We are a roleplaying group which plays via IRC.  You can check the archives for actual scenes played out by our group and read the story so far.  You can check out the links at the right of the page for rules and learn how to submit a character if you’d like to join us.  OR:  Just come in channel and talk to us / get help directly from the STs and system that makes most of this possible.

The Chronicle is a mixed oWoD game, with custom lore and history for each of the available venues.  It is set in two separate cities:  New Orleans and Baton Rouge.

WARNING:  Game and subsequent logs of in-character interactions may contain subject matter not suitable for those under the age of 18.  Those scenes are passworded with “Iam18” showing that you understand by using this to view those articles you are in fact, an adult and have read this warning.

Currently the scene is: Halls at Temple-of-Eternal-Whispers in Montreal and it is Night ( Home Away From Home )

<Sascha> glances at her phone a couple of times. “Seriously? I swear if he’s not here in five more minutes I am going…”

Gavin straightens his Jacket and Smiles to her” I am not going ,to try and sound too much like a assole But I look twice as good took have as long..Swear if he has those short or that ugly armor shit on he is not sitting with me.

<Sascha> shrugs and heads off. “He can catch up. I told him thirty minutes and he messaged me back telling me to tell him when i am ready… I thought telling him thirty minutes would have covered that.”

Gavin Looks at her”Sascha Dear,Five minutes? You in a rush ?”He grins watches her face “I can get him here real fast..

<Sascha> taps her foot a little bit as she looks over at Gavin. “okay… okay… five minutes. No, I don’t suppose so. I mean I love seeing Marc but otherwise kinda peeved with the Shepherds right now.”

Gavin looks over at her touches her cheek sliding his hand down her neck moving closer lips about to touch her neck He starts Laughing…

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Currently the scene is: Inner-Courtyard at Asylum in Baton-Rouge and it is Night ( Bloodlines. )

Santos Walking through the Compound stops in the Inner Courtyard Looking over the Flowers and Drawing a shadow up off the flowers edge to slither down his face as if he was drawing the trapped warmth of dawn from its petals to caress his cold face. He Shifts his dark eyes up and turns his head dark fluid orbs locking in at something unseen moving through a hallway, as if some sort of Psychic connection was gifted over to a figure down

the hallway. “I am out here..”

Josie was still on a bit of a high from her romp kicking some skulls in the night before, and raises an eyebrow as she spies Santos, watching him.

Santos Eyes Josie..”You seem Surprised I be out looking at the flowers or have you Forgotten the Nights and the Lessons in the Marrakesh? Morocco had some of the Most Beautiful gardens,Bahia Palace You have not forgotten so quickly the hours I spent teaching You in the mosaic pools under Arabian Stars the games of strategy..How to dance among the darkness of the shadows of the glowing moon…How to Drink your soul full of the

wonders..You seem happy ,but under it I sense a strong anger..Come tell me. You seem so upset .

Santos grins again “I mean for christ sake I taught you to walk.”

Josie laughs lightly, “Oh, forget? Never. I just did not expect to find you out here with some of these… people.”, she says and sighs heavily. Getting up she walks over to him. “I was angry, but I worked some of that out playing sunlight pinball with a Giovanni.”

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Currently the scene is: interior at forge in Krotz and it is day ( tap tap tap )

<Ashe> leaned over his work bench as he laid out lengths of braided silk cord and ray skin as he prepared to cut it to size and shape for the hilt of the sword

<Matty> drops by, needing to have picked up his bicycle. He thought of simply leaving after, yet, instead went to knock on the door of the forge, in case Ashe was in.

<Ashe> called out rather chipperly as he leaned over to make a small cut, “The door is open, come on inside?”

<Matty> nods and makes his way inside “Hello. How goes the sword project?”

<Ashe> set his scissors down and turned to face Matty a bit more properly as he pushed his hair back, “mmmm, fairly well. I should have the blade finished in a couple of weeks. Then is the hardest part. So… maybe 4 months?”

<Matty> nods at that. He seemed quieter then normal.

<Ashe> laid his hand on the sword, “When it’s finished, it will help me channel my magic without as much paradox, but it needs to be charged. It will take a toll on my will and body as I do that. So it will be a rough period, but Maryska might be willing to help. I am going to ask, at least.” He moved over to a cloth to wipe his hands, “Though you seem like something is taxing you as well? And I doubt it is a sword?”

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Currently the scene is: Kumpania at Back-Roads in Texas and it is Day ( Family matters. )

<Sissy> shifts just before dawn and groans. “I so need to stop and stretch. You okay?”

Mike pulls into the merge lane. “Hey sleepy,Yeah we are outside Plano Texas. I could use a coffee..Want some Hardee’s for breakfast?” He pulls up through the gas station rest point. “I am good stiff but thats pretty normal for Driving..My ass is numb.”

<Sissy> nods a little bit and sits up. “Yeah. Coffee sounds good and food too.”, she takes a look outside the window and yawns. “I can drive for a while after we leave here if you want.”

Mike Looks over at her”Okay I’ll let drive her..Be careful though the She goes from fast to very fast too Move..”He smiles to her”Walk a little I’ll pump and grab some food,You need a coke too?” He gets out the car unlocking the gas tank and starts pumping the Fuel. Waiting a moment before he goes inside to collect breakfast and drinks for the road.

<Sissy> gets out and walks around, going to the bathroom, and stretching a bit as she gets her bearings. She leans up against the car a bit and watches him come back, smiling a little.

<Sissy> “Everyone loves road trips, but tends to hate most things about them.”

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Currently the scene is: 1720-Nicholson-Dr at Apartment-34 in Baton-Rouge and it is Dusk ( Aftermath. )

Mike pulls in and parks the car getting out and grabbing His jacket helping her with anything Shutting both doors locking up. “Go for it get washed up sissy.”

<Sissy> walks in and puts everything down on the counter before she takes off the armored jacket, setting it aside and then grabs a change of clothes as she wordlessly goes to head for the shower. Just heading for the one in his room.

Mike goes into his closet getting his cloths out and a towel waiting for her to finish. He looks over at the doors and the keys on the table He nods to himself some coffee, and taking his shirt off and throwing it in the washer sitting at the kitchen counter .

<Sissy> breaks down a little in the shower crying as she washes her hair, taking her time to get it out of her system and calm down. When she’s sure she can remotely keep a straight face, and not look like she’s freaking out, she will step out to dry off and put on her clothes. She sits on the edge of the bed and dries her hair, giving him a chance to get in there.

Sascha txts Mike: Alright, thank you.

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