[Storyteller] The park she must have been talking about is not far from the Trill. It’s small, with a few sets of benches and a tiny fenced in basketball court. There’s a few trees around but most of it is fairly wide open. It’s also very lacking in activity this time of night.

Jason_Carter sits meditating in the park

Jalen stopped when he realized it was the Roxy girl from earlier, and she was indeed referring to him. “To me?” he asked, mildly surprised. And slightly concerned.

Roxy caught up and stopped. “Yeah! You’re Jalen! I recognize you, don’t you remember me? is it my outfit, I know I’m not a pretty style flowing dress model anymore, but I thought you’d at least recognize my face.” she said with a slight pout in her tone. “I wanted to give you my number so we can find the people together! We’re a team!” she chirped.

Kenneth caught up to the other two, slowing down and walking a short ways behind them as they spoke, not wanting to interrupt their conversation.

Jason_Carter frowns after no longer being able to focus on his meditations any longer. He gets up and sits on a bench and notices the two people in the park.

Jalen blinked as evidently, Roxy did know his human self. “Look, I don’t remember anything pre-vampirism… so, uh, sorry, I don’t exactly remember,” he admitted and cleared his throat. “I suppose we could work together, though,” he agreed. After all, maybe she knew something about who he used to be.

Roxy gasped and covered Jalen’s mouth. “shhh, not so loud.” she warned. “its called an embrace, I know that much. But you don’t wanna just say that, there is a guy over there.” she said and nodded to the strange man on the bench, him being the only other person,he wouldn’t be hard to notice.

Jason_Carter stands up and walks over to the group and extends his hand while speaking with a strong Louisiana accent,”Hello, my name’s Jason. Are you students here too?”

Jason_Carter hand is out to the girl

Roxy looked at the man. she put her hand on her hip and took his hand in a firm grip. “Roxy!” she said. Roxy looked like she popped out of a steam punk fantasy painting, she wore a short dress covered in gears and had at least 3 watches on each wrist, plus one on her left so that made 7 in total and all of them ticked at the same time. ”

Jason_Carter shakes her hand exuberantly. Jason looks as if he could be 19 and wears dark cargo pants and boots and a plain black T-shirt. His eyes are bright blue and he has a dark hair cut into a military haircut with short sides and longer hair on top.

<Jason_Carter> “Nice to meet you Roxy, and your friend here?”

Kenneth stepped past Jason with a nod. “My name is Kenneth, nice to meet you young man.” He was a middle-aged man, dressed in what could only be called a casual academic style. He adjusted his glasses and took a look around the park for a moment. Seeing nobody else he turned to the boy and took out his hand.

Jason_Carter shakes his hand and nod.”I’m not so young as I look, but yet still your junior. Are you a student here as well sir, or a teacher perhaps?”

“I know, but is-” Jalen started to say and promptly shut up as the man got up and introduced himself as Jason. Not Jasper. He blinked as they were asked if they were students. “A student? No,” he replied. Jalen’s clothes looked a bit worse for wear — ragged jeans and an older hunter’s jacket with a plaid shirt underneath, and he sounded from out of state, southern Canada, even. He tried not to chuckle as Kenneth was mistaken for a professor.

Roxy looked back at Jalen. “as I was saying I want to give you and Kenny my number so we can recollect if we get separated. And… if you can’t remember me I wanna tell you everything I know about you and me!” she said happily.

Jason_Carter smiles,”I love your clothes Roxy, it’s very stylish and daring. Steampunk is cool.”

Kenneth laughed and shook his head. firmly grasping Jason’s hand “Neither actually. I guess you could say I’m retired, I haven’t taught in a few years.”

Jalen couldn’t help but smile a bit as Roxy offered to tell him everything she knew about him. “I’d appreciate that, thanks,” he admitted. Seeing that the kid was talking to Roxy again he took out the napkin from earlier and wrote his number on it. “Just text me your name and I’ll save your number. In the mean time, try not to loose that, eh?”

<Jason_Carter> shaking it back Jason smiles,”Nice to meet all of you. What are you all doing out here by the… are we close to the University?”

Roxy waved it off. “Oh this is just a casual outfit, but next time I see you maybe I’ll be wearing something more daring and stylish!” she said and dusted off her skirt a bit and checked the pocket watch that hung on it. She looked over seeing Jalen’s napkin and grinned, taking it and copying it on the same napkin, ripping it to separate the copies and handing it to Kenneth. “Here Kenny.” she said.

Kenneth pulled out his own napkin, and wrote his own number on it before handing it to Roxy. “Just text me, say it’s you, I’ll add you to my contacts.” He turned from the group and waved. “Nice to meet you as well, Jason. I need to head home now though.” With that, he departed from the group.

Roxy took the numbers and put them in her breasts, since her corset made for a good pocket for those types of things. “So Jalen I’ll talk to you later about it.” she said with a wink and looked at Jason. “Close to the university? No, this is the sketchy area. So sketchy that I can see where the mistakes were erased.”

<Jason_Carter> “I think I wandered for a while then, it didn’t seem to be that long of a walk…”

Jalen nodded as Roxy informed him that she’d talk to him later. He glanced at the kid again as he asked if they were near campus. “You must’ve been walking a while, then. It’s pretty late too, you should get back,” he suggested.

Jason_Carter nods and starts walking off, then turns around,”Which way is the Campus…?”

Roxy shrugged. “Somewhere…” she answered honestly. “I’m new to town!” she added to defend her reasoning.

“You’d probably be better off trying for a safer part of town in that direction,” Jalen nodded, remembering from where he entered the town. Away from the biker bars, but he was sure the kid would eventually find his way back.

Roxy pondered. “Though, I think we would do better somewhere safer too.” she pointed out logically.

Jason_Carter pulls out his phone only to met with an empty battery light

Jalen nodded. “True,” he agreed. Since Kenneth had gone, who he assumed by agreeing to work with Roxy he was now working with, he was working with him too. No point in sticking around here any longer. A motel would probably do…

Roxy started walking towards the safer area of town, basically walking back to where they had come from. “I gotta get to my studio eventually anyway, Jalen why don’t you just stay at my place for a while, we can catch up there old friend.” she offered with bright eyes. “I don’t bite, unless you want me to.”

Jason_Carter starts walking in the same direction

Jalen was a bit surprised as he was offered a place to stay and nodded. “Sure, that’d be great, thanks,” he said, smirking a bit at the added comment. “Eh, not on my bucket list, sorry,” he said as he started to follow her towards the safer area.

Roxy paused and looked at the new guy. “Unless you want us to walk you home?”

Jason_Carter shrugs,”I wouldn’t’ mind.”

Jalen resisted the urge to roll his eyes. He almost preferred mister professor. “Alright, we’ll follow screech of frat boys and be there in no time,” he said, wrinkling his nose in distaste.

Roxy nodded. “Alright.” she said. “We still have some pretty moonlight left.” she skipped forward in her tall knee high boots that had buckles all the way up. “So, you’re a student, what do you study?” she asked, striking conversation. She giggled at Jalen’s comment but didn’t add anything to it.

<Jason_Carter> “My major is Medicine but I study… many subjects. Mostly some related to an old childhood interest.”

Roxy hummed with slight interest. “I’m a blogger, spend most of my time on Tumblr and in my studio taking picture of my outfits. I can make you one if you like, but the can be pricey, but since I know you personally I’ll give you a discount!” she said and looked at Jalen. “You’d look nice in a tophat with a clock on it.”

Jalen blinked at the mention of a Medicine Major. “Nothing specific enough to double major in, then?” he asked, deciding he’d at least try to play nice. He blinked as Roxy mentioned him in a top hat and he chuckled. “You have a vivid imagination if you can imagine me in a top hat.”

Jason_Carter laughs,”That’d be nice, I hope I could afford it. As for a double major… I guess you could say… metaphysics.”

Roxy blinked at the strange word. “Metaphysics?” she reached in the side of her corset, looked like she was adjusting her cleavage but she pulled out what looked to be a business card which had pictures of gears all over it belt, and a single coo coo bird on it. “Here take this.” she offered to both of them. There was her blog on tumblr, though next to it it warned that some of it may not be safe for work, and below that was her website where her shop and other blogs could be found.

Metaphysics… Jalen tried to remember what the hell that was. ‘Smart’ and ‘way beyond me’ was all he came up with. “Smart cookie.” He looked over as Roxy handed the guy a card, and remembered she mentioned being some kind of blogger. Huh, business card and everything.

Jason_Carter takes a card with a big smile on his face.

Roxy smiled fondly. “So tell me more about this metaphysics, it sounds as cool as a popsicle!” she chirped and looked down at one of her watches.

“I can’t say that I’m very familiar with it either,” Jalen admitted, a little bit curious.

<Jason_Carter> “Metaphysics are things that exist beyond normal physics, like Psychics, Ghosts and the Paranormal.”

Jalen nodded slowly in realization. He looked over at one of Roxy’s clocks and realized he had something planned back at the hotel he was planning on staying at. “I’m sorry but I had forgotten I needed to do something, I’ll talk to you later!” he said before looking at his phone for directions and split from the group.

Roxy pouted. “I thought you were coming to my place… well I guess you do become forgetful as of late, alright, bye!” she waved friendly before looking back at Jason. “Ghosties huh?”

<Jason_Carter> “Among other things. I have never seen any Ghosts. I’m not without talent myself.”

Roxy giggled. “I understand that, not everything is as it seems.”

Jason_Carter smiles,”Yes. I saved a girl the other night… I think she may have been attacked by a… vampire.”

Roxy blinked. “Oh… that’s strange… so Vampires go along with your metascience?” she asked, tilting her head, genuinely curious.

<Jason_Carter> “Yes, vampires are a form of psychic you see, psychic vampirism.”

Roxy walked backward as she watched Jason carefully. “Psychic vampires? Like they can read tarot cards and palms?” she chuckled a bit. “that would be pretty neat… trade blood for readings…”

<Jason_Carter> “Blood for readings? Wow you really know a lot about Tarot cards huh? But yes, Psy-vamps don’t typically live longer than most… but most are not as strong as the one we encountered.”

<Jason_Carter> “They gain strength through taking psychic energy from other people because they don’t make enough of their own. Normally it just makes people feel exhausted, but this one nearly killed someone just by being near. That’s some powerful vampirism to do that.”

Roxy hummed softly. “So what was so different about this one?” she asked. “Also are you sure you should be so loud and open about it? I know I’m dressed weird but most normal people would look at you pretty funny if you started spouting stuff that sounds like you found it in a library.”

<Jason_Carter> “Nowadays people don’t care much. A lot of people are either questioning themselves or will just think you’re crazy or eccentric. I don’t mind, I’ve seen more than most people ever will in their lifetime. It also helps I can usually see when people are gifted as well… although to be honest I didn’t scope out you or your friends, typically those who wear eccentric clothes are eccentric in other ways as well… and most importantly: open-minded. I don’t think I have to fear being deemed outright crazy for questioning the status quo from you.”

Roxy laughed. “No! I’m not exactly on my rocker, some would say…” she admitted openly. “But I like hearing what others have to say, you know? Sure it may be crazy but most of the best things in life are! like people or stories!”

Jason_Carter nods and agrees,”Sometimes going a little crazy is the best way to keep your sanity! Oh and the thrill of it, when I let that tingly electric hum of power surge through me. It’s to feel completely ALIVE you know?”

Roxy bounced and clasped her hands together. “It’s amazing, right?!” she said before getting quiet and shrank again, calming herself down. “Sorry, I just feel like I can’t talk to anybody about this sort of thing… nobody understands…”

Jason_Carter nods,”Well I do. Maybe our vibrations brought us together? We seem to have a lot in common.”

Roxy smiled fondly and bounced over a crack in the pavement. “Maybe… but that’s getting into a deeper topic.” she giggled. “So what drives your knowledge for the supernatural?” she asked.

<Jason_Carter> “Curiosity and personal experience. Are you familiar with ‘Clarkes Law?”

Roxy shook her head. “I know nobody by the name of Clark, except this one guy who asked for my panties once… but I don’t think his name was really ClarkKent69.” she said looking up in a thinking position as if the clouds would give her an answer to that.

Jason_Carter laughs,”No but close, Arthur Clarke once made a statement something like,’Any technology sufficiently advanced is indistinguishable from magic’. Basically the things we don’t understand we relegate out as paranormal and superstition when really we just haven’t figured it out yet. There have been stories of witches, wizards and ghosts and other things since Man could tell stories. I hardly believe that there isn’t some kind of truth to it, and being that I have felt it myself, trust me there’s more out there.”

Roxy looked at Jason as he spoke, almost seeming like her gaze was looking through him. “Well if it makes you feel any better I believe you!” she said. “There has to be more than just what we see! Its like a big… mask.”

Jason_Carter seems to think for a moment,”Yes it is like a mask. You know I’ve seen it, where people become unmasked for a moment and something wonderful happens… and then quickly they shut down and pretend they didn’t see anything… I would say it’s more like… a veil or a shroud. They shroud themselves from the mysteries because they’re afraid there could be anything they don’t know.  It’s like they think the shroud protects them from the things hiding in the shadows. It’s like if they take it off they would just see a whole world of darkness.”

Roxy nodded. “Yeah I’d call it that… always lurking just out of frame when you just really need that last piece for the perfect picture…” she rambled with nonsense. “You’re not like them though! Usually, people get quiet about this stuff but you just tell me all these strange new things and don’t stop! I like you, you don’t hide from me like others do.”

<Jason_Carter> “I don’t know why anyone would hide from you, you seem like a lovely young woman. I think I am finally starting to recognize where we are now, I think I know this street.”

Roxy looked at the area they were in. “Oh, well I can leave you now if you’d like.” she offered. “Since we’re out of the danger zone now.”

Jason_Carter smiles,”I don’t know if there actually is such a thing. Does your card have your number on it?”

Roxy blinked and shook her head but held her hand out. “I can put it on there if you’d like.” she offered. She had just walked and talked with this man all the way back, might as well keep his tab open for more.

Jason_Carter pulls back out the card and one of his pens which reads USAF on it.

Roxy took the card and pen and wrote her number, kissed the card and handed them back. “I’ll talk to you later, J.” she said before hurrying off to go find Jalen before he gets himself hurt, at least that was her main worry. Plus she was promised a studio buddy and she was going to get one!

Jason_Carter heads back to the University, gets in his car and heads back to his apartment to go to sleep