[Krista] She stands on the beach, looking out over the water which seems to absorb the light as if it were made of ink, casting no reflection whatsoever. Her long white gown gracefully tickles the ground, every once in a while, revealing bare feet underneath.

[HollowDream] She walks up behind Krista slowly, eyes shifting from the sand to the water and back again.  “We in for trouble?”, she asks.  Her throat sputters slightly, leaking black fluid that seems to disappear before it ever reaches the ground.

[Krista] “Not for a little while yet.”, she says as she turns to look at Hollow.  “I was wondering what those Cainites were doing out there, across.  They seem to be approaching the ship.”

[HollowDream] “The what now?  Oh, the vampires?”, She laughs a little bit, causing the slash in her neck to sputter again.  “Uh…”, she shakes her head but is obviously amused as she peers over Krista’s shoulder and across the Shroud.  “I might have had something to do with that.  Maybe.  A little.”

[Krista] She frowns disapprovingly and starts to walks along the sand, leaving no footprints behind.  “They are going to get those Spectres all riled up.”

[HollowDream] “Let them! Those things don’t come on shore, we don’t go out there…  Either they’ll scare the vampires senseless and they’ll leave or the vampires will find a way to get rid of the damn ship.  I see it as a win-win.”, she says and starts to follow along behind Krista.  She kicks at the sand from time to time but makes no impression as she does so.

[Krista] “Just because we haven’t seen them here doesn’t mean they won’t come here.”, she replies sternly.  “And having the Cainites become aggressive toward us is also not an advisable strategy.  Many of them are already becoming steadily more able to pierce the Shroud, even those not possessing of Necromancy.”

[Storyteller] A thick fog starts to boil up from the inky black water, starting out deep but slowly clawing its’ way toward shore.

[Krista] Staring off toward the water again for a moment, she lifts up off the ground, assisted by a pair of billowing wings.  “I think it would be prudent if we left this area.”

[HollowDream] “Holy shit.  You don’t gotta tell me twice.”, she takes a couple of steps forward and reaches up to grab onto Krista’s shoulder.  “I totally did not do that.  You know that right?”

[Krista] She looks over at Hollow and just shakes her head softly, putting an arm around her as she opens up a small breach into the Tempest.  “Why do I put up with you?”

[HollowDream] “Because I’m awesome.”, she laughs and her throat sputters, though the black ichor never seems to taint Krista’s white gown.

[Krista] “I hardly think that is it… but I am sure there was something.”, she retorts with a raised eyebrow as she moves into the hole with Hollow and seeks a path elsewhere.