We are a roleplaying group which plays via IRC.  You can check the archives for actual scenes played out by our group and read the story so far.  You can check out the links at the right of the page for rules and learn how to submit a character if you’d like to join us.  OR:  Just come in channel and talk to us / get help directly from the STs and system that makes most of this possible.

The Chronicle is a mixed oWoD game, with custom lore and history for each of the available venues.  It is set in two separate cities:  New Orleans and Baton Rouge.

Mexico’s Wrap-Up

Coatyl agrees to go back with the group on the condition that her eggs are hatched first.  The cult following there in the jungle will protect the young, but they cannot hatch the eggs.

After some discussion about human sacrifice, Ramirez offers to act as a conduit for transferring the group’s life force into the eggs to make them hatch.  Everyone got the option to give up some of their life force to do so (taking lethal damage in the process) but no one was harmed to the point of death.

After the hatching of the eggs, the group goes to leave and finds Santos’s men in bad shape.  With a lot of them weakened, the group is far more careful about getting back to the airport and out.  Coatyl agrees to meet them in New Orleans and disappears into the Umbra to travel.  A bunch of serpent-men come to claim the hatchlings and disappear off into the forest.

On the way back to the airport, the sound of cannons was heard and cannonballs ripped through the trees now and then but the group was lucky enough not to be struck.  When they reached the airport, it was mostly destroyed and there was a huge old pirate ship sailing away from the scene.  (Some would recognize this as the Hookman’s Ship.  It seems to be travelling alongside the Mouth.)

The group got into the choppers quickly and hauled ass back to NOLA to regroup and relay what had occurred, wounds slowly healing along the way.


Updated a few things for the sake of IC privacy.  Hunt rolls and such only appear in the private message window (And ST Room) so that people are not immediately outted even OOCly as vampires.

We have two PV rooms that do not even show the location on !where for people who need to do a scene that literally no-one else should be walking in on.  This goes beyond even the setting a scene to a place that is private, such as a residence.

!scene no longer posts in the OOC room to prevent the instant glomping.  We WANT you to play, but when 7 people jump head-long into “Sketchy-Abandoned-Building” to just all decide they wanted to go exploring at the same time…  yeah…

Currently the scene is: Obeah_Voodoo_Shop in NOLA and it is Night ( The Obeah voodoo shop (Set by: Kaius) )

<M> has his shop open for the evening tourist crowd. Being just off Bourbon Street almost guarantees him a high amount of foot traffic and he has all the tourist-bait knick-knacks, tchatzkies and voodoo history books right up front for them. In the back of the shop he keeps his jars and bundles of fresh and dried herbs and incenses and oils waiting for the serious buyers. He sits out in front of the counter that holds his simple Staples cash

register and speaks with everyone that comes in with a smile.

«~Daedalus~» He had seen M at the Chantry, a bit outside the city, and he had.. heard.. something, at least, of the discussion that was taking place there a few days prior. However, Dae was not too certain about what had been said there, so he was of course on his way to M’s shop, in at least the hope of finding out the rest. Dae would walk in then, careful to not bump into

any existing customers.

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Currently the scene is: Temple in Nola and it is Night ( Sneaky Man is Sneaky (Set by: sapph) )

<Nishi> gives him a smile as he pulls the blade out more to study it and then returns it back to the saya reverently. He’s obviously used to swords, though it’s difficult to tell in the robes he wears if the human is trained in fighting or not. <Japanese> “It is beautiful. I’m honored, thank you.” He hesitates, then smiles a bit wrily, “I’m from the temple tradition that does have

sorcerers, just that I am not, as far as I am aware, gifted in such a way. I know of the things that may happen, but a good half of my station here is to keep watch over him should he over-extend.” he nods to Bai. Bai shrugs and nods. He’s giving the blade a measuring look, and Nishi gives him a look that is not -quite- a glare, but close. Bai laughs and raises his hands in a defeat motion

<Ashe> could at least be satisfied that Nishi knew how to handle the blade properly, which was a relief. It was more than razor sharp and could easily bring injury to someone that wasn’t careful. It was always a risk for him to trust someone with a blade that held a proper edge, “<Japanese> I know my Grandfather would be humbled and honored to know his teachings brought this sword to you.” Ashe actually executes a proper bow, even if he is a bit

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Currently the scene is: Temple in Nola and it is Night ( Sneaky Man is Sneaky (Set by: sapph) )

<Bai> and Nishi were moving around the Temple proper area, closing up the building for the night, since they hadn’t gotten requests to stay open later. The two worked mostly in silence to chase down stray fallen leaves and close doors and windows.

<Ashe> arrives at the temple shortly after sunset. He was fortunate that there were not that many new Shinto Temples in New Orleans – one in fact – and he was able to pin down the location easily enough. He was wearing an unassuming outfit, just black jeans with a Navy t-shirt that was snug enough to show off his fit form and a light jacket to help cut the wind. His long black hair was tied back in a loose tail at the base of his neck and all things

considered, this man of Japanese ancestry did not look that traditional. Not considering what Ashe normally would have worn if he’d planned on presenting his gift properly. Instead he simply planned to tuck it out of the way for the monks to find and had written a note in Japanese and English to explain what the long wooden box contained. It was a deceptively simple box that was made out of unfinished ash wood and constructed without the use of

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