We are a roleplaying group which plays via IRC.  You can check the archives for actual scenes played out by our group and read the story so far.  You can check out the links at the right of the page for rules and learn how to submit a character if you’d like to join us.  OR:  Just come in channel and talk to us / get help directly from the STs and system that makes most of this possible.

The Chronicle is a mixed oWoD game, with custom lore and history for each of the available venues.  It is set in two separate cities:  New Orleans and Baton Rouge.

Currently the scene is: Hallowed-Halls at Temple in Montreal and it is Night ( Thoughts and Prayers )

<Sascha> paces about a little bit where she’s set up to sleep, though not yet ready to do so. She growls and runs her fingers over the tattoo on her chest briefly with a sigh. She had gotten used to not sleeping alone lately, and it was why she had chosen to remain at the Temple rather than going to stay at the safe house. Not to mention she didn’t want to be staring at the reminders

of him… ugh, she needed to clear her head. She got up and in her robes she ducks out into the halls to walk around out there.

Rose moves around the corner and stands there baseball bat coated in blood and hair. “There is my girl..Hi…”She says drawing her hand down the bat blood sponging into her hand hair falling away to the floor. “Cant relax girly girl..Lass its okay.. its just the calm before the storm.”She whispers off the echos stirring about..”You know ,I am getting use to this to fast..”She looks at her as the bat drops down tip dragging behind her

slowly as she stalks toward sascha..”You find what We spoke about, because i need it to stop this…Pretty fast..Fuck I can smell your desire from here..the innocent part is sort of like thick beaten cream on a pastry..thats the best part hhmm?

<Sascha> freezes as she looks at Rose for a second, totally caught off guard. “Rose?”, she blinks and glances from the bat back to her face. “No, I haven’t. I was going to go back first thing after sundown… are, you are not okay.”, she shakes her head slightly but doesn’t retreat from her.

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Currently the scene is: Living-room at Lakeview-3323 in Nola and it is Night ( dances of shadows )

<Durmah> drives over after getting his text. She’s dressed down because she’d already done most of her cooking and hadn’t meant to be out again, so it’s a loose shirt belted over a pair of leggings. It would -actually- be normally what she might sleep in, except she stopped to put on one of her light corsets underneath. Her hair is still drying, so it’s coiled in a loose series of loops

and pinned in place. As usual, she’s got silver on, and as the new usual, is wearing the rosary. She’ll head on in, given that he’d be expecting her.

Santos Opens the door yvette stops pacing staring at her then him..”You talk to him he is being a asshole.”Santos smiles to Durmah letting her in. “Good to see you dearest.”He give yvette the finger as she walks off.”She is not pleased with me at the moment..Come in have a seat my dear neice

<Durmah> snorts softly at the scenario. And she’ll wave to Yvette when Yvette looks her way. Then Durmah considers Santos for a slightly amused moment. “Alright, So what did you do other than leave without telling her last week?”

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Currently the scene is: Studio at Danny-Pvt-house in NewOrleans and it is Night ( Nothing but time. )

{Lottie} had been out again, she had needed to feed, and after her little stop at the Trill she went out and managed to talk to a few people, eventually, she came to a place that she was wanting to go for nights now, knocking on the door to Danny’s house.::

Danny Opens the door after a few knocks “Hey there you..come on inside.”He moves out the way so she can get into the converted air hanger he was living in .Looks kind of nice for a conversion set up “How is the beautiful gal doing tonight..You just got me as I was getting ready o come and see you tonight..”

{Lottie} smiled and turned and kissed him as soon as he closed the door and of course after his first few words.:: “Yes well, I honestly just couldn’t wait that long, so I decided to come to you.” ::she grinned and looked around.:: “My, this is quite the conversion you’ve done.”

Danny smirks and kisses her and looks at her “Its a home ,But my shop has a ton of space and I can work all the time .”He smiles to her pushing wide grin on his face. “You want to see some works?Or you just pop over to check on me. I tried to call last night but I figured you were busy as hell.

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Currently the scene is: Store_Fronts at Decatur_St in NOLA and it is Night ( Nothing to see here. )

<M> parks his old beat-up truck on Decatur Street, locks it up and then walks up a few stores to the Obeah shop and reaches into his pockets for his keys. He finds what he thinks is the correct one only to discover that it no longer works in the lock. In fact, it won’t even go into the lock. “Dat’s weird. What’s goin’ on wit dis?”

<M> takes out a small pen light from his messenger bag and clicks it on as he crouched to examine the lock on the Obeah voodoo shop’s door.

<Gabriela> approached in the marked N.O.P.D squad car… the vehicle might’ve still stuck out like a sore thumb even though its headlights were dimmed and its blue/red strobe-lights weren’t switched on. It slowed to a stop, as the vehicle drew alongside the Obeah voodoo shop. Swiftly, the vehicle’s engines and headlights were killed, and the patrolwoman in full uniform hat down to shoes and full gear, stepped out .

<Gabriela> looked at the guy who seemed to be hunched over the lock on the shop’s door. “Hey. N.O.P.D. Whatcha up to there, mister?” she asked, firmly with a hint of curiosity, and without raising her voice.

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Currently the scene is: Streets at Marigny in NOLA and it is Night ( shift )

<Gabriela> The marked N.O.P.D. squad car was parked next to the sidewalk; engine and all its exterior lights switched off. The patrolwoman behind the wheel had her attention on the in-vehicle laptop, which was mounted at the dashboard at the front passenger’s side, but at an angle so that it was easily in the driver’s view.

<Gabriela> lazily looked at the screen whilst scrolling through whatever was put out on the Department’s internal network .

<Gabriela> wound up the windows halfway, so that not too much of the rain would patter in.

<Gabriela> drives off after a while.