Roxy huffed and hopped down. “Alright, another one down! and after I fix all of these, I won’t have to worry anymore!” She just moved here, this was just her knew ritual to go fix the clocks around town, at least all the ones she’s able to reach anyway, and then not worry about them again. It was common for fleshies to get the time wrong, but close enough.

Roxy just needed them exact.

Esmond was standing under the clock and had been observing for only a minute or two, his curiosity had gotten the better of him again and she sought out the clockwork girl, he hadn’t had trouble finding her after asking a few of the more colourful citizens about her and where she went. “So you like clocks huh? I guess that explains the sudden exit last night” he asked exhaling a cloud of smoke and half crossing his arms.

Roxy put her tools in her big bag and closed it, standing back up and staring up at who she recalled as Esmond. “I love clocks. Though about the exit I could give you the truth or the lie… but someone sticks his nose into territory he doesn’t need to get into. Afraid the guard dogs will bite his nose clean off.” she rolled her eyes. “But he’s not a bad guy.”

Not knowing which of the two men she was talking about he was going to assume that it was the one who seemed to be the seemingly younger at least in spirit. “Maybe they will, I couldn’t help but notice he was the only one at the table with a visible pulse” he remarked after taking another quick drag and stomping it out under his shoe.

Roxy looked at the burning stick of tobacco and then back up at Esmond’s eyes. “I’d be careful saying strange stuff like that, sir, I can fake it real well.” she advised, and started walking. “Walk with me?” she asked, barely looking back at him, the tip of her nose is all that could be seen.

“I’d be delighted” he answered and stepped up to keep pace with her, his now idle hand slipping into his jacket pocket. He wasn’t cold it was just a habit from actually getting chilly at night. “You’re right, maybe I should be more careful but since the streets are empty I see no harm” he stated trying to ignore hammering her with questions.

Roxy giggled and picked up a bounce in her step heading to the college park which probably had a clock on it somewhere she would need to fix. “I guess it’s also not that hard to point out my clan when you see it, huh… Though I really want to know why the abandoned hospital friends are so rejected in such a way.” she wondered out loud.

“I won’t lie Ma’am I had started to connect the dots and I’m not sure whether to offer condolences or congratulate you” He answered giving her another look over still trying to mentally swallow the pill that she could be a Malk and still get away with being so flamboyant aesthetically. “I shouldn’t be rude and be secretive about my own then. I’m a blue blood.” he stated with a small catlike grin.

Roxy jumped over a crack on the cement.Roxy blinked at the strange term she had never heard. “What’s a blue-blood? is it like purpledrink?” she asked. “Do you taste like smurf?”

He felt a laugh fill his throat and after a small chuckle at her seeming innocence he explained himself. “That’s a nickname for Ventrue, it’s honestly refreshing to talk to someone who isn’t sneering at the thought.” his voice became wistful toward the end and he found himself thinking of the first few days of adjusting to the embrace as they walked and the sudden shock that he was almost royalty.

With a small laugh she shook her head. “I have no room to judge anybody, I think we’re all secretly equally bloomed. You just happen to be a beautiful red rose instead of a mildly wilted pink one or a yellow one with a spider in it, which are equally just as pretty.”

“You live up to your Clans reputation for having an interesting way of looking at things, Madam” he stated, Esmond would blush if he still could being called a beautiful rose by a stranger was definitely knew. He had been called a multitude of other things but nothing as soft as that. “So I can’t help but notice we’re walking toward another clock, I’m glad that if I ever need to find you I can just wait by one that’s off by a second” his hands again dug for another cigarette as they entered the park.

Roxy giggled. “its just a thing I did because I moved here recently. I’m usually spending most of my time in my studio…” she pulled out a card from the side of her breasts and write her number on it. “here, I’ve just been handing these out with my number, may as well give it to somebody I like too.” she pointed out. “ever need me, text me or email me.”

The ventrue nodded as she talked and took the card with a small grin and placed it in a small silver card case before drawing out his own and passing it back after lighting back up with an electric lighter. “I’m a P.I. of sorts so if you ever feel like you need some help with those clocks just let me know, I’ll put it on your tab” he spoke between a drag, looking around the park before centering back on her.

With a delightful chirp she took the card. “Okay! if you need any clothing or patch up, I’ll help with that.” Roxy said and went up to the clock in the center, looking around before taking it apart so she can get on the inside and fix it real quick.

“Do you need me to keep watch before you stick your hand in there?” he asked after watching her climb up and then again surveying the park and taking another quick puff.

Roxy shook her head. “I mean  if you want, but I’m so used to do this when I was traveling here.” she responded and started messing with the gears, checking her watch and setting the time. “Not that it takes a long time.” she added. “So what about yourself silly, what makes you tick?”

“If you were going to look at me like a clock I’d say that I run on a system of leads and solving things. Although that curiosity seems to lead me astray. Damn cat.” he responded, stubbing out the smoke and putting in a nearby wastebin. “So seeing you walk around with a suspicious bag was like catnip.” he continued, still following on with the cat metaphor while he kept watch.

Roxy smiled. “That and its not like I’m wearing a normal everday outfit. leather pants, buckled knee high boots, corset… goggles.” she listed. “But now you know what I am, and Kenny is a purple rose, and my friend Jalen is an orange rose with a few missing petals, also probably with a wolf spider in its thorns.” she said softly and started putting the clock back together again.

“I’ll try to act surprised when they tell me, people usually like to be enigmas before you meet them” Esmond responded matter of factly, looking at the massive clock and checking the watch she adjusted earlier. It was honestly fascinating that she was so adept at keeping the time but he resigned it was probably a habit that kept her from meeting the sun.

Roxy finished and hopped down and looked up at Esmond. “Sorry. I just thought I would tell you so you don’t have to worry about hiding from them. Jason though, I’m pretty sure he’s fleshy but he knows that we exist on some sort of manner… I don’t know who he talked to but she was attacked by a vampire and survived, either sloppy work when feeding, or much scarier.”

“It’ll help not being caught off guard when I finally get to meet them in a more intimate setting than a coffee shop.” he remarked, his brows furrowing when she mentioned a seemingly failed vampire attack. “I’ve never seen a feeding turn into an attack unless it’s from one of the shovelheads, I might have to sit down with the kine and make sure he doesn’t know too much.” The idea of a human knowing that they existed at all was scary to him but not as much as a kindred getting sloppy.

Roxy crossed her arms and just sat own on the ground, putting her elbows up on her knees. “He calls it metaphsyics.. says he’s studying it but he also is in for medicine.” she described school like some sort of jail. “I asked him all about it, played with him some as I walked him to his car.” she explained. “I advise wariness of the highest degree with him.”

“I’ll keep my guard up and if he becomes too much I’ll inform the overheads to deal with him. I would myself but it’s easier when others get their hands dirty. That and I don’t want to be the last person seen with somebody before they take a long vacation.” Esmond followed her lead and took a knee, silently worrying he might dirty his suit.

Roxy giggled. “You are worried about your clothes huh? I noticed earlier when we met and I took your arm. I work with clothing, I promise I won’t ruin it… I cant promise the same for the ground though… there is a bench somewhere here.” she pointed out.

“I hope you don’t mind if I ask we move our conversation to the bench” Esmond eagerly replied, standing up and brushing his knee off. He finished straightening up before running on with his words “This suit is too expensive to get dirty or find a 24/ hour dry cleaner to take care of it, I’d consider getting a ghoul for my work but I don’t take that as lightly as others”

Roxy laughed and stood up, dusted herself off and went to find a near by bench and sat down on the ground in front of it facing it so she could still talk with the smurf. “I’ll make you a normal free suit if you’d like… or you could go by normal clothes.”

Following and sitting carefully he nodded at her words, looking down at her from the seat. “Money isn’t a problem, I like to dress and look a certain way that’s befitting of my stature. You won’t catch me wearing boardshorts and a hawaiian shirt anytime soon and as for an offer of a free suit? I’d rather earn that first by helping you find what’s screwing with the clocks” it was a mouthy reply but he couldn’t help but be honest with this woman she was the first proper friend he had made on his own.

Roxy laughed. “I can always make you a clockwork outfit, you’d look nice in a vest and a hat full of gears.” she giggled. “But I probably think that about everyone. I’ll tell you what I’ll make you a new friend gift and you won’t get to know what it is until I’m done!”

“I don’t think I can argue with that and I’ve always wondered what something with a bit of vintage would look like on me. So you’re not alone in wondering, I especially did in the first few nights and my preconceptions of the way we should dress.” he answered, again feeling for his cigarettes out of habit.

With a small laugh with a tiny snort in there, Roxy looked up at Esmond. “If you weer a fleshy you’re soul would still be black with all the tar you take it, tasty.” she smiled fondly as she calmed down. “You can be my dolly sometime, I could use a male form to work on. Jalen is kinda big for the type who would like my work.”

“Honestly if I have nothing to stick my nose into for the evening I’ll give you a call and we can play around with some fashion.” He answered instinctively lighting up and taking a heavy pull and ashing beside the bench. “They say smoking kills” he remarked grinning at his own wit.

Roxy clapped excitedly. “Oh please do come play!” she said. “especially if you wear it out anywhere!” she bounced in her place, loving the thought of stripping this man from modern society and replacing it with grinding bronze.

“I promise I will and it’s not common for a blue blood to break his word” he said standing up from the bench and again habitually preening his suit. “I do have to bid you adieu for now though. I have leads to check and other people to talk to but I doubt that they will top our conversation” Esmond spoke through his cigarette perched between his lips.

Roxy sprung up and saluted. “Alright, tasty.” she hugged his arm and grabbed her bag, throwing it over her shoulder. “I’ll see you some other time, and you be careful in this strange garden we’re in.” she said, and started walking off waving and pulling her goggles down as she prepared to finish her round to home.