Roxy hurried back towards where she last saw Jalen and upon finding him she grabbed his wrist. “And you! you’re not escaping me that easy! I know that Jason fellow was a bit nosy and riding our fence but he’s gone now, don’t worry.” she said with a smile.

“I just don’t like those damn college kids. They’re technically adults but a lot of them are practically still kids. I don’t do babysitting well either,” Jalen sighed. “I didn’t mean to leave you behind as well, though, sorry,” he appologized. “I just wanted to make sure I had my camera, I figured the meeting was going to be an in and out thing, ya know?”

Roxy sighed. “yeah, same. But I felt bad, he was in sketchy town and he’s just a young kid trying to stick his nose in some white powder that he doesn’t know of… So I wanted to make sure he at least got home safe.” she grumbled. “fucker had a car that whole time…” she growled softly to herself.

Jalen rolled his eyes. “He had a car and he decided to go waltzing into that part of town. Idiot,” Jalen sighed. “Anyway, so where’s this studio of yours?” he asked, shouldering a small backpack that held everything he owned.

Roxy smiled and started bouncing leading the way to her small apartment. “Its small but its not like I stay in it often.” she said. “my supposed bedroom is just filled with outfits I made and projects.. I think I may even have a picture of me somewhere when I was still alive from your magazine! I liked it a lot.” she said.

“My magazine?” Jalen asked, confused. “So I was a reporter, then,” he realized, taking out one of his pictures of New Orleanes. Huh. Made sense if he did that professionally. “What did I write about?”

Roxy locked their arms together like a wizard of oz scene. “I have a copy somewhere of mine, since we talked so much about time, and an old clock tower from my hometown. I enjoyed it a lot.” she explained. “But you did Urban legends, and stories, you really loved someone who knew how to tell a good story.”

Jalen blinked and slowly nodded as he recalled some kind of urban legend. Something along the lines of the clocktower being great fortune or misfortune. “That explains why I have so many stories,” Jalen chuckled. “Would you mind if I took a look at it when we get there?” he asked.

Roxy shook her head. “That’s why I brought it up so I can show you and maybe spark something! probably not, but you never know what flames the brain can create.” she giggled and skipped up to an apartment. The building wasn’t anything fancy, but she just went up the stairs on the side and pulled out her keys. “Ready?”

Jalen nodded and followed Roxy up to the apartment. “As I’ll ever be,” he shrugged.

Roxy opened the door, the walls were all covered in clocks, all ticking at the exact same time. there was new ones there was old ones, but she really loved antique or broken ones where you can see the gears working. there was pieces of clock, plastic gears and belts and hands all over the coffee table and the couch except in one spot. “Sorry its a mess.”

Jalen shook his head. “No, it’s fine,” he said, looking around at the different clocks. “Quite a collection you have.”

“Thank you!” on one wall of her livingroom it was a blank blue wall with cameras and light set up but all turned off at the moment. Two little coo-coo birds tweeted in a cage, she let them out to fly around and get exercise. “I’ll clear a spot, but right now you need your magazine!” she said and hurried off down the hall.

Jalen nodded, and simply looked around at the different clocks, and the set up in one corner — probably how she modeled. “Sure, thanks,” he said as Roxy went off to probably find the magazine she was talking about. He watched as the birds flew around the room, finding it all rather erratic, but befitting of the odd character he’d made something of acquaintances with.

When she came back, she had a small key which she then opened up a closet which was stacked to the brim with clothe and materials for her projects. She climbed up and grabbed a box with a small key hole and turned it, opening it slowly and sighing. She dug around, pausing as she saw the old magazine, and plenty more that she was in underneath.

“Jalen raised his eyebrows at the sheer amount of magazines. “Had your fair share of interviews, eh?” he noticed, eyeing the huge stack. That was oddly safely locked away. Perhaps it was from her human days only?

Roxy looked up suddenly as if snapped out of a daze. “Not so much of interviews I was just a model, but now I’m my own one girl crew!” she chirped and handed the magazine over, letting him look through it.

Jalen gingerly accepted the weathered magazine, carefully looking through it until he found his own name. “The Fortune of the Clocktower… by Jalen Black,” he murmured, briefly reading through the article. It was quite fleshed out, and it seemed that he had talked to several locals as well as Roxy about the clocktower in question. “I don’t think I’ve ran into this magazine before… I’ll have to look it up once this blood issue is figured out,” he said, closing the magazine once he was finished looking at it. “Thank you,” he said, handing it back to her.

Roxy smiled and looked at the magazine. “Oh what were we back then, you know? Hell I barely remember what it was like to enjoy a cool breeze.” She got quiet, her voice even changing into a more calm less high pitched tone of her own. “I mean look at me.” she stared at her old picture. “Just ignorance encased in a fleshbag full of life.”

Roxy closed the magazine before putting it back and locking it up and hiding it in her closet again. She turned with a big grin on her face and her voie back to its normal chirpy tone. “So now you know a bit more about what you did!”

“Well, I’d say ignorance is definately bliss in that case, but I can’t really say which life is truely better,” Jalen admitted as Roxy compared her life now to back then. Then she switched on a dime and was chipper again. “Yeah, that helps quite a bit, thanks,” he nodded. “It’s not important, my human life, but I’d kinda like to know why I can do certian things without thinking about it, or recognize some places, you know?” Jalen shrugged. “It’s probably stupid, but it’s better than aimlessly wandering, I guess.”

Roxy started untying her corset, as now she seemed to want to change clothes. “You should stick around here with me for a while! Until you feel you need to go find yourself some more at least. That gives me a buddy, gives you a tie with your old self, and we can help each other out.” she offered.

While a Malkavian wasn’t the best companion, given the circumstances, Jalen figured she was his best bet in this city. And she was right, they could help each other out. “Sure, I don’t think I’ll move on for a while, since I haven’t been able to figure out what these other places are yet, so you may be stuck with me for a while, but, yeah, I wouldn’t mind helping one another out,” he admitted. He was pretty sure that although insane she wouldn’t backstab him or something like that.

Roxy laughed. “Cool! we’ll be friends, if you ever need anything you can come to me, and if I need you can’t argue!” she held out her hand. “Deal?”

“Seems fair enough,” Jalen chuckled and shook her hand. “Deal.” Even if he had to deal with the Tremere, he supposed his time in this city would be a bit more bareable. “So where should I rest for tonight at?” he asked, noticing by the clocks that sunrise was coming.

Roxy hummed questionably. “You can stay the night here, sleep on the couch, or I can drive you to a motel really fast…” she offered, changing into another shirt and corset without a second though, and removed her skirt and put on leather pants instead, and a nice set of big old goggles.

“I’ll use your couch then, thanks,” Jalen said, laying down, using his backpack as a pillow. He seemed used to crappy sleeping spots. “Cya tomorrow,” he murmured, an arm already over his face as he fell asleep quite easily.

Roxy on the other hand went to her bathroom and started doing up her hair, a small braid in the front with a small round gold clip on the bottom, so it was like a pendulum and tied the rest back in a loose bun. She kissed her reflection before getting back out, putting on her black gloves and started working on her projects she hadn’t finished.