Esmond was wandering, he’d had a big night but there was still so much more of it left. He had just lit a cigarette and was carefully listening to the sound of his footsteps on the curb at night. He’d learned as a cop that most of the best investigating was letting your feet take you somewhere first.

Jalen woke up after about half an hour, feeling pretty refreshed. “I think I’m gonna head out, Roxy, thanks for letting me crash,” he said, picking up his backpack. “I’ll text you if I find something,” he informed as he headed out the door. He should probably find a cheap motel he could crash at while he stayed in the city until he moved on again.

Kenneth was taking a walk, keeping an eye out for the men he had been told about the other night. He periodically checked his phone, slowly making his way around town.

Jason_Carter pulls out the card from last night and dials Roxy.

Roxy looked up as Jalen said he was leaving. “Oh! I was going to head out too actually.

Roxy bounced up and rushed over grabbing a big bag that jingled and had some weigh to it. She paused as she was getting a ring she picked up her phone and answered it. “Hello, this is Roxy.” she answered in that usual chirp.

The ventrue took another drag and exhaled as he walked when his eyes spotted another man casually walking around the place, his gut instinct kicked in and he decided to follow the bespectacled man. He was well dressed in a studious way, nothing that screamed fashion but he was definitely odd enough to deserve a tail.

Roxy seemed like she had a mission and she got a phone call to boot so he nodded as she informed that she was leaving too. “I’ll cya later,” he said and headed outside of the appartments. Luckily, he spotted the Tremere not too far down the block, who stuck out like a sore thumb in this city. “Oi, Kenneth,” he called, getting the male’s attention. Maybe he’d found something.

Kenneth had just checked his phone again, which still had no messages, and muttered to himself “Damn Malkavian.” Upon hearing his name, however, he stowed his phone away and looked up. Walking over towards Jalen, he waved politely. “Jalen, isn’t it?”

<Jason_Carter> “Hello Roxy, this is Jason from last night. I hope this isn’t a bad time, I was wondering if I could hang out with you. I don’t really have much going on right now.”

Roxy was walking out her door and locking it, her phone on her shoulder pressed against her ear. “Uhm, yeah, sure. I was heading out now.” she said and started walking down the street, she saw Jalen and Kenny but she just walked passed like nothing was wrong and hiked up her big bag. “Where do you wanna meet, J?”

The vampire was still watching until a decidedly more interesting target appeared from beside them. A woman dressed quite baroque yet seemingly in a rush and with a bag dumped over her shoulder. His kindred senses were tingling and he decided to change course instead following the girl now, brushing past the two men as he did so.

“Yeah,” Jalen replied, feeling slightly better about the male. At least he wasn’t a complete ass. “You find Creed or Jasper?” he asked, briefly watching the other sore thumb brush past them both, probably late for some meeting or some shit.

Kenneth shook his head and sighed. “No, they’re probably laying low since their incidents. I haven’t seen head nor tail of them.” Noticing Roxy, he glared at her before turning to Jalen again. “Tell Roxy to message me, I still don’t have her number and need it in case I find something.”

<Jason_Carter> “I don’t really have a preference, but I was thinking about discussing the clothing design stuff we were talking about. Maybe a coffee shop or something?”

Roxy paused in her tracks. “Coffee? Sure. Just after that I really wanna get my stuff done too, okay?” she said. “They are not correct, you know.” she said and continued walking. “Pick a coffee shop I’ll meet you there.” she said. Roxy wasn’t the most perceptive, she didn’t notice she was being followed at all but it also wasn’t unusual for it to happen.

Esmond decided to make himself known and managed to catch stride with the oddly dressed girl, instinctively lighting up yet again. “I was going to check my watch but then I realized you were a walking clock. Can I ask the time?” he inquired casually lifting his wrist to pretend to set his watch.

“I have it here; I can send it to you,” Jalen suggusted, getting out his phone. “I probably should have your number too, anyway,” he said, handing the Tremere his phone to enter his number on. Paper was overrated.

Taking the phone, Kenneth quickly entered his information and handed it back to the Gangrel. “Good point, I’ll need both of your numbers in the end too.”

<Jason_Carter> “There’s a nice coffee shop named Sacred Grinds at 5055 Canal St. That sounds like a good place to meet at.”

Roxy shifted her shoulder. “Yeah that sound–” she looked over at the man asking for the time but upon noticing his watch and it wasn’t exactly correct, maybe even off by a couple seonds she just dropped her phone, luckily it was in a sort of memory foam case. Roxy couldn’t help herself, her eyes flashing with a passion, grabbing the wrist and fixing it.

Esmonds brow furrowed as she dropped the phone and immediately went to work on his watch, he watched with intent curiousity, there isn’t many people who would do something like that for a stranger and he was still trying to decide whether or not she was being friendly or maybe she wasn’t exactly okay upstairs. In either case he was going to have to keep an eye on her.

“You said something about microbiology or something, right? You have any clue what could’ve caused the outbreak?” Jalen asked curiously as he accepted his phone back and sent Roxy’s number to Kenneth.

Kenneth shook his head, “Biochemistry, actually. But no I don’t, I still need to find Jasper or Creed to find who they had fed on.” Upon receiving the text he immediately saved both to his contacts and sent Roxy a single word text: “Anything?”

<Jason_Carter> “Roxy are you all right? What’s going on?!”

Roxy finsiehd her work and smiled up at the man. “there! now you’ll always know!” she said, kneeling down and getting her phone and picked it up. “Sorry, got distracted. Anyway that sounds fine I’ll meet you there.” she said and hung up and she threw her bag on the other shoulder but stomped her foot hearing a text and she looked at it. Her response was simply. “k.” Send! and went on walking.

Checking his watch when she was done with it he was pleased that it was the correct time he was worried for a moment that he was going to get it set to something odd given her demeanor. “Uhh thanks I guess, look I’m a little lost. Do you mind if I perhaps tag along?” he inquired, taking another drag and yet again checking his watch. It was a lie for sure he’d studied the maps before he had arrived but she was too interesting to just leave alone.

“Huh. Okay, well, I think I’ll go stake out a library or internet cafe and see what I can find online. I’ll let you know if I find anything.

Let me know if you find Jasper or Creed, please,” Jalen replied and gave a short wave for goodbye and started heading down the road. He had a general idea of where he could probably find an all night internet cafe or something.

Kenneth waved to the Gangrel as he left. “Let me know if you find anything.” He stood, watching Roxy and the stranger with a curious look, letting out an exasperated sigh at Roxy’s reply to his text.

Jason_Carter walks to the small coffee shop and orders himself a turtle mocha and waits for Roxy to arrive.

Roxy stopped dead in her tracks and rolled her eyes before turning and looking at the man with a bright smile. “Sure!” she grabbed his arm locking it with her and put her hand gently on his forearm. “Lets get a coffee.” she said just going along and walking for the shop she was told to go to.

She hadn’t asked for his name, nor did she give hers, this was just how this night was going, rapid flooding river, so with the flow she goes.

Esmond continued being pulled along by the girl and after a moment or two of worrying about whether his suit would crease easily he let it happen. “Yeah, sure I’ll grab a coffee. That actually sounds really good right now, who’re you off to meet?” He asked, stomping out his cigarette as they walked.

Kenneth’s curious face turned to confusion as he watched Roxy’s mood swing from one end of the spectrum to another spectrum altogether. He decided to tail the two, curious about how Roxy seemed to know this stranger.

Jason_Carter begins to meditate to pass the time while sitting in the Sacred Grinds. The small coffee shop is located right in front of a cemetery with the seating placed in the back such they can look out over the tombstones. The front door has a small statue of a zombie jesus, but the place is fairly bright considering the macabre decor and location.

Roxy looked up to the stranger. “Im off to meet a new friend.” she said. “He’s a strange one, he is.” she giggled and looked off, already seeing the destination since it wasn’t too far from her apartment.

Esmond wasn’t too sure it was a coffee shop, with the way it was decorated and displayed on the street, with the graveyard so close by he was wondering if that was entirely respectful since technically he was also dead just in an unconventional sense. “I guess I’m off to do the same. I’m Esmond by the way, it’s very nice to meet you”

Kenneth had trailed them all the way to the coffee shop, but as soon as he laid eyes on it he stopped in his tracks and sighed. He pushed up his glasses as he rubbed the bridge of his nose in exasperation, eventually making his own way towards the door.

Jason_Carter orders a Dirty Zombie and sees Roxy walk in along with the others.”Who is this that you have with you, Roxy? My name is Jason.”

Holding out his hand,”Oh and Hello there Kenneth, a pleasure to see you again. You know Roxy, I thought this place would be different from the name Sacred Grinds… but I can’t say I don’t like it though.”

Roxy smiled. “Roxy.” she said in a less fake tone before letting go as Jason noticed her immediately. She let him talk but looed at the place. “It’s not my style, I prefer small more traditional places. But this is okay for what it is, it’s different and I respect that.” she looked over at the graves. “Hopefully they don’t mind either.” she mumbled.

“Esmond, Esmond westley, charmed to meet you I’m sure” he said shaking his hand firm and quickly. “I’ll give it a bit before I order, make sure I need it you know” he stated taking a seat, turning to look at the man he had passed earlier and holding out his hand to him as well. Inside he was kicking himself for being so lost in what was happening to not notice that someone had been following them as well.

Kenneth Shook Jason’s hand and nodded to him before turning to Esmond, grasping his hand firmly and shaking. “Kenneth Daily, are you a friend of Roxy’s as well?” He said, glancing over at Roxy and nodding in greeting.

Jason_Carter begins to eat his “Dirty Zombie” which turns out to be a delicious treat made primarily with chocolate ice cream. He moves around the tables and chairs so that everybody can sit together and claims a seat for his own.

Roxy sat down and dusted off her leather pants and set her bag down. She looked at Kenneth and sighed “so what brings you here, Kenny?” she asked, tilting her head. “I thought you had to go be a royal bloodhound and find those two friends of yours…” she said, talking very carefully, her tone light and fluffy as cotton candy. “Hungry? I’ll buy you something.” she offered.

Esmond sat back in his chair and watched over the group and noticed they really all did look a little out of place, almost like a random jury but in a cafe. He idly checked his watch and felt for the cigarettes in his pocket as he paid attention to the conversation knowing that he would have to make it back soon to unpack what he did have in NO.

Kenneth remained standing for the time being, smiling at Roxy while staring daggers at her. “Oh, I just saw you while I was out for a walk and thought I’d check in. I just ‘couldn’t’ catch up before you got here.” His voice was dripping with sarcasm as he spoke.

Jason_Carter raises an eyebrow,”So Roxy, what do you have in mind for an outfit? Have you come up with one yet?”

Roxy tapped her watch. “they are off…” she mumbled and stood up. “well it has been a delight and sure outfit, cool, but I really, really need to get going.” she said and threw her bag over her shoulder, no longer as graceful. “I apologize but time needs to be fixed around here.” she said and went out the door without a single word after that, not caring who saw or heard, but the ticks were off around here and sitting around surrounded by fleshy food and the disgrace against this graveyard in her opinion. Yes some would like a nice drink but it was mostly disrespectful teens and young adults that came through this place. She found a street clock and immediately started taking it apart and starting to fix its time to the exact second.

The ventrue checked his watch and nodded a goodbye to everyone at the table “I’m sorry lads but I have to go, I’ve got an early rise tomorrow morning and a busy day” he spoke while lighting up for the walk home and exiting the cafe, he was getting better at coming up with excuses to hit the coffin.

Kenneth nodded to the ventrue as he left. “Nice to meet you, Esmond. And good seeing you again as well, Jason.” He said, stepping away from the table and making his way outside to continue his work as a ‘royal bloodhound.’