We are a roleplaying group which plays via IRC.  You can check the archives for actual scenes played out by our group and read the story so far.  You can check out the links at the top of the page for rules and learn how to submit a character if you’d like to join us.

The Chronicle is a mixed oWoD game, with custom lore and history for each of the available venues.  It is set in two seperate cities:  New Orleans and Baton Rouge.

<Storyteller> Both Chantries are rocked in the early evening hour by the sound a huge booming sound, a violent shaking, and a grass fire as whatever struck outside between the two houses sets the local foliage ablaze.

<Cecilia> quickly makes her way outside, looking around.

■► Cassian ◄■ was reading up on ‘angels’ and what not and the books he had stacked from his medical research as well all went over. He frowned. That was no way to treat books. Of course it was also no way to treat the chantry. He got up and made his way to the front room and peered outside, then off to the side of the house. He’d mumble something about needing

to learn some thaumaturgy other thing and go outside to see how the fire was doing. There was hopes that since it was a swampy area, the fire wouldn’t gain that much momentum.

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As katarina comes back from feeding, she notices the building looks different. Almost like it’s full of holes that sound like there is wind and… screaming inside them. They are everywhere right now, all through the walls and sometimes she can see things moving inside of the holes.

*Katarina* just stares, rubbing her eyes. “What the fuck.”

~*Ramirez*~ waits, smoking a cig, chilling out against the wall. “Bout time you got back.”

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■► Cassian ◄■ meanders into the trill, having a night off of evil doctor/business plans and ddoing Tremere activities for the moment. He’d check around to notice if Zane and any of his regulars were back around yet, just to casually note it or not. He’d wave to Erik and order the hand decorative drink to set before himself at the table, lowered by half in the

glass so it would look like he was drinking anything in case someone walked in who was observant more than he cared for them to be. He’d then slide into a booth and start looking through his phone, after bidding a few people he recognized a ‘hello’.

<Zane Calbeni> is there, sitting in his usual spot, looking like a great big cat all stretched out and napping in his booth. He seems aware despite this though, as he waves to Cassian.

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*Katarina* makes her way into the abandoned hospital and looks around before beginning to walk around the first floor, mainly intending on seeing where David lived in here and destroying it as a method of therapy. As a secondary goal, she’d see if there was anything interesting.

The first floor is largely abandoned. The homeless are avoiding the area still and the temperture inside is much lower than outside, even though there is no electricity.

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<Jonas> has been out most of the day wandering around the forest still getting a feel for his new area. Some of the time as a man and others as a bear to better use his sense of smell. As dusk approaches he’s in ursine form and heading back toward the river. He’s relatively quiet as he’s quite comfortable in his bear skin, but something this large is never silent in the woods.

Kitt is releasing a bobcat down by the river, a young girl, maybe early twenties in white robes that stand out against the rest of the forest. The bottom if the robes are wet and muddy and her feet are bare. She lets the bobcat go before spotting the bear and tilts her head curiously as she watches it a moment. “Well hello there. You’re a big guy, aren’t you?” Her words are soft and calm, and she seems to give off a

gentle aura about her.

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Marge sends Jonas a message from her phone and then chills out around the campsite in the woods. She listens every so often to the local animal calls or whiff of some scent to ensure it’s familiar as she waits. Hardly nervous, at her size very little bothered her, less so when she transformed, but she wasn’t quite sure what to make of this.

<Jonas> replies, also via text, “I’ll be out there ASAP.” He arms the newly installed alarm system before locking up his shop and then heads out. He’ll park his bike where Marge’s truck was the last time they were out here and then hike to the camp site.

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<<Vaclava>> sends Selyri a text “It’s finished, darling. I’m anxious for you to hear it. Not the full orchestra, of course, but I would love to play it on piano for you so you can get a taste, see if you like it.”

A reply is sent to Vaclava’s phone. :: Meet me on the send floor of the museum. There are show rooms up there, a couple of them have pianos. We can have one brought in if those are not to your liking. ::

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}Elena Selune{ is at the aquarium, putting on a show as she swims around in the shark tank with her mermaid tail to the delight of viewers. It is the last show of the evening, but the lights they use at night make it simply stunning.

Jacob had wandered through the night looking for an interesting diversion when he heard about the show at the aquarium. Having purchased tickets he had sat himself in the front of the audience watching the show. Fortunately with all of the commotion and buzz he should have very little difficulty blending in with the crowd and enjoying himself. He watches the light show and the woman

with the mermaid tail with mild interest.

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<Storyteller> When last we left our fateful crew, they were devising a plan to carry out against a potential crazy cult. How was it discovered? Cora, some weeks ago, was grabbing a bite to eat in an alley when a woman came out and saw the deed, half-way anyway. She took it that her pastor, hip husband was making out with the pretty vampire girl, and Cora’s standout features,

mainly her hair, stuck in the woman’s head. Apparently, life got worse in hicksville, where the carnival continued to run its shows…

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Sparks seems to be at a local ice cream vendor at the moment, after all it was hot, she notices a bum outside and buys him a cone and smiles as she goes out to give it to him. “You seem pretty hot out here thought you could use something cool to eat.”

>Yusuf Yamanu< would be sitting in the trill, on a bar stool, drinking some concoction that was some form of margarita. He seemed to be savoring it and paying a lot of attention to the flavors.

“Perhaps I can get you something more then that from the trill perhaps a full lunch.” She smiles and offers the hobo a hand. “What’s your name? I’m known as Sparks but that’s just a nick name.”

<Bum> takes the offered cone and it’s gone in like 2 seconds. He then rubs his temples with brain freeze activating. “Uh, what’s it to you? Call me John Wick for all it matters.”

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