Roxy texted jalen, her fingers gliding around the keyboard as she pondered. She was going to ask Kenny but perhas she could drag Jalen in… Kenny was smart not strong. “Hey can we meet somewhere? Like my place?” she asked and continued working on the small thing she put her little unbeating heart into for Smurf.

After another while in the bar of still no  word of Creed, Jalen received a text. He took out his phone and examined the screen before replying. “Sure, I’ll be there in 10.” He waved briefly to the few mortal acquaintances he’d made in the past hour, asking for info and left for Roxy’s. About 10 minutes later, there was a knock at the door.

Roxy beamed as she heard the door and hid her present in one of the hats. She rushed over and opened the door. “There you are!” she grabbed her things and packed a kitchen knife, and a single stick of incense putting it in her bag of other goodies, mainly mortal goodies she never used. “I want to show you a place!” he said, taing his hands and dragging him down the stairs.

Jalen immidiately noticed Roxy grabbing a kitchen knife and pulled on the breaks. “Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait, where? What location requires a knife?” he asked. He wasn’t suspcious of Roxy, he just wanted to be forewarned if he was going somewhere dangerous.

Roxy stared up at him and blinked. “I can’t tell you! It could be listening! What if it followed me?” she let go and gently brushed her side with her hand. “Please, Jalen… I don’t plan to go in, I just want to show you and ask if you see anything.”

Jalen calmed down some as Roxy informed why exactly she wasn’t telling him. “Alright, I’m sorry. You made me a bit nervous with the knife, that’s all,” he admitted and nodded. “Alright, lead the way.” Hopefully nothing too terrible because he had no weapons in the city. As long as it wasn’t too bad it should be fine… and he was pretty certian that Roxy would’ve told him to pick something up if it was.

Roxy began walking down the street, walking calmly, which was abnormal. “I never felt anything like it, I just felt empty and I was falling in that emptiness and then I was really hungry…” she tried to explain. “I need to talk to Kenny about it,” she said and looked up at Jalen.

“He would know more about the feeling of something,” Jalen agreed. So she needed a meat shield, most likely. “Just don’t rush into anything on me too quickly, eh?”

Roxy nodded. “if anything I would like to just take you to the outside of it but never inside, I need Alice to come to Wonderland with me, and you’re my knight, while Kenny is the caterpillar.”

Jalen chuckled at Roxy’s analogy. At least he could understand what she was saying. Sometimes it sounded like Malkavians were speaking backwards or something. “I doubt I’ll get anything from it, but sounds fine,” he shrugged.

[Storyteller] The clocktower by the old hospital stands silently above the street as if keeping vigil. It’s exactly six hours off time though, where it should be seven it clearly reads one. It is still running, though it’s obvious the building itself has seen better days. The brickwork is crumbling in places, and the metal door leading inside looks rusted shut.

Roxy walked up and stopped and stared at it, she pulled out the incense which was labeled Scarborough Faire. and held it close. “So you’re kind are like animals right? So you have a special sixth sense… what do you see?” she asked and stared up at the clock.

Jalen looked up at the clocktower, a bit interested as it was off by several hours, but otherwise it seemed pretty ordinary. Then Roxy alluded to his kind being kinda like an animal and he tried not to nervously chuckle. It wasn’t like he was that old yet, he just had his eyes glow in the dark occasionally. “I guess…? I don’t really see anything, though,” he admitted, trying to look closely at the tower, but he honestly wasn’t seeing anything out of place other than the time.

[Storyteller] Roxy spots something move up on the higher floors of the hospital next door, past the windows. Jalen sees a person moving along way up on the 9th floor of the hospital, actively watching them from the windows.

Roxy looked at Jalen and frowned. “Nothing?” she looked closer “Look better, pup!” she said her gaze suddenly shifting to the Hospital, but her head refused to move scared of alerting whatever was in there. “Snakes in the grass, Pup.”

“Well I–” Jalen started to defend himself when he noticed something. “No, wait, up at 9th street,” he said softly, keeping an eye on the figure that seemed to walking and watching them at the same time.

Roxy looked over at the 9th floor window trying to catch it but instead threw her incense. “Ghosty begone!” she was unaware you need to burn them, and that parsely, rosemary, thyme was not going to help the sage she read up about online.

[Storyteller] The figure in the window stops and looks at them, looking almost like a black and white photo from this distance. Pale with short dark hair, but it has stopped moving and just looks down from the window right at them.

Jalen blinked as Roxy threw something and sighed as he realized she was trying to exorcise it. He didn’t have experience with incense, but… he was pretty sure you didn’t throw it at them. “I don’t think that’s how it’s supposed to work…” he started to say but trailed off as it was now openly staring at them, so he stared back. What the hell…? Was it just a really pale ghost? It was hard to tell from this distance.

Roxy stared and frowned farther, looking more like a toad at this point. “It didn’t work!” she stepped back. “I only pissed it off more!” she was slowly making her way behind Jalen.

“Well, you got it’s attention, that’s for sure,” Jalen agreed, watching the figure, though he noticed how Roxy was moving behind him. Was it going to attack? It just seemed to be watching them at the moment…

[Storyteller] The figure holds something small and orange by the scruff of the neck in it’s hand and sticks it out through the broken glass of the window, then drops it. It tumbles down the side of the building, hitting the side a couple of times and leaving a red smear when it does so. Then it lands on the ground at the side of the hospital with a small, wet, thud.

Roxy shook her head at whatever it dropped. “it killed an armadillo…” thats all she saw it as and was still hiding behind Jalen, terrified and holding herself like any holes would just rip open in her body again.

“It dropped something…” Jalen agreed softly as he kept an eye on the figure still and carefully crept towards the figure that the being had dropped. If it had been alive, it would be dead after that drop, or if it wasn’t, then it was dangerous. Otherwise, it was probably broken.

Roxy refused to follow. “What? Don’t go! It will make you hungry and feel violated!” she called trying to pul him back with her hand but she couldn’t reach, she looked backed at the tower and whined before rushing to follow her buddy.

[Storyteller] The figure steps back away from the window and disappears from view. As Jalen approaches the hospital he finds an orange tabby cat on the ground below the window, covered in blood and it’s head twisted around. One eye is missing.

Roxy covered her face not looking at anything and she kept looking behind her.

“Well it dropped something, and I wanna know what it is,” Jalen explained, crouching beside the cat’s mangled body. Poor thing. He carefully touched it, rolling it over, and feeling if it was still warm — recently killed, or cold.

[Storyteller] It’s been dead for a while it looks like, though the eye injury looks like something that it must have had for a long time before meeting it’s end.

Roxy looked over to see what it was. “what is it, pup?”

“An orange tabby missing an eye. It’s been dead for some time, but the eye went missing before it died,” he explained before picking it up carefully and straitening it’s neck out. It seemed like it had just plain been twisted. Probably a cat who had wandered into the wrong area. “I don’t think that thing wants either of us in its space,” Jalen remarked. Perhaps he’d burn the body, since it wouldn’t stay burried in this kind of land.

Roxy’s eyes widened and and she stepped back. “W-why?” she looked back up at the hospital wall filled with windows and shook her head, confused. “I can’t fix the one in my bathroom, I’m sorry!”

Jalen put the dead cat down and stood up again as Roxy seemed to freak out. “Hey, Roxy, it’s okay. It’s not going to swoop down with all it’s fury right now, it’s giving a warning, probably since you’ve been here twice now.

Roxy looked at Jalen. “I just wanted to know why nobody likes them!” she huffed. “what did I do wrong?” she walked backwards glaring at the building, blaming the death of the cat on herself, only having what she remembered the other cat having one eye. “Maybe they want a peace offering..” she mumbled.

Jalen looked between the cat and Roxy and sighed, leaving it there for now. “Who wants a peace offering?” he asked, confused on what kind of ghost would want something like that.

“the stabbing ghost!” she said, she pulled out her knife and put it down on the ground and she ran away from it a little ways before turning around and walking backwards again.

Jalen blinked. Obviously Roxy was pretty spooked by whomever this ghost was, so it was probably best to let her do as she was now. So he went back to the cat and picked it up. A little dumpster diving and he’d have enough crap to be able to keep a fire going long enough to burn the cat to ashes.

Roxy flailed her arms. “No! Put it down, bad! Bad!” she glared

Jalen twitches, hovering between a frown and a scowl before he managed a deep breath. “Fuck off, Roxy, it’s not like I can bury it here, it’s New Orleanes,” he said, glaring at the Malkavian before continuing into an alleyway before she could pull something again. Trash. Flamable Trash.

Roxy shrank a bit. “Why? Why are you doing that? What is the point, you should just leave!” she said, feeling no reason to apologize, she was scared and upset and felt threatened and here Jalen was just picking up the dead warning and was planning on burning it? wait. “what are you gonna do with that?”

“I’m gonna eat it,” Jalen replied sarcastically, taking off his good jacket since he could find another shirt and jumped in the dumpster.

Roxy shook her head. “no really what are you doing with it, you big dumb–” she stopped herself there. “Just leave it, its a bad thing to take such things.”

Jalen tossed out a few flamable pieces of trash he found and jumped back out. Not terrible, flamable crap wasn’t too hard to find. “Well if it bugs you so much then go, if the thing gets pissed, then it’ll get pissed at whomever’s burning the warning. It’s fine,” he huffed, and made a pile before taking out a lighter and burning one of the newspapers he found, and threw it on the rest of the trash.

Roxy gasped. “No, Jalen I am serious don–” she backed up. “Oh god! No this is bad this is really bad, they are going to be so pissed!” she immediately looked around

Jalen leaned against the wall opposite to the fire and watched it burn, ignoring Roxy at this point.

Roxy backed up and started leaving. “Worst help ever, you don’t understand you never did!” she growled and left the area, away from the fire and scary spooky place. She just wanted to go home and rip the cat clock off her wall and throw it out the window.

Jalen rolled his eyes. How the hell could he understand when she was raving about nothing? He simply watched the fire until it sizzled out and was ash. “Rest in peace,” he said softly before going to see if he could talk to some more people.

“I’ll bring Essy next time.” Roxy mumbled as she came in, going straight to her bathroom and pulling the cat clock off the wall, starring at it and held back the urge to let herself cry, but it would be a waste of emotions she even had left and just threw it outside for someone else to find, take away and love.