[Storyteller] *tick* *tick* *tick*

Roxy was happily walking home after her chat with the smurf blood, and was sight seeing, taking a longer route so she can identify places. Her ears caught something off however and she shifted her bag, and was now starring at this building her eyes frantically looking for the source, but she seemed so calm everywhere else in her body.

[Storyteller] The old abandoned hospital towers high above the street here. Off to one side, high off the ground in it’s own little tower rests a very old, battered clock. It ticks off the seconds in absolute perfect time. *tick* *tick* *tick*, the minute hand is in perfect place. Right where is belongs. But the hour, the hour is different. Not wrong, but in a different place. Six hours away.

[Storyteller] A girl in a long dress stands at the bottom of the tower, looking up at the face of it while an orange tabby wraps to and fro around her legs. The end of it’s tail twitches in perfect time with the clock. *tick* *tick* *tick*

Roxy stared at the clock, though she shook her head trying to get out of her daze when she realized there was a person. She then realized where she was and only on the inside did she grimace. She desperately wanted answers to the questions nobody would answer about this. or perhaps it was the wrong abandoned hospital! Either way she was far to curious.

[Alice Sparks] glances over at the other girl, then back to the clock again. “Curious, it’s on London time.”

[Storyteller] The cat moves to sit between the two girls, tail still ticking. *tick* *tick* *tick*

Roxy blinked wide as she was noticed but she got closer. “London time, why?” she asked aloud expecting no answer, she looked back down at the cat, watching its tail, which reminded her of one of her bathroom clocks, but that one was missing an eye. “This your kitty?” she asked, looking back up at the girl.

[Storyteller] The cat turns and looks at her with it’s single eye, the other one missing. *tick* *tick* *tick* goes it’s tail.

[Alice Sparks] shakes her head softly. “No, not mine. And not sure why it is the way it is. It just is.”

Roxy stared back down at the cat at the womans answer and about jumped. She knelled down and held out her hand to pet it, being slow. Insanity did not mean accepting but nor was it closed minded. “You from here?” she asked the girl but her gaze staying on the cat.

[Alice Sparks] “No, not from here. But I know my way around.”, she says as she turns to watch the girl and cat. “My name is Alice.”

[Storyteller] The cat allows itself to be petted, rubbing back and forth under Roxy’s hand. It’s purr sounds like a winding gear. *tick* *tick* *tick*

Roxy smiled, a small giggle and petting the kitty. She looked back up at the girl who had introduced herself. “I am Roxy, nice to meet someone who thinks as differently as I do.” she said. “Maybe you can tell me why I’m told not to go meet these, that they aren’t like me.” she sighed and gave a mildly frustrated look at the ground next to the kitty.

[Alice Sparks] looks over at Roxy and edges closer so she can whisper. “I think because of the guys up on the roof, watching us.” She then takes a half step back, careful of the cat and smooths out her dress.

[Storyteller] The cat sits up straight, and with a whirring sound it takes off across the lawn and runs into the tower housing the giant clock face, slipping in through the cracked open door.

Roxy paused her petting as she was whispered to. Her eyes wide and fighting the urge to look up at the roof, before she could lose that fight however the cat took off and she stood up slowly watching it leave. “The details of the answers are inside, huh?” she looked back towards Alice.

[Alice Sparks] frowns slightly. “I suppose if we have to go chasing rabbits, it’s safer together, yes?”

Roxy grinned. “It fits!” she giggled but started walking to the hospital. “Buddy systems go best with adventure.” she exclaimed, and stopped at the door and tried peering through before actually touching it.

[Alice Sparks] tilts her head curiously at Roxy, but follows along behind her, eyes occasionally looking up toward the roof nervously. She gets to the door and peers inside as well, allowing her eyes to adjust to to darkness inside. She puts a hand on the door and tries to move it, but it doesn’t budge. “Well, it seems like I may need help with this.”

Roxy tried but it wouldn’t budge. “curse my cuteness.” she grumbled and stepped back and brushed her pants.

[Alice Sparks] takes a half step back and giggles, brushing the rust off her hands a bit against each other and then going at it again. “On three?”

Roxy got in position, putting her foot up on the wall and grabbing the side of the door with both hands. “1…2…” she started counting after a moment, now glaring at the door like it was doing this on purpose.

[Storyteller] On three as both girls pull with all their girly might upon the door it finally gives way with a loud CREAK, giving them enough space to get inside the tower.

Roxy huffed. “knock knock?” she said and dusted off her  gloves and walked inside… its not like they were sneaking at this point, she could only hope someone didn’t ask who’s there… she wasn’t the best comedian.

[Alice Sparks] wipes her hands against her skirt lightly, leaving smears of rust that could almost be mistaken for blood in this dim lighting. She keeps close behind Roxy, eyes scanning and searching every little nook and cranny.

[Storyteller] There is a steel staircase that winds it’s way along the wall and out of view, going up. There is also a small room off to one side, separated this room only by a curtain that’s been put up.

Roxy looked at the stairs before looking at the curtain, and knocked on the wall as she slowly made her way over. “Ding ding, reception?” she called, expecting to be attacked but she didn’t like the thought of pinning herself if there was people down here if they needed to hurry away later.  “Friends?”

[Storyteller] There doesn’t appear to be anyone there now, but it is obvious someone has been living there for a little while. There is some half eaten food in the corner, and several bottles of what looks to be urine up against the wall, a blanket and some dirty pillows laying on the ground.

[Alice Sparks] wrinkles her nose a bit at the mess. “Ew…”, she whispers and then instinctively checks both under the stairs and watches the door they came in too.

Roxy looked at it carefully… “fleshy room.” she backed up, not wanting to mess with their pet and started up the stairs starring upwards where it lead. “Perhaps they’re throwing a surprise party.” she chirped cheerfully.

[Alice Sparks] follows Roxy still, but seems way less sure about how pleasent any surprise they find here might be.

[Storyteller] The floor above looks like a maintenance room, and is full of mechanical equipment and some discarded tools. The stairs continue on though, even higher up.

Roxy stuck her head up first, her gloves tapping the railing as she heads up in a ticking rhythm, mainly to keep the element of surprise low… they know they are there, best not to seem like a threat as much as possible at least that was her strategy. She looked at the maintenance room curiously but she would sweep the whole place until she found something.

[Alice Sparks] pauses for a brief moment on the stairs, pointing toward the maintenance room. “Hey did you se-“, she gets cut off and doubles over, holding her stomach. “Ugh, that hurts!” Her whole body shakes for a moment, and she goes even more pale than she already was.

Roxy gasped and looked down at her, now worried about whatever wound she may have. “Are you alright?” she asked, her eyes wide and her voice no longer in a fake tone. Not thinking about the fact it may happen again or that anything was still there, she took no precautions for herself.

[Alice Sparks] gets to her feet and starts to make her way down the stairs a couple of steps. “Lets get out of here, Roxy. Something is up there.”

[Storyteller] There is a very loud chime that echoes through the entire tower as the clock strikes the hour.

Roxy blinked and then looked back up. “But I want to know! Why shouldn’t we be here? why do they reject these friends?” she asked aloud but shivered as the hour struck and she stared upwards but she took a step down. “I need someone tough…” she mumbled.

[Alice Sparks] goes down a couple more steps and looks back to make sure that Roxy is still with her. “I agree. But this is dangerous. I don’t want to die in here.”

Roxy followed with a slight pout on her face occasionally looking up to make sure they weren’t being followed. “Are you okay though? What happened?” she asked.

[Alice Sparks] makes her way all the way down and then looks in horror at the completely closed door. “No no no no no… it’s closed!”

Roxy’s eyes glared at the door. “now you see here, I don’t like these games.” she said and ran up to the door ready to ram it.. they got it open before, surely they could open it again.

[Alice Sparks] shakes her head and rushes the door, but just bounces right off of it without it moving. “That’s it.” She concentrates, moving her blood and making herself stronger for the next rush. “I am not dying here.”

[Storyteller] An overwhelming sense of danager and dread fills Roxy as she is wracked by pain. It’s like a hole opens up inside of her and she can feel herself sinking into it, her insides trying to break apart as something is taken from her by force.

Roxy bashed herself into the door but same as Alice it didn’t budge. She backed off and looked at Alice as she seemed to be fed up. Suddenly something she found herself unable to describe knocked her down on her knees and she held her side as if she would lose it, trying to stop something that had to be there. “What the hell?!” she growled as she spoke.

[Alice Sparks] makes a second attempt at the door after steeling herself up for it and manages to move it a little, but not yet wide enough for them to squeeze through yet. “Come on! PUSH!”

Roxy backed up a step and then rammed her shoulder into the door, as hard as she could, now afraid whatever was in here was going to kill them both otherwise.

[Storyteller] The two girls manage to force the door completely open and pour out onto the ground, landing in the grass together.

[Alice Sparks] gets to her feet and moves to help Roxy to hers as well. “You gonna make it?”

“oof!” Roxy took the help and stood up and backed away slowly from the building and glared up at the clock. “I need a drink…” she grumbled angrily under her breathe. “But that felt awful, what was that?” she asked, holding her side still as if releasing it would open a floodgate.

[Alice Sparks] “Did it feel like you were getting sucked down a drain on the inside?”, she asks as she starts to move away from the building. “That’s what happened to me on the stairs. And it made me hungry, you too?”

Roxy slowly released her side, staring down at it. “Yeah…” she admitted and looked at Alice with a worried look. “Did I piss them off?” she asked. “I wasn’t trying to be a threat.”

[Alice Sparks] shakes her head softly and keeps moving away from the tower without turning her back on it just yet. “Maybe it just isn’t friendly. I need to go… get something. Will you be okay?”

Roxy stared at the clock and then the roof. “Yeah.” she said. “I just need to get something before I get too dry in the throat.” she said and looked to Alice. “should I give you my contact information so you can find me more easy?” she asked.

[Alice Sparks] “Uhm sure.”, she says. “I’ll text you and then you’ll have my number.” She nods slightly and keeps moving, eager to get away from this place.

Roxy reached into her corset and pulled out yet another card, she was going to run out of these soon, probably make more out of index cards and laminate them. “Here.” she said as she got closer to Alice. “I really need to go now though.”

[Alice Sparks] takes the offered card and smiles, nodding. “Me too. Nice to meet you. Bye Roxy, be careful getting what you need.” As soon as she is out of plain sight, shadows twist around her, helping her disappear.