[Storyteller] The campus is pretty quiet this time of night. The classroom for the Divination Across Cultures class is one of the older ones, looking like it was just stuck off in a corner somewhere. The desks are old, and the chairs look more like they belong in a middle school than in a University room. There is a dry erase board in the back of the room, though currently it is blank. About a dozen college age kids are sitting and quietly chatting inside the room, one only slightly older woman up front, wearing a long black dress.

Jason_Carter walks in and finds a seat towards the front of the class and pulls out a notepad and a pencil

[Kitt Bishop] A young woman with short brown hair looks over at Jason as he takes the seat next to her, she offers just a hint of a smile before looking back toward the front again.

[Isabo Kali] She watches the others as they settle down, finally focusing her gaze on the newcomer. Her gaze washes over Jason like water, and she raises one eyebrow wordlessly before looking back to the others again.

Jason_Carter doesn’t seem to notice the young woman next to him. Sitting up straight he appears to be giving full attention to the woman in the long dress. He then raises his hand,”Ma’am, will we be getting a syllabus for this class?”

[Isabo Kali] “Today we are going to be discussing tarot cards.”, she says with a firm voice. She then pauses and looks directly at Jason, her dark eyes narrowing slightly as she says, “I suppose if you actually require it for something. But so far it hasn’t been required by anyone else.”

[Storyteller] There is a general chuckle from the back of the room, and then silence as Isabo’s gaze falls in that direction.

<Jason_Carter> “I just like to be prepared for each class I come to, Ma’am.”

[Isabo Kali] “And, why exactly have you chosen to take this class… Mister…?”, she asks as she starts to walk slowly around her desk to approach the front row.

<Jason_Carter> “Carter, Jason Carter Ma’am. I suppose I’ve always had a fascination for such things. I’ve seen my fair share of things to know that there’s more to things than most people believe.”

[Isabo Kali] As he speaks she listens, then turns her gaze to someone sitting in the back, then back to Jason again. “I see.”, she says and then opens a drawer in her desk, pulling out a set of tarot cards and holding them up for the room to view. “Nowadays there are thousands of different sets of tarot cards, but in the past, each was very personal. Some of them were even inked in the blood of the one who was to use them, does anyone know why that might be?”

Jason_Carter raises his hand

[Isabo Kali] She takes a long, slow breath and looks at Jason. “Mister Carter, we are not in elementary school. If you have an answer, speak your mind.”

Jason_Carter nods and lowers his hand,”Yes, Ma’am. The Tarot Card is a form of Scrying, where the answers one does not percieve consciously can be channeled through. Therefore the energy bonds between the user and the cards is very important, the better the connection, the more accurate the results.”

Jason_Carter smiles as he looks around the room briefly, his eyes currently a pool of black from being completely dilated

[Kitt Bishop] “And because blood is an excellent psychic conduit.”, she adds somewhat quietly.

Jason_Carter looks at the girl who spoke quietly, his now dilated eyes examining her closely

[Isabo Kali] “Not bad, both of you.”, she says as she takes a seat on her desk and crosses her legs as she faces the room. “Does anyone know the signifigance of a gypsy deck versus a regular deck of tarot?”

Jason_Carter opens his notebook and begins to write

[Kitt Bishop] She tilts her head slightly, almost like she is listening to someone speaking and then speaks up again quietly. “Because a gypsy deck could predict true death, while death in normal tarot is considered transition.”

[Isabo Kali] She narrows her eyes, scanning the room before looking down at Kitt. “She isn’t part of my class, she doesn’t get to help.”, she almost smiles, the corner of her mouth twitching slightly in an effort not to. To avoid this, she stands and turns her back on the class, walking back around her desk again.

Jason_Carter frowns as he ponders this and pulls out a large book from his backpack and begins to search through its contents

[Storyteller] As Jason looks at his notes, the ink seems to run across the paper, smearing at the slightest touch. The same for his book, all the lettering smearing under his fingers. When he looks at them, they look like they are covered in blood.

Jason_Carter frowns,”I thought I was using a pencil…”

[Storyteller] As soon as it starts it stops again, everything returning to normal. But there is a lingering energy in the room, something dynamic, chaotic.

[Kitt Bishop] She giggles a little, and looks down at her own desk, but is obviously amused.

Jason_Carter shakes his head for a moment and returns to his book

[Storyteller] The class continues on for about twenty minutes of discussion before the door pops open and a young woman comes stumbling in. She catches herself on a desk and a couple of the people move to assist her. Her eyes are bloodshot, and her breath is wheezing as she collapses outright.

[Kitt Bishop] “Oh no, Jessica?”, she says as she starts to get up, though she looks to Isabo first as if making sure it’s safe to approach.

Jason_Carter quickly gets up to assist,”I have medical training, I can look her over.”

[Isabo Kali] She turns around quickly and starts to walk over, giving a slight nod to both Kitt and Jason. She reaches down and takes hold of the woman’s wrist, feeling for a pulse. “Everybody else move back, please.” She frowns as she studies the girl. “This dosn’t look good.”

Jason_Carter grabs the other wrist and quickly begins counting, while simultaneously studying her breathing

[Kitt Bishop] She turns to a spot near the door and shakes her head a little, then looks back to Isabo. She scoots away from the girl, moving into the corner furthest away from the scene.

<Jason_Carter> “She is going in to shock.”

<Jason_Carter> “Lay her down, elevate her feet by 12 inches”

Jason_Carter pointing to Kitt,”Can you call for an ambulance?”

[Isabo Kali] She waves one of the other students to come over and assist Jason, and she stands up and pulls her phone out. “I will call for help. Try to keep her stable.”

[Kitt Bishop] She practically curls up in a ball in the corner, covering up her ears. “They’re coming… they’re coming to claim her…”, she mutters to herself.

Jason_Carter looks around for a minute then back at the girl and places his own hands over her heart and begins to push some of his own energy into her focusing on attempting to stabilize her heartbeat

[Isabo Kali] She steps out the door into the hallway, speaking into her cellphone.

[Storyteller] A couple of the other students help hold her legs up, and one brings a blanket from her bag to put over the girl.

[Kitt Bishop] She crawls over and hides under Isabo’s desk, going back to covering her ears.

[Isabo Kali] She speaks to the EMTs who arrive to pick up the girl, directing them inside.

[Storyteller] As The EMTs start to load up the girl, the rest of the group looks to each other in general confusion and concern.

Jason_Carter looks around wondering why they are confused

[Kitt Bishop] Stays firmly under the desk, still keeping her head covered.

<Jason_Carter> “I think she’ll be fine guys. I don’t know what happened… but she should be fine…”

Jason_Carter goes over to the girl under the desk and gets down on his knees,”She’ll be fine, you can uncover your ears now…”

[Isabo Kali] She goes over to her desk and looks under it, shaking her head softly at Kitt. Then she looks up at Jason and sighs. “She may make it, thanks to you. But that isn’t the first one… they will likely find internal bleeding like the other two before. With no explaination.”

<Jason_Carter> “Internal bleeding? That would have been nice to know before… I can’t believe I missed that.”

[Kitt Bishop] “They’re still screeching. They’re mad they didn’t get her.”, she whimpers.

Jason_Carter shakes his head and says boastfully,”Well tell ‘Them’ whoever they may be, next time they’ll have to go through me first.”

[Isabo Kali] “The other two didn’t make it. Kitt hears ghosts.”, she says as she kneels down and puts a hand on Kitt’s arm. “Listen to my voice. Calm down.”

Jason_Carter eyes narrow with understanding

<Jason_Carter> “Ah, I was wondering if she was special or just crazy… I suppose I could seem crazy enough myself…”

<Jason_Carter> “Kitt, can you find out who exactly did this? Do the ghosts know?”

[Kitt Bishop] She shakes her head at Jason’s questions and looks to Isabo, going almost trance-like as she meets her eyes. She looks back over at Jason and shrugs a little bit, but is obviously calmer as she lets Isabo help her up. “Those… those things are not really ghosts. They’re like… shadows.”

[Kitt Bishop] “Hollow didn’t see. But she warned me they were coming and that Jessica was dying.”, she says quietly.

<Jason_Carter> “Who is Hollow? The girl who helped you earlier in class?

[Isabo Kali] She lets go of Kitt’s arm and pulls a bottle of water from her desk, offering it to the girl. “Well, she will be alright now. Maybe we can find out what happened this time.”

[Kitt Bishop] She nods as she takes the offered water, opening it and taking a couple of gulps before responding. “Yeah. She’s my friend. She’s a ghost.”

“Perhaps we can use something from the others to help us track down whoever, or whatever did this. From what I saw earlier, everyone in this room seems to have some level of… ability.”

[Isabo Kali] “That would be the idea.”, she says as she looks to the others in the room. “Especially since it’s tracking down my students specifically.”

<Jason_Carter> “Well at least now I can try to stave off the worst Ma’am. Usually I just make people’s pain go away and save them with more traditional methods. It’s not the most reliable method, but it can be effective sometimes.”

[Kitt Bishop] “Hollow says she will go keep an eye on Jessica to make sure nobody tries to… you know, finish her off.”, she says and then finishes off the bottle.

[Isabo Kali] “That is probably a good idea.”, she says and then glances toward the others. “Anna, check for residual memory on anything she was carrying. And I want you all to stay together as much as possible. No wandering off, there is safety in numbers.”

Jason_Carter nods and agrees,”Any idea what we will be facing? I’m not exactly equipped to fight ghosts.”

[Kitt Bishop] “It’s not a ghost. Hollow says she’s never seen any sh- stuff like that before. The spectres just come at the end, like something is calling them to come drag the soul away.”, she replies.

<Jason_Carter> “Perhaps it’s another Practicioner? Somebody using ghosts like an Ectomancer or Necromancer? Probably somebody who knows Isabo. Prior student maybe?”

<Jason_Carter> “Either way, I should probably get my gun before we hunt this guy down, just in case.”

[Isabo Kali] “That is possible. There were a few that were either unruly or simply untalanted, though if they had no talent for it they shouldn’t be capable of this.”, she says and raises her eyebrow at the mention of a gun. “Even if you have a permit, it’s still illegal to bring it on campus. I don’t want to have to start a pool for bail.”

<Jason_Carter> “That’s assuming he is on campus.”

<Jason_Carter> “I have no idea whether this sort of attack would require being close to the target. Maybe it’s like some kind of curse? Something nearby like a talisman could be causing the attacks?”

[Isabo Kali] “Kitt, why don’t you come stay with me tonight since you don’t have Hollow to watch over you, alright?”, she says as she nods agreement with Jason. “We don’t even know what we are dealing with, or how. But once Jessica can speak maybe she can give us the information we need.”

[Kitt Bishop] She looks to Isabo and nods softly in agreement. “Okay.”

<Jason_Carter> “For now we should all stay together. I can’t even try to heal anybody if I’m not close to them.”

[Storyteller] A few of the students talk back and forth before coming forward. One stands out and hands Isabo a necklace. “Same as the others. Just a total wave of paranoia and dread… then numbness all over.”

[Isabo Kali] She raises an eyebrow at Jason and shakes her head. “Some of us have midterms very soon and you can’t attend all the classes. Normalcy, at least in appearence, keeps us from being discovered.”

<Jason_Carter> “Maybe we could do some kind of ritual to track down the energy? I don’t know like get a map and a pendulum or something?”

<Jason_Carter> “Discovered? Discover what exactly? Most people would just think we’re a bunch of crazies or nerds.”

<Jason_Carter> “Well then, how about some kind of warding? Salt Cirlces and Dreamcatchers maybe?”

[Chris Stark] A young man steps forward and checkles a bit, pulling out his laptop.  “I have something… better.  But the trouble is I need a,piece of whatever it is.”

<Jason_Carter> “Well yes, I assume we could find it with an actual piece of itself, but metaphysically speaking the energy it uses is also a piece of itself, assuming we can isolate it.”

[Isabo Kali] She looks at Jason and frowns slightly, giving her a stern glare. “I rather dislike being singled out as a kook or insane. And I doubt very much you are going to be the knight in shining armor here and stand in front of all of us, hmmm?”

Jason_Carter shrugs,”Sorry, you’re right. We just got lucky this time. How do you suggest we protect each other in our own homes?”

[Kitt Bishop] “We tried that already… Hollow can look at Jessica’s dreams… bring her out of her body to talk to her but… I’d have to get close, which means… going there.”, she says and looks very upset for a moment again but calms down immediately as Isabo looks over to her.

[Isabo Kali] “We don’t have to all stay together, but the buddy system won’t hurt.”, she says as she looks back toward the others. “Stay in groups of three please, yes, bathrooms too. Go home. We’ll take the hospital, the fewer i have to get past security the better.”

<Jason_Carter> “I’ll go with. They shouldn’t give me too much trouble.

[Storyteller] The group agrees and then makes their way out from the room, spiltting off into three groups of three and leaving Isabo, Kitt, and Jason behind.

[Isabo Kali] grabs her keys and then starts to make her way to the door. “Let me talk to them. Once we are inside, Kitt you do your thing and Jason can keep watch and make sure her vitals don’t bring the nurses running in on us.”

Jason_Carter nods

<Jason_Carter> “I’m ready whenever you are.”

[Kitt Bishop] “Shotgun!”, she calls out as she runs ahead in the parking lot, moving toward a little red convertible with a license plate that reads *WITCHY* on it.

Jason_Carter laughs as he sees the liscense plate

[Isabo Kali] She shakes her head as she gets in the driver seat and starts up the car. “You going to be okay in there, Kitt?”

<Jason_Carter> “This car epitomizes discretion…” Jason says and then laughs to himself

[Kitt Bishop] “I… yeah… I’ll be okay…”, she says and watches the side mirror.

Jason_Carter slides into the back and finishes his laughing fit

[Isabo Kali] “My… roommate thought it would be hilarious to mess with my paperwork and get me a personalized plate.”, she says as they pull from the lot and make their way toward the hospital. “He’s still paying for that one.”

[Isabo Kali] “Kitt, can you get the bottle of glucose tablets from the glovebox please?”, she asks with a slight inclination of her head.

[Kitt Bishop] She nods and opens the glovebox, reaching around until she pulls out a small container of cherry flavored glucose tablets, handing it to Isabo.

<Jason_Carter> “Oh, your roommate must be quite cruel to do that to you, with your strong desire for discretion.”

<Jason_Carter> “Why the sugar pills, may I ask?”

[Isabo Kali] She pops a couple of the tablets into her mouth before tossing the empty container into the floorboard. “You are rather pushing your luck.”, she says and then gives him a glance via the rearview mirror briefly. “I can feel myself getting a little shaky, usually means my blood sugar is threatening to bottom out on me.”

Jason_Carter nods and falls silent

[Kitt Bishop] As they pull into the parking lot of the hospital and her eyes fall on the building itself, she frowns, sinking slightly into her seat. “We aren’t staying long, right? Just in, questions, out.”

[Isabo Kali] She nods agreement as they pull into a parking space and she gets out, pocketing her keys again. “We won’t be here any longer than we have to.”

[Kitt Bishop] “Good, it’s always so sad in there…”, she says as she climbs out of the car and moves to follow Isabo inside, timidly taking a hold on one of her sleeves.

Jason_Carter nods about to say something and decides against it

Jason_Carter silently follows the others into the hospital

[Isabo Kali] She walks straight inside the building and makes her way to the nurses station, talking to a couple of people with Kitt still hanging off her sleeve. After a few moments of talking, she starts down a hall, glancing back toward Jason. “They’ve got her back here, and she is stable but asleep.”, she speaks quietly to him and then goes inside the room itself, making sure no one else is around and then shutting the door. “Can you keep an eye on her vitals? I’ll watch the door to make sure nobody comes in. Kitt and Hollow will do the talking.”

Jason_Carter nods,”I’ll do what I can to keep her stable.”

[Kitt Bishop] She approaches the side of the bed apprehensively, though smiles at the other side of the bed, toward one blank wall. “We need to talk to her, so… can you take her out of her body and then I can hear her?”

Jason_Carter pays close attention to her vital signs and starts preparing to make a connection should they drop

[Kitt Bishop] After a couple of minutes, she looks up, above where Jessica’s body is laying in the bed. “I know, weird, huh? No, no, it’s okay. That’s Hollow. Yeah, she’s always looked like that. It’s not her fault, that’s how she died. No, no, Jessica, we don’t have a lot of time. I need to know what happened.”

Jason_Carter continues to focus on her vital signs while watching the door for anybody coming

Jason_Carter turns his back watching the door but listening to the machine give the rhytmic beat of Jessica’s pulse

[Kitt Bishop] She listens for a minute, nodding here and there. “What about before that? Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Oh, huh? Oh yeah, I know about that. But shhhh.”, she says and puts a finger to her lips for a moment. “It’s okay. I talk to dead people all the time. Oh no, you aren’t dead… just sleeping. But you have to go back now.”

[Isabo Kali] She strains, looking where Kitt is looking but frowns and turns back to the door in frustration.

Jason_Carter continues listening to the rythm of the machine while watching the door

[Kitt Bishop] She turns and looks to the others as she speaks. “She says that there wasn’t anything unusual before it happened… then she just got scared, like, a feeling she was falling down a pit… and then started going numb all over. She thought she saw someone in the gazebo watching her, and she was trying to come to us for help.”

<Jason_Carter> “You know… this sounds like an attack by a vampire.”

Jason_Carter looks at Isabo,”Have you encountered any particularly strong vampires before in your classes?”

[Isabo Kali] She looks over her shoulder at Jason for a moment, then over at Kitt. “I can get an image out of her, but we’ll have to wait till she wakes up.” She looks back at Jason again and purses her lips, then shakes her head softly. “Not that I can think of. But that seems the kind of thing that might be hard to detect perhaps?”

[Kitt Bishop] She looks at Jason, then Isabo, then Jason… and keeps quiet.

[Storyteller] The laughter of a female voice echoes in the room softly, seeming to come from the walls.

Jason_Carter eyes widen as I prepare to fight

[Kitt Bishop] “Hollow…”, she says, shaking her head.

<Jason_Carter> “Could this be the Psychic Vampire that attacked Jessica?”!

[Isabo Kali] She looks to Jason and raises an eyebrow, and something seems to click. “Not cute, Hollow.”, she says and motions for Kitt to come toward the door. “Come on, lets get out of here. Maybe check the gazebo.”

Jason_Carter nods

<Jason_Carter> “Back to the batmobile then ma’am?”

[Isabo Kali] She leads the way back out of the building and to the parking lot, getting back into the car. She lets Kitt hold onto her sleeve on the way out, like a little child being lead along.

Jason_Carter hops into the backseat

[Kitt Bishop] She chuckles slightly at Jason’s comment and waves before leaving the room, letting Isabo lead her back to the car. The whole way through the hospital she keeps her eyes on the floor, never looking around at all.

[Isabo Kali] After waiting for everyone to get in, she starts up the car and drives back to campus, returning to the same parking spot they left only a little while ago. “Alright, we’ll take a look and see what we can see at least.”

[Storyteller] The trio wander all around the gazebo for almost thirty minutes, looking at everything. Finally Isabo spots a few cigarette butts off behind the bushes. “Well, if these belong to our vampire they might work to find him or her… Someone have gloves?”

<Jason_Carter> “We should probably get a flashlight… or maybe we could just recruit Campus PD to help search?”

<Jason_Carter> “If we make up some story about theft or something?”

<Jason_Carter> “Actually, being that this is a Psychic Vampire, I could maybe see if I could sense a disturbance in the local energy. The in flow of prana near a vampire this powerful may light it up of sorts.”

[Kitt Bishop] She looks at Isabo and shakes her head, then looks to Jason. “They aren’t exactly crack detectives… we know more than they do… But if you want to…”

<Jason_Carter> “We don’t need crack detectives, we just need some extra eyes to keep her from evading us as easily. Isabo is an instructor on campus, so all she needs to say is that there’s a suspicious person on campus and to keep an eye out for anybody they see.”

Jason_Carter closes his eyes and begins to focus, to bring the unseen energy into view

[Isabo Kali] “If you wish to try that, certainly. And with your abilities, will you be alright yourself… or do you want to come with Kitt and I? And they are already keeping an eye out… there have been three such occurances. But they don’t know what to look for… they are going to look for wa weapon, not someone who is concentraing at another person. Then anyone who glares would be rounded up.”

Jason_Carter reopens my eyes which almost seem to glow with small blue light for a moment which fades

<Jason_Carter> “I agree we should stick together, I think between our supernatural senses we should be able to find this vampire like they are a beacon.”

[Isabo Kali] She watches him for a moment and then nods. “Alright. Do you wish to drive your vehicle, or ride with us?”

<Jason_Carter> “This area doesn’t have a strong flow of Chi of its own. If the vampire it will flow towards her, we should look around.”

Jason_Carter starts to walk around the Gazebo area looking for any disturbances in the energy of the area

[Kitt Bishop] She takes out a ziplock baggie from her pocket and turns it inside out, picking up the butts off the ground and handing it to Isabo. “Problem solved.”

[Isabo Kali] “Thank you. And if that were true, why would they need to take it from other people? Why not just absorb it from the vicinity?”, she says as she starts to slowly make her way across the wet grass toward the parking lot.

<Jason_Carter> “The same reason why people eat meat when they can get all their essential amino acids from eating vegetables. It’s easier to digest and they get more out of it. It’s like the difference between a hearty staek and a salad of just greens.”

<Jason_Carter> “Vampires need more energy and they have a harder time metabolizing bio-energy than other people, so they need to take it from other people or they can’t maintain a healthy level, their energy drops to where they can barely function.”

<Jason_Carter> “With one so strong as this one it makes sense why she is targeting your students, a bona-fide feast.”

<Jason_Carter> “I’m going to keep looking around more, see if I can find anything else.”

Jason_Carter starts walking around the rest of the campus looking for signs of shifts in the energy patterns

[Isabo Kali] “They have at least a two hour head start. They could have gone anywhere. Wandering around here trying to pick up their trail…”, she says and continues moving toward the vehicle, shaking her head.

[Kitt Bishop] She looks back at Jason for a moment and looks concerned, but gets into the car with Isabo.

[Isabo Kali] “He’ll be fine.”, she says and starts up the car, heading off toward home.

Jason_Carter wanders the campus then gets into his own car and heads home. Upon arriving at home he bolts and locks his door, grabs his gun, and falls asleep with it under his bed.