We are a roleplaying group which plays via IRC.  You can check the archives for actual scenes played out by our group and read the story so far.  You can check out the links at the top of the page for rules and learn how to submit a character if you’d like to join us.  OR:  Just come in channel and talk to us / get help directly from the STs and system that makes most of this possible.

The Chronicle is a mixed oWoD game, with custom lore and history for each of the available venues.  It is set in two separate cities:  New Orleans and Baton Rouge.

<Alison Spektor> makes her way into the Trill quietly and looks around before heading toward a table in the back and taking a seat where she is out of the way. She sets her laptop down on the table and opens it up, putting one of several color coded flash drives into one of the usb slots before starting it up.

φCadeφ tips the Uber driver as he gets out and walks up to the door of the Trill, adjusting his backpack before entering. “Hey Erik! The usual, please.” Flashing the bartender a smile, Cade pays for his beer and takes a quick survey of the bar, looking for familiar faces. To his suprise, Alice is there, and Cade practically skips his way over to the table she

is sitting at, setting his backpack on the table when he arrives. “Hey there, Alice! It’s been a bit since I’ve seen you face to face. How is everything going?” Smiling as he speaks, Cade takes a sip of his beer and pulls his own laptop out of the bag.

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«~Daedalus~» He’d come out of the woods a little while later, considering how best to approach things.. especially with the ideas that he had been given by Zaluut. In any case, Dae found himself leaning on the outside of the house, near the side door leading out of the kitchen.

φCadeφ sits in the living room of the Chantry, watching television with his conjuration book open on his lap, glancing down at it and then back at the television every once in a while.

φCadeφ looks up after a few minutes and wanders towards the kitchen and opens the door, walking out an looking at Daedalus, his enhanced spatial senses having alerted him to the Mokole’s presence. “Hey man, whatcha standing around out here for?”

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<Deveraux> heads to Zaluut’s again wearing his combat attire as he was expecting to see Cian there. This time, though, the scimitar at his back is replaced with a khopesh. Also, there’s something hanging under his left arm that looks like a coiled metallic whip but with a sword-like handle. He knocks on the door and steps away from it so as not to seem pushy when it opens.

Mikov gets the door, standing upright to do so. The little creature regards Deveraux carefully with his deep brown eyes before speaking in Romanian. “You can wait in study if it pleases you.”, it hisses out of its thin, needle-filled mouth.

<Deveraux> nods and steps past it and heads to the study. His first thought once there is the chess game that he left off and he again looks for the table to see the position and think on it more.

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Anastasia laughs and floors it, finding the rhythm of the music infectious. “Of course you need a proper hat… ok, that’s reason #19 for mastering the art of bending wills like putty… naval battles on a whim…” she says, laughing at the thought of making up a new game to play the next time packs gather.

⋠Cian⋡ whoops out the window, which sounds more like the howl of some cave dwelling monster with his raspy voice. Pulling his head back into the car he headbangs to the music. His eyes gleam with a wild light as he imagines the sorts of trouble the pair can get up to tonight. “So we hitting that same club tonight or searching something new out?” Cian pulls down the

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«~Daedalus~» At the present moment, Dae could be found within the kitchen of the Chantry, leaning against.. something, as he found himself lost in thought.

Anastasia woke, showered, dressed and did her makeup, and now sits curled up on a chair in the living room reading a book on the basics of demonology ((if that’s ok?))

<Sascha> growls softly as she made her way to Overgrowth Chantry. Not that she minded the Mages, but being told to fetch wayward Sabbat was not her favorite thing in the whole wide world.

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Anastasia sits outside of Zaluut’s home, in a moon drenched clearing, eyes closed but other senses heightened as she sought the stillness that let her Inner Voice speak to her clearly. She sat with her legs folded under her on a rock, wearing a tight pencil skirt, a simple but elegant corset that came up her torso and ended just under her breasts that were covered by a diaphanous top with strategically placed straps

that hid her nipples from view.

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<Sascha> watches warily as the trees close in behind them on the path and sighs. “It was the right thing to do. I was not about to let so many of the Sword be lost to that thing if there was anything I could do to assist.”

Anastasia nodded, in total understanding. “It took us to a place where for a large part, our powers matter for little and our senses were utterly bewildered. The Demon we are up against is ancient… and was fueled by our presence… and the power of an Angel…” she shares, looking to Sascha to see if her words are news or known things to her.

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Kayn heads in through the front door, giving a tired sort of sigh as he meanders over to drop on the couch. Having borrowed a book from a more shifter based bias on the shadowlands, or left one for later, whichever the mages allowed, he picks it up now to peruse through. While he studies the tome or book the man sinks into the couch seat and gets comfy

φCadeφ comes down the stairs from his room with a box under one arm. Spotting Kayn, he smiles and practically skips over. “Hey Kayn! Doing some more research?” He sets the box in a chair and flops down onto the other end of the couch. “I think I just might have actually made a little progress on that front.”

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φCadeφ bobs his head slowly to the pounding music that blares out of his speakers. His feet are kicked up on his desk and one of the Shadowlands tomes sits open on his lap. As he pores over the text, Hecatrix plays through one of her saves on Planescape: Torment. Cade is particularly proud of that little idea, using such a role playing intensive video game, with real

consequences and an alignment system to help teach her about human interactions. The second monitor is open to a document where Cade is using his augmented reality interface to take snapshots of interesting or particularly important passages in the tome and collect them in a single spot for easier reference. The Shadowlands, as it turns out, are enormous, with multiple layers much like

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Kayn is relaxing out in the common area, feet up and watching a show on his laptop that plays over his earphones, for sake of everyone else. He munches on a bowl of cornflakes as one is wont to do further into the night.

Anastasia heads down to the common area after the sun went down. She looks around then plops down next to Kayn saying, “hey there, Cujo… thanks for last night, it was fun to let loose and just be.”

<Cecilia> comes downstairs for a cup of tea, a cat following her and twining around her ankles when she reaches the bottom. She’s currently wearing silk pajamas, her hair loose around her shoulders.

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