[Storyteller] Belle’s is booming as always, a live band performing tonight getting the crowd into a frenzy. The musky smell of too many people on a hot, humid night permiates the outside air every time the front doors open up. The three of you stand outside, together, arriving at roughly the same time. Getting in is no hassle, the bouncers let you pass without more than a cursory glance.

[Storyteller] You each were informed to go to the VIP section, which is another door inside and guarded by a second set of bouncers. A long mirror lines the whole room, diving the dancefloor from the VIP section.

Roxy found herself enjoying the people. People meant attention. However mildly surprised by being invited to the VIP section, she happily went that way with a bounce in her step. She took notice in the mirror, making a silly face as she went further in.

Kenneth entered Belle’s, looking around with a look of discomfort. He rarely visited this type of venue, and made his way to the VIP room as fast as possible, trying to avoid the press of other bodies on the dance floor.

[Storyteller] The bouncers watch the trio somewhat suspiciously, but allow them to pass. The VIP room is more dimly lit than the other room, and there is not so much noise in here. Looking around, there are many small tables, a couple of couches, and a few booths, as well as a seperate bar. The mirror is one-way, allowing you to view the dancefloor from inside the lounge here.

[Storyteller] There are a few people seated in this room, but one standing near the door who points your way toward a man and a woman talking by the bar. The man is handsome, well dressed and looks to be in his mid thirties with sandy colored hair. The woman is tattooed, with long dark hair and facing away from the door.

As she looked at the lounge, Roxy felt the need to sit on the couch as everything looked so comfy, but her attention was caught by the person standing close by who pointed to the strange couple. Roxy grinned and merrily went over, but slowed down as she got closer in fear of being rude and interrupting their conversation.

Relaxing slightly as soon as he entered the quieter room, Kenneth took a glance around his new surroundings. As soon as he was directed to what he thought may be some important couple at the bat, he thanked the man and headed in their direction. He stepped up next to them, waiting politely for their to be a pause in their conversation.

Jalen tried to be a happy camper but this definately wasn’t his scene. He somehow managed not to frown as he was told to go into the crowd to wherever the hell the VIP section was. But he was called here for a reason, so he headed for the intimidating bouncer figures, reassured only somewhat by their suspicious glances. Less people, yay, but it was possible that these people would be more pompous. In the end the lack of noise and light made him feel better enough to pull off a slight smile as he entered the room and was directed to a pair he wasn’t certian would like to talk to such a scruffy-looking man such as himself. Another woman strutted up to the pair shortly followed by a man who looked to be as intimidated by all this as he was. Well, at least he wasn’t the only nervous one. He followed the oddly chipper woman and man as they stepped towards the couple, waiting as well.

[Michael Bishop] The closer the group gets to this man, the more his presence becomes overwhelming. It weighs on each person a little differently, but the unanimous feeling would be one of power coming from this individual. He looks up, casting a bright blue set of eyes on the group. He remains silent for a good long minute, watching them expectantly.

[Kaitlyn Cirrus] She moves a little bit off to the side after giving each of them an inquiring eye, giving them space.

Kenneth, still a little stuck in his polite and academic former human ways, stuck out a hand. “Hello, my name is Kenneth Daily, you asked for me, sir?” he said, smiling nervously at the powerful man with the piercing eyes.

Jalen was reluctant to go any closer to the man than he had to, however, seeing the other man introduce himself as Kenneth he nodded to show some semblence of respect. “Jalen,” he introduced as briefly as possible. God, he just wanted to get out of here…

Roxy smiled happily and glanced at the taller man next to her as he stuck out a hand like a brave tasty soul. Roxy smiled proudly at the scary man in front of her. “I’m Roxy but I’m sure you already know that, somehow.” she chuckled a bit, having fear hidden behind a mask of chipper in her voice.

[Michael Bishop] “Why is it that you have come here?”, he asks. His voice is firm and weathered, making him sound older than he appears.

[Kaitlyn Cirrus] She turns her back to the current conversation, ordering a drink from the bar.

Roxy paused and got quiet for a moment before speaking up. “How specific is your here?” she asked, confused as to why anybody would care about some internet blogger who takes pictures of herself all day.

Kenneth was about to speak, simply to say that he had been sent here for the time being, when Roxy spoke. He closed his mouth as she asked her question, waiting for a response before answering the man’s question himself.

Jalen blinked at the reply of a question with a question. “Curiosity,” he replied, deciding to give the guy a strait answer. Even if he was somehow as intimidating as hell.

[Michael Bishop] His gaze seems to turn glacier cold without his facial expression changing in the slightest as he regards Roxy and Kenneth. “My city.”, he says with a slant to his voice that cuts like broken glass.

Roxy bowed her head. “Oh. Sorry, same as the other guy, I guess,” she said before smiling weakly. “Curiosity?” She tried, she wasn’t lying, she honestly was just intrigued by this place.

Kenneth decided to answer as truthfully as possible, without giving too much away. “I once taught at a University, biochemistry, so it was decided that here would be a good place for me to stay.” He spoke confidently, but a hint of fear could still be heard in his voice.

Jalen tried not to shiver as the man seemed to somehow glare at the other two without moving a muscle. Definately powerful, whoever this guy was, if he was claiming New Orleanes.

[Michael Bishop] “And your liniage?”, he asks, his tone still sharp but not cutting quite as deeply now. He lets his eyes fall from one face to the next, it feels predatory, as if seeking the slightest weakness.

[Kaitlyn Cirrus] She stays facing away from the troupe, and sips the dark red wine from her glass. She doesn’t sit, rather she leans against the bar, arms half crossed in front of her.

Roxy nervously started messing with one of the many watches on her wrist. “Malkavian…” she said almost with shame, knowing that for some strange reason those who don’t understand, have a distinct dislike for them. Though she was proud of who she was, she didn’t know what that would mean for her future with this man glaring down at her.

Kenneth stood straight backed, keeping as much confidence as possible in his voice as he spoke. “Tremere.” He said, short and to the point as he realized that this man is likely even more powerful than he first thought.

Jalen kept a strait face even as he struggled to figure out what the man was talking about. He tried not to look relieved as the other two replied with words he was familiar with. “Gangrel,” he replied.

[Michael Bishop] “In addition to observing the Traditons, you should be aware that I do not tolerate interference with the local police. The swampland is also a place to be avoided, unless you are seeking to end yourself.”, he says as he leans back slightly, resting an elbow on the bar. Though he seems to relax visably, the presence he gives off does not lighten in the least. “The Malkavians often hang around the abandoned hospital, but you may not find their company to your liking. The Tremere I am sure have already told you where to meet with your own here. As for Gangrel, good luck.”

Roxy nodded in understanding, fully aware of the common rules. She had a lot of questions but she didn’t want to bug the man anymore than she has with her nonsense, in fear of being glared at or finding herself getting to know what the swampland was like by force. “Thank you, Sir, I’ll be good.” she said tipping her top hat full of gears and belts.

Kenneth relaxed slightly and nodded, “I’ll be heading there eventually, and know something of the others here as well. Thank you though, sir.” He said, bowing slightly out of respect for someone who he can tell is in charge in this town.

Jalen relaxed somewhat as he realized that’s pretty much all the guy wanted. He was pretty certian that the man would be able to keep most people in line from that interaction alone. “Thank you,” he said simply, hoping that meant they could go now, but waited just in case.

[Kaitlyn Cirrus] finishes her drink and walks past the group, not even so much as looking back. She walks out of the room, past the bouncers, and then out the front door without so much as a word.

[Storyteller] You each will find that a note has been written on a napkin and tucked somewhere on your person that reads: “Devil’s Trill”

[Michael Bishop] nods to each of the three, indicating that he is done with them and they may go on their way. He watches Kaitlyn leaving, and leans back into his seat in cold silence.

Roxy smiles happily and then heads off out the door not trying to rush. she pulled out the napkin and looked at it funny, but waited for the other two to see if they got the same thing. Roxy was more interested in that Jalen fellow, as she seemed to remember him when they were all warm and softer than they are now.

Kenneth backed away and turned to leave, sticking his hands in his pockets as he left and paying very little attention to the other two at this time. In his pocket, he felt a napkin he was sure he hadn’t had before, a confused looking coming over his face as he pulled out the napkin and read the note with his back turned to the others.

Jalen turned to leave, hoping to manage to get out of here before something happened, when he found a napkin in his pocket. He didn’t really use these things much, not enough to warrent carrying any around, so why…? He took it out of his pocket, away from the scary man enough so he was comfortable again. Somewhat. Then he found the napkin was more of a note. He blinked but decided he’d think about that later, and got out of the room as politely as he could. He noticed the woman from inside, and feeling a vague sense of familiarity, nodded politely to her. “Any idea what the Devil’s Trill is?” he asked, figuring that socializing with her couldn’t be too disasterous.

Roxy smiled and brightened as she was talked to first but she took notice in the Tremere who she recalls refered himself as Kenneth. “Hey, Kenny!” she grabbed at his arm when she was close enough. “Did you get it too?” she asked. She would answer to Jalen but this man seemed more stand offish and feared he would try to run off.

Kenneth frowned when he was grabbed, but turned towards her anyways. “It? Do you mean the note?” He asked, pulling his arm from her grip to the best of her ability. “And please don’t touch me.”

Jalen blinked as it seemed that he was ignored, and was about to continue walking and ask someone else when he realized that she had probably received a similar note. “So none of us knows what the note means,” he realized. Where could it have even come from?

She bounced lightly with enjoyment. “Nope! I have no idea but that doesn’t mean we can’t find out. Maybe it’s a place we need to go to?” she pondered putting a finger on her chin, as if acting out a scene in some show, she moved a lot and used a lot of expression with everything she did. “You’re a reporter, why not go find it, that’s what you do or did right?”

Kenneth looked thoughtful for a moment before speaking, “Where did these even come from? I’m certain I didn’t have a napkin when I entered here.” Taking the napking he examined it more closely, not expecting much more than your average bar napkin, but still hopeful.

Jalen nodded as woman didn’t know — Didn’t she say her name was Roxy? — when he asked a weird question. “A reporter?” he asked. He knew he used to have a camera, and that would make sense… “I guess,” he said, not sure of what his previous relation with this woman was at the moment. “Yeah, I don’t exactly keep napkins handy,” he agreed with Kenneth, thankful for a different comment to focus on.

Roxy stared at her napkin and pondered longer on it. “Well let’s look that up then.” she chirped. She pulled out a smartphone, happily humming as she did so, nothing specific.

Kenneth stood patiently, waiting for Roxy to supply them with the results of her search.

Jalen blinked and looked down at the napkin. He certianly didn’t have any way of looking this up, not at this time of night. “So anything interesting?” he asked, figuring that Roxy was looking up the place.

Roxy looked through and tilted her head back and forth and put her phone away. “well either we learn violin or we head to this local bar I found.” she pointed out and looked at her two new companions. “Can we walk together? I prefer mysteries with friends.”

Kenneth sighed at the idea of having to hunt down another local bar, but one doesn’t simply ignore mysterious pocket napkins. “Fine, there’s always strength in numbers I suppose.” he said begrudgingly, really preferring to meet up with the other Tremere.

Jalen nodded as he was told it was another local bar. “It can’t hurt, not in a city like this,” he said, feeling a vague sense of unease from the city, probably another thing from his human life. He wasn’t too sure on the Kenneth guy but Roxy seemed… unhinged, and generally okay. For now, anyway.

Roxy clapped and then turned looking for her direction. “It should be that way… I think.” she grasped her phone again ready to start heading for the street she read the bar was on.

[Storyteller] The Devil’s Trill isn’t actually too hard to find, the address having been on the website listing for it. When the trio arrives, this place has a totally different feel from Belle’s. It is not an entirely safe part of town, and there are several motercycles out front. The smell of cigarette smoke is strong, even from outside. There is also what appear to be blood stains on the ground just outside the door.

Kenneth looks slightly uncomfortable as they approach The Devil’s Trill. “Looks…. Homey.” He says sarcastically, grimacing at the likely infected blood on the ground. “What are we doing looking for a place like this?”

“Could be worse,” Jalen observed. “If you don’t want to go inside, we’ll let whoever’s summoning us know,” he ‘reassured’ with a raised eyebrow at Kenneth.

Roxy looked at the area calmly but with a light smile still on her face. Turning to Kenneth she giggled, her hands behind her back and swaying her hips like an innocent child. “because its what was said on the napkin, silly! Don’t you remember?” Sure she understood that the question was rhetorical but what was the fun of not messing with her new found friends?

Kenneth sighed, shaking his head as he approached the door. “I just don’t understand the choice of locale, is all.” He explained, patiently waiting for the other two. “There are plenty of other locations in this city.”

[Storyteller] Sounds of people talking and playing pool and darts filter out through the very heavy looking door.

Roxy looked around for anything they should be looking for, or anything she felt needed their attention.

Kenneth, finished waiting, decided to enter and take a look around for who, or what, ever they were searching for.

Jalen nodded. More dangerous places that looked pleasant could have been chosen, but he supposed that it wasn’t what the male was talking about and besides, he was off looking around anyway. He started looking around too, examining the types of people he saw in the place. Maybe he could risk starting a conversation.

Tapping each of the others on their shoulders, Kenneth pointed in the direction of the tattooed woman from earlier, sitting in a booth with another man. “Come on, let’s get this over with.” he said, making his way towards her ahead of the others.

[Storyteller] This place is lively. There are people drinking, pool being played, darts being thrown. A lot rough looking people hanging around, all dressed in various ways but certainly none of them in suits here.

Roxy looked over at Kenneth as he got her attention. She wasn’t sure how she felt about the woman with tattoos, but she wasn’t hesitant as she walked over, and didn’t speak up to her until they were noticed by her and making sure she wasn’t being some interrupting nuisance.

[Kaitlyn Cirrus] looks up from her seat as Kenneth approaches. She smiles, and now up close you all can also see the lip piercing she has as well. “You’ll have to forgive Michael for earlier, he is not having a good night. He is not usually so cold.”

[Zane Calbeni] looks over at the trio from the seat across from Kaitlyn and scoots over to give them some room to join them. “Have a seat.”, he says warmly. He has short black hair and a leather jacket that looks like it’s seen better days. His brown eyes flicking from one person to the next in equal measure.

Kenneth stood near the booth, smiling back at the mysterious woman> He took a seat once one was offered, nodding to the leather clad stranger. “Thank you.” He said before pulling the note out of his pocket. “So I assume it was you who asked us here?”

Jalen was a bit surprised by the welcoming nature of the meeting compared to the other one, but he nods as they were all offered a seat. “Thanks,” he says, taking it for what it appeared to be and sat down.

Roxy smiled happily. “He wasn’t too bad, he’s doing his job!” she said and carefully found a spot to sit down and doing so and waited for Kenny’s question to be answered before saying anything else.

[Kaitlyn Cirrus] “Yes, that would be my doing. I thought… this might be a more comfortable place to talk.”, she says and leans in closer across the table, lacing her fingers together.

Roxy giggled. “I find it more friendly, at least. There was some blood out front but that’s okay.” she waved her hand like it was a common sight to see, which in a place like this, probably was.

[Zane Calbeni] slides around the U shaped booth until he is on Kaitlyn’s side, leaving the other three opposite of them. He rests his left hand atop the table, tapping lightly, while the right hand is underneath. He laughs lightly at Roxy. “Yeah, we can get kinda rough around here.”

Kenneth was silent on the point of it being more comfortable. He watched the man slide around the booth, and took note of the hand kept under the table. “So, if you don’t mind me asking, why did you bring us here?”

Jalen certianly felt better at this place more so than the previous one, though he was still wondering what the hell they all were doing there. At least the Tremere was asking the questions so he didn’t have to.

[Kaitlyn Cirrus] “You mentioned something about being a chemist of some sort?”, she asks with a raised eyebrow. “There seems to be some sort of drug making the rounds, and it’s side effects can be rather disasterous for us. So far though, it’s targeted this section of town so there hasn’t been much attention brought to it.”

Kenneth nodded matter of factly, “I am actually a biochemist to be specific, so drugs and medicine are part of my specialty.” He explained with full confidence. “What is this drug though?”

[Zane Calbeni] shakes his head softly and then yanks his hand back from under the table as Kaitlyn reaches over and smacks him in the arm. “That is part of the problem. We don’t really know.”

Roxy hummed as she crossed her arms and her leg over the other. “What do you mean disastrous?” she asked.

Jalen was quiet. Being summoned by the person in charge of the city was one thing, but being dragged into their drug problems was another. He hadn’t learned a lot yet about this strange new world, but he knew that people who summoned others rarely asked for something that was easy to do. But he kept his mouth shut for now — he could at least hear them out.

[Kaitlyn Cirrus] shakes her head softly. “It doesn’t appear to have any way to detect it in human blood, but if we drink it, it causes us to sweat. A lot.”, she says and then gives Zane an annoyed side glance.

Roxy blinked before tilting her head and giving an almost disgustingly confused look. “We can do that?” she looked at her arms and seemed to wait like it would just start happening right then.

Kenneth reacted similarly, confused by the mere idea of sweating as a vampire. “What, how? To my knowledge we don’t have most of the functions that would cause us to do so… This drug must be potent.”

[Zane Calbeni] chuckles but cuts it off short. “I don’t sweat, I glisten.”, he says and then gives a slight nod to the others. “The trouble being that if we start having all our blood leak out of our skin it not only makes us more hungry than when we started, it draws unwanted attention.”

In that case it was definately important, but why were a couple of outsiders being told about this? “So this has been happening to vampires throughout the city, then?” he asked, deciding he’d at least figure out how widespread this phenomena was.

Roxy laughed at Zane’s antics but stopped herself and listened. Grimacing, Roxy looked at her hands now, quietly, feeling ill thinking about getting that hungry and also having “unwanted” attention.

[Kaitlyn Cirrus] shakes her head a little bit at Jalen. “Two incidents, so far. It’s been managed up to this point, but if it were in a more public place, or more of us at once… We don’t even know what we are dealing with exactly.”

Kenneth’s eyebrows shot up in shock, Sweating blood? This needs to be dealt with soon, then…” He tapped a finger on the table in thought. “Why are you telling a group of newcomers about this, though? I understand that I’m a biochemist, but what about the others?”

Roxy looked at Kenneth with a sad look that would fit more a kicked puppy than an overdressed vampire, her gaze turning to the other two. “Yeah, we just got here, and pretty new…” she pointed out. “Unless you’re just that open and trusting.”

Was it because they were expendable? That was probably true, but not a thought Jalen liked to entertain. It made sense, though, especially since they seemed to be trying to be so friendly. He waited, watching to see how they’d answer. He didn’t want to get himself killed over his suspcions.

[Zane Calbeni] leans back against the seat, stretching out a bit. “You’re obviously new at this. One, you are gonna want backup. Doing stuff by yourself is a death sentence, especially if this has something to do with someone taking aim at our kind and not just some freak accidental side effect. Two, if you don’t wanna help we’ll just find someone else. Kaitlyn overheard your little banter earlier and thought it might be good to give you a chance to score brownie points.”

Roxy smiled. “Oh I don’t like brownies but I wouldn’t mind being on a good side to be on.” she said instantly cheering up, but it wasn’t hard for anyone to tell this was just a character she often put on.

[Zane Calbeni] looks at Roxy. “Word of advice. Stay away from the hospital. Maple’s boys are psychopaths and not good company in any shape or form.”

Kenneth nodded as the man spoke, “Fair points, I hadn’t thought of it that way. I’m not declining to help, either. I’m not a fan of dirty blood, especially if it’s causing me to lose more blood than I gain…” He said, trailing off slightly towards the end.

[Kaitlyn Cirrus] nods softly, folding her arms in front of her on the table. “Be careful. We aren’t even sure that it is a drug and not a disease or something. Not my forte, as it were.”

Jalen didn’t want to rock any boats, so he’d do as they asked for now. But he was starting to get the feeling that he should’ve just kept to the woods instead of venturing into these cities.

Roxy nodded. “yeah, scary man told me that, said it wasn’t good company. But why?” she asked, since they seemed friendly enough for her questions. “Worse than just what you call touched in the head?”

Kenneth looked over at Kaitlyn and nodded once again. “I’ll see what I can find out. Luckily I have some medical history in addition to my biochemistry expertise.”

“I don’t suppose you know the humans those two vampires drank from before this all started happening?” Jalen asked. If he was going to be involved in this he may as well become engaged.

[Zane Calbeni] shakes his head softly. “No, we don’t. We got a vague description but… you can talk to the two that did the drinking. They are around somewhere. Creed and Jasper were their names.”

[Kaitlyn Cirrus] nods softly as she starts to get up from the table. “Creed comes here sometimes, but I haven’t seen him tonight. Jasper usually hangs around the park down the street with the little basketball hoop.”

Kenneth frowned thoughtfully at the names, ensuring to himself he wouldn’t forget them. “Thank you for the tip, I’ll be sure to speak with them as soon as possible.” He stood up from the table, still looking thoughtful.

Jalen raised an eyebrow at the Tremere’s use of ‘I’, but he shrugged it off. “So if any of us figure out something, could either of you be found here typically?” he asked.

[Zane Calbeni] nods a little bit as he starts to slide out behind Kaitlyn. “Yeah. Both of us are here off and on, myself more than Katie here. My name is Zane, by the way.”

Roxy playing with a different watch this time and making sure it was right as she decided what her next plan after this was. She smiled. “Hi Zane, I’m Roxy!” she said with a tip of her hat.

Kenneth reached out a hand to Zane, “We’ll be sure to speak with you if we find anything out.” He said before looking to the other two newcomers. “I’m going to see what I can find about Jasper and Creed, your help would be appreciated.”

[Kaitlyn Cirrus] gives Zane another annoyed side glance, then nods to the trio. “I am going to call it a night. You all be careful.”

Roxy nodded. “Okay. Good night! Nice to meet you!” she said and looked at Kenneth and nodded to his request. “Of course! I don’t want a bad blood plague in my everliving death.”

[Zane Calbeni] ignores the look and takes Kenneth’s hand, shaking it with quite a firm grip. “Thanks. I appreciate it.”

Kenneth shook Zane’s hand firmly in return, “Ah, by the way, my name is Kenneth, sorry for not introducing myself earlier.”

“Jalen,” he introduced, since everyone else had done so. He debated on working with the other 3, remembering Roxy’s suggustion earlier, but he shook his head to himself and stood up. “A pleasure to meet you all,” he said, and started heading for the door. Since the Creed wasn’t at the bar at the moment, it seemed, he should probably head for the Park that woamn talked about.

[Zane Calbeni] shrugs his shoulders lightly as he watches Kaitlyn leave the bar. “Don’t worry about it. Kaitlyn filled me in on who you all were beforehand.”

Roxy smiled and stood up deciding that was all done and headed for the door quickly chasing after Jalen. “Hey! Don’t go!” she called. “I wanna talk to you.”

Kenneth made his way out of the bar behind the other two, moving quickly to catch up with them.