[Storyteller] The old plantation house sits nestled back into the trees, the back of it facing the forest beyond. It’s almost totally hidden from the road, with the trees full of ivy and moss.

[Storyteller] There are a couple of cars parked out front, one red convertible with a *witchy* license and a black toyota.

Kenneth approached the old house at a brisk pace, happy to finally have time to visit the makeshift Tremere chantry. Passing the cars, he had to double take when he saw the license plate, but continued on his way up to the door. Reaching the door, he raised a fist to knock, hesitating for only a brief moment before knocking three times.

[Storyteller] A young woman with short brown hair answers the door, and tilts her head as she studies Kenneth for a moment, then moves to the side to let him in. “Hello… uhm… just a second. You can wait in here.”

Kenneth stepped in, nodding to the young woman as he passed her. “Thank you, I would have stopped by sooner but a few things came up.”

[Isabo Kali] “Who is it?”, she asks as she comes into the entry from upstairs. “Oh. Sorry about that.”, she says as she spies Kenneth and then motions to the girl. “Go on Kitt, wait for me in the car and I’ll catch up.”

[Kitt Bishop] nods to Isabo and then ducks around the door, making her way to the red car and getting inside as she was asked to do.

[Isabo Kali] comes all the way down the stairs and after making sure Kitt is out of earshot she looks to Kenneth. “She is helping out around here and is unaware of our nature so just a little caution if you see her around.”

Kenneth looked back towards the door the girl had exited through. “Ah, that would explain the mortal.” He said, before sticking out a hand to Isabo. “My name is Kenneth Daily, I assume you would be Isabo?”

[Isabo Kali] nods her head softly. “Nice to meet you. I am Isabo Kali. If you need a place to stay, you are welcome here. Anybody who has claimed a room has put a mark ont he door so… pick a free one wherever. And if there is anything at all you think I can help you with, feel free to ask.”

Kenneth, glad to finally be glad to be rid of the motel he had stayed in for just the past few nights, “Thank you, Isabo, and I apologize for not arriving sooner. A few things came up the night I came into the city so I have been slightly preoccupied.”

[Isabo Kali] “I can understand.”, she replies softly. “There has been a lot of things going on as of late it seems.”

Kenneth made his way down the hall and past the stairs, checking doors for marks as he past them. “I like the location of our little home here, away from the bustle of New Orleans proper.” He said, admiring the house itself as well.

[Isabo Kali] nods and watches him, but stays near to the door where she can see Kitt out in the car. “It is easier to work out here without the noise and distraction. Is there anything you need before I go? I need to go gather up some things for Kitt.”

Kenneth looked thoughtful for a moment before shaking his head. “I do have a very small amount of old equipment that I may need to store here until I can straighten a few things out in the city, but I think I can take care of that later tonight.” He turned towards Isabo fully and performed a small and respectful bow. “It was a pleasure meeting you, Isabo.”

[Isabo Kali] nods quietly. “Alright then. I am sure I’ll see you around.”, she says and then heads off toward her car to join Kitt.

Kenneth takes some time to explore the plantation house, noting the doors that are marked and eventually selecting a room of his own on the first floor. As soon as he had marked the door, he turned to search for the common areas of the makeshift chantry.

[Storyteller] The whole place has an eerie feel to it, even being what he is. As if somehow, he’s being watched from everywhere as he moves about the old house.

Kenneth suddenly had a realization, and sprinted back through the house to try and catch Isabo before she left, waving at the car to try and catch her attention.

[Isabo Kali] is just starting to turn the car around to leave the driveway when she spots Kenneth and stops, looking at him with a raised eyebrow. “Something wrong?”

Kenneth stopped just short of the car and shook his head, “Nothing’s wrong, there was simply something I meant to ask about that slipped my mind. I’ve been told that a few men named Jasper and Creed may have some information that I need, do you know anything of them?”

[Isabo Kali] looks over at Kitt and reaches out, patting her head as she whispers, “Sleep.” When she falls over in the seat she looks back at Kenneth. “Jasper is gone, the… forest ate him? I do not have time to explain at the moment but he was one of ours. Creed is missing… but he’s clanless. If he’s not at the Trill, check other cleezy places, where he likes to feed.”

[Isabo Kali] “Both of them got into something nasty recently though, guess it was about two weeks ago.”, she says thoughtfully. “We tried to run tests, Creed was… uncooperative. He got away from us so might be hiding out. But from what we learned from Jasper’s blood, it was something that mortals can carry but transmits to us.”

Kenneth nodded with a thoughtful look, making a mental note of what she said. Upon the mention of the incidents he nodded, “A woman named Kaitlyn actually asked me to help with the recent drug problems, and those two are my only leads at the time.”

[Isabo Kali] “Kaitlyn is the Toreador Elder. But she hangs around those Brujah a lot.”, she says quietly.

Kenneth’s eyebrows shot up, surprised that an elder would have asked him for something so quickly. “I met one of them, a man by the name of Zain, I think. He said that Creed hasn’t been around the Trill recently, so I’ll have to look elsewhere.”

[Isabo Kali] nods her head again. “Zane is a Brujah Elder. He is… unusual for his line.”, she says and glances over at the sleeping girl in the seat beside her. “Yeah, you may have trouble approaching him if he realizes you are Tremere. I would make sure he doesn’t find that out.”

Nodding once again, Kenneth glanced at the girl himself to ensure she was sleeping still before responding. “I have some help, A Gangrel and a Malkavian. they may be able to speak to him on my behalf.”

[Isabo Kali] nods softly and then puts the car into gear. “Well, I wish you luck. If there is anything else I can do, just let me know. I will explain more about Jasper when we have ample time.”

Kenneth nodded, waving as he turned to go. “Thank you, Isabo. I’ll be sure to keep you informed about the situation as well.” He proceeded back up towards the house, entering and making his way back towards his own room.