body a bit. “Odd, I moved here recently too!”

Jason_Carter nods,”You know for a big city is kind of dead around here at night.”

Roxy laughed inwardly. “You just don’t go to the right places, J.” she retorted.

Kenneth turned from them slightly and walked in a seperate direction. “You two enjoy your evening, I think I need to get back to work for the night.” He said, waving back to them as he left.

Jason_Carter laughs,”But I thought the Sacred Grinds was a perfect place. It seemed to be one of the more popular areas in town.” Jason turned his head as Kenneth was leaving,”Good Night, Kenneth it was nice seeing you!”

Roxy waved. “Okay, bye kenny I’ll see you tomorrow!” she called out to him, she looked back at Jason. “Oh… No I don’t like that place, filled with ignorant children obssessing over something they don’t understand. I would suspect the dead are fes up with the modern age.”

Jason_Carter laughs,”You know that gives me a good idea would you like to hear it?” He says as they begin reaching the edge of the park and start turning slowly back around towards the fountain, as it comes back into view it seems its head is turned more towards the two than they can quite remember.”Hey wasn’t it’s head facing the other way earlier…”

Roxy looked at the statue. “Possibly.” she shrugged and looked up. “You see a lot of things… Any more psychic vampires lately?” she asked genuinely.

Jason_Carter looks at it again closer,”No, you’re right it appears that it’s the same as it was before… strange huh? No I haven’t. I hope that one from the other night doesn’t hurt anybody else soon. Apparently the girl wasn’t her first victim.”

Roxy blinked. “What makes you say that? And how did the girl survive?” she asked curiously, holding the arm tighter for a moment. She begged for the fleshy with her eyes to talk crazy to her again, there must be something to this puzzle and if she was going to talk with kenny tomorrow she may as well have more to say.

<Jason_Carter> “Well they said there were others like her before. Fortunately for the last one she came straight to the class I was in and I was able to push some life energy back into her and prevent her from dying. She was stable before anyone could finish calling an ambulance. The others before her weren’t so lucky and they all apparently died from their injuries.”

Roxy stared up at Jason. “Life energy? You can manipulate that? Tai-chi kinda stuff?” she asked, her eyes wide with curiousity. “What are you, J, some sort of karate do you master?”

Jason laughs,”I wouldn’t say that, I didn’t exactly study under a sensei or anything I mean. It is sort of like Tai-Chi though. It’s just old knowledge that science is barely beginning to understand. You see every living being requires energy to live, and when their cells use this energy it creates a field called the bio-field. Mystics and older traditions may call them ‘Auras’ although an Aura isn’t limited to a person’s bio-field. Now this Bio-field is naturally near frequencies that are naturally occuring with the earth’s own magnetic field. In certain areas the earth’s magnetic field is denser than others due to geographical features. These are called ley-lines. Drawing from that I strengthen my own bio-field and then I can do small things… like try to heal minor injuries or stabilize people who are dying.”

Roxy stared in awe at the explanation. “I… Received nothing from that other than it sounds like magic. And I love magic!” she bounced as she held Jason’s arm. “Tell me more, tell me more!” she said with glee starring up at him happily. “Please?”

<Jason_Carter> “Well magic are really just things that science hasn’t explained yet. To somebody in the middle ages our Cell Phones would seem like magic. I just have always believed the reverse is true, thus the ancient ‘magic’ that people wielded was a form of ‘science and technology’ that is vastly different from our own and may either share its rules or have it’s own. Stories of witches, wizards, gods and all of that, is it really that easy to believe that it was just stories? There was no truths behind any of it? That the miracles created were all just superstition and charlatry? I don’t find that easy to swallow even before I began to experience it for myself.”

Roxy smiled. “It’s like minds!” she pointed out. “Autism is just a different way of looking at things! Same with insanity!” she explained. “Laws are all different, all of them and you can make up your own if you know how to bend it!” she rambled nonsense

Jason and Roxy reach the end of the park again and turn around once more,”Those are some very interesting points. However, I don’t believe we get to really make our own laws but if you can find enough loopholes you can do almost anything you want… perhaps even move mountains… or cheat death.”

Roxy laughed loudly but calmed down and leaned on Jason again. “You don’t cheat death, J, she cheats you.” she whispered close to his ear but just stayed at his shoulder watching the trees as they walked.

Jason_Carter laughs back,”Perhaps eventually yes… but I saved Jessica, and apparently a number of spirits were not happy about it. I had never experienced ghosts like that before. Which brings me back to my earlier topic, would you like to hear my idea?”

Roxy blinked and looked up. “Tai-chi isn’t your idea?” she asked and slowly stopped walking but still held his arm.

<Jason_Carter> “Haha, no. I was thinking about your statement earlier about how the dead would feel being so close to that coffee shop. Maybe we should ask them?”

Roxy raised her eyebrows. “Ask the coffee shop or the dead?” she asked letting go of the arm. “I really don’t like ghosties, J, I respect them and their space and do my best to leave them alone.” she grasped her sighed and seemed to deflate, her smile now a small pouty frown of fear that still seeped through her mask of positivity.

<Jason_Carter> “Well there goes my plan to jokingly suggest we use a ouija board at the coffee shop. I wonder what they’d say if we brought one in. To be more serious though I am trying to figure out a better way to be… aware of spirits… maybe some way of defending against them. I hear there are some interesting traditions over in japan dealing with spirits. Have you ever heard of Shiki?”

Roxy didn’t perk back up. “Shiki? No.” she answered numbly, holding het side tighter for a moment as if thinking about it would open it again.

<Jason_Carter> “Shiki, also known as Shiki-gami are servant spirits of old Sorcerer’s in Japan. Although from what I recall I don’t think they were technically ghosts… more like ‘manifestations of will given form.’ Anyway in theory Shiki, or a number of different techniques from that discipline could be really useful in guarding against, well lots of things. I guess I’m a little bit concerned about running into ghosts as well… I don’t want to encounter a powerful hostile spirit and be unarmed and unarmored against them.”

Roxy nodded, a breeze blowing softly causing her hair to drift out of place. “Oh. Interesting.” she was interested she was just a bit distracted at the moment but she let go of her side. “We should get going, it’s going to be late and you never know what lurks at the witches hour.” she pointed out with a soft smile.

Jason laughs and grins,”Well witches of course, and that means I’m late for the sabbat.”

<Jason_Carter> “Have a good night Roxy, we should hang out again soon, it’s nice talking to you.”

Roxy giggled and blew a kiss as she gave a wink before waving. “Goodnight, J, be safe.” she said before going back into the dark streets of New Orleans.

Jason_Carter slowly walks home to his apartment.