We are a roleplaying group which plays via IRC.  You can check the archives for actual scenes played out by our group and read the story so far.  You can check out the links at the right of the page for rules and learn how to submit a character if you’d like to join us.  OR:  Just come in channel and talk to us / get help directly from the STs and system that makes most of this possible.

The Chronicle is a mixed oWoD game, with custom lore and history for each of the available venues.  It is set in two separate cities:  New Orleans and Baton Rouge.

Currently the scene is: Graveyard in Courtyard and it is Night ( And there was a gathering of brothers and sisters… (Set by: Storyteller) )

<Phillip> would arrive at the Asylum with Durmah if she decides she would like to travel with him. He is a gentleman tonight, dressed in his black suit and tie with the white shirt as he escorts her to the meeting area early so that Durmah will have time to adjust as others trickle in. He’d stay by her side for the night while Altaryn underwent his rites.

<Durmah> would arrive with the men, though Altaryn left to prepare what ever he needed to do for the night. Durmah is dressed in a more formal outfit tonight, a deep blue evening dress with the slightest of trains. It has delicate embroidery and small gems sewn in decorative patterns. It’s a House of Worth classic, for those who knew such things, and it’s clearly tailored for her. Her hair is

done up in a half tail, pulled back from her face, but the locks left in a curly wave down her back. She’s carrying a folded haori jacket, held just so in order to keep it neat and keep the design covered. She’s tense, but with Phillip next to her, she at least manages to not look too paniced.

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Currently the scene is: Zaluuts-House in Forest and it is Night ( Visitors! (Set by: Storyteller) )

<Kitt> would answer the door when they arrive at Zaluut’s house, now curious to see this strange visitor Kal mentioned.

<Zaluut> is just behind her, also curious someone would be brought to him of all people.

<Kaladorne> nods to them and starts speaking in Latin, “Zaluut, Kitt, this is Salazar and he thinks its the Year of Our Lord 1116. Also, he’s a warrior.” Hal taps his forehead gently to the side of his third eye when he says the word ‘warrior’.

<Salazar> was thoroughly disoriented by the time the reached Zaluut’s Home. If he’d been mortal he’d be hurling from a combination of being overwhelmed and carsick. When the damned carriage stopped he was already pawing at the door and buttons trying to figure out how to make it release him without damaging Kaladorne’s property. It was likely more luck than anything else that he managed to get the door open and stumble out into the yard with

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<Kaladorne> “The forest is a much better place for him right now, yeah.” He staps over to Salazar and puts a hand on his shoulder, <Latin> “All is not lost. You need time to adjust. I know of a safe place for you to be as you come to accept what has happened. We should go now, though, as my opening the door might have raised an alarm or two.”

Katie leaves a note for Yusuf, and then moves to assist Kal.

Katie looks from Salazar to Kaladorne. “I can bet the car ride is gonna be fun.”

<Salazar> even in his grief, was still a warrior and managed to just barely reign himself in as Kaladorne spoke. He bowed his head and uttered what Kaladorne would recognize as an old prayer to the fallen before he nodded and forced himself to his feet, “<Latin> Then we must go before the enemy raise arms. I am grateful, brother and I will stand at your back. I shall mourn later… where have you left the horses?” He nodded to Katie, “<Salazar> I…

knew of a Zaluut of Romania… She speaks a familiar name.”

Katie takes out her phone and sends off a text back after they are safely in the car and getting the heck outta there. “And man, we have some talking to do later.”, she says as she rubs her neck a little bit.

<Kaladorne> “No horses, and this might be the same Zaluut that you know of. Tzimisce, yeah? We have coaches that will be very strange to you. I give you my word they’re safe.” He moves to lead Salazar through the forcefully opened door he came through to his BMW at the loading dock. When they approach the headlights flash twice as the doors unlock. Kal opens the rear door for him and waves him in, “Please, get in and sit. I will drive the


Katie so gets up front with Kal. “I am not trying to explain seat belts to him.”, she chuckles and then puts hers on. “Also, told Yusuf about the door. He’s not mad.”

<Salazar> warily and rather jumpily followed Katie and Kaladorne down the strange corridor and sticks close to them. Everything looked strange and alien and set the man on edge. At least he nodded that there would be no horses, “<Latin> I will trust you, brother.” Though the flashing lights had the warrior crouching defensively with a hiss at the BMW until he realized that the other two where not afraid. With trepidation he heads to peek in the door

and look around the interior before glancing at Kaladorne with a muttered sound of confusion before he climbs in. After that he is distracted by the feel of the material under his hands, the soft seats, the weird fabric straps the came out when he tugged on the metal bits… and he hadn’t even gotten to the buttons on the door, “<latin> This is amazing… How does it move without horses?”

Now that Katie is sitting, and the initial shock is over, it starts to catch up to her how tired and hard to function when one is so low on blood. She starts to doze off, and leans her seat back just a little bit. “I’m just… gonna rest my eyes.” She passes out completely, needing rest.

<Kaladorne> closes the door behind Salazar and then gets in and buckles his seat belt out of habit, “That’s good. I’ll pay for all damages, obviously. I wasn’t about to let a piece of steel stop me from getting to you.” He says over his shoulder in Latin, “Hard to explain, but it’s an engine.” He pushes a button to start it, and then drives off quickly heading toward Zaluut’s home. He says aloud in English, “Send Text to Kitt. Coming with a

visitor who just got out of a long coma. He remembers the name of the guy who owns the house you live in.”

<Salazar> half wished he could follow suit and pass out like the mortal woman as his fingers just dug into the seat to hand on for dear life as he utters prayers in Latin. “Engine..” He repeated the word to try and associate it with whatever was happening. Salazar no longer needed to breath, but he was right now. Slow, calming breaths meant to keep him from trying to fling himself from the coach… though the sights outside were enough to keep him

inside as he reeled from the lights and the buildings… and the other coaches. He spent most of the trip with an expression of stunned shock. His mind couldn’t even fathom half of what he was seeing.

History-Museum in New_Orleans and it is Night ( Closed section for new exhibits under construction. (Set by: Storyteller) )

<Storyteller> The new exhibit area is closed off for now, but Katie was asked to bring some of her specialized equipment to run some scans on the mummies they brought in so she can get detailed 3D images of them without being invasive and harming the specimens. Two of them are open caskets, and the bodies are exposed and visible husks of what used to be people.

Katie ews a little, but giggles as she gets all of her equipment out and starts to go over the mummies with her scanners. She appreciates the tea left out for her by Henry and will make a note to thank him later for it. “I swear one of you starts with some iiiimmmmhhhoootttteeeeppppp, we are gonna have problems.”

<Storyteller> Katie notices an oddity about the second mummy as she scans it, something about the head. Part of the skull is missing, right in the middle of the forehead. It doesn’t look drilled, it looks completely natural, as if it had always been there. A third eye socket, and upon scanning the softer tissues, it appears there is an eye actually in said socket.

Katie goes over the scans a couple of times before walking over to the mummy and taking a closer look for herself. She puts on gloves and looks closely with her goggles on magnification. “Ooooookkaaayyy.”, she pulls out her phone after making sure no one is closeby to overhear and calls Kaladorne.

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